15 Minute Fitness Revolution: Get More From Less & Have Fun Doing It

What You’ll Learn:

  • All about the Get Thin or Get Eaten response
  • Why short, intense exercise beats cardio, for weight loss
  • 5 Principles of GM Fitness
  • How to incorporate visualization for better results
  • Practical seated stretches you can try today

Brian Killian, ND

Coach Brian Killian will help break us free from boring, conventional fitness and exercise routines. Brian is a naturopath, a massage therapist, and a highly-experienced personal trainer who helped co-create Gabriel Method Fitness, a way to exercise that balances your hormones and effectively turns “off” your FAT Programs.

This sounds hard to believe, I know, but he’ll teach you how to exercise 2-3 times per week for about 20-minutes, have fun, and enjoy a much bigger impact on your weight loss than you’d have with a traditional gym or cardio workout.

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