Email Etiquette – for Gabriel Method Coaches

As a mostly virtual business, our email communication is extremely important. Please take a few minutes to carefully review these etiquette guidelines so you communicate effectively and professionally with your students.

  1. Use a Good Subject Line
    • Your clients are busy, so make your subject line as clear to the message as possible
    • If you are emailing about scheduling, put the suggested date/time in the subject so it’s fast and easy for them to understand
  2. Greeting Line in Email
    • Always include client name in the greeting line
    • Use “Hi NAME” or “Dear NAME”
  3. Email Body > Keep it Short/Sweet
    • All things being equal, short and to the point is best for emails
    • Make them easy to read (no monster paragraphs)
    • Get right to the point if it’s an admin email
  4. Sign Off > Use GM Email and Title
    • Sign off with your first name plus “Gabriel Method Coach” like this


      Gabriel Method Coach

    • Do not include links to your own website, no inspirational quotes, no links to Facebook pages, etc.
  5. Writing Style
    • Please do not use shortcuts or SMS language like “lol” or “omg” or “np” in your emails, use real words
    • Do not write in all lower or all upper case
    • Always email from your Gabriel Method email address (not your personal or personal business email)
    • Do not include “sent from iPhone” or “sent from Android” in the footer
      (have to turn off in your phone settings)