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ABOUT LIVE VISUALIZATIONS – To bring Support Group Members together, Jon hosts monthly, live visualization practices around a specific theme. If you can listen in during the live event, that’s great; if not, that’s perfectly fine too. After leading group visualizations now to thousands of people, Jon has seen intentions magnify with numbers, so all of us listening to this practice together makes it all the more impactful Archives of all sessions will always be available to you, usually within a day or two of the live event. Check the top right of the member’s site for upcoming classes and events.

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23 comments on “Live Visualization 20
  1. Janine O says:

    Hi Everyone! The Live Visualization has been archived so that you may listen to it there. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

    I truly hope you like this one!

    The Gabriel Method Team

  2. Janine O says:

    So sorry everyone! Our tech team is working out the glitch so that you may receive the Live Visualization with Audio. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    The Gabriel Method Team

  3. James Bueker says:

    No audio. Tries to connect then says “stopped”.

  4. Maria Crist says:

    Can not connect how disappointing feel sad about missing this6/182013

  5. Sarah Musavi says:

    Looks like noone is even looking to see our comments.

  6. Jo-Lynne Worley says:

    I can’t connect either. I’ve tried every player I have.

  7. Catherine Bell says:

    Not connecting. What is up?

  8. MarilynC says:

    There is no audio. Please advise.

  9. Sarah Musavi says:

    I cant hear anything. Is the session on?

  10. Karol Nyberg says:

    Same here…same last time

  11. Ghis says:

    Same here…

  12. Wendy Beasley says:

    Can’t connect. Rarely can.

  13. tifhill says:

    Playing webcast but hearing nothing. Crickets…

  14. Ana Norma Zubia Gallegos says:

    it says event in progress but i cannot hear anything

  15. Barbara Dahlke says:

    Can’t hear it couldn’t listen last time either,this so disappointing

  16. MANUELA Bernardoni says:

    we will have to listen to it somewhen else

  17. MANUELA Bernardoni says:

    i can’t connect either

  18. Louise Bardy says:

    I’m having trouble to connect, can you help

  19. Donna Gallagher says:

    WHERE can I listen to it when I have missed it?

  20. Jal Mahimwala says:

    Can’t attend most of the live Q&A and this visualization because its at about 4am or thereabouts for me from India. Would love to take part if its during waking hours. Anyway do enjoy it. Diana