Training Video 1: TTCE structure

Coach is to help client with the establishment of positive habits (represented by our Action Steps) which when done consistently, positively affect a client’s FAT Program whilst using a mind/body approach.

Created with recognition through identifying and positively affecting a client’s FAT Triggers as the best practice for aiding in turning off their FAT Program.

TTCE Pathway & Client Experience

Step 1: Getting Started

Coach Objective

Prescribe and integrate Core Action Steps for client

Core Action Steps:

Get Sleep (get checked for Sleep Apnea if required)
Add the Big 3
Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
Drink more water
Do Evening Visualisation
Do Morning Visualisation
Add GM Daily Break(s) – can be more than one. Options:
Fitness, Visualisation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tapping, other Mind/Body practice

Regardless of their circumstance and experience with GM, a set of Core Action Steps provides a Start Point and a structure for a Coach and client to refer, build on and maintain.

Client Experience

The number of Core Action Steps prescribed to Client in a session is determined by Coach.
Prescription is dependent on Client needs (determined by Coach diagnosis), their understanding of GM and progress through TTCE.
Core Action Steps could take anywhere from 2 weeks to X # of weeks to be prescribed.

The Core Action Steps prescribed to client would be communicated during call and in Follow Up notes.

Coaching Example: for a new client to GM it may be appropriate to prescribe only 3 or 4 of the Core Action Steps during their Initial Session. For example, Get Sleep, Add the Big 3, Drink more water, Do Evening Visualisation. A more experienced client to GM may be appropriate for all 7 of the Action Steps be prescribed.

Step 2: Getting Specific

Coach Objective

Coach diagnoses from client’s progress, application form, Q&A, FAT Trigger quiz which FAT Trigger(s) are having the greatest influence.
As a result, Coach ADD and/or SWAP to Core Action Steps to create an individualised, targeted Action Steps for the client.
A Coach is provided with FAT Trigger Cheat Sheet. These Module(s) visible to Coach (not client) include specific Action Steps which target said Trigger.

Client Experience

At any time during a client’s TTCE a Coach could ADD and/or SWAP to the Core Action Steps with FAT Trigger specific Action Steps.

Coaching Example: Coach identifies Poor Digestion as a significant Trigger.
Coach referring to Poor Digestion Cheat Sheet can add and/or swap specific Action Steps for that FAT Trigger.

– Add Fermented Foods
– Add Green Drink
– Swap Morning Visualization for specific Digestive Visualisation

These actions by the Coach are communicated to client during Review phase of a Follow Up session and in Follow Up notes.

Please note, more than one FAT Trigger could be targeted during a call. An experienced Coach should be able to ADD/SWAP Action Steps from a number of FAT Triggers.

Step 3: Mastering GM

As GM results in the creation of a significantly different lifestyle and therefore opportunity for those who follow its principles, mastering it would be an evolving experience with no end date.

With 10 FAT Triggers plus a module for Fitness opportunities for growth and continued coaching for most are infinite.

Training Video 2: Initial Session and Follow Up Session structure and Follow Up Form

Training Video 3: Best Use of the FAT Trigger Overviews