Action Steps, Week 3


The following action steps should be done throughout the five week program when applicable. If you’re unsure about anything listed below, please visit the Ask Jon Questions page here.

Action Steps Checklist

  • Listen to the morning visualization: Safe, Strong, Protected.
  • GM Break: every afternoon this week, take a stress-reduction break which can be a visualization, a short breathing exercise, a meditation, or a walk outside. Anything that allows you to relax and be fully present. Try taking your break in the sun!
  • Try a Mind-Body practice this week: yoga, meditation, tai chi or Qi Gong.

If you’re not familiar with any terms used here, please refer to the GM glossary.

Ongoing Healthy Habits

During these five weeks, incorporate these healthy habits.

  • Drink 2 glasses of water w/ lemon or apple cider vinegar, and probiotic.
  • Drink a green juice, upon rising or in late afternoon.
  • Eat a great blood sugar balancing breakfast.
  • Continue frequent water consumption.
  • Eat meals featuring the Big 3.
  • Listen to the evening visualization nightly.

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