Follow Up Session(s)

A TTCE Follow Up Session runs for 30 minutes.
The client is aware of this and is expecting this length of time spent.

Keeping to the below structure for a TTCE Follow Up Session allows time to review progress of past weeks, provide solutions to any blocks, continue diagnosis of FAT Triggers and adjust and/or prescribe Action Steps for transformation.

  1. Connect & Review : 10 to 15 minutes

    • Connect

      Spend a short time welcoming client to their session. This time is valuable. Listen. Use it to gather personal details about client’s life (work, family, friends, hobbies, etc). Understanding your client and their environment is a valuable diagnostic tool for correctly prescribing Action Steps most beneficial to their transformation.

    • Review

      With reference to the Action Steps prescribed in your previous session(s) guide the client in appraisal of their progress and effectiveness. Acknowledge with them want went well (wins) and provide solutions for what went wrong (blocks).

      Examples of Questions to ask here:

      • I’m excited to hear how you’ve been going. Let’s start at the top. “Action Step” (eg. adding the Big 3) how’d that go?
      • Last session we focussed on the FAT Trigger of Emotions. I’m interested to know did the “Action Step” (eg. adding a GM Break with specific viz) help?
      • Our aim of “Action Step” (eg. Adding Probiotic/Digestive Enzyme) was to improve your Poor Digestion as we identified it as a significant FAT Program Trigger. Has your digestion improved? Less symptoms than before?
      • Did you come across any problems getting the Action Steps into your life?
      • How do you feel about your progress so far?
  2. Teach & Inspire : 10 – 15 minutes

    This space is important to progress your client’s successful transformation.

    A vital skill of a GM coach is the dynamic prescription of Action Steps for a client’s progressive transformation. The coach’s objective is to align the client’s lifestyle to include our Core Action Steps whilst concurrently including specific Action Steps to correct their FAT Trigger(s).
    For this to occur, a coach gathers client information during Connect and Review of a Follow Up session, together with details from their Application Form, FAT Trigger Quiz (if they have done it).

    From this analysis, a coach is to diagnose and prescribe to their client the most effective and practical introduction of the Core Action Steps and specific Action Steps to correct their FAT Triggers.

    Key areas to meet in Teach and Inspire

    • Expand clients understanding of their specific FAT triggers
    • Adjust and add Core and specific FAT Trigger Action Steps (as required)
    • Connect and communicate to client changes made (with reference to their FAT Triggers)

    This is individualising The Gabriel Method for your client.

  3. Conclude: 5 minutes

    • Coach led visualisation

      Lead a quick, simple visualization with client to imagine the coming 2 weeks. Specifically, have client visualise succeeding with their prescribed Action Steps and associating with them as a positive experience.

    • Thank and conclude

      Always thank the client for their time and their participation in the session.
      To ensure they understand what their TTCE looks like for the next 2 weeks ask questions similar to:

      ‘are you satisfied with the session today?’
      ‘is there anything you’d like me to clarify or missed you’d like answered?’
      ‘are you clear with what to add this month?’

      Conclude the TTCE Session with confirming you will send Follow Up notes asap.
      Important: remind client to book their next session with your booking link provided at bottom of Follow Up notes.

      Smile, look at camera and end call