Gabriel Method Immersion Roundtable

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4 comments on “Immersion Roundtable
  1. Lori Gibson says:

    Since I have been overweight my entire life how can I figure out what my fat triggers are?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lori,
      Jon always suggests looking into your childhood medical and emotional history. Did you have to take a lot of antibiotics as a child? If so your digestive system would have suffered a lot of damage – and this would still be a major trigger unless healing has taken place.
      Also emotional stress could be a trigger, was there trauma or a sense of feeling unsafe? Did your parents make a bit deal about your, or their own weight and insist on constant dieting? This would be an emotional trigger.
      Another suggestion is to do the FAT triggers quiz – have you done this as yet? If not – here is the link:
      I hope this helps you with your investigations.
      Den 🙂

  2. Patricia Ahumada says:

    I just listened to the immersion roundtable and it’s a lot of amaizing information , I will relisten to it if I may because I can construct my health plan from it; learn how to detect my fat triggers, will work on eating more raw food and I just removed chicken and fish from my plan because I haven’t been able to find organic chicken , and I am trying to find out where to get fresh fish.
    I have a serious health issue with my digestion and allergies, have halitosis and I’am very hopeful with Jon’s plan because I can clean my body and be healthy and thin and hopefuly happy, thanks a lot for everything xoxo