• Clearing common misconceptions about detox
  • Prepare your kitchen: what to stock up on
  • Reducing caffeine and sugar
  • Making it fun, and asking for support

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51 comments on “Day 1: Prepare for Change
  1. Linda says:

    Where do I find
    “Make use of your bonus program including Yoga for Weight Loss and GM Fitness”

  2. Kiki says:

    I don’t own a juicer – but I have a vitamix blender.
    Do I hear correctly, that I can just put everything in the blender and then strain it to get the juice out for the cleanse? Of should I buy a juicer?
    What’s wrong with the extra fiber anyway? I don’t really understand why I should strain it anyway? There seems to be a reason that I don’t understand.

  3. Melissa LeBlanc says:

    I have been through a lot in 13 years car accident, multiple injuries at work, 2 back surgeries, fight with wsib, off and on medications and depression from all of the above up and down on my weight I am at 175 now and am 47 with some medapause issues so at the end of the week of the pre cleanse I struggled with bad headaches, crabby, tired and then today I cried on and off all day, is this normal and should I expect it all next week during detox too? Thanks so much!

    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Melissa,
      Everybody responds differently, so it is hard to say, but all the symptoms you are describing are normal and show that your body has already begun to detox. You might actually find that you started to feel better, clearer and have more energy by about day 2 or 3 of the cleanse – if not earlier. Was this the case? Congratulations on a job well done by the way – you should be proud. Keep us posted.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  4. Shayndel Kahn says:

    Is the omega shake the one with chia seeds?

  5. Leanne Skowronski says:

    Hi Jon & Team!

    Are epsom salt baths helpful to the cleanse process?

    Also, I am just getting started now. I have the next 8 days off work then I go back to very heavy duty shift working starting in the early hours of the morning. Would it be okay to reduce the pre cleanse to 3 days then do the main cleanse so I’m finished the cleanse before going back to work rather than attempting the difficult part of the actual cleanse while I’m trying to adjust to very early and very long days at work?


    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Leanne,
      Both Jon and Nadia agree that things like baths with epsom salts will only help the cleanse process. Better still, they make you feel great!
      It is ok to be starting the pre-cleanse now, just do the best you can with the Pre-Cleanse suggestions, you cannot fail at this cleanse.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  6. MIHAELA NITA says:


    Is ozonated water recommended?
    I also haven’t done the pre cleanse properly as I have been at work most of the time and very stressed.
    Is that going to affect my cleanse?

    Thank you.


    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Mihaela,

      Ozonated water is probably better to take after the cleanse. During the cleanse I recommend plain water with a little lemon or apple cider vinegar.

      Don’t stress that you haven’t done the pre cleanse perfectly. Just do what you can do.


  7. Angela Vogt says:

    I couldn’t work out how to ask questions on the webinar… new to these – but wondered if I can take natradofolus? (excuse spelling – having a brain squirt)_

  8. Angela Vogt says:

    hi guys, is organic rice milk okay for smoothies in pre-cleanse?

  9. Sheryl Betancourt says:

    I saw that you said to avoid ALL grains today….BUT it only says to avoid wheat in the info for the pre-cleanse! I’ve already has alittle…ugh!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Sheryl,

      Don’t stress. Best to stay away from all processed foods if possible and grains do fall into that category, if you can. If not, no big deal. But really good if you can stay away from wheat as that’s the major allergen in the grain category.

      • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

        I am not clear why brown organic rice (a friend of mine farms it) or whole black rice can be considered processed. What’s the background to this? I am missing some pieces. Also, legumes that I get from my garden or dried beans, why are those not allowed? Are they too considered processed, and if yes why? Thanks for the clarification.

        • gabrielmethod says:

          Hi Ludmilla,

          Processed foods are any food that have been changed from their natural state. Rice and beans must undergo a cooking in order to be edible.

          Best Regards
          The GM Team

          • Dargenstar says:

            I cook my vegetables, unless they’re in salad. Isn’t that changing their natural state? I understand for the cleanse process, but normally I really like adding beans to salad.

          • Dargenstar says:

            Please ignore my comment about cooking vegetables versus beans. I was mistaken. Thanks.

  10. Seema Agarwal says:

    Which is the morning Detox Visualization meditation ? I see the evening one listed, not the morning one.

  11. Sheri Betancourt says:

    How understand the pre cleanse week is that you can have other grains like spelt, Quinoa, brown rice. Just no wheat….. Is that correct?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Wheat’s the worst of the grains as it’s the most inflammatory. Other grains are also processed, so it’s great if you can replace them with a big salad or some veges, this week. But if not, that’s ok too.

  12. Alice Colgrave says:

    I haven’t been able to access the detox visualisations for the last 2 nights. It tells me they are for members only. Surely with what I have paid to do this detox I should be able to access the visualisations!!
    Not happy.

  13. Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

    Is it possible to have access to sample menus for the precleanse week? I am a bit confused on the fact that red meat is allowed, I always believed it was banned in any detox phase… apart from veggies, what else can be eaten since all grains and legumes are out? I am struggling on what to eat in these days…
    Thanks a lot

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Ludmilla,
      The aim of the pre-cleanse is to nourish your body gently in preparation for the detox. Start eating more vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, and unprocessed meats (organic, free-range if possible). When shopping for your meals focus on the periphery of the grocery store – where the fruits, vegetables, frozen and chilled products are, and avoid the middle aisles. Try to avoid processed foods. The aim is to eat food in its most natural form wherever it is possible. Hope this helps.
      Best Regards
      The GM Team

  14. Heather Pearce says:

    Are we able to access the web after the detox closes?

  15. Kay Bayly says:

    Am I right is saying that the first week pre cleanse is actually how we need to be eating all the time. I can’t see any difference between it and the ideal Gabriel week.

  16. Teri Siddall says:

    I drink coffee infused with ganoderma. I am curious of your thoughts on ganoderma… is it something that I should avoid now, on the detox and moving forward.


    Alas as I live with my husband who eats “normally” there are many temptations. But I feel so good I have resolved to avoid any foods that are not allowed.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Kay,

      That’s great. What makes it much easier is to keep the focus on what you’re adding this week, instead of eliminating. So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, juices, teas, broths and adding lots and lots of salads and live food. The more you focus on nourishing your body, the happier your body will be and the less other foods will tempt you.

  18. Julia Reid says:

    I am weening myself off of tobacco/cigs…and am aware that smoking during a cleanse (or anytime) is not on anyone’s health list…but am wondering about a solution. Thought about vapor cigs or nicotine gum…any thoughts.
    (aside from just quit NOW ;)!)

  19. Elizabeth Perkins says:

    not clear which is the AM visualization that we are supposed to use? I see the evening visualization and others but not one labeled specifically as morning.

    • Ludmilla wolf Wolf says:

      I have the same question, I see there are 7 visualizations for the day but don’t know which to use when… any clarification would be very much appreciated. Thanks

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Elizabeth and Ludmilla,

      All the visualizations that are not labelled as “evening visualization” are morning visualizations. You can listen to them any time during the day, but they are the ones we are referring to when we talk about listening to a morning visualization. I would start with the first one and listen to each one for 2 days. You can go back and listen to any previous one again and you can even jump ahead. Up to you.

  20. Alan Patte says:

    I do see a ‘download’ icon with each visualization but do no seem to be able to actually download these MP3s When I click on the download icon, they simply play on my Windows Media Player, with no apparent ‘save’ functionality. Are these actually downloadable?