TTCE Overview


Total Transformation Coaching Experience

Ultimate Coaching Experience

Cost $197/month $499/month
Commitment Month to Month, Cancel Anytime SIX Month "Commitment", however they can still cancel at anytime before 6 months.
Refund Given up to 1 month Refund Given up to 1 month Refund
Program Access All Digital Programs (Except UCE) at the beginning of the program All Digital Programs when requested by client or added by coach. At the end of 6 months, access to all the programs open (Intention: To not overwhelm client in beginning and keep them focused)
Support Group 1 Year of Support Group FREE for trying TTCE FREE during time in UCE. After 6 months, offered at 50% price of $19.95/month
Sessions TWO 1/2 hour sessions/month TWO 1 hour sessions/month
Session Coaches Same Coach Mentor throughout whole Program Each month 1 Coach Mentor session and 1 Specialist Session
Specialist Coaches None Nutritionists, Cellular Release, Fitness, Tapping
Email Support None Unlimited Email Support
Jon's Office Hours None. Can speak with Jon during his SG "Ask Jon" shows 1x per month Access To Jon's Office Hours 4 days/week
FREE Live Events None All