Lack of nutrition, from food choice and quality, will present for many clients and has a strong influence on the FAT Program. Strongly connected to Chronic Dieting, GM’s supportive approach of adding the big three (protein, omega 3, live food), meets nutritional demand whilst appreciating mental and emotional stress.

Connection to FAT Program

The FAT Program is designed to keep the body safe from starvation. Poor nutrition, means the body is not getting the correct type and amount of nutrients it needs to function properly. This chronic nutritional deficiency, just like any form of starvation, can activate the FAT Program.

For Client

Food isn’t what it used to be. Much of the food we eat today is high in calories but low in key nutrients, and often in a form the body doesn’t recognize. It is in effect ‘fake food’. Your body interprets this lack of essential nutrients as a form of famine. Starvation of any type results in the body protecting itself by triggering the FAT Program.

GM’s approach to weight loss is different, we focus on adding not restricting. Adding the Big 3, (protein, omega 3 and live food), ensures your body is well nourished with key nutrients from real food your body understands how to process.

With a body no longer starving, your brain is free to turn off your FAT Program and release body fat.

For Coach

  1. Nutritional Famine: quote from The Gabriel Method book pg 79 “Your body will think it’s starving and activate the FAT Program, not only if there aren’t enough calories, but also if there aren’t enough essential nutrients.’
    Inadequate supply of the macronutrients found in the Big 3 results in famine at a cellular level. This starvation can occur from the type of food (poor diet decisions) , and consequence of food processes = FAT Program on.
  2. Starving for Vitality: When eating live, biologically active food, not only are key nutrients assimilated but the food’s life force as well. Processed food, or ‘fake food’, contains none of the life force once found in the original food itself. A body starving for vitality will initiate the FAT program.
  3. Inflammatory Response: many processed, ‘fake foods’ (often high in omega 6, chemicals) are recognized by the body as foreign and potentially toxic. Result, body triggers a protective response via an increase in inflammatory hormones. Inflammation can turn FAT Program on.
  4. GIT Damage – processed food not digested can have an abrasive and damaging effect on GIT wall. A damaged GIT will leak allowing toxins to move into blood supply. As above, the body will trigger a protective response via inflammatory hormones. FAT Program on.
  5. Imbalanced Digestive Bacteria – lack of nutrition, especially live food, creates an Imbalance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria resulting in an unhealthy gut environment.
    Result, poor assimilation of nutrients, leading to nutritional famine. And GIT damage, triggering inflammatory response. Both = FAT Program on.

Diagnosis of

Application Form

1. Note medical diagnosis for conditions of Digestive System.
(common IBS, GERD, Leaky Gut, Food Allergy, surgeries/removal of)
2. Note medical diagnosis for secondary conditions
(eg. autoimmune dx, food intolerances, skin conditions)
3. Note history of previous attempts to diet
4. Note length of time from initial weight gain
5. Note understanding of GM through reading of GM book, belief in approach
6. Note age of client
7. Note use of natural/otc/prescribed medicines for digestion (laxatives, antacids, etc)
8. Note use of medicines known to compromise digestion (antibiotics, steroids)

Direct Signs & Symptoms

1. From medical history note hx of hemorrhoids, nausea/vomiting, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain


If indicated as a significant Trigger.
Look for Chronic Dieting and Poor Digestion as indicators of this too.

Questions to ask

What does a regular day of eating look like for you
Where and when do you normally eat
Are there any foods which cause indigestion, bloating, etc
Do you eat quickly
Do you cook
Who buys the food
Who prepares your food

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Add the Big 3
Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
Drink more water

Specific Poor Nutrition Action Steps

  • ADD, consider outdoor activity for Daily GM Break for adding connection to nature, vitality
  • With lack of Nutrition connected with Poor Digestion as a FAT Trigger the specific Action Steps for it apply
    • ADD Fermented Foods
    • ADD Sprouts
    • ADD Bone Broth
    • ADD Green Juice and/or Super Greens
    • ADD Chew food well
  • SWAP Morning, Evening Visualization and/or GM Daily Break for specific Visualization (see below)
  • Resources to share with client

    Encourage client to attend Ask Jon, Ask Heather and/or Ask Nadia shows in SG, with specific question(s)
    GM Book chapter 10 ‘The Essentials’ chapter 11 ‘Vitality: The Zero-Calorie Essential Nutrient’
    GM Recipe Book
    SG Recipes

    SG: Jon’s Blog

    How to make Johnny Chow –
    How are you energizing your body? (snack recipes) –
    Creative Raw Food –
    What to eat at a fast food restaurant –
    What to eat at the airport –
    What to eat at the cafe –
    What to eat at a bakery –
    What type of bread to eat –
    What to eat on the go –
    Eating earlier helps you lose weight –
    Can fat be healthy –
    Eat healthy anywhere –

    SG Visualisations

    Living in Abundance – Main Library –
    Total Digestion – Main Library –
    Healing your body # 5 –
    Fighting your cravings # 11 –
    Nourish your body # 13 –

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