Today’s Breakfast: Spicy Chicken over Salad Today’s Question: What About Detox Symptoms?

What you’ll learn:

  • Breakfast made from last night’s leftovers
  • How removing toxins from your diet affects your body
  • Great alternatives to wheat and bread products

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11 comments on “UCE: Spicy Chicken over Salad
  1. Emma Oliver says:

    Hi Jon/team,

    What is your view on brown seaweed extract/capsules – there seems to be alot of
    benefits in particular with T2 diabetes/blood sugar balance. how does this work
    in with the GM program in adding in probiotics/flora etc ?
    Many thanks,

  2. Ines Amuchastegui says:

    Hello. Coul you please give some recipes from bread without wheat (and no chia brand as I can’t find it in Geneva, switzerland)? Also could you please tell me about a good substitute for chia brand in your recipes?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Ines,
      We don’t currently have any bread recipes – however they are easy to find – just google ‘Paleo Bread Recipes’ (you don’t have to be following the Paleo diet – its just a great place to find non-grain recipes) – here is a link to one for example:
      If you are not able to find Chia Bran – you can substitute coconut flour or almond meal.
      I hope this helps.
      Den 🙂

      • Ines Amuchastegui says:

        Thank you very much. I’ll check the recipe as slowly I’m trying to change my son’s way of eating too.
        What’s almond meal? I found coconut flour. Thanks again

  3. Dary Rees says:

    Hi Jon,
    I am already 4 weeks into eliminating carbs, caffeine, dairy, soy, and minimizing sugar. I have great energy every morning, which I didn’t have before, from 3 cups of coffee. But lately I have allergy reactions, like sneezing, watery eyes, etc. I can tell that I don’t have the flue and its allergy. Is this part of my body detox?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Dary,
      It is very likely that this is a Detox reaction – it would be interesting to hear how sensitive you are now – has it eased?

  4. Jon Gabriel says:

    Thanks so much Vern. Please call me anytime during office hours.


  5. Vern Cherewatenko says:

    Hi Jon
    Have had a bit of a struggle getting going and implementing but I believe there has been step by step progress. Still battling AFib and several health issues but have been focusing on better sleep and reading, listening to and watching your materials.

    “What you have created is a safe, supportive, nurturing and loving environment for people to return to – time and again for reinforcement, knowledge and connection to help them with their weight success journey!”

  6. Silvia Kuri says:

    How about emotional detox like fear or nightmares??

    What to listen at night when the evening visual gives you nightmares ?

    • Janine says:

      Hello Silvia, if the Evening Visualization is not working for you, we recommend to stop using it for awhile and see if the nightmares stop or if they were caused by other factors. I hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me at

      The Gabriel Method Team

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Silva,

      If the evening visualization is giving you nightmares, it means that there’s a lot of emotional work that needs to be done. Please mention this to your emotional release therapist when you have a session with her.