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691 comments on “Detox2016: Your Questions Answered
  1. Bernice Dundas says:

    I see mention of your “tape” in several blogs. Which tape are they referring to and how can I get it. I have all your material as I have done the detox twice last year. No significant weight loss yet.

  2. Kari Anderson says:

    Lastdetox that I eliminated coffee / caffeine I was so sick I couldn’t work (like flu) what are your thoughts regarding doing the detox but continuing with a cup of black coffee in am?

  3. Steven Krieger says:

    Whole Foods carries a Green Organic Kombucha drink by Synergy. It contains raw organic kombucha, raw chia seeds and blue-green algae, It has lots of probiotics and 7gms total carbohydrates (4+gms of fiber, 2gms sugars)… Can I drink this during the cleanse week?

  4. Katharina says:

    Sorry, for being so late on this guys. Due to work related issues, I am starting my GM Detox today haha. This might be a stupid question – but what exactly is the “Omega 3 Drink”? I haven’t really been able to find a recipe on here. Thank you for your help!

    Best regards,

  5. CHRISTINE says:

    I am getting ready to do my cleanse this week. In the juicing 101 video, you mention that a backup for drinks is a powdered green drink. I know Jon is a fan of Garden of Life (GOL) products – would GOL RAW organic green super food products fit what was recommended? Thank you!

  6. Amrit Singh says:

    Hi Nadia / jon

    Can we start chewing on end of last day or fully complete 5 days and than start chewing

    Secondly , is it okay to have krill oil caps or protein , powder , probiotics caps and digestive enzyme caps ,, greens smoothie with berries nicely blended.


  7. Leo Nwoye says:

    Hi again,

    Another question – pysillium husk capsules, pysillium husk powder or pysillium husks? Which is variation of pysillium husks is preferable?

    Kind Regards

  8. Leo Nwoye says:

    Hi again,

    Another question and it relates to coconut water. It is very difficult where I live to get fresh coconut water. I have just seen dehydrated and powdered cocnut water (by Bioglan) in a health food store. The only requirement is to add water. According to the pack, it states that has 55% cocunut water and 45% Acacia gum. My questions are: (i) whether it is okay to use this as a substitute for fresh coconut water (that is, if I cannot find the fresh variety); and (ii) what is and how healthy Acacia gum? Please advise.

    Kind Regards

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Leo,

      If you can’t find fresh coconut water or packaged coconut water where coconut water is the only ingredient – just leave that out – it is not necessary to have it. Enjoy all of the other nourishing drinks.

      Thank you,

      Kelly, GM Team

  9. Leo Nwoye says:

    Hi again,

    I have another question. I have noticed that I have some energy (not a lot) in the second cleanse week. I have gone to the gym a number of times and had fair workouts. Yet, I have heard that we should minimise our physical exertions and activities in the second week as it is likely to break down muscle-mass. I would be grateful if you can give me more advise on this.

    Kind Regards

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Leo,

      If you are doing a lot of strenuous work, you may need to eat something to support your body properly.

      Try taking a protein shake to work with you that you can sip on all day.

      Listen to your body and if it needs more, have something else too.

      Thank you,

      Kelly, GM Team

  10. Leo Nwoye says:


    I have a question. I have bought most of the supplements in your Supplements & Superfoods sheets – like Vitamin C, MSM, Blue-Green Algae, Pysillium husks (powder and fibre), Milk Thistle, Bentonite Clay, Magnesium Citrate and Tumeric – I know they were optional but it was my choice to do so :). However, when and how should you incorporate them into the detox (the first week or the second? morning or evening? In a recipe or on their own?). I would be grateful for any suggestions. Please advise.

    Kind Regards

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Leo,

      Coach Nadia suggests that there is dosage instructions on the supplement page. She suggests leaving MSM until after the cleanse week is over. If taking psyllium, make sure to drink with lots of water and follow with another glass of water. If taking bentonite clay, avoid taking it too close to any of the nourishing drinks.

      Thank you,

      Kelly, GM Team

      • Leo Nwoye says:

        Many thanks Kelly. It seems that whilst I bought these items, I did not get to use them during the detox as I had been waiting for a response. Would I have to wait until another detox before using them or can I incorporate them in my daily living?

        Another question, how many detoxes can we do in a year?

        Kind Regards

        • Leo Nwoye says:

          Another question – sorry. If the items could be incorporated into daily living, could you give me examples of how?

          Kind Regards

  11. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Miso paste! I’m confused as this is a new product to me what’s it I’m looking for? Mellow/barley/brown rice/&soy? What’s the best GM wise? Thanks

  12. Laurie Panek says:

    Hello…I would love to access Katrina’s yoga videos. I can’t find them. Can you please direct me? Many thanks..

  13. Susan Barton says:

    I’d like to try the camphor oil (olive oil?) face cleanser and don’t remember the “recipe”.
    would you please forward?
    thanks so much!


    • Laurie Panek says:

      Susan, I remember Nadia saying a 90/10 mix of olive oil and castor oil (10%)can be used for facial cleansing. I’ve tried it…not sure what to think. The castor is very heavy and hard to wipe off. I’m going on memory here and didn’t see anything on her website about it, but give it a try. Laurie

  14. Julie Gelman says:

    Anyone interested in learning about essential oils:

  15. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi GM team. QU about nutritional yeast I see in recipes and here people using in the “chat”, I’ve studiously avoided any yeast in my diet for 20 years it bloats me and makes me feel terrible:weak wobbly! So what’s nutritional yeast and would it still be something for me to avoid?
    Energy levels so so many times higher than before I began the cleanse! Thankyou

  16. Margaret says:

    Good Morning!
    I’m having trouble finding my way to what to eat with confidence post detox.
    I have been a low human intervention vegan for 4 yrs. and it sounds like I should be mainly be eating steamed and raw veggies , because of eliminating grains and cooked beans.?? If I cut out grains which seems to be the next step to decrease inflamation where can I go for some good recipe ideas. I’m drinking the Chia drink, having salads with sprouted beans, nuts & juicing dark green veggies with spirilena and food matters green powder. I want to make sure I’m getting the nutrition and variety . I am in the UCE program second month. any tips? I will get a call with a nutritioist in a few weeks but would like some guidance as to how I’m doing before then. The call is a while out .

  17. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi Jon, Nadine, Kelly and entire GM team,
    I believe your guided cleanse program is second to none and I’m very glad I took the plunge and signed up. Besides your depth of knowledge and amazing resource library (we get to keep!) I especially appreciate the obvious caring you have shown and willingness to leave no stone unturned.
    Thank you so much!

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Margie,

      We are equally glad that you stayed with us during the two week detox. Always remember that we are one with you on this journey.

      Jong – GM Team

  18. Susan Joy says:

    Hoping to get some questions answered moving forward … 🙂

    1) Hard to find a “Gabrielized” Chia Seed Oil – have only found 2 online – one from Foods Alive (100% organic, unfiltered, unrefined) Seems best choice … and one The Chia Co Chia Oil from Australia which says “natural” but does not say organic. Do either or both of these qualify for GM program use??

    2) It was recommended not to use either vanilla extract or essential oils for cooking due to processing concerns yes? I’m not good at extracting from pure vanilla beans. any “Gabrielized” suggestions?

    3) Saw Jon’s videos for World’s Healthiest Pizza & Best Eggs Ever and each called for 12!! egg yolks! My first reaction is “Yikes” regarding cholesterol even though I know there are a lot of other great nutrients. Can you help me understand why this is okay? My focus is totally on the GM concepts so I can truly understand in order to make good individual food choices as I “detox” my lifestyle overall.

    Thanks for your help guys!! Happy Day! 🙂

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Susan,

      1. For chia seed oil, look for cold pressed and organic if possible.
      2. You can purchase powdered vanilla which is the raw vanilla bean powdered down.
      3. Healthy eggs can be a wonderful food for the body, focus on getting cage free high quality eggs.

      Hope this helps.

      -Jong- GM Team

  19. Margaret says:

    Do you have an area on a raw food vegan approach ? I am vegan and really want to keep the hormonal and gut bacteria in check after the detox. I will now cut out the grains. I didn’t have much before but now they are out.

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Margaret,

      As a vegetarian we would suggest this. For your carb sources, we would prefer they come from real salads, fruits, and vegetables. Ideal protein sources include: raw fermented vegan protein powder, spirulina, nutritional yeast, sprouted chickpeas lentils and mung beans, organic tempe, chia seeds, cruciferous veggies, and organic activated nuts and seeds. And of course you can try recipes from the different programs bundled to your Detox 2016 program (Tapping for Weight Loss and Yoga for Weight Loss).

      Hope this helps.

      Jong – GM Team

  20. Margaret says:

    Oh man I made the Choc nut and seed balls a few days ago and now I’ve misplaced the recipe. I thought it would be in the cookbook but it isn’t . Where can I find it??

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Margie,

      I believe you are referring to the “Choc Seed Treats”. You may find it on page 71 of the Recipe Book.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  21. Joan Haig says:

    I Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jon, Nadia and the rest of the GM Team. This was an amazing experience, I have so much energy, my skin looks radiant and feels good and I feel great. My sleep has also improved. I really appreciated the support and wealth of information we received, thank you for all your hard work in helping to make us healthier.

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Joan,

      Thank you for joining the program. We are always happy to help you in any way we can. You should also be proud of yourself as you did great!


      Kelly, GM Team

  22. Cheryl Fox says:

    I have a question about what direction to go. Today, day 2 post-cleanse, I am not digesting the greens in a salad, and the eggs I tried were not right with my body. Would smoothies be appropriate to try or would it be best to go back to the juices and broths? Other ideas?
    This cleanse was the second I have participated in, and did much better this time. I felt a shift in my body on day 3 of the juice fast, and was amazed that I had no cravings at any time. At one point I was hungry enough I just wanted to eat the cucumber, but instead made cucumber water and the hunger went away. Thanks so much for the support your team has provided to all of us, you definitely go above and beyond in my experience. It’s nice to know you are there! Thanks again!

  23. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi when I asked about Jon’s cookbook you mentioned in your reply that if I was a “UCE member I would have free access”. What’s UCE? Cheers

  24. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Day 2 and I feel amazing. My husband has commented on my softer clearer skin, bright eyes, mental energy and physical energy. All improved. I’ve just walked to and from the supermarket for my organic vegetables- no biggie? I’ve not been able to do that for 6 months!!
    Thankyou to Jon Nadia Janine Kaileen and all the team. Your friendly informative support has been amazing for the totally transformative journey. Thankyou for your enthusiasm knowledge and kindness and making a detox easy and enjoyable.
    The community of detoxers hi guys so supportive great fun Thankyou
    This has been and is such a positive experience equipping me with tools & continued support to carry on my personal journey. My best wishes to you all in your journeys x

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      We are more than happy to help! You are doing a great job yourself!
      Keep up the good work and the attitude!


      Kelly, GM Team

  25. Bethanie Everett says:

    I would like to do the Gm fitness , is there a video I can follow thanks Bethanie Everett

  26. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Having problems evaluating feelings of hunger. During the fast if I waited thee or four minutes it went. But should I try that now as I don’t want my body to think its starving. I have been drinking or having fruit and I’m fine but how do it know now if I’m giving my body enough calories? And was the point that my foods now are more nutritious so I won’t necessarily need lots of food? How should I make sense of these feelings?

  27. Leo Nwoye says:

    Hi, I have another question. What about Xanthan Gum? Is it recommended post-cleanse or just generally?

  28. Veronica Linares says:

    I’m going to start juicing this Wednesday (couldn’t do it this week) so excited! I just tried the tea and surprisingly to me I love it! One question – what can I do with any leftover? Will it keep in the fridge? What will happen to the coconut oil in it? And what’s the best way to have once it’s been in the fridge…reheated on stove? Thank you!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Veronica,

      The broth will last a few days in the fridge. You can also freeze it in serving size containers and take it out as you need it. Make sure to reheat using the stove and not a microwave.

      For the juices, juices are great when you can make them and drink them fresh but if you need to make them ahead of time it is recommended that you put them in a glass jar (filled all the way to the top to decrease the amount of oxygen in the container) and they can stay in the fridge for a couple of days. If you are choosing to freeze, freeze the juice immediately after making it and thaw in the fridge before drinking.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly- GM Team

  29. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi Nadine! I’m on day 6 of the cleanse (I started a day late, and after 3 days of not eliminating, I assumed my intestines was empty. I had not eaten any solid food the entire cleanse. But this afternoon I had a solid bowel movement. So now I am concerned that I did something wrong (like not drink enough liquids) and I am not completely cleansed. I was wondering why I wasn’t feeling amazing like others (I did only one omega shake and one super green drink). What do you think it is? How should I proceed? Another day???
    Thanks xx

    • Margie Chassman says:

      ??? I was just concerned. It’s okay

      • Kelly - GM Team says:

        Hi Margie,

        You definitely are benefitting from the cleanse and having a bowel movement, in no way, indicates that you did anything wrong. I would suggest breaking the fast as breaking the fast properly is the most important part of all of this.


        Kelly, GM Team

  30. Natalie Castro says:

    I have a question for Marisol. Although I feel amazing and no longer have pain in my joints, I still have patches of rashes on my fingers and other parts of my body making me think that I might have a histamine intolerance. Can Marisol talk more about high histamine foods and good alternatives to lemon and apple cider vinegar.

  31. Bernice Dundas says:

    Why can we not drink coffee. Is decaffeinated better?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Bernice,

      Coffee can affect your adrenals, cause your cortisol to spike and affect your sleep patterns (even 1 cup a day!). Decaf is highly processed. is a great coffee substitute you can try if you like! Jon loves turmeric lattes and they can really hit that spot instead of coffee. Here is a quick recipe for you to try:


      Janine – GM Team

  32. Leo Nwoye says:

    Many thanks for your help and assistance.

  33. Margaret says:

    How long will this area be open for asking questions and then what area do I ask questions in after the detox area is closed?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Margaret,

      You may continue to ask questions here as long as you like. We get notified for any questions here to ensure that we can continue to take care of you 🙂


      Janine – GM Team

  34. Margaret says:

    I am Vegan so Ghee won’t work. How about grape seed oil? It doesn’t change at high temp either as far as I know. Or ? coconut oil in the fry pan if I need it?

  35. Kaileen - GM Team says:

    Congratulations to everyone here 🙂 Such an incredible experience to do this all together.

    Here are some answers from Jon from the questions from today’s show. Enjoy!

    #Alicia: How about Pears? Are they okay for a first bite food?
    Answer: Yes if it’s ripe but pears are probably a better fruit to eat later in the day.

    #Nina: The Kimchee I find in the store has some sugar in it. Is that okay?
    Answer: It should taste bitter, which means all the sugars have been eaten by the friendly bacteria. If it does not taste bitter than the sugar is a problem.

    #SusanJoy: Is the recipe for the crackers in Jon’s cookbook?
    Answer: No those are store bought. The particular brand in Australia is Fine Fettle Flats but there’s lots of raw nut seed crackers all over the world. You can also do a search on the internet for raw, dehydrated crackers.

    #TerriKatlin: For those of us who live in a northern climate, do they still recommend having raw veggies with every meal? Or are cooked veggies good enough?
    Answer: It’s good to have a mix.

    #KarenJunge: I’d like to keep going for two more days – is that ok?
    Answer: We strongly suggest that you conclude the detox along with us to make sure you have a positive experience. Then you can plan a longer cleanse next time if you like.

    #Anna: what do Jon and Nadia think about doing a one day detox each month as a boost?
    Answer: We suggest doing a cleanse like this once or twice a year and living a detoxifying lifestyle instead.

    #Judith – (from Q&A page) Is it at all beneficial to do a ‘juice/broth’ day or two every few weeks or months? Would this help detoxing or help with weight loss? I’m just finishing radiation for cancer and would love to clear ‘stuff’ from my body as fast as possible. I was thinking that juice/broth days each month might just be a healthy lifestyle habit to develop.
    Answer: we suggest that you continue to have the juices, broths, and super greens on a daily basis, while you eat a normal, healthy diet, to incorporate passive detoxification into your life.

    #LeoNwoye: How do you address the situation where you feel sleepy after a meal especially lunch? I tend to find that I go straight to sleep after and it seems uncontrollable. It has began to affect my sleep patterns.
    Answer; It might be blood sugar issues related to insulin resistance. By following the Gabriel Method mind body principles this can be reversed over time.

    #DarlaGrable: Are there any points on healing candida?
    Answer; Most of our eating and lifestyle suggestion foster the development of healthy bacteria and eliminating unfriendly bacteria, including candida.

    #SherryClemens: Jon, do you advocate fresh whole fruit on a daily basis? Doesn’t fruit cause insulin resistance? I usually only eat berries, but maybe I need to eat other fruits more often.
    Answer; Too much fruit can cause problems, but berries are great.

    #SusanJoy: This is an out of the box question for the GM Team: Any advice on how we go about/steps in researching “healthy” products when we are considering a purchase? To make the best decisions of course! Answer; whole foods that are organic/ spray free are always the best. When reading ingredients, make sure it’s all food you know and understand and that are real and healthy.

  36. Julie Gelman says:

    Beautifully said ! I agree.

  37. Leo Nwoye says:

    I had also asked, what meals did Jon have on his table today, as they looked delicious.

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Leo,

      Jon describes then within the first 10 minutes of the show and goes into great depth here. Here is a quick recap for you:

      First Bite Foods: blueberries, raspberries, dragon fruit, & papaya

      Afternoon Meal: spinach, mixed greens, mung bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, kimchee, sauerkraut, nutritional yeast, chia seeds and chia seed oil.

      Coconut kefir (fizzy sour drink with lots of friendly bacteria).

      Smoothie: young coconut flesh, coconut water, blueberries and papaya.

      Miso soup (miso paste with water).

      Plate with fermented cashew cheese, dehydrated veggie & nut crackers, carrots & beets.

      Tomorrow Food: stew with grass fed ground beef, zucchinis, onions, cabbage, bone broth, pasta sauce, salt & pepper.


      Janine – GM Team

  38. Leo Nwoye says:

    Hi, at the session I had asked how to address the situation where you feel very sleepy and lethargic after a meal – on the detox. I have found this tends to happen particularly after lunch and dinner. It is beginning to affect my sleeping patterns. Please advise.

    • Kaileen - GM Team says:

      Hi Leo,

      I asked Jon about this and he said that it might be blood sugar issues related to insulin resistance. By following the Gabriel Method mind body principles this can be reversed over time.


      Kaileen GM Team

  39. Margaret says:

    I need help buying a dehydrator? Brand, model ?

  40. Cynthia Benedek says:

    Hi! Just catching up on Day 4 replay and was wondering about grapeseed oil. I haven’t seen any comments on whether or not that’s considered as one of the not so good ones. Also I have been using Earth Balance spread and also wondering about it. Guessing that since its processed that it’s considered a bad oil? Would love some thoughts, thanks!

  41. Cynthia Benedek says:

    Hi! Just catching up on Day 4 replay and was wondering about grapeseed oil. I havent seen any comments on whether or not that’s considered as one of the not so good ones. Also I have been using Earth Balance spread and also wondering about it. Guessing that since its processed that it’s considered a bad oil? Would love some thoughts, thanks!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      Neither of these are highly recommended to use.

      Here are some Gabriel Method Friendly Oils to use:

      Cold Oils:
      Flax (Linseed) oil
      Chia seed oil
      Walnut oil
      Extra Virgen Olive Oil

      Cooking Oils:
      Cold pressed bran oil
      Avocado Oil
      Coconut Oil


      Janine – GM Team

  42. Kathy Heflin says:

    I am so glad I was able to participate in this detox session with all of you. This is the first time I have “juice feasted” for five days and I am amazed at how comfortable it has been for me. Jon, you are such an amazing man! I appreciate the fabulous team you have assembled and the wealth of information you have provided on your site. You speak with such clarity and authenticity, and your desire to help others who might benefit from your experience is obvious. Special thanks to Coach Nadia! You are truly a wealth of information and seem like such a kind soul. Thank you for all of the positive energy you put into this experience. Shout out to Janine, Nadine, Geraldine, Kaileen and all of the amazing people on the GM staff who have provided support in so many ways. Health and happiness to all!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Thanks Kathy!

      It was amazing to have you throughout the Detox! You did absolutely fantastic! Keep up the great work 🙂


      Janine – GM Team

  43. Judith Terry says:

    Hi again…one more thing. My fingers are really shrivelled ….looks like I’ve been swimming for hours! Is this a mark of dehydration? Strange as I’m sure I’ve been getting more liquids (by a bunch) than I usually do. otherwise, feeling great!

    • Janine Oliver says:


      It still might be dehydration. Your body may not be retaining the fluids even though you are drinking. You also may be drinking too much which could be washing out you electrolytes. You may want to add salt or drink a sports drink.


      Janine – GM Team

  44. Judith Terry says:

    Hi G.M. team…….I’m wondering if you could comment on 2 things:

    1. Do you think that is a good/valuable site?
    2. Is it at all beneficial to do a ‘juice/broth’ day or two every few weeks or months? Would this help detoxing or help with weight loss? I’m just finishing radiation for cancer and would love to clear ‘stuff’ from my body as fast as possible. I was thinking that juice/broth days each month might just be a healthy lifestyle habit to develop.

    • Janine Oliver says:


      1) Jon uses Dr. Mercola as a source for many things.

      2) Jon doesn’t recommend it because the first day often triggers the hungry feelings which could trigger your body into a fat storage mode. His recommendation is a detox like this no more than once every 6 months.


      Janine – GM Team

  45. Elisabeth A Davis says:

    This Cleanse has been profoundly transformative. So many resources. So much daily support from Jon , Nadia, the entire JGM Team, and my fellow Detoxers. No issue unresolved. No question unanswered. I am so very appreciative. I did a very long guided juice detox 2 yrs ago with another well known group and the juice recipes were so heavily fruit laden, though I felt fine, I did not have the outcome I have had this time. I never felt especially hungry this week. When I did…I just reached for the next juice or broth. I really felt like my body was being crammed with the nutrition I needed…as if I could feel my body sorting things out! Significantly the process did not trigger any food/diet/deprivation issues for me, which was severe with that fast I did 2 yrs ago. Jon’s visualizations, specific to this Cleanse, are inspired. I leaned on them heavily, doing 2-5 a day. It paid off. I also started journaling daily, everything that was coming up from the depths, pages and pages. It happened for me…Insights, emotional healings, spiritual healings…for certain, and at long last (I have been with the program 1 1/2yrs), I truly feel the stirrings of “The Shift” that Jon and the most successful people on JGM speak about. I have been so afraid. Vulnerable. Felt not enough….and because I could put aside the food, give my body mega nutrition, voice issues coming up in a safe and protected environment, focus on meditations… I feel cleansed body, mind and spirit. Strong. Calm. Hopeful. I have no strong food “wants” going off this fast. No rush to get my favorite this or that. I feel some peace around the food. Somehow more healthfully detached. Looking forward to a salad and papaya! The ONLY thing I regret….is that it is over! Thank you Jon! Thank you All! I am truly blessed.

  46. Karen Junge says:

    Hi there! I’d like to continue with the cleanse fir a couple more days. What’s your take on this? Thanks!


    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Karen,

      Jon doesn’t recommend it because the first day often triggers the hungry feelings which could trigger your body into a fat storage mode. His recommendation is a detox like this no more than once every 6 months.


      Janine – GM Team

  47. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi again,
    I know it’s late in the game and I may have missed this in a tape which I haven’t gotten to yet which covers this question, I’m sorry if that is the case.
    When you make a juice and you have more than you want to drink at that moment,, do you lose nutritional value if you save the balance in a vacuum sealed glass jar in the fridge and drink it a few hours later?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Margie,

      The juice will lose some nutritional quality, but not all! Fridge or freezer can work great during the cleanse for storage.


      Janine – GM Team

  48. Laurie Panek says:

    I have two random questions..
    I use lead free ceramic pottery for food storage and dinnerware…is this safe and ok?
    Do you have a recommended brand for safe toothpaste?
    Thank you!

  49. CHRISTINE says:

    If you have already answered this, I’m sorry – but why are nut milks and rice milks not included during the cleanse week? Thank you!

  50. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi! You mentioned putting chia seeds and chia oil on your foods. First question, what are some foods you can put chia oil on? Are you referring to salads? I currently use olive oil. As far as chia seeds, in another program I was in with Jon recently, he said if you don’t let chia seeds soak in water for 10 minutes, your wasting your money because it needs to soak to activate the enzymes. How is one to put on paste chia seeds on their food?
    This is my first cleanse. I’m on day 5. I’m behind on the tapes due to lack of time but I’m doing okay. I apologize if this was covered in a tape I haven’t listened to yet.
    Thanks so much,

  51. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Thanks Janine that’s lovely x

  52. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    I’d like to thank you for making this detox available to me and so many. Joining was a last minute decision for me and I am so glad I choice to move forward. In addition to the health benefits its been a real eye opener for me. I know now that I will not starve! It’s opened my mind to the role of other factors in my eating. Dysbiosis is one but I’m very aware of the mental component. I like tasty food and eating but I realize hunger and my stomach isn’t always the cause. I’m not sure pleasure from food and tastes are bad however. I generally eat quite healthily. What should I balance? I’m not talking about stress eating (been there done that) just desire for good food, socialization and different tastes. Do you have advice or a visualization ?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      Thanks for participating in this great experience!

      In regards to finding balance, it is very individual. All of my friends and family respect my clean eating and therefore I no longer find it an obstacle when socializing as they graciously try to provide things I can eat. If I’m in a situation I’m not sure about I always bring a dish to the event that I feel comfortable eating and sharing (sneaky opportunity to show your friends how clean eating can be delicious!). If people do not respect that you are trying to respect yourself, gentle boundaries may need to be introduced.

      If you are a foodie (like myself), then my general rule is clean eating at home, clean eating most meals out, and then every once and awhile if there is sometime I want to eat that is not nourishing, I do so with great consciousness and just let it be. However, I no longer crave many of those foodie items unless the majority of that item is fresh clean food anyways. Now I just have a bite of a friend’s plate to taste it and that is usually enough to satisfy my palate.

      Because I make my clean eating delicious there is no feeling of restriction because there is no battle between flavor and health. It’s now fused! Good luck!


      Janine – GM Team

      • Kimberley Khodakhah says:

        Thank you for your advice. I will practice it. We do eat well but going out can be hard. Do you recommend any recipe books for ideas? I’ve copied a lot from other posts but I need meals for a family

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      You might find this visualization about fighting your cravings, helpful to you.

      Here’s the link: Fighting Your Cravings

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

  53. Rita Kuepfer says:

    Hi, from which day on (after the cleanse) is it recommended to incorporate chickpeas, beans and lentils since they are apparently harder to digest?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Rita,

      Jon typically tries to stay away from chickpeas, beans and lentils because they are starchy and difficult for the body to digest. If you choose to consume these, make sure they are sprouted as it reduces the starch in them.


      Janine – GM Team

  54. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi Is there a recipe or cookbook that supports GM method?

  55. CHRISTINE says:

    I was unable to participate this week and plan on doing the cleanse in a few weeks. If you have already answered this, I’m sorry – but why are nut milks and rice milks not included during the cleanse week? Thank you!

  56. Patricia Lucero says:

    As a vegan, was wondering when would be a good time to re-introduce beans (not sprouted) like garbanzo in a salad or kidney beans/lentils in soup? Is 2nd or 3rd day coming off the cleanse better in your experience? Also, loved hearing about the benefits of sprouting yesterday! Is there a website or “recipes” you can recommend for learning how to do this for different legumes or seeds?
    Again, thanks so much for all the awesome information!

  57. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Normally I have green smoothies as they are quick and easy. I also think the fiber is good. I generally don’t put much fruit except blueberries or 1/2 banana or 1/2 green apple. In the future do you think it would be important to add juices? would they provide anything the smoothie isn’t?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      Green Smoothies are fantastic!! I usually swap between smoothies and juices depending on what I need. Green juices are fantastic for immediate nutrient absorption as there is no fiber slowing down the nutrients from entering your blood stream. When I want some fiber, additional protein and healthy fats I opt for a green smoothie and add in some nut butters and protein powders 🙂


      Janine – GM Team

  58. Linda Scott says:

    When can bone broth be introduced?

  59. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi guys won’t be able to join you live for the wrap up party. So firstly let say a big Thankyou for the information inspiration and support. It’s been great.
    Seondly couple products I’ve never come across before would be able to help with:
    Fermented vegetables sauerkraut I’ll look at Wholefoods what am I looking for on the label? Or a Brand? Just to start off
    Tempe how do you use it what is it?
    Kefir where does this sit? Bad/dairy how or not do we use it?

    • Janine Oliver says:


      Congrats on completing the Detox! You were fantastic!

      For fermented veggies, just make sure to check the ingredients to make sure it is without additives, chemicals, or ingredients you cannot pronounce. Organic is always better as well!

      Tempeh is fermented soybeans. It is a great non-animal protein source and you can add it to salads and many other dishes.

      Coconut kefir is best! If you go for animal kefir, organic goat kefir would be best. It’s great to mix with nuts, berries and seeds or you can drink it straight if you like.

      Processed dairy can cause inflammation. If you choose to consume dairy raw is best, when purchased from a reputable source as unpasteurized dairy can sometimes be dangerous. (I always recommend you research and make up your mind on raw dairy products for yourself).


      Janine – GM Team

  60. Cheryl Fox says:

    Thanks for all the great information in the Webinar! Would bone broth be ok for Day 1 post-cleanse? Thanks for all your work in getting the information to us in a timely fashion. It’s great to be able to listen to the replays so soon!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      Bone broth is fantastic to incorporate into your routine moving forward post cleanse! Congrats on completing the Detox Cheryl!


      Janine – GM Team

  61. Gabriel Method Team says:

    DAY 6: Detox Wrap-up Party!
    Please join us today for a “Wrap Up” session where Jon will be LIVE streaming on video and Coach Nadia will be on the phone line answering questions and sharing recommendations for next steps.

    Please check out the join instructions for this session, on the event page below. We recommend you log on about 5-10 minutes before the show starts to get familiar with the instructions. Remember to use your desktop for this call too!

    Cleanse Wrap-up Party

    Happy Friday!
    – Geraldine (The GM Team)

  62. Karen Nichols says:

    I was wondering about your take on enjoying an occasional cup of organic tea (green and black). When can we add this in? I must admit, living in cold, wet England…I am looking forward to being able to enjoy a cup again.

    • Janine Oliver says:


      It’s best to stick to infusion teas or green teas. Black teas contain more theine (caffeine for tea) which can affect your nervous system as well as sleep patterns. Green tea does as well, but 1/2 the amount as black tea. But you can drink as many infusions as you want to warm you up in cold, wet England. After all, everything can be solved with a cup of tea 😉


      Janine – GM Team

  63. Kaileen - GM Team says:

    Today’s session was amazing! And the REPLAY is ready 🙂
    Replay – Concluding The Cleanse

    You can also go to the Checklists and notes from today’s session called “Concluding the Cleanse” here >> Checklist – Finishing The Cleanse

    Can’t wait for the Wrap Up Party!

    Kaileen – GM Team

  64. Kaileen - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you all are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward.

    Great job!


    ‪#‎SherryClemens‬: Can we cleanse like this once per week? Is that a good strategy?
    Answer: No, actually that could cause your body to want to hold onto weight. It’s better to incorporate a “detoxification lifestyle” by adding juices and broths on a more regular basis to your existing diet.

    ‪#‎DarlaGrable‬: What is your position on soy, including edamame, & what about corn?
    ‪#‎JohnDennis‬: What about Tofu?
    Answer: Fermented soy, like tempeh, is best. Corn, like all grains, can be inflammatory to your digestion and elevate your insulin levels which can lead to weight gain. Therefore, we try to look for alternatives when possible. Corn is best when fresh off the cob, rather than processed. But best to avoid in your first few cleanse days.

    ‪#‎JudithCrop‬: How much water total is best/recommended each day after cleanse?
    Answer: Let your body guide you. But in general, it’s good to drink a few liters of water or liquid a day (at least).

    #JohnDennis: Is stir-frying ok? not all the time of course, but every once in awhile.
    Answer: It’s great with healthy fats like: ghee, organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and organic butter (in that order of preference).

    #SherryClemens: What about bananas for breaking the fast? I’ve been craving them.
    Answer: Bananas are a bit dense for your digestion when breaking-the-fast. Best to leave them for later in Day 1, or better yet, Day 2.

    ‪#‎TerriCatlin‬: I have frozen pineapple and blueberries. Is that okay for the day 1 smoothie?
    Answer: Yes, the blueberries are great. Perhaps leave the pineapple for later in the day.

    ‪#‎MaDoloresGallardo‬: Can we have almond milk for day 1?
    Answer: Almond milk is best later in Day 1, or better yet, Day 2.

    ‪#‎Darla‬ Grable: how do you make cashew cheese? or are you saying it is sold-like in a health food store?
    Answer: Yes, you should be able to find cashew cheese in most health food stores. Also, it is easy to make. There are many recipes online, but the basics involve: Soaking cashews then blending with water, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt and any of your favorite spices or herbs to a creamy paste.

    #JohnDennis: Apples ok for day one? I am really looking forward to having a green apple!
    Answer: Yes, apples are high in water content and a great fruit for later in the day on Day 1, or blended in a smoothie.

    ‪#‎SusanJoy‬: Side question: The Big 3 -Protein, Omega 3s, Live Foods – this might be a stupid question but does “live food” refer to probiotics, raw food, or both? Part 2 — Where can I read up more about Jon’s Big 3, etc? Book? Video Blog? Forum? I feel like a sponge right now wanting to suck up all the info … Thanks!
    Answer: “The Big 3” relates to: 1) Healthy proteins like grass-fed or wild caught animal proteins, 2) Healthy fats like omega-3s in cold water fish and chia seed oil as well as organic cold-pressed coconut oil and grass-fed butter, 3) Live Foods like salad greens, sprouts and fermented veggies.

  65. Melissa Chiangi says:

    Jon you speak of Kimshi sp? Is there anything specific we need to be aware of when purchasing vs. making it home made? thank you, Melissa

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Melissa,

      You want to look out for additives, chemicals, ingredients you cannot pronounce, and aim for organic if possible when purchasing Kimchi or any other packaged products.


      Janine – GM Team

  66. Rafeef AlJuraifani says:

    This is for Ruth and Every one who asked about the pickle recipe.These are typical Lebanese pickles that I learned from my mum how to make. My favorite two are the picked pinky turnips and the mixed veggie variations. For both the preparation is the same. 1) prepare pickling liquid. Boil 8 cups of water with 1/4 cup of good quality salt then let is cool down to room temperature (make as much as you need for your jars) 2)chop veggies in preferred size- usually too thin or too small has a funny texture when pickled so stay away 3) for pinky turnip pickle: put a few pieces of beetroot between layers of turnips(both peeled and chopped) until the jar cannot take any more. For the mixed veggies: put cauliflower, carrots ,cucumbers and cabbage is you like with whole spices like all spice, peppercorns and whole clove of garlic and a green chili. 4) put a small amount of good quality vinegar into each jar (depends on the size of the jar- it’s a flavoring element so you can decide how much you want) 5) cover veggies with pickling liquid enough to be fully covered. 6)close jars tightly ad place in dark cool place. pickles should be ready after 7 to 15 days depending on weather and how crunchy you want them to be. Another tip from my mum is to heat he glass jars in the over at a medium heat fro about 15 to 20 minutes to kind of sterilize them (not sure if it is necessary but this is how she has been doing it for more than 40 years!). Hope that made sense and is helpful! enjoy

  67. Tamara Gibson says:

    Are you familuar with Crio Bru? Is commonly used to replace coffee… Is this something that is a no no? I know it isn’t raw so i wasn’t sure if it would affect my system in a negative way during the detox.


    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Tamara,

      I looked up the product and it says it’s from cacao beans. This is okay, but best
      to wait until after the cleanse.

      Hope this helps!
      Nadine – GM Team

  68. MarilynC says:

    Hi, folks. My apologies if someone has brought this up already, but I don’t have time to read all the comments.
    For at least two days, I have been flushed in the face, and my hands are flushed, especially the palms. Plus I’m pinker in other areas like forearms, calves. Is this okay? It seems like an odd reaction to have to a cleanse.
    Thank you.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      If you notice a rash — a red, bumpy patch anywhere on your skin that may or may not itch — or a sudden breakout when you’re not prone to acne, it’s likely because of the cleanse. But if you have any questions or doubts please consult your health care practitioner.

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

  69. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    what can you use as bread if we should avoid grains? How do you make sandwiches or only have no bun burgers?

  70. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    can you dehydrate in the oven? I don’t own a dehydrator and don’t want to buy one until I know it is worth having

  71. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi Jon Nadia & team. Really enjoyed the webinar lots of usable knowledge eg the cold pressed organic oils. Swapping a few things out of my kitchen right now. A question re grains to transition from all all at once all of the time will just be too much from me so I’m going to transition to no grains most of the time the rest of the time I’ll choose the best option. So what is “acceptable ” or least problematic? Suggestions please.
    1. What’s your take on gluten-free oatcakes?
    2.Which rice lowest sugar/insulin effect?
    3.What’s your take on Buckwheat? These are options I’d like to keep open.

  72. Patricia Thompson says:

    I started early due to 24/7 grandkids this week (not as efficient as young moms!), so yesterday was my fifth day. I am very weight loss resistant, and have lost 4-5 lbs on the fast, which is remarkable and much desired. I am 69 years old, 5’4′, weigh 152, body fat 39, and although my Dr. says I am just “normal”, I want to reduce my body fat, continue to wear the clothes that I have and not succumb to being a fat old woman. I remember that you said don’t extent too much, how about extending for one more day, making it 6 days?
    I feel OK, am sore, maybe need to do a soak, and also had a Bowen therapy treatment after which I would feel soreness. what do you think?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      If you feel the need to extend for one more day, you can go ahead. However, keep in mind that coming off the cleanse properly and going on to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices in between cleanses is a very important part of what we are doing. 5 days is a nice amount of time to cleanse and then spend the next days living a healthier lifestyle moving forward.

      Hope this helps!
      Nadine – GM Team

  73. Ken Schnell says:

    I am quite lite headed this morning. I have drunk a couple of cups of broth and water. Any suggestions?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Ken,

      That is quite common while detoxing. An epsom salt bath in the evening could be really helpful – add a drop of good quality lavender essential oil and it will help to calm your system down before sleep too.

      Also be sure that you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing action going.

      If it gets to be too much, consider eating something from the backup foods list

      -Jong- GM Team

  74. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    do you have any fermented food recipes

  75. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Good morning. Beginning of day four for me. Yesterday was tough. I had a full day but packed broth and lemon water. I didn’t feel hungry but after being out in the cold at my daughters soccer tryouts I felt bad. At first I was hungry so drank lemon water I brought but 30 min later I was bloated and crampy and tired. I went to bed and listened to visualizations which helped me relax some. Still some gurgling overnight. Up until now I’ve been fine. This was strange.

    Also is anyone missing eating. Cooking for the family etc. I’m not so hungry but want to chew and taste something. Maybe I’m just bored. Have a busy day today as well. Will pack up my broths and juice to take. Good luck today everyone.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      All symptoms that you mentioned are quite normal when you are detoxing. It’s a good sign that you are learning to listen to your body, and overcoming your cravings without having to resort to eating junk. Just continue doing the visualizations to help you stay focused and relaxed. And remember, if the hunger gets too much to handle, you can always check out on the list of back up food and munch something.

      Hope this helps!
      Nadine – GM Team

    • Joy says:

      Yes, Kimberley, I’ve missed eating. Not the first two days, which surprised me, but by the end of the 3rd day, and yesterday. (I started Sunday morning so I could patrol this weekend, so I am a day ahead of you. Even ahead of Oz! It’s Day 5 here!!!) I’d find myself starting to munch on a bit of veggie from the stock pot, then realize what I was doing and throw it out! By and large it’s been an outstanding experience. Hope yours has been the same. I did get some bloating immediately after my juice yesterday, I’d kept it to broth (more soothing) and water in the AM, because I needed to make a 1 hour round trip to town for some psyllium, salad and a melon or two. I’d had such a good day that the bloat surprised me. (I’ll confess to chewing the little psyllium husks this morning as I drank them in water!)
      Wishing you a great day today!

    • Ruth says:

      Strangely cooking for my husband has not bothered me, I mean, I need to cook for him, but the process hasn’t worried me.
      Thanks Kimberley

  76. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Just a few questions after today’s session. Remember to be gentle with yourself and take it one step at a time.

    #SandraHunter: Costco carries “extra virgin olive oil” and “organic olive oil”—which would be the better pick?
    Answer: We suggest reading the label carefully to see if either are “Cold Pressed”. If not, organic is probably the better of the two.

    #Susan Joy: Are there any special considerations when shopping for MCT oil? Things to look out for when buying MCT Oil?
    Answer: Organic would be best

    #JudithTerry: Do you need to refrigerate all nuts and seeds to prevent them from going rancid?
    Answer: No, room temperature is fine.

    #AnnaGoldsworthy: Anyone have a good source for powdered vanilla? I’m having trouble finding any
    Answer: We like the LovingEarth brand.

    #SaraFillmore: What about Sprouted Grains? ie: Ezekiel bread?
    Answer: Sprouted breads that have not been baked are best.

    #Joy: I love spirulina and eat the Sunfood crunchies. Is that a good food for coming off the fast?
    Answer: We do not have personal experience with this product. But it seems to be fine.

    #LindaScott: Does grass fed goat butter have the same benefits as grass fed cow’s milk butter?
    Answer: Yes

    #JudithCrop: I think Jon said there were 3 things that caused bad bacteria. Anyone remember the other 2?
    Answer: 1. Processed Food, 2. Antibiotics, 3. Chlorine in the water. They kill friendly bacteria and promote the proliferation of bad bacteria.

    #TamaraGibson: If there is a time where I’m forcing myself to drink juice, if i skip too many, will i get too hungry?
    Answer: Do not force yourself to drink juice. This is a good time to get in tune with your body and listen to its needs.

  77. Dorothy Jones says:

    I am in Australia so ahead of the rest of the detoxers. I won’t be able to listen to the live webcast on Saturday but would like the heads up as to which foods I can transition to.

    thanks so much

  78. Margaret says:

    I’m trying to get to an area that just has the cookbook not attached to an email?

  79. Darla Grable says:

    On the chat roll there was a posting on cauliflower tortillas. I went to look it up after class, but couldn’t scroll back that far. Could you repost that link, please? Thanks!

  80. Molo says:

    I no poo’d for a long time, but my scalp was so dry and started using a shampoo again, but. Think my hands are being effected by the shampoo. I want to go back to no poo, but don’t want my scalp to be so dried out. What would you recommend?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Molo,

      Instead of using Shampoo, you can try Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse off your hair. Don’t worry about the smell, it totally disappears after your hair gets dry.

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Molo,

      Here are a few tips for flaky scalp:

      -massage your scalp with your fingertips
      -rub coconut oil into your scalp, leave on 30 minutes to overnight before washing out.
      -do inversion daily (raise your feet above your waist), this can be done by lying on the floor and putting your legs up on the wall, using a yoga swing, doing headstands or downward dog yoga pose
      -use an all natural hair cleaner
      -make sure you are getting a spectrum of vitamins and minerals to feed your scalp from the inside out.


      Kelly, GM Team

      • Molo says:

        Thanks. I used to use baking soda, and rinse with apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I would use Castile soap. Maybe more inversion and coconut oil treatments

  81. Elisabeth A Davis says:

    I hope my fellow travelers are making good use of all of Jon’s WONDEFUL visualizations for us Detoxers. I am enjoying the Letting Go and the Changing Patterns.
    Today I was listening…Jon said, your vibrational level is raised, you now allow change…….I suddenly saw myself light & airy. I was opening up and stepping through a doorway. Behind me my huge sweet lumpy self stayed sitting on the floor in the dark. I stepped out into the fresh air and bright sun, as if floating in the blue sky & clouds. I said, I don’t just allow change, I embrace it! And I closed the door without looking back. I was sunlit light, like a garden fairy. It was so amazing. Uplifting. Unexpected. Shifting???

  82. Elisabeth A Davis says:

    Nadia, late in the game for this question but I am taking the Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra probiotic ONCE a day opened up into my juice. I have been only taking it once a day routinely before cleanse as well. Is that right?

  83. Julie Gelman says:

    Bernadette I couldn’t have said it better! Great ideas

  84. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Really informative and stimulating webinar session today thanks Jon Nadine &Janine. I couldn’t catch some of the names I was interested in exploring further Dr Carr’s makeup range. In looking for the website I discovered several similar names. Would you be able to point me in the right direction please. Also the sunscreen Joseph who? Thankyou for many ideas to incorporate into my lifestyle moving forward

  85. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Really informative and stimulating webinar session today thanks Jon Nadine &Janine. I couldn’t catch some of the names I was interested in exploring further Dr Carr’s makeup range. In looking for the website I discovered several similar names. Would you be able to point me in the right direction please. Also the sunscreen Joseph who? Thankyou for many ideas to incorporate.

  86. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    this is for when we are off the detox, I have bananas in the freezer. How long do they stay good for to throw in a smoothie?

  87. Linda Scott says:

    Good morning. I am wondering if the vege broth adds something to the detox that the juice does not. I’ve made two broths using different ingredients and both make me feel nauseous. Is it worth trying again?

  88. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hello Again,

    As promised, the transcription for Day 2: Move, Sweat & Breathe is now available, you can find it on the replay page here>>

    Or download directly here>>

    Also, the additional bonus notes and recipes for the Detox Your Home checklist are also now ready for you here>>


    -Geraldine (The GM Team)

  89. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi Jon and Nadine,
    Another question. I have been taking the Gabriel Greens that I received in the mail as tablets, swallowing three each day with water. Is that beneficial? I see that there is a super greens shake, and I am wondering if it would be better to empty three tablets into water to make the shake, and take it that way instead?

  90. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi! I am a little confused. Is the dhia drink and the omega shake the same drink? I assume so as there is no “how to” video for the omeoga shake.

  91. Laurie Panek says:

    My regards to all of you beautiful souls out there who are cooking for your families this week, while managing your own detox. I commend you. I, on the other hand, told my husband of 28 years I married him for better or worse, but not for lunch!! so he is to be on his own for meals this week. Don’t worry too much about him…I’ll be back to taking care of him soon !

  92. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    Makeup question, Bare minerals list there ingredients.
    for foundation is:Titanium Dixoide, Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Corn Starch Modified, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides
    and mineral veil is:
    Titanium Dixoide, Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Corn Starch Modified, Zinc Stearate, Silica, Magnesium Stearate. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides
    Should this be avoided?

  93. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    Hello, talking about sunscreens/skin damage. I love being in the sun. I find it soothing and relaxing. I am of Irish heritage so my skin doesn’t like the sun. My face has sun damage, not cancer. But do the sun damage, when I am in the sun and get sunburn on my face now, I actually get soars that look like someone put a cigarette out on my face. I also am deficient in Vitamin D and take a very high level prescription Vit D to make up for it. All that being said, even using sunscreen it still happens. So what do you recommend, I know what the doctors say, I have talked with both my DR, dermatologist & plastic surgeon. None of them offer a holistic approach.

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Jean,

      You have a tricky combination of a Vitamin D deficiency and delicate skin. Keep up with the prescription and make sure to wear protective gear like hats and scarves. Due to your fair skin you should not expose yourself to more than 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day. Make sure to reapply natural sunscreen as well and eat lots of bright red, orange and yellow veggies as they can help as well! Good luck dear!


      Janine – GM Team

  94. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Just a heads up that the class for Day 3: Detox Your Home, is now available for replay. So for those who missed it or for those who’d like to listen to it again, you can tune in here>>

    Keep up the great work and happy detoxing to you all!

    Geraldine (The GM Team)

  95. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Thankyou Jon GM and team. Just did Safe Strong and Protected Visualisation wow powerful and beautiful my thanks for enabling this experience

  96. Helen Kotis says:

    Thanks Nadine,
    I did find it hard to get through today, but I am happy to say that I did.This has been a whole new experience and I have tried a lot of things that i haven’t before. I have had to dig deep.
    Only 2 days to go woo hoo!
    Thanks for the support

    • Janine Oliver says:


      You are doing absolutely fantastic! Your drive is inspiring! Keep visualizing about how cleansing this process is for you inside and out!


      Janine – GM Team

  97. Veronica Linares says:

    I’ve read the GM book and have been following the principles for a few months, love it! There’s just one thing I’m a bit confused about and it has to do with enzymes and probiotics…I feel a little apprehensive putting anything in my body that I don’t know where it comes from so…is it really safe to take these? And if so could you let us know how much and how often we should take enzymes and probiotics? Do we need to give our bodies a break from them? And finally are there any brands that you’d recommend? Thanks

    • Hi Veronica,

      ‘Garden of Life’ is a good brand.

      You can also get probiotics from cultured/fermented foods which is my absolute favourite way to get these in. Check out to learn more about that.

      Enzymes are a wonderful support for your system and you don’t need to take them all the time. You can take them at the beginning if your digestion is quite compromised (take one at the beginning of your biggest meals of the day) and then as you move forward just take them here and there if you are having a more complicated meal.

      Probiotics you can take one in the morning with your first glass of water and then one later in the day with food (I am speaking about after the cleanse, of course). And then as you move forward you can introduce more and more different kinds of fermented/cultured foods and back off from the probiotic capsules if you want to give your body a break from them.

  98. Veronica Linares says:

    Hi! Is there anywhere where we can find juice recipes appropriate for this week? I can’t find anything other than celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon and small variations of the same thing? I understand we shouldn’t do too much kale and beets, carrots, pears and apples are also not recommended so I’m struggling to think of other juice combinations..

    I’ve heard Jon mention Gazpacho a few times and being Spanish that gets me very excited!
    Can we juice tomatoes and peppers this week? At home the gazpacho is made with olive oil and vinegar…I’m guessing olive oil is out of the question but what about apple cider vinegar? …how do you suggest preparing a gazpacho to take this week?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Veronica,

      Check out the juice recipe videos on the right of this page for some ideas.

      You can make your juice using so many different things.

      For the gazpacho tasting juice try juicing tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers (start with a small amount), small bit of onion, garlic and then stir in some sea salt at the end. I don’t typically juice tomatoes for my juices as I prefer other things and they don’t go through our juicer well but if that works for you go for it.

      Just a few other yummy things you can juice include; sprouts, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, hot chili peppers, turmeric, ginger, garlic, fennel, celery, lemon, lime, (if organic include a bit of the peel of the lemon or lime), basil, dill, arugula, dandelion greens, carrot greens, beet greens, sauerkraut, rhubarb, etc.

      Play around with different combinations of the above and see what else is available to you in your grocery store or farmers market.

      Apple cider vinegar is great this week to add a little to your drinking water.

      I hope this helps some. Also get into the facebook group and see what others are making – this may give you some inspiration.

      My juice this morning had lemon, parsley, cilantro, hot pepper, garlic, ginger, turmeric, rhubarb, celery – it is salty and spicy and quite yummy.

      • Veronica Linares says:

        Thank you Nadia!!! Are normal bell peppers ok? are the hot peppers you refer to ‘jalapeños’? Thanks so much for all your help!! V

  99. Bethanie Everett says:

    I’m in Perth and can’t get into today’s talk from John . It says I should get it as its past the time
    Thanks Bethanie Everett

  100. Helen Kotis says:


    I have been unable to attend the live classes ( I did try yesterday, but I couldn’t access), anyway I am really starting to struggle and feeling really emotional,I need confirmation that what we are doing is a really good thing. I was confident and have been doing well, but now I’m feeling a bit lost. What if my body thinks I’m starving it and I put on more weight when I stop doing this?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Helen,

      You can always watch the replay if you missed any of the live class. And if you need any support, please post your questions here in the forums or facebook group. (which is what you are doing now). If you feel like you are loosing your focus, we recommend that you listen to the visualizations found here:

      Visualizations, should help you stay focused and relaxed.

      As long as you follow the program religously, and continue to nourish your body with the Detox Tea, Veggie Broth and Juices, your body will definitely not feel starved. At this point, you might experience physical hunger and extreme cravings which is normal. If you feel that it is too much and you really need to have something to eat, go ahead and grab a little something to munch, we recommend that you check out the back-up food that Jon recommends.

      We believe you can do this! We are all here to support you.

      Hope this helps!
      Nadine – GM Team

  101. Kaileen Sherk says:

    Hello everyone,

    Here are the questions from the call today. Keep asking! Lots of great information. #DetoxAnswers

    #Meg – What about Moringa instead of spirulina?
    Answer: Looks amazing and can be used with water during the cleanse week.

    #BarbaraShaw: Is it bad to drink less than the listed amount of drinks in a day? I’m just not hungry and it’s hard to get them all in.
    Answer: This process is about making it your own. Listen to your body and do what feels right.

    #Margaret: So the castor oil & oil oil in the shower?? what about slipping in the tub??
    Answer: Always use caution in the shower. However, if you use small amounts of oil slipping should not be a problem.

    #SherryClemens: MCT oil is from coconuts and is in liquid form…????
    Answer: Yes, That is correct. is an easy place to get it.

    #SherryClemens: I’ve heard that tea tree oil quality is hard to come by. Any brand recommendations?
    Answer: We do not have any specific brands that we recommend, but try to find organic if you can.

    #Margaret: Is Burt’s Bees Okay for lipstick?
    Answer: Yes, Burt’s Bees is fine. We also recommend coconut oil as a great lip balm during your detox.

    Keep up the great work. Be gentle with your bodies. And keep supporting each other.


    GM Team

  102. Jennifer Francis says:

    Apologies if anyone asked this already, should I throw away the veggies I used for the broth. They look so good but I wonder if all the nutrients are gone and it’s now just trash. I just put my first batch in the freezer but wonder if I should just compost it. Thanks.

  103. Joy says:

    Is it absolutely correct that psyllium husk is good for diarrhea as well as constipation?
    I’ve been in “cayenne Hades” for the past 10 days now, after taking far too much of a home remedy for sore throat. I finally awoke feeling dehydrated this morning, and was getting quite hungry by this afternoon, which I don’t ordinarily do, and hadn’t so far with the cleanse (This is day 3 for me.)
    I don’t want to get into the pick liquid during a cleanse, but am getting desperate to put an and to this.
    Have you any suggestions, Please?
    Thank you!!!
    Other than that little detail, the cleanse has been a great experience, and I can’t thank all of you enough for the great support.

    • Joy says:

      Sorry, that’s PINK liquid, not pick!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Joy,

      Yes, psyllium husk can be good for both diarrhea and constipation. It can add bulk for diarrhea but contains a lot of fiber for constipation. If you are feeling dehydrated make sure to drink lots of water and coconut water is especially good for this. You can also try to have more broths during the cleanse. I hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

      • Joy says:

        Thanks so much, Nadine, for that good advice. I’ve just come home from the store with the psyllium, which tasted great in a cup of broth.
        Except for the fright over 10 days of diarrhea, it’s been an incredibly positive experience, pretty much gone flawlessly, and I can’t thank all of you enough for the good advice and support. I was somewhat surprised not to feel hunger, even during the pre-cleanse phase, though that was just about how I usually eat, only had to omit dairy, caffeine and wine. I feel outstanding today, day 4! Thank you so much for teaching how to make this journey. Already thinking ahead to next fall!

  104. Molo says:

    Do us Alumni get the tapping for weightloss as well? I can’t open it.

  105. Bernice Dundas says:

    What does our food intake look like for the week after detox?

  106. Lois Valleau says:

    Although I am enjoying the program, my body seems to be fluctuating between being too cold and then too hot. Any ideas why?


  107. Jerilyn Holt says:

    Will we have access to the meditations etc after the cleanse?

    Having trouble drinking the juices. They make me a little sick , body doesn’t want them.

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Jerilyn,

      You will have access to all parts of the Detox membership for as long as you like! If you are having trouble with the juices, you can try more broths. Also see if you can pinpoint which ingredient of the juice you are disliking to see if you can make adjustments.


      Janine – GM Team

  108. Nicole Gerrard says:

    My body is telling me to remove my IUD and has been for a couple of days now on the cleanse/detox, my husband believes like me that it was perhaps the cause of hospitalizing me over a year ago for 3 weeks as I had a new one put in 4 weeks earlier. I was under strict bed rules to remain flat on my back as they suspected ‘spontaneous spinal fluid leakage’ my blood pressure was 189/145 when I was omitted. I even had to use a bedpan and wash on my bed. I asked when I was omitted if they could check on my IUD but in hindsight they never did, after three weeks and lots of tests they were no closure to finding out what it was so they wanted to do a blind spinal tap in the hope it will mend my spine and cease the massive low pressure headache I was suffering from, I asked them what my other option was and they said you could try getting up and walk out, so I did! It really was the hardest walk I ever had to make, holding the pain together to get out of the hospital. I couldn’t sit for longer then 15 mins without being is massive pain, however with time my body learnt to adjust & a beta blocker medication Derlin40 and acupuncture helped. My Dr said they should of treated the pinch nerve on my back that was probably the cause, I have been managing okay. On Saturday I got in the car and had a really sharp pain that brought me to tears in the car and pain ran up my leg between my butt cheeks and for days Ive had a dull ache. I have booked my Dr (earliest I can get is Monday) with the support from my husband to get the IUD removed as it’s a foreign object and I think is causing some of my health issues, I’m also going to ask how I can slowly come off my medication. I’m 47 years old and hubby said we will deal with any issues that arise together, this has been a huge relief to have his support & knowing that this IUD will be removed shortly. Do you have any links where I can learn to live a health sexual life without having to take contraception? Thank you both so much for teaching me that natural eating & living is always best!

  109. Darla Grable says:

    Is it ok to put red palm oil in the broth?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Darla,

      Red pal oil is great in general but it’s recommended to wait until after the detox to add it to your broths.


      Janine – GM Team

  110. Julie14 says:

    Like many, I have chlorinated water in my house (Chloramines specifically which is harder to get rid of with simple filtration). Is there a way to enjoy a bath or shower without getting exposed to all the chemicals in the water? You mentioned somewhere about a filter for the shower but didn’t know how that worked and if any work with chloramines.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:


      There are several options out there to help with the chemicals in the water. It’s best to investigate and find what will work for your set-up and personal budget. Good luck!


      Janine – GM Team

  111. Kathy Heflin says:

    After the discussion last night about adding garlic and onions into the juice I got inspired to create a juice from some of the veggies I would normally put into Minestrone soup. I started with John’s Italian Herb Juice recipe (with only 1/2 carrot) and added garlic, onions, zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, lemon, and tomato plus cayenne to taste. It is a lot of ingredients but it was really tasty.

  112. Nat says:

    Ive had quite an intense headache on the left side of my forehead,near my hairline since 1pm Tuesday. Im very well hydrated, I took an Epson salt bath, did a visualisation and went early to bed. I have now woken up (day 3) with the same headache. Can I take some paracetamol?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Nat,

      Sorry to hear that! It definitely does mean you are detoxing! Some people have found that rosemary or chamomile tea can help, or lemon water. You can also try homeopathic solutions like: hedge hyssop, St. Ingatius’ bean, tree of life, or Quaker button. Also, if you can work up a gentle sweat sometimes you can sweat it out. And keep up with the lots of rest! If you cannot resist, you can try nibbling on some food to see if that helps. Good luck!


      Janine – GM Team

  113. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi, Slept well last night for the first time in months and my pounding headache that I went to sleep with is gone today.
    I am wondering if there is something I can substitute the Omega shake with. I really don’t like it.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Margie,

      That is fantastic! We are so thrilled for you! You can sub the Omega Shake with anything on the list that sounds good to you. Please do try to get in Omega-3s via chia seeds, chia/flax oil, or supplements during the cleanse.


      Janine – GM Team

  114. Laurie Panek says:

    Hello…I just want to be sure I am taking in enough liquids, as I am not having to use the bathroom that often. I am having everything suggested on the schedule, juices, broth and tea, plus water…maybe 2 liters…1) Should I hold back on sea salt and use more lemon maybe?
    2)…I am feeling well and really have no signs of detox other than fatigue and dry skin.
    . I am bathing in epsom/soda and totally spoiling myself, so for day 2 is this ok ? If I am not having further signs of detox by tomorrow, what changes should I make?
    Thank you so much for your wisdom…

    • Hi Laurie,

      All good. It is not necessary to feel ‘signs of detox’ or feel bad in order to cleanse. Some people may go through the entire cleanse feeling fine.

      • Laurie Panek says:

        Thank you Nadia. If not too personal to ask, can you share what you use on your skin…oils? Your skin is beautiful.

        • Hi Laurie,

          (Blush) thank you so much! Honestly I don’t put much on my skin. I use coconut oil sometimes or a homemade cream (that I make with all nourishing ingredients). Jojoba with a few drops of frankinsence essential oil is something I have been enjoying lately. I don’t wear make-up. Sometimes I cleanse with a homemade herbal face scrub or with some oils (castor and coconut mix). And I try to eat mostly very nourishing foods, rest well and keep stress in check which goes a long way for healthy looking skin.

          • Laurie Panek says:

            Nadia, I just listened to you talking about natural skin care and learned a lot so thank you for that and also your info here. I AM finally going to give up my Origins very expensive products and try your suggestions. I just ordered some frankencence oil and looking forward to trying all these new ideas. Your information really speaks to me..I’m also going to enjoy reading your website gems. Many thanks for all you do for all of us.

          • You are so very welcome Laurie!

  115. Julie Gelman says:

    how do we attach photos? don’t have Facebook. i tagged the jg instagram tho

  116. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Thanks for the help nadine. Great to get on Facebook group. Very supportive. Found different detox teas I like with smaller amounts of coconut oil more often works.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      I’m glad to be of help. By the way, if you are unable to tolerate the taste of coconut oil you can try using grass fed butter blended into the herbal tea instead of coconut oil.

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

  117. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Morning from the UK. I’m getting more creative with my juicing. Have to say love juicing great fun. So during the cleanse can I juice courgettes-or as you say zucchini? Can I juice red cabbage?
    Thankyou for all your support and information. Still can’t get onto closed Facebook page. Have sent requests.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      Yes. Red Cabbage and Zucchini are fine during the Detox. You can either juice them or add them on your veggie broth.

      I have also approved your request to join the Detox Facebook Group.

      I hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

  118. Nicole Gerrard says:

    HI Jon,

    Is there a way of visualizing the white light as I struggle to see this, I can feel it but unable to see is this okay and do you have advise to make this happen easier?

  119. Veronica Linares says:

    I heard Nadia talk about using a tongue scraper in the mornings….would any be ok or should we avoid the metal ones? Any brands that you recommend? Thanks

  120. Kerrie Cox says:

    Will the video be available from todays call as I was unable to make the call (Day 2)? I had a dental appointment, so hopefully the deadening needle contents will not affect the detox:(

    I am feeling well and have had no major challenges so far, I think this may be because our diet is about 70% raw normally and we don’t eat any processed food. we cut out dairy, gluten, coffee and alcohol as well as processed sugar some time ago and this has made a big difference.

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Replay for Day 2 session is available now. However, we experienced technical difficulties earlier so we would be transcribing this entire webinar and we will have the transcription in the member’s area in the next 48 hours.

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      By the way, you are doing great! Keep up the good work!


      Kelly- GM Team

  121. Iris Koh says:

    I just want to say when I went to the toilet today, it was black. My poo was black… !!!

    I took some MSM yesterday and some other supplements.

    It feels good, to get rid of toxins.

    Anyway, hope I don’t have anything to be concerned about the black poo.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Iris,

      This is a common detox symptom. But if you have any questions or doubts please consult your health care practitioner.

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

  122. Joan Church says:

    Joan again, Please note that when I go into the Facebook page “GM Detox 2016 Support Community it shows “Closed Group” and “Pending”… Help! Thanks, Joan Church

  123. Joan Church says:

    I want to join the facebook group Detox 2016 Support Community and I received an e-mail inviting me to join but when I click on Join Group it takes me to facebook and tells me “Person Cannot Be Invited The person you are trying to invite has already been invited, is already a member, or has left the group”. Can you tell me why this is happening? I have to go out of town on the 13th for a week so I’ll be doing the detox when I get back but I’d really like to read about other peoples suggestions and experiences. Thanks, Joan

  124. Kaileen Sherk says:


    Hello Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you know that two more visualizations have been added to your members area:

    1. Safe, Strong, & Protected Visualization – This one is good if you are feeling emotional.

    2. Healing Your Body Visualization – This one is good for healing and revitalizing your entire system.


    GM Team

  125. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Just a quick notice ****

    There was some static on the line today for this webinar. We apologize for any parts of the call that were difficult to hear. Live shows can sometimes have these types of audio issues.

    We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

    Also we will be transcribing this entire webinar and we will have the transcription in the member’s area in the next 48 hours.

    Thanks again for understanding.

    The Gabriel Method Team

  126. Hi Everyone,

    On today’s call we spoke about dry skin brushing. Here is a link with more information –>

    We also spoke about how to open a young coconut to get the water out. There is a video on this page on how to do that –>

  127. Linda Scott says:

    If I am feeling well, does that mean the detox is not working?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Linda,

      Feeling well does not necessarily mean that you are not detoxing.
      Every person’s body is different, some would experience Skin Break Outs,
      Gas/Bloating, Constipation/Diarrhea, Headaches. But some would only experience extreme cravings. As long as you follow everything in this program, you definitely won’t fail at this.

      Nadine – GM Team

  128. Ken Schnell says:

    Can I use tomatoes in my juice?

  129. Susan Barton says:

    I’m having problems accessing the visualizations. I have been able to open 3. are there more than that? ( I can’t scroll down any furhter.)
    thank you!

  130. Patricia Thompson says:

    I have had Axe Naturals Green Superfood that I have used a few times for this detox and just read the label and see that it also has some dried fruits, milk thistle , Ashwaganda, and lots of other healthy things, that may not be ok for this detox.. Do you know this product? I just copied and tried to paste the label, but it wasn’t accepted here. What do you think? Thank you.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      It is best to hold off taking any supplements during the cleanse. Your body should already be nourished with all the highly absorbable nutrients from the broth, juices and detox tea that you are taking.

      Hope this helps!

      Nadine – GM Team

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      We are not sure of this product yet, but You can hold off on supplements during the cleanse as you will be getting lots of highly absorb able nutrients through the juices and other liquids.

      Hope this helps.

      Jong – GM Team

  131. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    There is no “How To” for the Omega Shake. Is that the chia drink recipe?

  132. Margie Chassman says:

    Is the Omega Shake and the Chia drink the same drink?

    (I apologize for my broth color question, I see in the picture I have obtained the correct color. I am sorry about the substitution question. I missed the beginning of last nights class and just listened to it now and it answered that question).

  133. Ilene Elliott says:

    I have two visualizations, both called pre-cleanse visualizations. Are there more during this week?

  134. Rita Kuepfer says:

    Hi, I am feeling really bad right now. It’s 9 p.m. here and I am vomiting liquids mixed with some chia seeds. I was feeling very good in the morning. In the afternoon I felt weak and had very strong headaches. I went to bed and had a long nap. Afterwards it was better. Between 6 and 7 p.m. for the first time I felt a bit hungry. That’s why I first had an omega 3 drink consisting of grounded chia and flax seeds in half water half coconut water. Later I had some broth together with some sip of detox tea. Afterwards my stomach felt terribly. It was bloated. And the headache came back even stronger than in the afternoon. I went to bed but was not able to stay in bed because of the stomach aches. Finally, I was able to vomit and I feel relieved even so the uneasiness has not vanished completely yet. Right now (10.30 p.m.) I cannot imagine how to continue tomorrow with more greens and liquids. I really want to do something good to my body but right now it seems that I was doing the contrary. What can you recommend me? I am really frustrated… Thanks a lot for your support!

    • Hi Rita,

      I hope you can get a good night’s rest tonight. You may find you feel much different tomorrow.

      When doing the omega 3 drink, try using only chia instead of the mix of chia and flax. Just about 1 tbsp of whole chia seeds in a glass… if it is ground do just about 1/2 tbsp. And make sure you are drinking ample water (or broth or green juice) throughout the day.

      Do the visualizations as well and during the visualizations, imagine your body having an easy time as you move through the day.

      If you feel like you need to, you can always eat something from the backup foods list.

  135. Linda Scott says:

    One more thing . . . my Stevia has inulin added. Is that OK to use? I’m guessing not.

  136. Margie Chassman says:

    I’m scheduled to work out with my trainer today and Thursday. It’s light weigh training, squats, lunges etc. Is this okay?

  137. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi again, is sticking to the times on the schedule essential? Is okay as long as I get everything on the schedule accomplished in one day? (Whether it’s 3 hours apart or one?)

  138. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi, can I substitute one of the juices with a second cup of detox tea?
    Thanks for your help.

  139. Linda Scott says:

    Just tried the Gabriel Greens for the first time. I emptied three capsules into 1/2 cup coconut water, shook it up, then added 1 cup sparkling water. I think it actually tastes good. I’ve had detox tea and two juices and am feeling great so far.

  140. Margie Chassman says:

    Can you reheat the detox tea in a microwave oven?

  141. Margie Chassman says:

    Hi, my broth’s color is burnt orange. Is that the correct color? Is it supposed to be clear?

  142. Margie Chassman says:

    I began the cleanse today and I’m experiencing a major headache. I woke up with a headache. Can I take anything for it?

  143. Margaret says:

    G Team,
    I am on day 3 and not hugry at all. Trying to drink lots of fluids and get in 3 juices at least, oil.
    Sound OK? Am I missing anything else?

  144. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    if you do take the clay, can you take it at night about an hour before bed?

  145. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Hi. I noticed my MCT oil has caprylic acid and capric acid not the laurelic acid you were talking about. What’s the difference? Is mine not good?

  146. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Just had my veggie broth for the first time. Used a little cilantro to soak then discarded and cayenne. Delicious! Reminds me a the vietnamese broth in Pho.

    Only think is I notice my broth isn’t clear. No veg but its cloudy and has settled a bit on the bottom. Will try not to eat that part. How are you keeping it clear? Did I cut my veg too small or perhaps I used too much pressure straining.

  147. Iris Koh says:

    I need help! I do not have 4-6 hours to make my broth. Can I just do a veggie soup?

  148. Laurie Panek says:

    Hello, The anti-inflammatory juice has a carrot and green apple… it recommended for week 2??

  149. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    Hello, How does someone on Coumadin do this clense? Since they need to avoid Vitamin K and that is most dark leafy veggies

    • Jenni McKenzie says:

      Hi Jean,

      My name is Jenni. I am a participant in the cleanse like you. I am on Warfarin so I understand your question. Being on this drug for many year and doing previous cleanses I have dealt with this issue before. With all the Vit K filled veggies they are likely to make your blood thicker, so more medication maybe required (though this is different for everyone). However, remember, with the reduction of digestive load on the liver and better absorption in the gut, it could go the other way. I usually do the cleanse as prescribes but monitor my INR regularly. I had my base line level taken last week before the cleanse and will take it again mid week. It is only a short time frame so it may not make that much difference as these drugs take a long time to adjust. Hope this helps. In addition I hear a lot of stories that when the gut is healed the autoimmune disease calms down and the requirement of the drugs can decrease or disappear all together. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!! All the best.

  150. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Herbal teas. One of my favourites has liquorice in it. Is that OK during the cleanse re Jons comments on sweet tastes

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      Go for the herbal teas that are naturally caffeine free. Teas like peppermint, chamomile or any infusions.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  151. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Turmeric. Hi all. Does anyone have a good juice recipe that includes tumeric? Thanks

  152. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Detox tea. Hi everyone started cleanse this morning didn’t like the taste of detox tea at all halfway through cup literally though I was physically going to be sick. Very strong reaction. How can I change this? I drink herbal teas can I have coconut oil in broth instead? Never been fan of cinnamon so had added half recommended. Followed detox tea video to the letter. Loving the juices. So how can I incorporate the teas benefits in another way ie without drinking the actual detox tea? Thoughts please from a very cold England

    • Hi Bernadette,

      Have you tried using grass fed butter blended into the herbal tea instead of coconut oil? I have found that it tastes much different than with coconut oil and you may like that better. Yes, you can add the coconut oil to the broth if you like. Make this your own, play with the suggestions we have given you and adjust to your own tastes. If you really don’t like the detox tea at all you don’t need to have it.

  153. Janine Eriksson says:

    I saw somewhere right that we were going to get some greens delivered. ? Or did I read wrong. My spiralina is a bit dubious on its use by date so just checking before I go and get a fresh supply. Also I wondered about making a chia drink with the tea? If I left it overnight it might be like a chai pudding is that OK as an option to the chia drink? Or perhaps too dense

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Janine,

      Yes you should receive your greens soon. If you are curious about tracking your package please contact

      As for your chia drink… if left overnight it should be absolutely fine to consume in the morning (even if it gets pudding-like).

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  154. Rita Kuepfer says:

    as I can see we are provided with a lot of nutrients this week and also with essential oils. What about the protein supply as I always considered it as essential too? Or is it just not an issue because of the short period of time? Thanks again!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Rita,

      Healing digestion issues are exactly some of the things that can happen while cleansing. Take this time to focus on letting your body do this. It is just for a few days and then you can get back into eating protein once the cleanse is over. Hope this helps!


      Kelly, GM Team

  155. Rita Kuepfer says:

    Hi, is there any possibility that you put the daily checklist in a downloadable format too? Would be cool to be able to hang it up as a guideline for the day.
    Thanks a lot for all your support!

  156. Joy says:

    Regarding the recipe for detox tea, do you Really mean 4 Tablespoons of cinnamon, instead of 4 teaspoons? Granted it was delicious, but my stomach was on fire shortly after I drank it,just as I’d found the first morning juice so soothing.
    All is delicious so far! This is Fun!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Joy,

      I have watched the Detox Tea video and here’s what Jon said:

      – tablespoon of oil for every cup of tea (Jon used 4 tablespoon of oil in the video)
      – half a teaspoon of cinnamon for every cup of tea (Jon used 2 teaspoon of cinnamon in the video)

      Looks like you did put a lot of cinnamon, but that’s okay. Just adjust the measurement next time, or you can add a little water to dilute your tea.

      Nadine – GM Team

      • Joy says:

        Thanks for the clarification on that! You might want to check the recipe, because the printed version very clearly calls for 4 TABLESPOONS of cinnamon! (I read it in disbelief a number of times prior to going with it. Just wish it hadn’t had the effect it did on an already cayenne-inflamed digestive system.) I haven’t yet decided what to do with the rest of it, perhaps add in Small bits and pieces to future batches….
        My computer has been down the past four days, so I’ve been limited by what I can get my cell phone to do, so didn’t watch the video, just downloaded the recipe. Whoops. 😉

  157. Kaileen Sherk says:

    Hello Everyone,

    What a great start to Cleanse Week! So much great information. There were a few questions we were not able to answer live on the call so we have taken the time to answer your questions here.

    Keep up the great work. Be gentle with your bodies. And keep supporting each other. #DetoxAnswers


    GM Team

    #Ruth: I need to ask that too – how does the Detox work in the gut?
    Answer: While your digestion rests (during this cleanse), your intestines are no longer inflamed which allows you to heal leaky gut. The unfriendly bacteria and parasites that live in your intestines, which normally live off of junk food and processed food, starve and die. Then you have the chance to replenish your gut with healthy bacteria.

    #SusanJoy: Are there sources of Omega 6 with this cleanse or only omega 3? Don’t we need to balance them?
    Answer: We absolutely do NOT have to have Omega 6’s because there is already an imbalance of Omega 6 and 3 in our modern day diet. We are trying to counteract this imbalance.

    #TamaraGibson: is it good to do oil pulling during the detox week?
    #Meg Snyder: Opinions about Oil Pulling?
    Answer: Sure thing, oil pulling is fine during the cleanse.

    #JulieFinlayson: Can we use any of the 4 Yoga segments during the cleanse?
    Answer: The yoga segments found in your members area are best used after your cleanse week. Some gentle yoga is okay this week but definitely not the 1 hour long flow class.

    #JohnDennis: So how often then are we supposed to cleanse?
    Answer: No more than once every 6 months.

  158. Ruth says:

    Hi everyone
    What a disaster ! We had a total blackout (due to the storms) halfway through this morning’s brilliant session.
    I shall now tune into it.
    But what I heard was so helpful and very encouraging.
    Thank you All The Team
    PS Blackout meant no juicer ! — So I can start now.

  159. Julie Gelman says:

    Hi guys. My clay says “100% natural calcium bentonite clay; deep pore cleansing”. Is this ok to ingest?!
    Julie Gelman

  160. Laurie Panek says:

    Just to confirm; the “omega 3 shake” suggested for early afternoon is “the chia drink variations”??? Thank you

  161. Margaret says:

    Was there an omega 3 drink or I just take 1 tablespoon of the oil? Chia or cocnut oil?

  162. Margaret says:

    Good ? Cecilia I’m wondering that as well

  163. Cecilia Basic says:

    So, the Golden Milk was for the precleanse days only, correct? Or is it okay to have during the cleanse?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Cecilia,

      You can have this at any time during Week 1: Pre-cleanse week AND any time after the cleanse is over. But please avoid this drink during Week 2 – Cleanse week (unless you make it only with water and leave out the nut milk. If you make it without the nut milk you can have it in Week 2: Cleanse Week.)

      Nadine – GM Team

  164. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    What should I do if my veggie broth boils for awhile. Ooops! Will there be any nutrients left or should I trash it?

  165. Patricia Thompson says:

    I know I was not supposed to, but felt I needed to start early due to a very energy draining challenge beginning Wednesday this week( Grandma here babysitting 2 lively little boys for 5 days and 4 nights… They are 18 months and 4). So today is my 2nd detox day, and I am tired this pm.. Just now taking a quick snooze. Did you say that it gets easier after the first few days? And 2nd question, after the 5th day, we ease back into eating… Maybe doing bone broth, simple soups, fruits and veggies to start, then after a day or so, adding non dairy vegetarian meals , then meat? Would that work? Sorry to be stepping out of line. ‘Just know that I can not do kids and detox at the same time. Thank you so very much!!!!!

  166. Susan Joy says:

    Jon / Nadia … Is there a recommended amount of beets to use at one time in a juice as I hear beets are pretty strong as a liver detoxifier. I see yours generally use 1/4 of a beet and wondering if that has more to do with the potential sugar impact rather than the liver impact. I have used a mix in the past juicing one good sized sweet potato and one or two small to medium beets juiced, divided into two bottles, and filling the bottles to the top with filtered water. I had no side effects after drinking it but wanted to ask your experienced opinion… Thank you!

  167. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Can we use coconut milk during next week or only coconut water? Also the can milk I get separates. Any ideas of how to uniformly mix into juices?

  168. Kristin Goldberg says:

    Hi, I’m usually taking different supplements. I understood that we should stop taking our multi-vitamins, but how about things like milk thistle (in powder or tincture form), MSM, Vitamin C, Shatavari (which I take for hormonal balance), Ashwagandha, L-Glutamine, NAC and medicinal mushrooms? I take most of these on a daily basis and they don’t contain any fillers/binders/additives, except for the capsule, which I could open. I was wondering if it might be beneficial to continue those during the cleanse (esp. MSM, Vitamin C, NAC) and if getting off the Shatavari might disturb my hormonal balance. Thank you.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Kristin,

      You can hold off on the vitamins during the cleanse as you will be getting lots of highly absorb able nutrients through the juices and other liquids. As for the other medications that you are taking for your hormonal imbalance, we cannot recommend going off prescribed medications without your doctor’s guidance. It is still best to consult your trusted physician and check if it’s okay to hold off on your medicine while cleansing.

      Nadine – GM Team

  169. Rita Kuepfer says:

    on the Cleanse Checklist Day 1 it mentions a warm coconut tea. Do you mean the Detox Tea with Coconut Oil or some other coconut tea?
    And another question: Even so the pre-cleanse is almost over, I just saw today that there a two more visualizations for pre-cleanse (Digestive Cleansing & Live Vital Energy, Entering My Body) additionally to the Evening Visualization. Were they meant to listen to in the mornings?
    Thank you!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rita,

      We are referring to the Detox Tea with coconut. You can listen to them in the morning, or any point during your day that works for you.


      Janine – GM Team

  170. Lyn Dixon says:

    Coconut water seems really sweet is it ok to use it in juices during the cleanse?
    Thank you

    • Gabriel Method Team says:


      As long as there is nothing added to the coconut water, it should be fine to add! It can help keep your electrolytes up as well. Coconut usually seems sweeter during detoxes as well since your taste buds grow more sensitive to real foods.


      Janine – GM Team

  171. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi guys gearing up getting ready full fridge getting used to the juices.
    QU:I take levothyroxine 100micrograms daily for underactive thyroid. DO I continue to take during cleanse or not??
    Is it possible to stop taking it eventually (obviously under doctors guidance) just hypothetically? Maybe you know someone who has?
    Thanks for the continued support B (uk)

    • Gabriel Method Team says:


      Fantastic that you are getting prepped! Unfortunately we cannot recommend going off prescribed medications without your doctor’s guidance. There is a possibility that you may not need this medication forever if you are able to heal your thyroid, but until then it’s best to find a doctor you trust and follow his advice regarding this medication specifically.


      Janine – GM Team

  172. Margaret says:

    Wanting to make sure you don’t miss my Milk Thistle ? from earlier. Also is it ok to add sprouted beans into my juice?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:


      If you are taking milk thistle to further detoxify the liver, the juice cleanse alone should be sufficient enough.

      If you juice the sprouts they are great! If you add them whole, it can activate the digestive system which we want to try to avoid during the juicing part.


      Janine – GM Team

  173. Joy says:

    I’m in trouble, having miscalculated the days involved in the cleanse. Since they weren’t numbered, I’d inferred until a couple of days ago that it was 5, not 7, days on the pre cleanse, now found out that the actual cleanse is further delayed until Monday. Whoops! I somehow had it on my schedule as being completed by April 13, so have picked up an extra weekend of mounted patrol in our local mountains.
    This means primitive camping With the horse and all responsibility for her care, as well as sans refrigeration, electricity or internet. No choice but to proceed with the cleanse today, and hope I can glean enough info from existing notes to get myself safely back on solid food while in camp.
    All is exacerbated by my having chosen a cayenne-laden home remedy to kick a sore throat, so have been under “cayenne attack” since April 3rd. Only got through yesterday’s foray out for juice veggies by not daring to ingest fluids or food until I got home.
    Your suggestions? And no, can’t delay cleanse, as have already crammed fridge with enough veggies to sink a battleship! 😉
    Am drinking chamomile tea, problem may be partly too many pine nuts a couple of days ago and chia seeds last evening.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:


      Since your fridge is stocked up, you can have a juicing fest and make a batch of juices and broths and stick them in the freezer. Then when you are back, you can restart from the beginning or pick up where you left off. It may be the best way to not let your food go to waste. You will always have this program as well if you want to cleanse again in the future.


      Janine – GM Team

  174. Margaret says:

    Oh I got it it’s working now:? sorry to bother you.

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Margaret,

      We are glad to know that you were able to access the visualization now.
      You are all set for the cleanse! Keep it up!


      Kelly, GM Team

  175. Margaret says:

    I tried to listen to the digetstive cleansning down load and there is no sound?

  176. Margaret says:

    Good Morning,
    I bought Hubner Milk thistle liquid but it has black thorn berry pulp, organic sugar, guar gum , locust bean gum in it. Did I get the right stuff?

  177. Dorothy Jones says:

    My small intestine is feeling inflamed and slightly painful. Can I use Aloe Vera juice to help calm things down?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Dororthy,

      Yes, that is a great choice! Any digestive symptoms during a detox are a sign of the healing process and aloe vera juice is a great choice.


      Kaileen – GM Team

  178. Janine Eriksson says:

    Hello! I’ve been following the pre-cleanse sessions and have been a little disorganised in being excellent at it! However I am all shopped and brewing tea, simmering broth and feel quite relaxed about the week ahead. Question.. I am juicing in my thermomix.. So typically when I juice, I drink it straight pulp and all, And I always need to add water to help it jiuice properly.. Is is okay to add the water to the juices? And will straining the juice though a sifter be okay? I assume the pulp will not work well ?


    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hello Janine,

      So glad to hear that you are feeling more organized. Being well prepared will definitely help in your success.

      Adding water to help things blend is totally fine. As for straining, a cheesecloth will give you best results but, a sifter will be fine. You do not want to have the pulp during this week’s cleanse days.

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  179. Margaret says:

    Oh boy I tested a basic juice and it’s tough to drink. Gagged a bit. Then I tried the chia juice with coconut milk and greens. It really is an aquired taste. My broth is ready and it’s not too bad at all. How can I improve the basic juices? Or should I try the others and see which ones I like best and drink those for the week.

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Margaret,

      Keep trying juices 🙂 If you are used to a little more sweet… try adding 1/2 an apple. Keep playing with it until you find the right combo. The more your body releases toxins the better and better the juices and the broth are going to taste.

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

    • Bernadette Godwin says:

      Hi I too was a little shocked at the first mouthful of basic juice. I added a good chunk of cucumber which worked a treat to dilute the juice/taste. B (uk)

  180. Margaret says:

    Is this where I post questions for the detox program and class.

  181. Patricia Lucero says:

    In the US the phone call for the first day of the cleanse is on Sunday the 10th. Does that mean that whole day is the first day or is Monday the 11th the first day?

  182. CHRISTINE says:

    I’m sorry – I meant why are tomatoes not listed to JUICE – are they too hard to digest? Thank you.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Christine,

      You can definitely juice tomatoes, it’s not as common for flavor reasons, but if you like them, go for it!

      Janine – GM Team

  183. CHRISTINE says:

    Is there a reason why tomatoes are not listed as the recommended vegetables to eat? Is there too much sugar in them? Thank you in advance!

  184. CHRISTINE says:

    If I eat the recommended back up foods will I get the same benefit out of the cleanse?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Christine,

      There is no question that you will still get tremendous benefit. Just be sure to check in with yourself each day and see how you feel. The more you can stop eating and allow your body’s digestion to slow, the more detoxification you will get — AND the less hungry you will be.

      Remember to drink lots of water, especially any time you are feeling hungry.

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  185. Laurie Panek says:

    Hello…after watching the juicing videos, I’m wondering if I would get more benefit from using my blender/cheesecloth strainer, or my old school juicer (jack Lalanne). Any thoughts on this? Thank you…

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Laurie,

      You will be fine using your ol’ Jack Lalanne 😉 No need to go blending and straining if you have a juicer.

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  186. John Dennis says:

    I noticed that you all talk about doing a detox every once in a while, is that one of those things where your body will tell you when it’s time?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, once your body gets the hang of things it will start to tell you when its time to cleanse again. We really do not recommend detoxing more than once every 6 months.

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  187. John Dennis says:

    What is the best time of day to take the gabriel greens during the detox/cleanse?

  188. John Dennis says:

    I wasn’t able to find fresh turmeric in my area. Would the powdered turmeric that I use in making capsules be ok to add to the juices?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi John,

      While fresh turmeric is ideal, its true that its not available everywhere. Ground turmeric is fine just try to find the freshest batch you can and organic would be ideal.


      Kaileen – GM Team

  189. Laurie Panek says:

    Are MSM, vitamin c, and magnesium recommended for week 2?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Laurie,

      Some people can get an upset stomach or feel strange if taking too many supplements during the juice cleanse part. Be cautious and listen to what your body is telling you. Typically you should be able to get enough Vitamin C and Magnesium through the juices you are drinking during the cleanse.

      Janine – GM Team

  190. John Dennis says:

    Is interval Cardio ok? If not during the cleanse then how about after it?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi John,

      We recommend light to no exercise during the cleanse as it may be too strenuous on your body during this time. we recommend once off the cleanse you continue to eat high quality, nourishing foods and you should be able to commence exercise in a day or two post cleanse. Just listen to your body and see what it is asking for.

      Janine – GM Team

  191. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    should we take probiotics during the cleanse?

  192. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    is it ok to add vanilla extract or vanilla bean to the chia drink?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jean,

      Vanilla scrapped from the bean should be ok. Many times vanilla extract is not made how it originally was and can contain additional unwanted ingredients.

      Janine – GM Team

  193. Julie Gelman says:

    Hey All;
    Thanks for all the questions and answers. I’d like to suggest an app for phones, so that we can just do a quick click for a cleansing visualization, rather than log on, scroll, lots of clicks before we find a good one (if we haven’t forgotten what we’re searching for at that point). Can you send a link to our phones to access the Vis Library????
    Julie G
    Pittsburgh, PA

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Julie,

      You may download any of the visualizations to your computer (usually to your iTunes) and then upload them to your phone for easier access. Please email if you need further instructions on how to do this.

      Janine – GM Team

  194. Emily Busman says:

    Jon and Nadia talked about holding off on exercise during the cleanse. For this reason I am thinking of starting the cleanse on Tuesday of next week. On Monday nights I teach a dance/cardio fitness class that gets pretty intense. I wore a friend’s fitbit once and burned 500+ calories in 45 minutes (not that calories matter, just letting you know how intense it can get). I’m just wondering if starting Tuesday morning will give my body enough time to repair itself before starting the detox? I could start Wednesday if necessary also but then would it be alright to workout that hard the day I break the fast? I wish I could cancel the class but I don’t have anyone else to lead it for me. Advice? Thanks!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Emily,

      Try to play it by ear and see how you feel on Tuesday. If you feel well rested and ready, it should be fine. If you feel you need to wait an extra day, take that day. There is no need to rush the cleanse. Listen to what your body is asking of you and you can’t go wrong!


      Janine – GM Team

  195. Rafeef AlJuraifani says:

    I am still having strong sugar cravings so I am have dates , which is not ideal I guess:( any suggestions to combat those strong cravings?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rafeef,

      Dates are actually great in many ways, but you definitely don’t want to over do it! When you get sugar cravings it’s good to go through a checklist: 1) Have you had enough water? If not, drink some more water 2) Bad bacteria feeds on sugar and creates cravings so make sure to take probiotics and try to eat fermented foods 3) Are you low on energy? You may need more protein and it’s cropping up as a sugar craving 4) How are you emotionally? Are you looking for something sweet because you are needing a hug or someone to be sweet to you? See if you can reach out to a loved one for a bit more support.

      Keep up the great work!

      Janine – GM Team

  196. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Today’s call was amazing! So much great information. There were a few questions we were not able to answer live on the call so we have taken the time to answer your questions here.

    Keep up the great work. Be gentle with your bodies. And keep supporting each other. #DetoxAnswers


    GM Team

    #BarbaraShaw: what is this meditation Jon is talking about – how he learned?
    Answer: The meditation that Jon first learned is called the microcosmic orbit by Mantak Chia.

    #Julie : what’s the difference between meditation and visualization?
    Answer: Visualization is a form of meditation where you are using your mind to guide yourself toward a desired result while in a meditative state.

    #Sandra: So, avoid the raw celery, cucumber and peppers during the actual cleanse?
    Answer: Juicing these next week during the cleanse is okay

    #PatriciaThompson: JJ Virgin’s lemonade is lemon juice, water, and glutathione – – would the glutathione be something to avoid too?
    Answer: Next week you will definitely want to avoid the glutathione. But it is okay to have the week after.

    #SaraDingman: Are there are cleanse ingredients that can especially help people with seasonal allergies? They’re bad this year in the Midwest US
    Answer: You would want to avoid vegtables that are high in histamine like tomatoes and nightshades in your juices.

    #MegSnyder: My understanding is that one’s digestive system doesn’t fully shut down unless it’s a water cleanse. Any juices (even the lemonade cleanse with flushing) still require some digestion. Isn’t that correct? So, in reality we’re just mostly shutting it down, not completely – is this the case?
    Answer: that is correct!

    #SusanJoy: I know the Big 3 includes omega-3 emphasis – best sources for them? I know about flax seeds but there has been some info about them having an estrogenic effect that’s not good for you…
    Answer: that is true which is why we prefer chia seeds.

    #SharonH: what about turmeric… should we be putting it in our soup?
    Answer:- yes turmeric in your soup is totally okay 🙂

    #KathyHeflin: If I decide to use a binder like the bentonite clay when would you recommend incorporating it into the schedule?
    Answer: – 1 hour before your next green juice or broth.

    #SharonH: So fermented veg juice is okay next week?
    Answer: Yes!

    #JulieFinlayson: For those of us that lift, any worries about muscle loss during the cleanse?
    Answer: you will definitely gain back anything you might lose the week after the cleanse.

  197. Dorothy Jones says:

    can we use bone broth next week in the detox?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Dorothy,

      Hold off on bone broth during the Detox week. It’s best during Pre-cleanse and
      after the Detox.


      Nadine – GM Team

  198. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m happy to announce that the Visualization for Junk Food Cravings can now be downloaded from the Detox Visualizations Page:


    Nadine – GM Team

  199. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    We apologize if the Visualization for Junk Food Cravings link is not downloading the correct visualization. We have already reported this to our technical team and they are working on a fix right now.

    For the meantime, here’s the direct download link for the said visualization:

    Visualization for Junk Food Cravings

    I hope this helps!
    Nadine, GM Team

  200. Marcy Katz says:

    Re: pressure cooker:
    oops, just saw a similar question and a response. thanks.

  201. Marcy Katz says:

    Regarding the broth making…
    Can I use a pressure cooker to make broth? I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen and I don’t have a crock pot.

  202. MarilynC says:

    Couple of questions:
    1. I think from what Jon and Nadia are saying we could make one big batch per day of juice and drink just that one juice, correct? – ie, it doesn’t have to be a different juice every time.
    2. Jon says to use glass bottles for storing the juice. I have to go to work – what about metal Thermos-type bottles, with metal inside, not glass?
    3. Jon and Nadia tonight were talking about taking it easy, etc, next week, but I have to work. I thought you could do this while you work, just take the juice, etc, with you. I don’t have the luxury to take a week off. If I had known I needed to take a week off, I wouldn’t have signed up. Please expand on this.
    4. I do not have the time to check these logs, so please let me know by email.
    Many thanks.

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      1. Yes. That is correct.

      2. Metal is still better than plastic! All good 🙂

      3. You absolutely do not need to take time off work to do this cleanse. The emphasis is on making this “as easy as possible” so when “possible” be gentle with yourself. Go slow and get rest when you can. You’ll do great!

      4. I do not have your email here in this chat, however if you need 1-1 support please email our team at

      Thanks so much and happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  203. Annabel Williams says:

    Hoping Nadia will see this after the webinar, which was great btw! I’m still a bit confused. I had to start my Cleanse today due to long haul flights next week, and am totally on board with what we have to do, as have been on GMMfpr two years. My fear is going back into famine mode having lost all my weight and today was the first time I’ve felt hungry in 18 months, and nothing I could do would satiate that, including chia drinks, broth and back up foods (I had em all!). I only felt good once I decided to make chunky veg soup with bone broth. Then it felt good. So….if we are supposed to be running with this and allowing our bodies to stop digesting and start cleansing, then if I eat satisfying stuff how is that gonna happen? But if I stick to liquids and back up foods but feel hungry, how is that going to stop me going into famine mode. There seems to be a delicate line here, and I’d be so gratefuo if you could help me understand. 🙂

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Annabel,

      This is Kaileen 🙂 and I have just spoken with Jon and he says specifically for YOU – do NOT let your body go into that mode. “EAT!” he says. “And then resume your detox when your traveling is over.”

      I hope this helps.

      Safe travels,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  204. Patricia Lucero says:

    Would it be possible to make the veggie broth in a pressure cooker? Any suggestions on what that timing might be or any other tips?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      You want the nutrients from the veggies to all steep into the broth. On the stove top you would simmer the soup for up to 4 hours. Jon didn’t use a pressure cooker to make it but perhaps you could try it for a couple of hours (pressure cooking and then simmering). You can’t really fail, nutrients will be in your broth when you are done.

      Nadine – GM Team

  205. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    Oh no. I just got a job interview and they want to take me out for lunch next week. What can I have? I was thinking soup may work if its clear. What else?Help

  206. Annabel Williams says:

    I have started the cleanse today due to having to fly long haul next week, and I’ve found it exhausting! I’ve been so tired all day, headaches and generally lethargic. Even though I ate all the chia seed shakes, juices etc. I eventually added some protein powder to the chia water and that felt better. But I have just eaten all day, juices, broth etc and still felt hungry. Normally I never feel hungry (I’ve lost all my weight with GM over the past two years so eat really healthily). This just doesn’t feel right for me with such a huge amount of liquid and no protein. I ate a big salad an hour ago and felt much better with something to eat properly, but I’m hungry again now!! Is this normal, and do I just put up with it in the hope my body will feel better in a couple of days?

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Annabel,

      Headaches are quite common while detoxing. An epsom salt bath in the evening could be really helpful – add a drop of good quality lavender essential oil and it will help to calm your system down before sleep too.

      Also be sure that you are drinking enough water to keep that flushing action going.

      If it gets to be too much, consider eating something from the backup foods list.

      Once your headache passes you should feel great.

      Nadine – GM Team

  207. Joy says:

    I’ve just noticed that there are no further classes after today’s until April 10, and today is April 7. Are we really getting a 3-day break between preparation and the Cleanse???? That doesn’t seem to make sense

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Joy,

      Just wanted to clarify that we are not taking a “break” from the cleanse. Rather, you are continuing to pre-cleanse until our next call when we will all start the cleansing days together. Feel free to ask questions over the next few days we will be here for you all along the way.


      Kaileen – GM Team

  208. Patricia Lucero says:

    Have any thoughts on adding fresh tomatoes to the juice for a different flavor? Is that ok during the cleanse week or just before and after?
    2nd question-what about adding berries to the juice instead of apple? Wouldn’t berries be lower on the glicemic index than apples?
    Thanks for all the great information!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Tomatoes are fine in your juices. Blackberries and Blueberries are good source of antioxidants and fiber, in general it also is a good detox fruit. Experiment with different combinations and always have lots of greens.


      Nadine – GM Team

  209. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi guys just at Wholefoods what’s the take on sourdough bread and seeded sourdough bread obviously not during the cleanse but before and after?? My daughter is intolerant to wheat/gluten can she have it?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      Sourdough is not recommended. It can still be very inflammatory. However, before and after the cleanse we recommend sprouted gluten free breads which HAVE to be refrigerated. These sprouted are NOT baked. They raw sprouted breads. These should also be ideal for your daughter.


      Kaileen – GM Team

  210. Susan Joy says:

    I have heard/read? that you are not a fan of juicing for more than 5 days. Fully appreciating your thoughtful guidelines, is juicing for 5 days enough to restore my body’s ability to burn fat correctly after decades of processed, high-carb food dependence? There are some (e.g. Joe Cross) that utilize up to a 60 day cleanse to “reset the system.” I would welcome your thoughts on the right way to “retrain” the body or in essence, help it to remember what it already knows how to do. After such a long time abusing my body, it’s important now for me to make sound decisions. 🙂 Thanks!!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Susan,

      It is true that many people have lost weight doing juice cleanses for longer periods of time. However, there is not a lot of protein intake by juicing alone and we are looking for sustainable weight loss which includes The Big 3 (Protein, Omega-3s, and Live foods). 5 days is great to reset the body and then once you are done with the juicing part we recommend following The Gabriel Method so that you can continue your journey towards sustainable weight loss.

      I hope this help!

      Janine – GM Team

  211. Annabel Williams says:

    Is there a reason why the coconut oil has to go in the tea? Can I add coconut oil and cinnamon to my juice instead? And just drink the tea as it is?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Annabel,

      Yes, you can add the coconut oil to the juice instead of the tea. It can help to add it to the tea as it can help make you feel more full and it’s also easier to mix coconut oil in a warm liquid versus a juice where it may chunk due to the temperature. But however you can get the coconut oil in is great!


      Janine – GM Team

  212. F Knight says:

    I work in an busy, intense, fast-pace environment that requires me to be always on my feet and thus limits my access to fluids, at times foods, and even bathroom breaks. I would really like to do this detox as planned but I feel that by just being on fluids all day may contribute to a hindrance in my work performance. Therefore, I plan to do the detox on my off days and on my work days, I may have to add solid foods to sustain my energy for the long hours spent at work. Would this throw my detox off guard by not sticking to the recommended plan? Would love to hear your advise or even recommendation on this matter. Thanks.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi F Knight,

      You can’t fail at this program. Do what you need to do. If you are eating, try eating very clean and easy to digest foods. The backup foods list has some ideas and, if because of your busy schedule, you need even more than that then go ahead. If it isn’t possible for you to do the liquid part of the cleanse you will still get benefits from eating clean foods.

      Nadine – GM Team

  213. Linda Scott says:

    I have a question about the detox tea. Should we be drinking that throughout the day or is it just for early morning? Also, about how much juice do you recommend per serving? I’ve always thought green juices would be terrible but I tried a couple of the recipes and they tasted really good. Very happy about that.

  214. Judith Terry says:

    One more thing…….I am starting my 1 week of radiation for breast cancer next Monday> I will go twice a day Monday through Friday. I am wondering if doing the juice diet will be providing me with the vital nourishment needed to provide the energy required to get through the week without causing serious depletion. I’m thinking that it will be fine but would appreciate your professional opinion very much.

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Judith,

      Drink as much of the nourishing liquids as you need as often as you need it. And if you feel you need to eat something, go ahead.

      Nadine – GM Team

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Judith,

      Thanks for writing to us about this. It is important NOT to go on a juice-only cleanse right now. A good option for you would be to continue the pre-cleanse diet PLUS drink as much juice as you like while you are in chemo. Then, when you are done with chemo… that would be a good time to do a juice-only detox.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.


      Kaileen – GM Team

  215. Judith Terry says:

    I have not heard back fromm your I.T. people regarding the malfunctioning of the ‘Notify me when new comments are added’ box below which some of us have reported as broken. I keep opting out but continue to receive a ton of emails which I do not have time to deal with on this constant basis. I know that I can access all these emails under the ‘Your Questions Answered’ section and that works perfectly for me so PLEASE…….have someone fix this broken feature.

    Thanks so very much 🙂

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Judith,

      Our apologies for not giving you updates regarding this issue. Our Technical Team
      is currently working on this urgently. We will give you updates as soon as we receive information.

      Thanks for your continued patience.

      -Jong- GM Team

  216. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    I have not received the spirulina that should have come with the class, I also ordered Green Me Up Jonny, is there anyway to track the status of delivery?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jean,

      We are currently processing the shipment of your Green Me Up Jonny. Please be advised that it normally takes about 5-7 business days to have it delivered.

      Thank you for your patience.

      -Jong- GM Team

  217. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi. The resources we have access to yoga & exercise &visualisation etc Question-do we retain access to this AFTER the two week cleanse? OR do I need to save the resources elsewhere ?

  218. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Hi. The resources we have access to yoga &ex exercise &visualisation etc Question-do we retain access to this AFTER the two week cleanse? OR do I need to save the resources elsewhere ?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Bernadette,

      All the resources and materials will still be available for you. You have
      unlimited access to them since you already own the program. 🙂


      -Jong- GM Team

  219. Bernadette Godwin says:

    So Jon what was the answer to green tea? Allowed?
    Just finished second session really feel getting good information and starting to use “how to” videos.
    Bernadette in the UK

  220. Helen Kotis says:

    Hi team,

    Are we suppose to receive our ‘Green me up Jonny’ Spirulina before we start wk2 of the detox? (I haven’t got mine yet).
    I tried the celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger juice in my new hurom juicer and it was amazing!, not at all what i thought it would taste like.
    I also made the tumeric drink tonight 🙂

    Thank you

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Helen,

      Your Gabriel Greens Spirulina is currently on transit. Please be advised that
      shipment outside of U.S. normally takes 7-14 business days and besides,
      you can still continue with the Detox with or without your Spirulina.


      -Jong- GM Team

  221. Bethanie Everett says:

    I only have a thermimix ……. Can I use this for the juices
    Thanks Bethanie

  222. Emily Busman says:

    Hello, I’m not able to download the slideshow notes or the audio for Juicing 101. i click the link and it brings me to a new window that says “no information for this link”. Has this been uploaded yet? Thanks!

  223. Natalie Castro says:


    So far I’m loving all of the information and support. I’m feeling like I can do this. I just have one question…how important is it that you soak nuts and seeds before consuming and if so, for how long and how far in advance can I soak them. For example, can I buy a bag of nuts and soak the whole bag so I can grab and go for the rest of the week?


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Natalie,

      We are happy to know that you love the program. Yes you can do that in advance.

      Soaking nuts/seeds before eating them is an easy way to release the enzyme inhibitors and create a food that is easily digestible.

      The best way to ingest nuts is to obtain them raw and organic and then sprout them by soaking them. If you would like to make them dry and crunchy again, dehydrate them back into their crunchy state. Once dry, you can store them in a glass jar until you are ready to use them.

      For more information, You can find more information on this from Coach Nadia through visiting the link below:

      Hope this helps!

      -Kelly, The GM Team

      • Rafeef AlJuraifani says:

        Hi ,

        Can I dry the nuts ,after soaking them, in the oven? I don’t have a dehydrator and my balcony doesn’t get much sun.

        Thank you.

        • Gabriel Method Team says:

          Hi Rafeef, Yes you can use your oven. After soaking them, drain and rinse and then place them on a tray in the oven. Put your oven on its very lowest setting and keep the oven door slightly open to ensure the temperature stays quite low. It will take several hours to dry them completely this way.You just check on them until they are completely dry.

          Hope this helps!

          – Kelly, The GM Team

  224. Hi Everyone! Here are the cauliflower wraps we mentioned in today’s class –> and here is also how you can make wraps from coconut meat –>

  225. Kaileen Sherk says:

    Hello Everyone 🙂

    Hope your pre-cleanse is going great!

    In today’s session Jon mentioned a video about making supergreens. We will make sure to get that loaded into your how-to videos soon.

    Until then, feel free to watch the video here >>

    Happy cleansing!

    Kaileen – GM Team

  226. Darla Grable says:

    I don’t have facebook so I don’t know where to look for the answer to my question if I post here. Can you email me @ As a vegetarian I am wondering if quinoa, brown rice, & oats are ok during the pre-cleanse week?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Darla,

      As a vegetarian we would prefer that most of your carb sources come from real salads, fruits, and vegetables. Ideal protein sources include: raw fermented vegan protein powder, spirulina, nutritional yeast, sprouted chickpeas lentils and mung beans, organic tempe, chia seeds, cruciferous veggies, and organic activated nuts and seeds.

      Hope that helps. Happy cleansing 🙂

      Kaileen – GM Team

  227. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    should we avoid any teas? is Matcha tea ok?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Jean,

      Its “preferable” to avoid any caffeinated drinks or teas during the cleanse. But do the best you can and pay attention to how your body responds. And remember to drink A LOT of water 🙂

      Happy cleansing,

      Kaileen – GM Team

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Matcha tea contains a much larger amount of caffeine than normal tea as you are drinking the whole leaves ground up. Best to hold off on that until after the cleanse. Try to stick to infusions that do not contain theine/caffeine. – Nadine, GM Team

  228. Margaret says:

    still can’t get video working

  229. Crystal Bradley says:

    how long will the replays be available for? I am following the cleanse but not doing the cleanse right now. (If that make any sense) I am still breastfeeding a one year old for a few more weeks and don’t want to pass any released toxins onto him. I plan on doing this cleanse as soon as I am done nursing in a few weeks and just want to see if I will still be able to reference the calls then.

    As of now I am just cutting all processed foods, gluten, sugar and dairy and adding all the good stuff.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Crystal, Usually our technical team uploads the videos within 24 to 48 hours. So I guess all the videos will be ready as soon as you are done with your breasfeeding. -Jong- GM Team

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Crystal,

      You will always have access to the recordings. So you can do this detox anytime that suits you 🙂


      Kaileen – GM Team

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Your access to the Detox Materials will not expire. You will have access to
      it forever and can always watch the replays at your most convenient time. – Nadine, GM Team

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Crystal,

      Your access to the Detox Materials will not expire. So you can always watch the replay anytime in the future. – Nadine, GM Team

  230. Cheryl Simpson says:

    having trouble i can not view any of the video’s on your site. I have updated my flash but it is still not playing. Any way to fix this?

  231. Julie Gelman says:

    Questions for the Coaches:
    1.Is Xylitol ok to use at any time this week and next? I’m assuming not, since I didn’t see it anywhere…
    2. Suggestions on what to do with the pulp? Or just discard?
    Julie G
    Pittsburgh, PA USA

    • Hi Julie,

      I don’t care for xylitol as I find it very processed and can contribute to digestive distress.

      When I make a juice I will sometimes use some of the pulp to make veggie crackers ( ).

      I will also use the pulp as a face scrub – just gently scrub your face and neck with the pulp and leave it on while you are cleaning the juicer, then rinse off. (If your pulp contains turmeric, carrot or beet don’t leave the pulp on your face and wash off right after scrubbing.)

      And, of course, you can also compost the pulp.

  232. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    I don’t have a juicer but a vitamix. I saw the video to just strain the juice. My question is, can you just use something like Green Me Up Jonny and not use fresh vegetables at all, since you are throwing the fiber away anyway? Or is it beneficial to add Green Me Up Jonny to every vegetable smoothie?

    • Hi Jean,

      Fresh vegetables are preferable to make your juices so that you can benefit from the life force of the food. The green powders are good to use when you don’t have access or time to make it fresh.

      When making smoothies in the blender (not juices), yes you can certainly add the green powder. Smoothies are great during the pre-cleanse week.

  233. Julie Gelman says:

    Just wondering what everyone’s doing about the scale??. I think I read not to weigh ourselves for the first 6 months. Personally, I’m staying away, measuring success on how my clothes are fitting.
    Julie G
    Pittsburgh, PA USA

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Julie,

      You are right! In general it is best to ditch the scale all together as it can make or break someone’s day or how they are feeling based off of a number and not based off of the facts that you are healing from the inside out. Most people can even feel a massive shift in how their body looks and feels before the scale reflects a change in numbers. When you focus on feeling good, the scale is no longer needed as a reflection of your success.

      I hope this helps,

      Janine – GM Team

  234. Ken Schnell says:

    Can I eat Hemp Hearts? If no, not at all, if yes any restrictions?

  235. Bronwyn Dixon says:

    Omega 3 Shake – to be taken twice a day. What is the recipe for this? You dont have just the recipes for the Detox tea, Omega 3 Shake or detox soup so that we can download? Frustrating trying to find these as they are part of the daily schedule.

    • Nads says:

      Hi Bronwyn,

      You can find all the Recipes in this link:

      The Omega Drink Video can be found in this link:

      “Variations of the Chia Drink Video” >>

      Then lastly, here’s the direct link for Making Detox Tea:

      We apologize if download link is not available for this video. Unfortunately, not all videos from the “How To Videos” category are downloadable. – Nadine, GM Team

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Bronwyn,

      We will be getting you downloads for those recipes soon! Thanks for asking for them. In the meantime I am going to post them in this comment for you:

      Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach
      Root vegetables like parsnip, sweet potato (not the regular ones)

      Cut up onions and garlic.
      Place in a pot with about an inch of water and put it to a boil for a couple of minutes.
      NOTE: Do not put OIL.
      Chop the vegetables – don’t worry about the skin
      Fill the pot with the vegetables – about a quarter to a third
      Fill the pot halfway with water and simmer – DO NOT BOIL
      Simmer for about 4 hours, topping it up with water every hour until water is half of the pot
      Simmer for another hour or two and you have broth

      Strain it to another bowl using a colander and start taking it or keep it in refrigerator for days.

      Suggested serving/eating:

      Put in cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt for taste and you’re good to go.

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Variations of the Chia Drink

      Standard Ingredients:
      Chia seeds

      Optional ingredients for variety:
      Himalayan, Celtic or sea salt or any healthy salt; NO PROCESSED SALT
      Cayenne pepper
      Coconut water
      Cinnamon powder
      Coconut palm sugar
      Johnny Super green

      Standard chia drink
      Put water in a glass
      Add 1 tbsp of chia seeds
      Squeeze some lemon
      Stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes
      Stir again before drinking

      Variety 1
      Mix half part water and half part coconut water in a glass
      Add 1 tbsp of chia seeds
      Add a quarter of a tsp of cinnamon
      Add a pinch of healthy salt and cayenne pepper
      Stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes
      Stir again before drinking

      Variety 2
      Put water in a glass
      Add 1 tsp coconut palm sugar
      Add 1 tbsp of chia seeds
      Add a pinch of healthy salt and cayenne pepper
      Add a quarter tsp of cinnamon
      Stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes
      Stir again before drinking

      Variety 3
      Put water in a glass
      Add a scoop of Johnny Super Green
      Add 1 tbsp of chia seeds
      Stir and let it sit for about 10 minutes
      Stir again before drinking

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Making Detox Tea


      Any dark decaffeinated tea like Rooibos, Honeybush, Tulsi or Mint
      Healthy saturated fat like:
      Coconut oil
      MCT oil
      Ghee or clarified butter
      Organic grass-fed butter


      Brew in a pot/pan, 4 cups of water and 4 tea bags (e.g. 2 Tulsi and 2 Mint)
      Fill your blender in a hot water before putting the boiled one to prevent it from cracking
      Remove the tea bags from the pot/pan and pour the brewed tea in the blender
      Add 4 tbsps of oil in the blender (Note: 1 tbsp for every cup of water)
      Add ½ tbsp of cinnamon for every cup of water (in this case, 2 tbsps)
      Blend for a couple of seconds
      IMPORTANT NOTE when blending something hot:
      Loosen the middle part of the blender’s cover (see video from 2:04)
      Put a rag on top of the cover carefully making sure that the middle part is still loose (see video from 2:19)

      Enjoy your tea!

  236. Joy says:

    Question: You’ve suggested we invite our friends to join us on the Detox program. May we share with them the information that we are getting from you?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Joy, in general we find it best if people sign up individually as the information you have access to is via your personal email and password. Unfortunately, this year’s Detox is closed to further purchasing as it has already started. Hopefully they can join next year!

      Janine – GM Team

  237. Patricia Lucero says:

    Would you please tell me the recipe for the Omega 3 Drink? Is it the “Variations of the Chia Drink Video”?

    For the Detox Tea with MCT or Coconut Oil, what is the recipe for that? Is it the “Making the Detox Tea” video? Must all the ingredients in that video be used or can it just be the tea with the oil? If just the tea and the oil, can the oil just be added to the tea and shaken up if a blender isn’t available?

    One of the videos is for “Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe”. When in the cleanse week do we drink this? If so, when?

    Sorry for all the questions, but regarding turmeric, can it be added to all the juice recipes? I like adding fresh turmeric to my juices and wanted to check if it was ok to do so for the cleanse juices.

    Thanks for all the helpful information!

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for all the questions 🙂

      1. RE: Omega 3 Drink – Yes, this is the video “Variations of the Chia Drink Video” >>

      2. RE: Tea – Yes, this is the video “Making the Detox Tea” >>

      YES, this can be made with only the oil added and YES, it can be shaken if you do not have a blender.

      3. RE: Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe – You can have this at any time during Week 1: Pre-cleanse week AND any time after the cleanse is over. But please avoid this drink during Week 2 – Cleanse week (unless you make it only with water and leave out the nut milk. If you make it without the nut milk you can have it in Week 2: Cleanse Week.)

      4. RE: Adding Turmeric – YES! You can feel free to add fresh turmeric to any of your juices during at any time during this process.

      I hope this helps you along the way. We are always here for you so please reach out any time.

      To your health,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  238. Joy says:

    Greetings to all! It’s great to be getting started with such a large group on the Detox! Even better to be assigned to eat for the first five days pretty much as I have for the past six years! Easy!

    Looking forward to getting into the nuts and bolts and learning the process!

    I’m not on Facebook, so will have to keep in touch here… hope there will be more of you here, too.

  239. Marcy Katz says:

    HI, I applied to Facebook to join the group. I got an email back inviting me to join. I went to the page and it claims my request is “pending”. The only fb page for the gabriel detox program is an old one from previous months/years. Is there a new one and how do I join it?

  240. Patricia Lucero says:

    If I have a vitamix and can get the juice very liquified, do I still need to strain it through a cheesecloth or strainer? Is there too much fiber for a cleans without straining it?

    • Nads says:

      During the pre-cleanse it is fine to have the pulp/fiber – but during the actual detox week – it is best to have juice only and strain off the pulp/fiber. You want to make it as easy as possible for your stomach to digest the juices, so that your body can use all of its energies towards detoxing rather than digestion. – Nadine, The GM Team

  241. Julie Gelman says:

    Lisa , no facebook for me either!

  242. Rafeef AlJuraifani says:

    I am so excited to start this program. I listened yesterday to the first class and took lots of notes! I started experimenting with real foods that I wouldn’t necessarily go for and yesterday I tried seaweed for the first time and I liked it 🙂 I have a question about the evening visualization, I have been using it for two weeks before the detox program and some thing weird is happening. On the nights that I listen to the track , I find it very difficult to wake up the next day, am I doing something wrong? or maybe this is not the right visualization for me?

    • Nads says:

      Hi Rafeef, we are glad that you liked the first class. As for the evening visualization, every person responds differently to it. It could be that you are sleep deprived before and that’s why you are now getting longer sleep when you listen to the visualization. If you are no longer comfortable listening to it, you can always try to listen to other visualizations and find one that would make you feel better. – Nadine, The GM Team

  243. Jenny Van der Steen says:

    I just listened to the first class and really look forward to prepare myself for the change! I could not understand well the name of the autor and title of the book that you mentioned at the beginning which was I think about fasting. Could you please let me know ? I like to read and better understand about everything that has to do with healing the system.
    So, got 3 one liter bottles ready for tomorrow and got loads of fresh veggies and fruits to start with this week.
    And now to the meditation…

  244. Lisa says:

    I do not use Facebook (and am not interested in it). Will there be additional information about the detox posted by the program on Facebook or will everything needed be on these pages.

  245. Kimberley Khodakhah says:

    I don’t seem to be able to access the detox sight on my iphone. I want to download the visualizations for more flexibility. Any suggestions?

    I also have not seem where the recipes are kept. veggie broth etc.

    • Kimberley Khodakhah says:

      found the recipes.

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Kimberley,

      Glad you found the recipes 🙂 The “Detox Resources” section in the right-hand sidebar will have everything you need to get amazing results.

      There are a few ways to get the visualizations onto your phone. Many people who have iphones add the visualizations to their iTunes and then sync it with their phones. But honestly, the best way to get hands-on help with this is to contact our support team directly at The support team will be able to walk you through the specific ways to get your audios onto your device.

      All the best,


  246. Meg Snyder says:

    My name is Meg and I live in Mexico. I just listened to the first session (from last night) this morning and it has helped me get excited for this detox. I’ve done many cleanses in the past – mostly the Master Cleanse and my own juice fasts. I’m excited to have the expertise and knowledge of Jon and Nadia, as well as the support of the other 300 people doing this detox together! I’m also happy for this week of easing in and preparing our bodies for the real detox next week.

    I currently have a daily batch of kefir, which I strain off and drink each morning. I also made the recipe for the nuts/seeds bars (No-bake Superfood Energy Bars) Jon posted on his page a few days ago and they’re an awesome snack to have around. I stocked up on some organic greens and veggies and am excited to make some salads, sauteed greens, etc. I’m traveling today and tomorrow so I’ll be sure to bring whole food snacks with me and will be excited to search the menus for the most real food items to order.

    After my travel, I will be home alone during this cleanse – which is part of the reason I’m choosing to do it now. However, I will be invited to several social eating/drinking events and plan to attend minimally to reduce stress and spend more time meditating, being still, doing things for myself like practicing my mandolin and getting exercise.

    I’d love to hear people’s ideas for great snacks to have around, creative salads and meals this week, etc.!

  247. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    For those who missed the first class: Prepare for Change.
    You can now catch the replay by visiting this page here>>

    To join the next class, please click on “Day 3: Juicing 101″under “Week 1: Access Sessions Here”
    or follow this link>>

    Hope you can all join us for the next class!


    Geraldine – GM Team

  248. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    with the vegetable broth, do you just disgard the vegetables that have been strained out. Can you just put them into a vitamix and liquefy they to get more fiber?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Jean,

      That is fine for this week, pre-cleanse week, but next week you will not want to include the fiber. Next week is about liquid only to give your digestion as much of a break as you can.

      Hope that helps,

      Kaileen – GM Team

  249. Jean Dafeldecker says:

    Hello, In many recipes it states to use non-dairy milk, like Soy or almond milk. The question I have is, how do you know which are actually good ones? I’ve tried silk, it is so sweet, there is no way it is good and even if it is good, it is too sweet to enjoy. Any ideas of a good brand or what to look for?



    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Jean,

      You are right, nut milk can be tricky because most of them include added sugar.

      The absolute best way to get what you want is to make it yourself. Nut milk is easy to make by first soaking the nuts, then blending them, and straining through a cheese cloth.

      However, if that is not an option for you its recommended to find an organic nut milk (best to avoid soy) that is unsweetened. I always check the ingredients to make sure there are no added sugars. Organic coconut milk is also a good option if you can find it.

      All the best,

      Kaileen – GM Team

    • Joy says:

      Hi, Jean.

      If you are in the US, you might want to try Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk, in the Unsweetened version. I’ve enjoyed it in the past when wanting to take a break from dairy.
      Here’s a link to an listing so you can see what the box looks like. I’m not suggesting that you pay what they ask for this one, just sending it along so you can know what it would look like if your health food store or grocer carries it. Somehow, in my opinion, the unsweetened vanilla flavor adds something to the plain version, without being so cloyingly sweet.

      Hope this helps!

  250. Sylvia Trujillo says:

    And, it rechecked it again. This is stressful.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      Sorry about that. When you receive an email notification, you may be able to unsubscribe to the notification service by scrolling down the message. You will see “To unsubscribe this notification service, click here.”.
      Kindly click on the “click here” hyperlink.

      I have also sent you an email regarding this. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, The GM Team

  251. Sylvia Trujillo says:

    HELP, please. I keep unchecking the notice every time email sent and it keeps rechecking and I have a deluge of emails overrunning my inbox

  252. Sylvia Trujillo says:

    I would like to deactivate notice every time there is a new message but Despite unchecking the box I am receiving a flood of emails. Can someone disable the notification for me?

  253. Annabel Williams says:

    can we make vegetable broth in a crock pot? if its 4 hours in a pan simmering, how long would it take in a crock pot on low? 🙂

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Annabel,

      Yes, a crock pot is a great idea!

      Here are some guidelines:
      – Place all ingredients in slow cooker with 7 cups water.
      – Cook on low heat until vegetables are tender, about 6 hours.
      – Strain into large bowl, pressing vegetables to extract liquid.

      — Kaileen

  254. Iris Koh says:

    Hello. If we missed the online class. Can we listen to it to catch up?

  255. Bernice Dundas says:

    I live in Alberta, Canada. What time is 8:00 EDT here please? Also I do not understand what I shall be doing. Where do I hear Jon’s seminar. Can someone please phone me at 403-274-1427. Sorry to be a nuisance.

    Bernice Dundas

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Bernice,

      The calls are happening at 6pm Alberta Canada time. Don’t worry if you missed tonight’s call. The call was recorded and will be available soon. All of the calls can be accessed by phone or computer.

      All of the calls can be accessed with the links in the right-hand sidebar for each day.

      Today’s call was listened to here>>

      And the next call is Tuesday April 5th at 6pm (your time – MDT) and can be accessed here >>

      I know it might seem like a lot to get the technology right in the beginning, but I promise once you get going it will be a breeze!


  256. Margaret says:

    I am vegan so if there are non vegan suggestions could you mention the alternatives.

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Margaret, For this week, as a vegan, ideal protien suggestions are organic tempe, sprouted beans (sprouted chickpeas, sprouted lentils, sprouted mung beans), raw fermented vegan protein powder, nutritional yeast, spirolina, cruciferous vegetables (steamed or sautéed), and lots of fresh salads.

      🙂 Kaileen

  257. Annabel Williams says:

    i was thinking of adding chicken bone broth to my veggie broth aswell as water – but i am now assuming this would not be good if we are excluding protein. I have tons and it seems a shame to waste it 🙁 but understand if thats not a good idea!

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      You can definitely add chicken broth but next week if you can stick to just veggie broth you will get the best results. Then, after the cleanse you can start having chicken broth again 🙂

  258. Cynthia Bader says:

    I am here from northern New Mexico, excited to give my poor body this much-needed break. I am hoping to be able to extend my pre-cleanse for three days and begin the cleanse on Monday April 11, and I will be hiking in the wilderness the 8th through 10th. Will this create a problem for me?

    • Kaileen Sherk says:

      Hi Cynthia,

      Extending your pre-cleanse days should not be a problem. You will not be on the same schedule as everyone else (obviously 🙂 ) But, you will still have good results if you pre-cleanse for a few extra days and then start your detox days.

      Happy hiking — Kaileen

  259. Jerilyn Holt says:

    how to join the live webinar?!!!

  260. Jennifer Francis says:

    So excited! can’t wait to start. Whoohoo! Sorry.

  261. David Roberson says:

    Ready to go!

  262. Margaret says:

    The Tumeric Golden Milk recipe video dosen’t seem to be working.

  263. Margaret says:

    I have a Hurom juicer, it’s not great with celery.

  264. Margaret says:

    I have a Hurom, it’s not great with celery.

  265. Margaret says:

    What juicer are you using in the videos?

  266. Margaret says:

    Are the classes the same time each day?
    Margaret in Calgary Alberta Cananda.

  267. Marcy Katz says:

    I have located your videos but can not open any of them. I can’t do this cleanse without the videos. I have a mac with mavericks on one computer and 10.11.1 on the other laptop. neither one opens the videos. Please advise.

  268. Marcy Katz says:

    I am totally confused about this detox. is it all vegetable juice? Where does the protein come in? How do I find veggie protein in stores? Where are the shake/juices recipes? I may not be able to join the discussions, so are they archived so I can view them when I am avl?
    I have a blendtec blender, not a juicer. Is that ok? It is not mentioned in your list of juicer/blenders. Please, somebody answer my questions so I can get started on this.

    • Annabel Williams says:

      Hi Marcy, if you go to the home page and go through the list of things on the right hand side, it will answer a lot of these questions. The juices are mainly vegetable but i think you can add carrot, beet and apple to some if you need to, so long as you drink the ones with fruit in very slowly so as not to raise your blood sugar levels. The discussions are live but are recorded and should be up between 24 and 48 hours later. You can use any blender but you need to buy some cheesecloth to strain the blended veg through to get rid of the fiber and just leave the juice. There is a video on the site showing how to do this. To avoid confusion I just went down each heading on the right hand side, and printed them all off. Once you have watched the first video on juice, the rest are recipes for different ingredients. there is a shopping list on the top RHS of the home page too. Scroll down the RHS and you will find a heading for the juice recipes. Hope this helps so you can get started today!

      • Annabel Williams says:

        also I understand we don’t use protein during the detox. this is something I want to know more about as i like my pea protein powder in my smoothies each day, and hopefully this will be answered in the Q&A session tonight. We have a whole week to get our heads around this, before doing the cleanse next week. Just go slowly down the RHS of the home page and follow each link.

      • Marcy Katz says:

        thanks for responding, but I can’t open any of the videos.

        • Annabel Williams says:

          thats strange – Im on a mac too and they open on mine, and on my ipad. Is it a cookie issue? Im not with HQ btw, I am just trying to help you out so you can get started. There is lots of info in the links down the RHS, the videos are not that vital at this stage, so hopefully someone from HQ will answer you when they get into work on Monday x

        • Kaileen Sherk says:

          Hi Marcy,

          Could you please contact our customer support team at so we can better assist you? We’d like to help you get those videos going 🙂

          In the meantime, Annabel has great advice about using the right-hand sidebar to download all the resources for your detox.

          This week is your pre-cleanse week where you will start focusing on whole foods (including proteins) and staying away from processed foods this week. Next week is when you will focus on juices and broths to cleanse your body of toxins.

          If you missed today’s call the replay will be available soon. Jon and Nadia walk through how to get the best results in this detox.

          Again, please reach out to us directly so that we can help you with your technical issues. And we are always here for you for any questions during your cleanse.

          Best, Kaileen – GM Team

  269. Marcy Katz says:

    can I access the online talks at a different time? Are they archived? I can’t always be avl. when you offer them at these hours listed.

  270. Annabel Williams says:

    because i am not keen on chia seeds in water for the omega drink – would i be able to mash up an avocado and mix chia seeds into it? I know we are not supposed to be having solid food, but as we are able to crunch on veggies if hungry, I thought half an avocado and chia seeds might work as a substitute for the chia drink? 🙂
    Im starting the cleanse week on thursday due to commitments, hence all these questions!

    • Hi Annabel,

      Check out the videos for ‘variations on the chia drink’ and you may find some ideas in there for different ways to do the chia drink.

      I would hold off on avocado and, if you do eat something, choose a higher water content vegetable/fruit – check the backup foods list for some ideas.

  271. Nancy Copeland says:

    I have a friend who joined and received her receipt but has not received her signon access. She received a welcome from Gabriel Method but nothing else. She is getting no response from the trouble shooting team. What does she do?

  272. Sylvia Trujillo says:

    Good afternoon: Am I supposed to receive a link or callin number for the 8 pm launch? I have received my password and username to the website but no specific instructions for the virtual meeting.

  273. Jenni McKenzie says:

    Hi Nadia and Jon,
    I am very excited about this detox program. I am so happy to be guided through the process, as when I do it on my own I worry that I may damage some important organ, alter my hormones or metabolism in a detrimental way!! I really love my liver and kidneys though they probably don’t feel loved right now!!
    My question is about timing. The week of the actual detox I have 3 Uni mid semester exams (I am a 3rd year Neuroscience Psychology student), I am concerned with cognitive performance, and wondered what you have learned about this from previous experience. I am thinking it may be wise to hold off until the following week as I do suffer headaches at first usually. Thoughts or advise??
    Looking forward to feeling amazing at the end.
    Kind regards,

  274. Annabel Williams says:

    sorry for all the questions! Can I still have my lemon in hot water every morning? I find this really cleansing to drink first thing in the morning.

  275. Annabel Williams says:

    I really dont like chia seeds in water, as in the chia drink – can i just add the chia seeds to my juice after straining it from the blender? I also take fish oils every day so am getting the omega 3s there too. I am assuming its ok to keep taking these supplements and others every day even though some are in capsules that need digesting?

    • Hi Annabel,

      Try adding the chia seeds to half coconut water, half regular water. Check out the video section on ‘Variations of the Chia Drink’. Try to have the green juices on their own so they are more absorbable. If there are supplements that you can hold off on during week 2 I would suggest that…. we will talk much more about all of this as we move forward.

  276. Annabel Williams says:

    I noticed in jon juice videos that when he puts the ginger in it looks like its not peeled – is that right? or is it just my eyesight?! Interested to know as much easier if we dont have to peel it!!

  277. Gabriel Method Team says:

    Week 1: Day 1 Prepare for Change
    Today is the day! Nadia, myself, and the entire Gabriel Method team are really excited to welcome you to the 2016 Detox Program. Everything kicks off in about 8 hours with our first session, “Prepare for Change.”

    April 3 8:00pm EDT (New York, USA)
    April 4 10:00am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)

    Join us Here >>

    All our live classes are recorded and will be available very quickly for replay, so if the timing is not convenient for you, don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing!

    See you in class!
    The Gabriel Method Team 🙂

  278. Bernadette Godwin says:

    Dear Jon and team. 2 questions re detox
    I’m doing the detox from the UK-so how/when do I catchup with the daily programme videos? NYC&AUS?? Does this impact anything else?
    Second question I take 100micrgrammes levothyroxine daily have done so several years. How will this impact on my journey?

  279. Jamie Cheek says:

    How do I watch the Detox Class on my IPad
    I’m in NC , is it at 8:00 am looking for it now and can’t find it .
    Please help me

  280. Rose says:

    I am in Ireland and I am hoping I will be able to keep up with the web talks. Can I catch up after the fact as I think they are at 1am for me?

  281. Maria de lourdes Moreno says:

    Hello, Nadia, Jon, thank you, I m excited. About the broth, while boiling can I add salt? What is the difference if I add it while veggies are cooking?


  282. Trish Ahmer says:

    Hi Jon & Nadia & everyone,
    My name is Trish & I come from sunny South Australia. I recently completed the NYNY16, and have lost 5 Kg and it has not been difficult, so to boost my body along decided to go with the cleanse process. I am a little concerned about the fact that I work full time and it may be difficult to do the cleanse regime while at my work and also concerned I might be tired or lack enough energy to get through shifts where I need to be at peak function. Any comments?

  283. Monique Alexander says:

    My name is Monique and I’m from Denver, CO. Looking forward to detoxing to help get rid of aches and pains in joints.

  284. Nancy Copeland says:

    My name is Nancy. I have been reading about your method of visualization and weight loss and became very intrigued. I am taking courses on nutrition through ITN to become a Holistic Health and Behavior Coach, but have find I struggle with my schedule, mind, stress, and a very full-time job. I want to develop past where my “head” is and feelings, to responses that support over-all health and well-being. My mother passed away July 2011 after a heart attack, my father passed away July 2015 through battling bladder cancer, prostate cancer, after surgery the cancer had consumed his bones. My one living sister had Stage 4 endometrial cancer but is considered cancer free (no chemo or radiation). She is also dealing with Lichen Sclerosis and I am dealing with Lichen Planus. All this to say, my reason for joining this detox is to change my habits, thinking and move forward for lasting change and health. Preventative measures so to speak.
    Thank you for hosting this event and am looking forward to learning more and changing my thinking from “feelings” to “positive responses” when making choices with mind, body and soul.

  285. David Roberson says:

    Hello, I know proteins are not recommended for detox;however, are raw, organic plant-based proteins also a hindrance to a detox?

  286. Amrit Singh says:

    is it okay to have raw eggs in smoothie of blue berries with all greens and protein, green powder in the pre cleanse ..

    or focus on green juices only

  287. Amrit Singh says:

    hi Can I please have few bone broth recipes please

  288. Dee Hannah says:

    I can find the schedule for week 2, but not week one. Do we start on Sunday 3 or Monday 4 here is Sydney, Australia. I am just a bit confused and not sure where to start?

    Kind Regards

  289. Lois Valleau says:

    In preparing for change, you suggest I eat freely of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and fresh animal proteins.

    1) Does this mean anything in this category is ok? I see the avoid wheat, milk, sugar and processed foods.

    2) What is “fresh animal protein” beef, buffalo, chicken, fish???

    Is there no schedule? Do I eat all day or 3x a day or snack?



  290. Corrie Tuttle says:

    I usually do crossfit 3-5 times a week. Should I hold off during the cleanse since it is usually a pretty intense workout? I am a little worried about the lack of protein. I’ve been doing the visualizations for a few months and love it. Thanks and I’m excited to try this out.

  291. Ma Dolores Gallardo says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia,
    About the coconut oil, I have the hard kind is ok to use? Or I need to find the liquid kind.

    Thanks in advance!

  292. Emily Busman says:

    After making a large batch of veggie broth, what is the proper way to reheat it so you don’t kill off all the good stuff. Thinking microwave might not be the best option? Thanks!

  293. Ma Dolores Gallardo says:

    question about the juices, what about cold press juices? Amazon sells an organic cold press juice.


    • Hi Dolores,

      We are suggesting to have green juices that are not sweet which means they are made with mostly all greens. Most of the juices that you buy contain too much sweet fruits. If you can find one that is greens and that is sold to you right after being juiced that sounds fine (not pasteurized).

  294. Donna Thomas says:

    Hello, I am new to the group! Looking forward to a transformation as I am sick and tired of yo yo dieting. I am 53 and post menopausal. Carrying an extra 30 or so pounds on my body!

  295. Melanie Callahan says:

    I am a vegetarian and do not eat animal protein. Will this program work for me?

    I drink coffee every morning and don’t want to stop. Will this work with this program?

    • Hi Melanie,

      During this program there is so much that you can do to get benefit and anything you can do during the program will give your body some benefit.

      This program isn’t an all or nothing approach. Join us for the live calls, ask questions, listen to the information we share to support you and then do your best.

  296. Helen Kotis says:

    Hi Jon,

    Do you make your own coconut yoghurt or buy it?
    Are you able to give us your recipe or please tell me what brand and where you can buy it in Australia please.


  297. Ruth Dunwell says:

    Hallo Jon and Nadia
    Even though I am nervous, I am looking forward to this journey.
    I do have a question, if I am unable to tune in at the appointed time, am I able to tune in (from Western Australia) at a later time.
    I shall need to check what the timezone is here.
    I am nervous but looking to the experience.
    Kind Regards

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Ruth,

      All of the live events will be recorded and posted (usually within 24 hours) so that you can listen and re-listen to any of the days that you cannot participate in live.

      GM Team

  298. Jennifer Francis says:

    Hi, I’m Jennifer. Is is OK to use He Shou Wu tea? or would it interfere with the detox process? Thanks.

  299. Kelly says:

    Hi! My name is Kelly. I have signed up for the 2016 Detox and Total Transformation. I love listening to the book! My question is-do we get access to the GM exercise and Yoga because I only get a YouTube preview of what these are all about and would love to be able to do these as well?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kelly!

      Welcome to the Gabriel Method Detox!

      Glad you’re also enjoying your Total Transformation package. You can access the GM Fitness and Yoga for Weight Loss programs, by following the links on the side menu bar under ‘Your Detox Resources’ you’ll see them there. Just click on either one and it will take you directly to that program.

      Hope this helps! Thanks!

      GM Team

  300. Helen Kotis says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am a mother of 7 and was a stay at home mum for 20years, I now work fulltime and still have 4 children living at home.
    I have been following Jon for quite a few years now. I attended a seminar of his in Perth, Australia (I think over 5 years ago). A few years ago I got serious about becoming healthier and losing weight and over an 18 mth period I went from a size 20 to a 14 with the plan to continue losing weight – I felt great. Then I had a change of work habits (started shift work)and more stress and it all slipped away. I gained a lot of the weight back and I am back to a 16+. I have, Thank God, gone back to normal daytime work now and I have started fresh.
    I trust in Jon’s methods ( They just make sense to me) and I plan to implement more and more of them. I am looking forward to starting the detox (Although I am a little bit nervous) and cleansing my body ( I also currently have rashes on my lower legs and some small patches on other parts of my body).

    P.s I may not be able to catch the live lessons. I hope this won’t be a problem.

    Best wishes to everyone

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Helen,

      Glad to see that you are finding your way back to The Gabriel Method. We recommend you see your doctor for those rashes on your body to rule out potential allergies or other conditions you may have. Make sure to keep an eye on the rashes during the cleanse as sometimes cleansing can make things worse before they get better as you are drawing the toxins out.

      It will not be a problem to listen to the recordings of the live sessions.

      GM Team

    • Ruth Dunwell says:

      Hallo Helen and everyone
      I am not sure, but are you a Western Australian, Helen ?
      Like you, I may not be able to tune in live.
      Thanks to Janine’s explanation, I can tune in later if I cannot catch the appointed time.
      Am a bit nervous regarding the Detox, but I know there will be plenty of support.
      Just wanted to ask, Helen, if you are from Western Australia.

  301. Barb T says:

    I’m trying to sign up for the Facebook page, but have no idea what the FB e-mail address is! I know I’ve seen it, but never use it, and don’t know what the format is. And I can’t find it on Facebook.

  302. Lorna Spencer says:

    Hi the team, Just a quick question. I will be traveling the first week – for the whole week. Is the detox schedule for week 2? If yes…where would I find the guideline for week 1? Sorry, I just want to get a bit organized for my travels. Thanks for everything!

  303. Annabel Williams says:

    Anyone else having issues with getting on to the FB page? Mine still says pending. Hope HQ can help, my FB name is Annabel Hayton. 🙂

  304. Iris Koh says:

    Hello Nadia,

    I have signed up for this Programme under this email and the Total Transformation package under another email. Is it possible to manage both Programmes under one email so I dun have to login to two different browsers. Thanks.

  305. Iris Koh says:

    Hello all. This is Iris. I have joined the Total Transformation Programme about a month ago. Listened to the audios most nights. I have yet to see or noticed any drops but I noticed that I am choosing to eat healthier.

    I was always the right weight until around 30 when I started business and experienced tremendous stress. I have about 15 kg to lose and I have tried many many things and I really hope that this Programme can solve me once and for all.

    Hope we can all encourage each other too in this Programme. Thank you.

    • Julie Gelman says:

      Hi Iris,
      I joined about 6 weeks ago and listen 2x daily. no weight loss either. looking forward to the detox. maybe that will jump start

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Iris and Julie,

      Keep up the great work! Remember that the weight will release when you have taken care of all of your fat triggers and your body is back in alignment. You must heal from the inside out. Most weight gain took awhile to get you to where you are, so weight loss can also take time to get you back to where you want. You are doing great so far!

      GM Team

  306. Maria de lourdes Moreno says:

    Hi Jon! hope you all are great, Im super excited to do the detox, I do not have a juicer, I prefer to use a normal blender which I have… is it ok, or it would be better for me to get a juicer? how much difference does it make? so I can evaluate my economy, dollar is so high for me right now..

    thank you so much

  307. Annabel Williams says:

    Hi nadia, sorry for all the questions! I will definitley have to start early on the actual cleanse, due to flying committments. Will I be able to access the reintroduction info earlier than normal, so I don’t do something wrong after finishing the 5 day cleanse?
    Also is it a problem having all veg smoothies rather than juicing it all? Just because i prefer thicker smoothies to thin juices. Ive been doing GM for 3 years by the way, lost all the weight, and just want a detox, so I am fully on board with this way of eating. Im sure its because of all the fibre in the smoothie, you prefer to do juices for detox, but for instance I am used to having raw pea protein powder every day which keeps my protein levels up, as vegetarian, and concerned about dropping this. hope you can help x

    • Iris Koh says:

      Hello Nadia,

      I’m wondering if we can access some of the materials earlier as I have a very busy schedule and I was hoping I could start reading to stay so it will not be such a tight schedule for me later. Thanks.

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Annabel and Iris, Unfortunately you cannot access the materials earlier since they are live events and not pre-recorded materials. Our apologies!

      Annabel, regarding the juices, you can do smoothies but it doesn’t give your digestive system a break which is how to reset your digestive system. No one is getting much protein during the week of the cleanse but it is easy to recoup post cleanse.

      GM Team

      • Annabel Williams says:

        Thanks for this info, very helpful. Can you tell me the reason why protein is not important in the cleanse? I’m concerned as being vegetarian, I’ve worked hard to get my protein levels right. And worried I will mess things up if I don’t eat protein for 5 days! I may be wrong, so hoping you can tell me why? 🙂

        • Hi Annabel,

          The cleanse is a time when we give the digestive system a rest so that the body can focus on other things (such as releasing stored toxins). Protein tends to activate the digestive system so we hold off on that whilst still giving the body a lot of nourishment in the form of liquids.

  308. Annabel Williams says:

    Hi Nadia, how do I get onto the FB page? I’ve followed the instructions on here, and it says pending. When will I be able to get onto there? 🙂

  309. Annabel Williams says:

    I notice avocado is not on the list of veg – I have one of these every day in my smoothie at the moment, can I continue to do that?

  310. Annabel Williams says:

    HI, I am wondering if I will beable to jump ahead and start the actual detox a couple of days before, as I am travelling back to the UK from the US on the 13th April which will be very tricky for juicing! Would it work for me to do that?

  311. Emily Busman says:

    Would decaf coffee be ok? I see that decaf tea is the only recommendation during the cleanse. Thanks!

  312. Marikay Achen says:

    Am excited about the Detox program. I have lots of lbs to lose and lots of cellulite to get rid of.
    I am hoping that there isn’t a lot of unusual foods/vegetables as where we live it is difficult to obtain quality fruit and vegetables sometimes. Hopefully there are many options for different items. Other than that I am looking forward to the Detox!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Marikay,

      On the right navigation of this membership on the top you should see everything you’ll need under the “Start Here” category. There shouldn’t be too many unusual foods!

      GM Team

  313. Caroline Northrup says:


    I’m excited to get started with your Detox. However I have a question already –

    I currently live in the middle of nowhere, internet is suprisingly still not available. I do have internet access while I’m at work during the day (7 to 4 pm) I’m excited to start the detox but would really like to be part of the live groups. I’m EST here in Ohio, USA so the 8 pm time isn’t going to work for me unfortunately. How soon are the recordings posted? Would love to watch them first thing the next morning.


    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Caroline,

      The events are usually posted around 24 hours after the live airing. You will not be alone in watching the recordings so the support will continue to happen for everyone on a daily basis regardless of where they are.

      Good luck!

      GM Team

      • Caroline Northrup says:

        Okay so about a day and half behind for us in the States…with this in mind do you recommend I put myself on a schedule about 1.5 days behind the group? I’ve never done this type of detox before so I really need the guidance as I go. Thanks!

        • Joy says:

          Hi, Caroline! I’m in the US, too (California), so don’t feel like you’ll be going it alone here!
          The even better news is that we will be working simultaneously worldwide, since tomorrow in OZ (Australia) is today here… just the way time progresses as we move around the world.
          I haven’t done a juice fast before, either, at least not a successful one, with proper guidance, so it will be really good to have Jon and Nadine, and others, as our guides! Looking forward to success! Thanks to all who are working hard to make it happen!

          • Kimberley Khodakhah says:

            Hi. I’m in the states too. NY. Also my first time juicing although I have been making veggie smoothies for breakfast the last year. I am really hoping that this detox will help my body so that I’m able to feel more energetic and have an easier time loosing weight. It makes so much sense to me that my body must be caring so many toxins from chemicals and life/stress.

  314. Sara Fillmore says:

    Yay! so excited about the detox this year. Can I ask a question right away? Can I make some juices in advance and freeze them? I don’t have a juicer and so I use an old Cuisinart and cheesecloth! VERY laborious and time consuming (I discovered this during your last detox!).

    Please advise!

    • Nadia Harper -Gabriel Method Coach says:

      Hi Sara, Juices are great when you can make them and drink them fresh but if you need to make them ahead of time I would suggest that you can put them in a glass jar (filled all the way to the top to decrease the amount of oxygen in the container) and they can stay in the fridge for a couple of days. If you are choosing to freeze, freeze the juice immediately after making it and thaw in the fridge before drinking. You may also want to scout your area to find juice bars to give you another option of getting fresh made green juices during the cleanse.