Book Chapter & Evening Visualization Practice

1st Chapter

Visualization for Weight Loss Preview 1st Chapter

In this ground-breaking new book, Jon Gabriel shares with you how visualization played a crucial role in his 220lbs weight loss transformation, and how you can put this mind-body practice to use in your health journey as well.

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Evening Visualization (mp3 audio)

This is the most- popular Gabriel Method Weight Loss Visualization ever... listen to this every night as you go to sleep. If you fall asleep while listening, no problem!

How to Practice
Use headphones in bed (speakers are OK too). Make sure you are in a safe, quiet place, undisturbed. Allow yourself to relax completely, even to the point of falling asleep.

NOTE: There is no wrong way to visualize, so even if your mind wanders or if you don’t “see” anything… don’t worry, it’s still working.