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Jon Leano

Jon ‘s life or death decision to transform his life led him to learn and use The Gabriel Method several years ago. With a vast amount of professional education, and significant and specific life experience to draw on, Jon’s coaching of GM allows him to share an approach to healing he personally always wanted but never knew existed.

Jon works as a Mentor Coach in our Ultimate Coaching Experience and Total Transformation Coaching Experience.

Jon Leano lives in Princeton, NJ, USA with his wife and daughter

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About Jon

Jon Leano lives in Princeton, NJ, USA and has been exploring and engaging in transformational work for over a decade. He is highly trained in programs designed to cause breakthrough results with people of all ages. He specializes in one-on-one coaching with people to discover their true purpose and commitments in life. He is presently working toward a psychotherapy degree.

Jon has been on his own personal journey of self-actualization and transformation and has lost 100 pounds through his work with the Gabriel Method.

Jon began to deal with weight issues when he was young, and first participated in weight loss programs when he was 12 years old. His weight became unmanageable when he experienced a traumatic event at the age of 16. Jon’s brother died suddenly, and he put on 50 pounds in four months.

After years of weight gain and struggles with stress at work and in his personal life, Jon was dealing with constant emotional eating, sleep apnea and sugar and carb addictions. He was close to 400 pounds, pre-diabetic and at risk for fatty liver disease. He was finally at a place where he had had enough. He says, “I was either going to lose my weight or lose my family and I wasn’t going to lose my family.”

Addressing his weight became his top priority, and he embraced meditation and clean eating and made significant adjustments in his life to reduce stress. The Gabriel Method has been the holistic approach to healing his body that he always wanted but never knew existed. It has been a complete paradigm shift for him, and today he has an experience of life that he didn’t know was possible. He has the energy to do things he never had the energy to do before. Most importantly, he is confident he can be there for his wife and daughter – as well as others who are struggling in their journey.

Education and Certifications

  • Gabriel Method Coach
  • Bachelor Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Masters Degrees in Clinical Social Work


As always Jon was fabulous. Insightful, engaging and thought provoking. An excellent mentor. Little nuggets of conversation come back to me frequently and give purpose to new reflections. Thank you Jon!

J. Jones (England)

It was brilliant to have a session where when it ran over I did not feel like the clock was being watched. I was made feel welcome and got an unbelievable introduction to the programme. It really gives me confidence in the programme and my choice to enter it and thus confidence in myself. The call, the programme and the slickness of the navigation and linking is just off the chart in terms of online 1-1 coaching

D. O’Neill (Ireland)

This was my first session and I felt very comfortable talking to Jon, felt like he got me and understood my experiences. Discovered things about myself through our conversation, that I’ve not previously been aware of. Already feel supported and confident about what I need to do, especially be kind to myself!!!

C. Mitchell (Scotland)