Scheduling Sessions

Standard Client Path

  • Default Path – all clients have Mentor Coach/Specialist Coach alternating sessions, so 6 session Coach Mentor, 6 Session Specialist
  • Coach Mentor is responsible to book all their sessions on their first call with client (for next 5 months)
  • Booked sessions should be noted in the follow up form

Techniques for Scheduling

  • Keep it simple, try to book the same day of the next month at the same time
  • Eg: today is 1st Tues of April, 13:00. Try to book 1st Tues of May, 13:00.
  • Be flexible, think in terms of 1 session/Coach Mentor per month, if you need to push the call out or do it sooner in the month, that’s ok

Need to Change Client Specialist Path?

  • Reasons to change a client’s coaching path: clear need in one focused area (emotional obesity, for example), client implicit request, any other reason that is related to client’s best interest at the discretion of the coach mentor.
  • Email any changes to: (if you include changes on the follow up form, these will not be picked up by the session coordinators).

NOTE: in some cases, the suggested path may not be able to be accommodated for depending on schedule conflicts.