Tapping for Weight Loss Client Workflow

  1. Order Comes In.
    The successful completion of the registration and payment process by a new user / customer applying for the tapping for weight loss program will trigger an automatic email to the Gabriel Method Customer Service team.
  2. Client is Passed to Coach.
    The Customer Service team will allocate the new customer to an appropriate coach (ensuring an equal distribution among coaches) and will then forward the registration notification email to the allocated coach.
  3. Coach Takes Over Client. Coach will then contact the new customer to schedule the Intro to Tapping session.
  4. Coach Offers Additional Sessions to Client. At the end of the Intro to Tapping session, coach offers the customers the following programs:
    1. Single Session
    2. 1-Month program → 4 sessions, one per week
    3. 3- Month program → 12 sessions, one per week

    … and schedules the sessions..

    Coach may prefer to simply schedule the first session initially and the remaining ones during the first session.

  5. Coach Informs Customer Service of Additional Sessions Sold. Coach must then inform the Customer Service team of additional sessions sold to ensure they are correctly billed.

Coach Must Do Follow-Up Form After Each Session. Following EVERY session, coach must complete the Meridian Tapping Follow Up follow-up form located in the GM coaches area of the GM members website:
Coaching Resources > Follow Up Forms > Meridian Tapping Follow Up
Meridan Tapping Follow-Up Form

*Note: this information will not be forwarded to the client