Detox May 2018: Move, Sweat & Breathe!

Cleanse Homework Day 2

Move, Sweat & Breathe!


Juices, Drinks & Broth

  • Get spicy with your juices, add chili powder, sea salt, herbs and other spices to zest up your juices
  • Try some cucumber in your water, squeeze in a lemon, or even add some vinegar—stay creative so you don’t get bored
  • Stay warm with non-caffeinated teas throughout the day, drink freely

Breathing & Movement

  • Try to do *some* movement in the morning and in the evening—just today, just to see how it makes you feel
  • Consider yoga, GM Fitness, walking, cycling, swimming, or dancing
  • Practice deep breathing, inhaling to a 6 count, exhaling to a 12 count for 10 rounds

Movement Tips

  • Don’t over think exercise—just do it!
  • Stretch, squat, lift heavy things
  • Act silly, grunt, laugh and be playful
  • If it’s not fun, do something else
  • If you’re too tired, do something more gentle

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