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Who is Katrina Love Senn?

Katrina Love Senn

Katrina is known as a healer and teacher of a natural approach to weight loss through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. After going through her own personal life transformation where she lost an amazing 60 lbs without dieting and gained an incredible new zest for life, she has been dedicated to helping others achieve the same success through her book, healing workshops and yoga courses.

Katrina is one of the Featured Experts for popular US lifestyle and wellness blog, MindBodyGreen and is a regular contributor to Elephant Journal. She has been featured on Sky TV in the UK, Natural Health Magazine and High Spirit Magazine. She is also the founder of the Yoga Girl Revolution and the author of Losing Weight is a Healing Journey: A Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight Naturally.

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125 comments on “Yoga for Weight Loss (Home)
  1. Iris Tompkins says:

    I have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get to,the actual workouts. Can that be changed? Or is there a better way to access the videos? The videos should come before all the commits for easy access. I would deeply appreciate this change.

  2. Vidya Shetty says:

    I cannot see the videos for the morning and evening practice

  3. Carolyn Heaney says:

    Hi Katrina! Beautiful intro video! Where are the other videos?

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi Katrina,
    Thank you for the great videos. I’ve been doing yoga for a bit, and I was wondering how challenging the first video would be, and I found it challenging! Lol, I guess my balance isn’t as good as I thought.
    Like many people here, I had trouble finding the videos until I noticed that content is all at the bottom of the page, I use my tablet or phone to access. I just wanted to suggest that the comment section be placed below the the videos and content.
    I’m not sure if you still read these or not, but thank you again!

  5. Meriem Heddache says:

    Hi , thank you for this great introduction to yoga for weigh loss.
    But I cannot access the videos. Are there actually videos available? Thank you

  6. Mary says:

    Several of us have asked the same question about downloads, but no one seems to answer. Why not? We have paid for this subscription. The least you could do is reply to our questions. I asked mine originally on October 20th 2016 and it is now November 7th and still no reply. πŸ™

  7. Martina says:

    I also have the problems that I cant download the videos (Viz with Jon, Guided relax with Katrina & the 3 Audiovisualisations)

    I wont make this all on the computer – I want to do this on a relaxed place, unfortunately without internet.

    Thanks for your help

  8. Annelie Harrvik says:

    I can’t find the videos, visualizations or cooking videos. Nothing in this the yoga weight loss program. Just the introduction video. Where are the rest?

  9. Mary says:

    Hi. Is there any way I can export the videos to my laptop so I don’t have to sign in here every time I want to watch or listen to them? I’m referrring to these:

    Visualization with Jon
    Guided Relaxation with Katrina

    I’d like to be able to access this without internet access each time, so I can actually use them regularly.

    Thank you.

  10. Cheryl Bloom says:

    Is there a way to download this from my iPhone? When I login from that device there is nothing, although I see it from the ipad or computer.

    Thanks for the help!

  11. Nancy Green says:

    Can’t find my digital download.

  12. Vicki Fraser says:

    Where is my digital download? I am Order #64631
    I purchased the yoga course on July 14th and have sent two emails looking for instructions to download it with no reply.
    How hard is it to send me a link to download my purchase for which you have had my money for 10 days?

  13. Melanie Langer says:

    Hi Katrina, I’m on the detox programme and hoping to do some yoga but can’t seem to find where it is? I’ll keep looking but if you could post how I access the yoga that would be great. Thanks. X

  14. VERONICA BANOS says:

    Hi Katrina,
    Good day. I love the whole yoga program, thanks for sharing with the world all the experiences you lived in your journey.
    The only problem I had was with the visualizations audios. I noticed that the first one is the same as the second one, I mean the audio on both is the one called “release the stress”. So I think that when your team of IT was uploading the audios they uploaded the second one twice.
    I have the first audio missing (Daily energy boost). Would you be so kind in uploading this missing audio for me to listen to it please?



  15. Estelle Keribin says:

    Hi Katrina!
    Just wanted to say that after a year of doing this on and off ( with periods of not doing at all for a while), I came back to it this morning and wow did I enjoy doing the morning routine and realizing that I can do a lot more and holding the poses for a lot longer!!! I had another realization about holding the poses for just how long I felt ( sometimes a lot less than you do on the video) and that felt just RIGHT! Allowing myself to do that just really help me to feel the flow and not force myself. I have just read the comment underneath and noticed that it was exactly what you were explaining to Rita. It is SO nice to realize how much progress I made on this and it does not matter if I don’t do it for a while because I WILL come back to it! I also had a question about “setting your intention”. Can you give me a few examples of them for yourself? I am starting to run out of ideas (be kind to myself/ listen to my body today/go at my pace/ feel the flow/ feel the relaxation.)
    Thank you again for putting your talent into the world, it is really helping me <3

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Estelle

      Really lovely to hear from you (and thank-you for your kind, sweet words)!

      I’m glad that you are enjoying the yoga practices, and seeing progress in your own practice and body, as well. That’s really great to hear.

      In regards. to setting an intention, I always recommend aligning your intention with what you are working on in your life.

      As I know you, and specifically the kinds of things that you are working on presently, I would recommend, using these as your spring board for your intentions.

      So, for example, here are some specific intentions you could use…
      – I am creating a business I love that inspires me and my clients,
      – I am ready to let my light shine out in the world,
      – I have the courage to be true to myself and my own truth
      – It’s time to share my powerful, life changing message with the world…

      I hope that helps and inspires some big, juicy intentions!

      Sending much Love & big hugs,
      Love Katrina xo

  16. Rita Berquist says:

    Hello Katrina – I have two of Jon Gabriel’s books and have commenced morning visualisations sessions. I have just started (yesterday) 21 days of Mediation for Weight Loss and have purchased your yoga series which I will commence tomorrow, once I have viewed the introduction videos etc.
    I have been overweight all of my adult life and am so thrilled I have found an answer.
    My question is this … I am 63 and 1/2 years old and unfit. Will I need to adjust anything during the yoga sessions, or should I just do what I am capable of on any given day?
    Thank you for sharing your story and commiting to a program to help others like me.
    Rita x

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Rita,

      Thanks so much for your message. And, yes, it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you here!

      As you go through your yoga practices, the key is to HONOR and LISTEN to your body, so that your yoga practice is a way (you might like to think of it as a doorway) to feeling good.

      As you get on your yoga mat, and reconnect back to yourself and your breath, you can start to feel…. Strong, fit, healthy, determined, focused, abundant, blessed and all those beautiful nourishing qualities…

      Please also know that depending on our own bodies, some yoga poses are naturally going to feel more enjoyable for us. AND, this is totally normal, given that we all have different shaped bodies!

      Just notice which positions feel the best for you, (WITHOUT judgments, and without shoulds, have to’s and any other expectations. As they come up, (and they probably will!) just release them and let them go with your exhalation! )

      Give yourself permission to do more of what feels good… And, as you become fitter and stronger, the yoga poses you like, will most likely change too!

      And, that’s a wonderful thing! Just notice, witness and observe it all…

      With your yoga practice, you are not looking for the perfect ‘position’, or even what the pose ‘looks like’ – Instead focus on what the yoga pose FEELS like to you.

      You are looking for that nice, relaxing place where your body can soften and open. You are also looking for that place where you can BREATHE properly, and deeply and fully. And, where you can LET GO.

      Let go of stress, heaviness, guilt, fear, hurts, disappointments, the past. You can let go of anything that is weighing you down in any way… The more you release, the faster you HEAL, and the better you FEEL!

      And, in your practice, let your body be your guide. Let your body ‘show’ you what feels good. Move slowly until you notice where your body wants to go, and how it wants to move, and please never, ever push yourself or go to the point of pain or discomfort. Your body will release and open in it’s own time. Create a feeling of safely and the right environment, and your body [and mind!] will naturally soften, and open up!

      You might like to think of yourself, just like a beautiful flower….When you give a plant the right fertilizer, sunshine, nutrients, protection from the winds, and rain and you put it in the right environment, it will bloom and blossom naturally!

      Your body is the same. When you give it the right support and put it in a relaxing environment, everything comes back to balance, and heals.

      I hope that helps!

      And, finally, welcome to the yoga mat – A beautiful and safe place to reconnect back to your body. It’s one of the most incredible gifts you can give yourself. Your body really is a temple, because it is the place where you live, and where your soul and heart reside πŸ™‚

      Also, one final thing, you say that you are not fit, but don’t worry about this – your body is very forgiving! So, no matter how long we have been ‘ignoring’ our bodies, as soon as we begin to turn our attention inwards; noticing, looking, listening and reconnecting, the quicker everything can shift, and the faster we can start to feel good again!

      This builds self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love and all those good things… And, lastly, have fun with your practice, reconnecting back to yourself, hearing your own body intuition and yoga!

      Sending you much Love,
      Katrina xo

  17. Sandra Binder says:

    I can not find the yoga videos?

  18. Anat Go.an Golan says:

    This site is impossible to navigate I always battle to gain access to the practice videos. This is frustrating and annoying.

  19. Kwee Oh says:

    Hello, I cannot download the yoga videos, it kept getting cancelled by google chrome. Do I need to use another browser? I also don’t have WinZip which expired and asking me to pay for subscription. So how can I download the videos rather than logging in onto computer all the time wasting my internet GB to watch the same thing every day? Also cannot download on iPhone 6Plus, which makes practicing pretty hard unless I carry the fat laptop and fast internet with me.

  20. DOROTHY A MORGAN says:

    what compression are you using??? 2.1 gig compressed?????? nuts

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Dorothy,
      Sorry about that, there is over 2 hours of footage, its an MP4 with H.264 compression.
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team

  21. Linda Sedgley says:

    Maybe you could give clear instructions on how to download the videos to an iPad. From earlier comments I understand I need to begin with my computer and then sync with the ipad.I want to avoid all the problems everyone, including me, is having.
    In the mean time could you suggest a tapping target to reduce the frustration of wasting hours attempting to use the program I have purchased. Sorry, I could not resist.
    From Vashon

  22. Gerry says:

    Hi Katrina, I loved watching your video w Jon – you look just beautiful and amazing – hard to imagine you were ever overweight. I really want to try yoga, but I am intimidated because of my size and ability right now. I am 60 and 100 lbs overweight at least. I’m tall and was a dancer when I was young, so I understand movement and flexibility, but I seem to have lost all of that years ago. Anything on my knees is very uncomfortable. My sister is very thin, but not flexible and she is doing beginning yoga and seems to love it, but she is also quite fit. How do I conquer this fear – rather than try, I am just sitting on the side line watching. Thanks, Gerry

  23. Penny Wall says:

    Hi I tried to download the Yoga for weightloss to my comoputer – it took about 6 hours. Once the download was complete, I tried to access the zip file and it told me I had to download it all again!!! Do you know why I couldnt open the file?

  24. Mona Atkinson says:

    I’m new to Yoga and I don’t understand how doing Yoga can help you lose weight – can you explain please. I guess I’m used to hearing doing cardio or weights to lose weight but I can’t understand how doing different poses which you don’t really sweat helps you lose weight.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Mona, Thanks for your question. And, this is a great one.

      Essentially yoga can help people to address and reduce the chronic stress in their minds and lives.

      It is chronic stress that causes inflammation, hormonal imbalances, immune system disorders, health problems, weight gain, binge and emotional eating as well as food cravings.

      Left unaddressed over time, this can affect your self esteem, inner dialogue, beliefs, thought patterns and even the connection to your heart wisdom and intuition.

      I call these things your ‘inner world’ – it’s like the wind – you can’t see it but you can feel it, right?

      Yoga is part of a practice of what I also call ‘the feminine approach’ to weight loss. Losing weight for good is a journey – it’s a healing journey. And, it’s holistic. You have to take into account all aspects of your life – mind, body, heart and spirit.

      The dieting model is a masculine approach to losing weight. Whilst counting calories and eating less than what you burn etc does make rational sense, it does not take into account the big picture of our lives, plus as 95-99% of all diets fail, also shows that they are not sustainable in the long term.

      I hope this explains things in more detail for you and helps to understand why yoga is a such an amazing tool and practice for healing and health.

      Here’s also a link to a very popular article that I wrote addressing this question specifically – It’s had over 150K shares on Elephant Journal website and I thought you might find it useful and interesting…


      Kindest regards and sending big hugs to you,
      Love Katrina xo

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Mona, I also meant to share this as well…

      It is a well documented fact that approximately 95-99% of all diets fail in the long term. Anything that relies on restriction and deprivation is not sustainable in the long term and should be avoided as it places even more stress on your body. When you are stressed your body needs healing, compassion, nutrition and gentle nourishment…

      Love Katrina xo

  25. Mindelyn Spitzenpfeil says:

    Hi, I am having the same problem as Daniella, when I click the download link to have the sessions on my iPad, it says, “Safari cannot download this file.” Please help! I bought this package anticipating it would give me Yoga anywhere and everywhere, independed of WiFi. I look forward to hearing the fix,
    Thanks in advance,

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Mindelyn,
      You need to download the files to your computer initially and then sync this to your iPad.
      Let us know how you go.
      Den – GM Team

  26. Daniella Gurrea says:

    Hello, I am trying to download the videos in my IPAD to have it available all the time. And I can not do it. Could you help me.

  27. Estelle Keribin says:

    Hi Katrina,
    I enjoy very much your yoga method and am really engaging with the way you are explaining the movements using intentions, referring to the heart and other mindful tools. Thank you for that!
    I am struggling with the dog downward pose when I have to put my foot between my 2 hands to do a hip stretch ( I think?) you just do a step forward and I do at least 2 steps plus I have to lift my torso to be able to let my foot go past. Does it make sense? I guess my question is is there an easier version to what you are doing with that step because it seems that no matter how I try I can’t do yours…
    thank you again for sharing your gifts. You are truly talented and have really touched my heart … and my body now! πŸ˜‰

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Estelle,

      Thanks for connecting and for your question.

      The answer to your question is to keep showing up on the mat and keep practicing! πŸ™‚

      With practice, I promise that this pose will become easier for you! Actually, everyone has what I like to call a ‘nemesis’ pose, but keep practicing, keep positively affirming that the pose is getting easier with each time you come to the mat, and keep saying that you are learning how to do this new body movement…

      And, visualise being on your yoga mat, doing you’re yoga practice and just stepping your leg through easily…

      • Katrina Love Senn says:

        The rest of my message was lost!

        I also said that The reason for the difficulty in being able to step forward fully is probably connected to tightness in the hip area or specifically tightness in your amazing Psoas muscle (this incredible muscle runs from your lower back all the way around to the top of your legs!)

        Keep stretching out your legs and hips doing stretches like simple lunges, warrior poses 1,2 and use a wall for support if that helps) and for sure this part of your yoga practice will get much easier….and also more graceful in a fairly short amount of time πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for your great question, and I hope my answer clarifies things for you. Keep up your good work on the yoga mat…

        Love Katrina xo

  28. Sally Abram says:

    Hi Katrina,
    I have been connected with yoga on and off for many years now and it has helped me in so many ways.
    However, since following Jons amazing method, I have been reminded that the only time I lost all my body weight without trying was when I practised yoga almost every day. I lost 65lbs on 5 months and was a size 8 and looking and feeling great.That was over 10 years ago. A divorce, bad relationship and losing everything has put me in that “unsafe” place that is mentioned in the programme. I discovered the method a week into seeing noticable changes in my thinking and feelings towards my body and health. I have so say that since then things are just getting better every day. It feels strange that I seem to be making all the right choices without even realising!
    My weight is now at 272lbs – strike that – 265lbs as I have already lost in the past few days!!
    My goal is to be 150lbs.
    I am so ready to get back into making yoga a huge part of my life.
    Thanks a million.
    Love and light

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sally,

      Thank you so much for your lovely message. Yoga is such a magical practice.

      Being holistic, it can not only positively change and heal our bodies, but it can also influence our thoughts and emotions as well!

      I am really glad you are enjoying your yoga practice… Congratulations on committing to your body, yourself and your weight loss healing journey. Keep in touch!

      Lots of Love,
      Katrina xo <3

  29. robncharls@skymesh.com.au says:

    Hi Katrina I am trying your programme but found I couldn’t do some of the positions because of Arthritis. Can you modify some of the positions. Thanks

    • Katrina Love Senn says:


      Thank you so much for your message. It’s really lovely to hear from you.

      When starting your yoga practice, the key thing is to listen to your body and only do what is comfortable for you.

      You want to find the ‘sweet’ spot where you are building strength and vitality in your body and mind, but not over-doing it or causing your body harm by trying to do too much, especially when you first begin with your yoga practice.

      With yoga, it’s important to realize that you can support your body and practice, by modifying your yoga practice with all kinds of different types of props, so that you can gain the full benefits from yoga, whether you are flexible or not.

      The wonderful thing about creating a home practice, is that you can take your time and do things in your own time.

      Here are some ideas that you can use to modify your yoga practice:

      When sitting on the ground, use cushions to either sit on, or underneath your knees to to support the knee joint and legs or to support and protect your lower back.

      Another modification to protect your body (especially your back) which is very effective is to simply bend your knees. This can help to support your hamstrings and lower back and you can do this in your seated or standing yoga postures.

      Learning how to listen to your body is a practice of mindfulness and with each pose approach it by being gentle and by noticing what feels good.

      As you go through the yoga program, if you experience any kind of discomfort, know that this is a signal from your body to not force anything and to ease off the pressure. This is when you could try to doing something different ie. use cushions, try slowing down and breathing slowly or try to release and relax your body by bending your legs/knees).

      Another approach is to have a chair handy and where possible do some of the yoga poses, sitting down using the support of the chair.

      I recommend that you approach your yoga practice with gentleness in your mind, curiosity in your heart, seeing what is possible for you and your body today and what could be possible in the future. This is the total opposite of the old dieting and exercise paradigm of rigidity, wilfulness and force.

      I really hope these ideas help you to get started with your yoga practice. I have seen first hand how a gentle home yoga practice can have an almost miraculous healing effect on helping the body to self-heal from all kinds of disease, including arthritis.

      Love Katrina xo <3

  30. Marissa Jacobs says:

    Just bought this and am thinking about doing the nighttime yoga. I’m really excited to do this, like REALLY excited πŸ˜€

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Marissa,

      So glad to hear from you – that’s really exciting… Yoga was an important healing tool in my own life and totally changed how I felt about myself.

      I hope that you really enjoy your new yoga practices…

      If you have any questions or comments you can write and connect with me here. I look forward to hearing from you! πŸ™‚

      Lots of Love
      Katrina xo

  31. Anne says:

    I’ve been absent for a while and really like this gentle reentry to morning yoga. I would like a practice with more forward bends and really love the 30 mins as I can do that before work. If you were to have another practice added I would like that as well.

  32. Sandra Chapman says:

    Hi Katrina,
    I have enjoyed your yoga workouts, but would like one which is a bit more challenging. Will you be adding a different routine at any time?

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sandra,

      Lovely to hear from you…

      That is a great idea and is certainly possible for the future, although there are no specific plans for doing so at the moment…

      If we do add more yoga classes, I promise to let you know! πŸ™‚

      Kindest regards
      Love Katrina xo

  33. Sally Brown says:

    Hi Katrina

    I am amazed I won your DVD!!! I have never won anything in my life! I am really enjoying your yoga and vizualisations and am about half way through your book and reading Jon’s book at the same time. Speak soon and thank you!
    Sally Brown

    • Catherine Armstrong says:

      Sally Brown! I just saw that you won Katrina’s dvd! Yay! And that it’s the first time you’ve won anything! Congratulations! I’m reading Katrina’s book, too and I love her yoga video. Mostly, I love her to pieces. Enjoy!

      I’m now doing yoga postures at night before bed and first thing when I wake up for the first time ever, having been totally inspired by her wonderful guidance.

      • Katrina Love Senn says:

        Hi Catherine,

        Many thanks! That is very kind of you to say and I am so glad that you are feeling inspired and loving your yoga πŸ™‚

        Lots of Love
        Katrina xo

      • Sally Brown says:

        Hi Catherine. So glad you are enjoying the yoga. Unfortunately I cannot do my practice early morning or before bed but I do walk the dog early which is great at the moment with the lovely warm sunshine – even at 7am. I do my yoga and visualisations in the afternoon – just before the evening rush of family commitments. This is MY time and I am enjoying the benefits of giving myself this ‘luxury’. It has been a long time coming and I have struggled with being kind to myself in this way. Now I have started it is getting easier! Lots of love Sally

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sally,

      Once again, congratulations! I hope you enjoy using the DVD…

      Lots of Love,
      Katrina xo
      PS – Did you know that we are almost neighbours? I live in St Leonards! πŸ™‚

      • Sally Brown says:

        Hi Katrina Yes I do know you are in St Leonards but lucky you spending time in Italy etc. Hopefully I’ll be able to join one of your yoga retreats one day. At the moment living with teenagers is all consuming haha!!! Loving all your advice and recipes. So pleased I found you. Many things in my life are shifting and I am so happy. Lots of love Sally

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sally,

      Once again, congratulations! I hope you enjoy using the DVD…

      Lots of Love,
      Katrina xo
      PS – Did you know that we are practically neighbors? I live in East Sussex, in St Leonards! πŸ™‚

  34. Marilyn Falkowski says:

    The comment below was based on the morning session, but now I see that the evening session will be fine, so ignore the question below. I haven’t checked out the longer session yet but can comment that your voice and approach are VERY nourishing. Thank you for offering yoga in this mind body way.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you for your kind words and comments πŸ™‚

      I am glad that you are enjoying the audios and have found the evening yoga practice…

      Do remember to look after your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. Let yoga feel good in your body and then let that good feeling be your guide…

      Please do stay in touch and let us know how you go on your healing journey. I am so excited for you and I hope that you enjoy yoga as much as I do!

      Sending you big hugs and lots of Love,
      Katrina xo

  35. Marilyn Falkowski says:

    I love your calming voice and approach to yoga. However, I’m wondering whether or not to keep the program because I have had two knee replacements and it is difficult to do the floor portion of the session. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  36. Samantha Grant says:

    Hi Katrina, I’ve just started your yoga programme today and I’ve done the morning and flow sessions and found them very good.

    I’ve got frozen shoulders and joint pain in wrists and lower back so I can’t do some of the moves … I’m hoping the yoga will start to help my body release itself from these obstructions. My body feels stuck and needs to be free and relaxed again. I’m enjoying the sessions so far and I love your story. I’m hopeful things will change. Thanks again

    • Samantha Grant says:

      Wanted to add .. I’m struggling to lose weight too but have taken on the gabriel method but know that when I’m stressed I just don’t eat well… So with the yoga and John’s principals again I’m hopeful. I’m getting married next year and want to feel great indorse and out!

      Samantha x

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me here on the forum.

      In my book, I share my philosophy that losing weight is a healing journey. Congratulate yourself for stepping on the path to health and wellness… Knowing that you are on your healing journey! πŸ™‚

      Use your yoga practice to stay connected to your body, especially when you get stressed or tired.

      All you need to do is, close your eyes, then breathe deeply and consciously, even 5-10 times will make a big difference. Also, listen to the relaxation audios that Jon and I share in the program!

      Let any stressful feelings and emotions, inform you when you are living out of alignment with the truth of your heart.

      Then take the time to listen within. Check inside and see what you need to do or say to come back to yourself and feel congruent in your heart, mind, body and soul!

      And, most importantly, have fun on your journey. Let it be one of self-discovery and self-healing!

      Sending you lots of hugs and best wishes,
      Love Katrina xo

    • Samantha Grant says:

      Hi Katrina,

      Thank you for your words of support.

      I have a problem with my lower back and after doing the flow practice yesterday I’ve tweaked it. I may have done a move incorrectly .. I’m not sure? ..

      It’s very sore .. So should I just not do my practice for a few days or just continue doing some gentle stretches or mountain pose etc? I think as I’ve got frozen shoulders I must be over compensating somewhere …

      I was really enjoying it ..

      Any advice would be good ..

      Samantha x

      • Katrina Love Senn says:

        Hi Samantha,

        Thanks for writing to me.

        Over the next few days do stretch gently in ways that feel nice for you- no spinal twists but just some nice, simple stretches for your arms, neck, legs. Do keep up your meditation practice which you can either do on the floor or on a chair. Visualise your body and back feeling good again.

        The most important thing is to always keep listening to your body and only move it in a way that feels wonderful and good for you.

        Just know that every body is different -so keep listening and stay in tune with your body, and breath. Let it show you and guide you as to what feels great for you.

        The idea of listening to your body, is true not only on the yoga mat, but also off it as well. In your meditation practice, it might be a nice thing to do, to spend time noticing where you are living in alignment with your heart and self as well.
        No need to force anything or over-ride your body. Take your time to heal.

        Cut out or drastically reduce any sugar (as this fuels inflammation) and any other artificial stimulants as you can. Boost up your superfoods and minerals wherever possible and your body will be feeling stronger than ever and you’ll be ready to come back to yoga class!

        See you back on the yoga mat soon πŸ™‚
        Love Katrina xo

        • Samantha Grant says:

          Thanks Katrina.

          Yes I am learning to listen to my body and only move it in a way that feels really good.

          My lower back is still a problem but I’ve continued to do my yoga just being careful and breathing and listening to my body.

          Yes cutting down on sugar is the key .. I am trying but I find it still a bit difficult its more the hidden sugars… I’m not a so into cakes or puddings..

          I’m planning to make Jon Gabriel’s chocolate mousse .. So I’ll see how I get on!

          Thanks again for your support!

          Samantha x

  37. Sally Brown says:

    HI katrina Thanks for your message and support. I have just started reading your book which is so far brilliant! I am on page 57 at the mo and am wondering about your thoughts on yogurt. Would that come into the ‘lightly processed’ foods?
    I am so proud of myself today. I am getting the message loud and clear to take small steps and not try to be perfect. Yes, I had a small piece of white bread and now I am moving on. It is very early days…. I am full from lunch – lovely spinach, mushroom, pepper and noodles soup. It is now 8pm so I shall have some fruit in a minute and then go to bed feeling just a tad hungry but I know that is a good habit to get into. xxx

  38. Sally Brown says:

    Hi Katrina

    I started my Yoga for weight loss journey only this week! I have only done the morning session and a couple of visualisations so far, but feel I am already benefiting. I feel in control already and somehow freeing myself of the shackles of sugar dependence and stress. I am consciously looking inwards now and understanding that the tension in my body is caused by my reaction to bad things going on in my life. I am amazed that this does not need to happen anymore and I have the power to change. Love the green smoothie!! Love it all. Love my new life! Heartfelt thanks I have found you. xx

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sally,

      Thank you so much for your email message and update – it’s really lovely to hear that you are on your weight loss healing journey… Jon and I are just thrilled for you!

      And, I know that you can do it. You’ve taken action and started and that is often the most challenging thing. Timing is everything and I have a feeling that now is the perfect time for you to focus on you!

      Oooh, and I’m excited that you love the green smoothie… It’s a game changer…

      Sending you lots of Love
      Katrina xo

  39. Cristina Cagnetta says:

    Hi Katrina,
    I’m following your program since 2 weeks and I feel really good. I have always been a person exercising a lot into the gym mostly for avoid guiltiness and for self punishment and I have to say I didn’t like yoga because for me it didn’t punish myself in a really strong way. It’s one month I’m following Jon’s method and 2-3 weeks I started yoga and I feel really better, I see that practicing it 4 times per week I’m improving my muscles (even if I’m not really flexible yet), the only problem is that my head says always me that I’m not exercising enough and I will get fatter and I’m also having a lot of problems in quitting dieting…I have been dieting for more than 10 years now, with yo-yo and binging problems and apparently I wasn’t eating enough and now my metabolism is really low and my body ate my muscles because for years i was eating only vegetables…I know that is wrong but I’m really scared of eating and not exercising enough because immediately I start feeling I’m getting fatter. What to do to stop this feelings? I wan to stop this obsession for dieting and exercising and enjoy playing yoga without guiltiness

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Cristina,

      Thanks for writing to me and sharing this part of your journey with us here…

      Choosing to exit the yo-yo dieting regime is a big part of the healing journey…

      The key thing is to come back to what you want to create. Focus on what you want to create. Is it to feel healthy? Is it to enjoy food? Is it to feel strong and flexible?

      Just notice all the thoughts (the limiting ones as well as the supportive ones). See if you can even find a little laughter and humour around them – they are just your mind.

      Listen to the healing meditations at night. In the daytime, give yourself full permission to enjoy living; including stretching your body and eating real food; and yes even fat, knowing that it’s good for your body, even if your mind wants to try and tell you otherwise.

      Have you bought my book called, ‘Losing Weight is a Healing Journey’? It might be a great support for you on your journey… You can grab a copy of it on Amazon or my website…. http://www.katrinalovesenn.com/index.php/shop

      Let this journey be one of healing and self-discovery… Know that you don’t have to give yourself a hard time, (and in fact, it will be more enjoyable and successful if you can transform it into one of ease and grace, instead)….

      Sending you lots of Love & blessings
      Katrina xo <3

  40. Catherine Armstrong says:

    Denaleigh and Katrina,

    Thank you so much for your replies and acknowledgement.
    All is still moving forward very well for me (and I know for you, as well!)

    All Wonderful Blessings, Catherine

  41. Catherine Armstrong says:

    Dear Katrina (because you are very dear),

    I have had your program for a few weeks now through the Gabriel Method. I have listened to the interview, read the comments and your caring replies. I haven’t yet listened to your visualizations, but I will do that sometime within the week. I’m looking forward to that.

    Very gradually I have been adding one Gabriel Method recommendation after another (for months now) and though I haven’t lost weight, I know that establishing this wonderful change in lifestyle is leading me to the health, fitness and weight loss that I’m working to achieve.

    For about three months I’ve been doing the GM Fitness exercises three times a week and have just begun craving gentle exercise on the alternate days. This morning I was moved to turn on and follow some of your morning routine. I followed it for ten minutes and I really love it. I will add more as time passes. When I sat down I was quiet for a few minutes, feeling serenity in my muscles, my energy and my mind. I was gazing at the three of you in the paused video and I felt warm tears on my face. They accompanied the thought that I truly am creating my fit, ideal body. It is happening now.

    You and all of the people that work so closely with Jon are so knowledgeable, loving and caring for each one of us that work with you. I am learning patience, tranquil perseverance and, now, at 70, how to take care of myself in better ways than ever before. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I am following your lead! πŸ™‚

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Its so wonderful to hear how Katrina and Jon’s programs and advice are making such a positive impact on your life!
      Den – GM Team

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Catherine

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and share your journey with us here on the forum. It was wonderful to read about it!

      You are doing such fabulous work – For me, the internal healing journey is the most rewarding; working with our thoughts, our minds, our feelings, our emotions to experience feeling stronger, having more energy and feeling better with each day that passes.

      When we feel good and look after ourselves from the inside with kindness, gentleness and love (just like you are doing), I have found that the other things (weight loss, health issues) just happen naturally.

      There’s no rush… Baby steps is the key. And then with time the changes that we are making become part of our lives and they are sustainable and permanent.

      I actually had little tears of joy running down my face as I was reading your message… So once again thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are an inspiration to me! πŸ™‚

      Sending you lots of Love from England,
      Love Katrina xo

  42. Bonnie Cham says:

    Do you use a particular school or style of Yoga?

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Bonnie

      Great to hear from you…

      My yoga is gentle, more yin, hatha style of yoga which I call Healing Hatha yoga. I always say focus on kindness, love and listening to your body.

      I hope that helps!

      Love Katrina xo

  43. Janice Imrie says:

    Hi Katrina,
    Just signed up to your Yoga for Weight Loss as we discussed in Skyros but for the moment am using your guided relaxation and soothing voice to help me deal with my shoulder and arm pain while on sick leave from work with what has finally been diagnosed as a slipped disc. Memories of the Greek sunshine, happy times and all your healing yoga is helping enormously.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Janice,

      Thanks so much for writing to me here – really lovely to hear from you again, and glad to hear that you have a diagnosis for your arm/shoulder discomfort.

      In your yoga practice, keep breathing in all the sunshine and healing energy from our time in Greece and sending you big hugs and lots of long, relaxing savasana’s! πŸ™‚

      Once again, thanks so much for your message and I really hope your arm is feeling much better now!

      Love Katrina xo

  44. Yvette Marie Iron says:

    Hello, I am enjoying trying the moves. But still learning how to move from one to another. My problem is with balance, I had a stroke on right side, so that my left side is weak and have neurological damage on left side. I am hoping to strengthen left side, so that I’m more balanced and not fall so much, I’ve already torn the lcl of left knee, which also contributes to weakness and uncoordination.How many minutes should I spend on each movement?

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Yvette,

      Thanks for your message.

      One thing you can do to help you with your balance, is to use props to help support you…

      Which prop you use will depend a little on which pose you are doing…

      But, one of my favourite props to help with getting more balance in your standing yoga poses is to use the wall.

      The wall is great! And will support you as you learn how to gain better balance. Here are some ways to use the wall for balance…

      (1) Try pressing your back against a wall when you are doing your standing poses.


      (2) Press one or both of your hands against the wall for more support. As you progress, you can try to lift off a fingertip or 2, until eventually see if you can take your hand away completely (but build up to that!) πŸ™‚

      You could also try doing your yoga on a bed, when you are doing your floor poses.

      Whilst you are building up your strength and balance, use anything that can help to support you – sitting in a chair is also great! Placing pillows under your knees on one side works wonders too!

      In regards, to how long to spend on each pose, stay only in the pose until it is comfortable.

      Work with each side separately, as one side may feel fine and you may be able to stay there for longer but the other side just a few seconds! πŸ™‚ (especially with the side most affected by your stoke)

      Remember that in yoga you are only working with yourself, helping your body to become stronger. So, never compare yourself to anyone else. Just stay connected to your own body and let it guide you as to what feels good.

      Always work from where you are today but focus in your mind, on where you want to be. Then take baby steps each day to help you get there!

      Keep listening your body as it will always guide you as to how far you can go and how long you should stay in a pose.

      Be kind and gentle and stay persistent! Remind yourself that Rome wasn’t build in a day but with a consistent focus.

      And then watch with delight as over time you build strength, become stronger and more flexible…

      Stay in touch and let us know how you get on!

      With Love,

      Katrina xo

  45. Susan Mate says:

    Hi Katrina,

    I have been doing yoga for many years, maybe 20 or so and have never really focused on using it for weight loss until I did your program.
    Last year I joined a group and Ubud Suri to do yoga and had some wonderful whole foods when in Bali at the resort doing yoga and started thinking about yoga as a way of life. I also felt really great when I ate nutritional foods.
    Your program has help my use Yoga to lose around 3 kg, which is not very much. My goal is to lose 10, but for years I have not lost any and I think this is a real achievement. I hope to reach 65kgs which is a good weight for me and the weight I was prior to having children.

    Thanks so much for getting me started. I have recently also got back into the work force. This has been my goal for a while and I think the confidence of losing some weight has helped me sell my self in my job. I have just also joined the celluar meditation group, so I hope this complements my yoga and assists me to lose the additional weight over the coming months.

    Warmest Wishes,


    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for writing to us here and sharing your inspirational story!

      That is fantastic news – well done…. It sounds like you are doing a great job. I like how you are taking a very holistic approach to your healing journey…

      As you pointed out, with more confidence, comes more interesting opportunities and experiences! I found with myself, the more I built my confidence, the more creative I felt and the easier it became to express myself. Also, I found that I was able to start trusting and building my courage from within, which enabled me to grow.

      Keep being curious and learning new things about who you are and your body. Enjoy challenging yourself in your yoga practice (and life!) and enjoy the journey.

      Please let us know how you get on – I look forward to hearing more!

      With Love,
      Katrina xo

  46. Katrina Love Senn says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for connecting with me here on the GM forum.

    The Yoga for Weight Loss home study program is a holistic yoga program that has been specifically designed to help rebalance and relax mind and body, through the combination of yoga sequences as well as the weight loss healing visualisations.

    When the mind and body are in balance, weight loss happens naturally.

    Doing them together is the key to your long term weight loss success.

    Good luck with it and I really look forward to hearing all about your weight loss journey!

    Love Katrina xo

  47. Jenifer Williams says:

    Hi! I am new here and relatively new to yoga. I have been to a few classes at the gym and have really loved them. I was excited to stumble on to the “yoga for weight loss” series and have listed to the basic intro and read through the website. I was really excited to learn how to lose weight through yoga like Katrina did, but I guess I am missing some part of the formula. These are great yoga routines, from what I can tell… but how do we learn how to lose weight through them? They seem to be typical yoga routines – how are these different from a gym class or other yoga DVD? I really am anxious to understand the weight loss portion – please direct me. Thanks so much!

  48. Paula Hanna says:

    I have made big changes in my eating ( No sugar, No wheat, eating greens in smoothy’s, taking some good
    I had my adrenals tested and the ND told me they were not working at all and that I needed to stop all exercise until they heal!!! it has been 3 months !!!! I have not lost one pound !! I also have thyroid problems , I have been on 200mcg of synthroid for 19 years !!!!
    I have abused my body for the past 10 years getting 4 hours of sleep on average working 60 to 80 hour weeks and the stress of being a singel mom of 4, My baby is leaving for collage and now it is time to heal my self !!! work a 40 hour week and sleep 8 hours. The change in my eating and seeing a ND and Acupressure’s I feel like a new person , I can sleep now and my mind is clear no inflammation in my joints, no more HOT Flashes !!!!
    But back to will doing Yoga hurt my Adrenals from healing??

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Paula,

      Thanks for sharing your journey with us here – Since I’m not a Doctor, it’s really important to listen to your body and the recommendations of your naturopath/doctor….

      I would suggest you begin by listening to the yoga visualisations – as that will be a great place to start and when you and your body are ready for more movement, then you could try moving on to the Evening Yoga Practice – as it is a very gentle form of stretchy healing yoga on the floor (i would suspect that fast or dynamic yoga might actually exhaust you & drain your adrenals), but in fact, since this is gentle yoga, it may actually help to heal your adrenals, but it really depends on how your body is feeling and where you are in your healing journey at the moment…

      Remember there is no rush – when I had my body breakdown it took me months before, I could start moving my body with exercise again. I used visualisations to see myself getting well again and when I was ready to, I started walking, and later, I added in gentle yoga and it felt wonderful!

      But, the important thing is to listen to your body and the advice of those that you trust who are helping you get well and healthy.

      Great to hear that you feel like a new person and can sleep properly again – what an amazing feeling that must be for you – well done on everything that you are doing!

      And let us know how you get on with doing all the Visualisations!

      With Love,
      Katrina xo

  49. Katrina Love Senn says:

    Hi H,

    Thank you so much for writing to us on the forum… It’s lovely to hear from you. Oh, and for sharing the download information… that’s really helpful…

    We are so glad that you are enjoying the program and the visualisations – making the internal shifts (with our thoughts and feelings) is the key to enabling transformation and healing to occur – and, there’s no lovelier way to do this than through relaxation and using the different visualisations… πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for writing and I look forward to hearing more about your yoga practice, your progress and your healing journey!

    With Love
    Katrina xo

  50. h says:

    Hi Katrina, I facebook you a few weeks ago, just to let you know they whole program is about a 2.2 GB download if anyone else needs to know. But well worth it. Love the visualisations you have created for this program. Actually find the the release the stress one more powerfull then any of Jon’s. ( Sorry Jon). Do find the all the visualisations is the key to all this.Slowly getting back into yoga with my knee, and the luxury of the classes at home will hopefully build my body and confidence back to be able to take yoga classes again in the near future. So thankyou for sharing a program like this, hopefully there maybe some more advance classes later down the track.

  51. Yvette Marie Iron says:

    Hello, I’ve been following the Gabriel Method, losing very, very, slowly. Hoping the yoga will help me lose a little faster. Had a massive stroke in 2006, left side is weak, so walking is only good for a little bit, then I start dragging my leg and in danger of falling or tripping. As well balance is terrible, was told yoga and Tai Chi would help me with core strength and with my balance. Will be starting your program tomorrow morning.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Yvette,

      Thank you so much for writing and connecting with me here…. it’s lovely to hear from you.

      I work with a lot of clients that are recovering from strokes and yoga can be very helpful. As you begin please be very gentle and kind to yourself as you begin your yoga practice, especially with your self-talk.

      The great thing about yoga is that we have our whole lives to practice and make improvements, and you can make great progress with baby steps.

      I would recommend that you start your new yoga practice by doing the visualisations for at least 7-14 days, maybe longer, before moving into your physical yoga practice. Use your visualisations to see and visualise yourself getting stronger, feeling more balanced, and easily and effortlessly walking further with each day…

      When you start your practice, begin with the Evening practice, as it is mostly floor based. And also please use the wall to balance against, or a chair to sit in if that helps you feel more supported as these will help you to progress your yoga practice.

      I’m excited for you as you continue your healing journey and please do stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing with your yoga practice!

      With much Love,
      Katrina xo

  52. Mary says:

    once I am better with my balance and flexibility I will begin with the other component of the program. I already started to eat healthier with better choices, – whole foods – lost 11 pounds thus far, but over 100 to go; it is a process, and a struggle everyday to stay “sober” or should I say “chocolate free” being overweight is the same addiction as an alcoholic, smoker or gambling; overeating is an addiction. so “one day at a time” thats the best I can do at this point – M

  53. Mary says:

    well I have been reading all the posts and am genuinely impressed. I am also older, 55 years, and have MS. Multiple Sclerosis and am very overweight, ( tried zillions of diets out there) You know it is very humerous to me when someone says, “this or that diet did not work for me.” don’t they mean, they alone, have not committed to a program? its funny how people do not want to take responsibility for their own weight issues, I take full responsibility – overeating from stress on the job and not moving very much will get you fat and unhealthy. ….. So moving is very difficult as my left leg does not want to work properly. However, I use to do yoga, walking, and gym things years ago. for the past year I have become very lazy and depressed and my mobility is terrible, had to resign from a career that I love! (I walk like a 90 + year old at times). I bought the Gabriel method last year, and only periodically listen to the tapes – never have done the “visualization” – this is entirely my own fault. So in order to get my flexibility and balance back in my life, I also just joined, yesterday, the YOGA component of the program. I look forward in starting my baby steps to wellness. with both programs, but especially with the Yoga one, as I know I would like to get my flexibility and balance back, especially with this illness.


  54. Kathryn Nielsen says:

    Hello Katrina and fellow yoga students. I’m 54 years old and, like many of you, fighting with my weight. I found Jon’s book several years ago but have never committed to the process. I was reminded of his story in the Hungry for Change video. Such an amazing, enlightening video. I’ve come to this program from that connection. No question that stress (mostly at work) is keeping me holding onto extra weight. I really want to make this work! I have a great way of getting in my own way and I really deserve to break that cycle. I’m very excited to start this journey with you all.



    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for writing and connecting here – it’s lovely to hear from you!

      I am excited for you too – healing our body from within is an amazing feeling and an incredible journey!

      I hope you love the yoga program and look forward to hearing all about it…

      Love Katrina xo

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for writing and connecting here – it’s lovely to hear from you!

      I am excited for you too – healing our body from within is an amazing feeling and an incredible journey!

      I hope you love your new yoga program and I really look forward to hearing all about it…

      Love Katrina xo

  55. CJ Thomas says:

    Katrina I’m just about done with your book. What a wake up call. A FIVE ALARM wake up call. I saw me. wow!
    I caught my self at work today stressed out however, I said no to the coke and the chocolate bar. I’ve lost 23 pounds with Jon but haven’t been able to move beyond that and now I know why.
    sorry you had to go through what you did, but thank you for it and thank you for your willingness to share your pain and your recovery. If you did it so can I.
    It helps to know that you and Jon are at my finger touch.
    God bless and have a great night,

  56. CJ Thomas says:

    I love the visualization you and Jon have done. I use them everyday. They make such a difference in the way I feel.
    God bless and have a beautiful day

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi CJ!

      Thanks so much for connecting here and I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying the yoga visualisations…

      Love Katrina xo

  57. Maria Martin says:

    starting today and relieved so many others are in my position — older, overweight — not very encouraged by the last post ….let’s see how it goes!

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Maria,

      Really lovely to connect here with you… Have you had a chance to use it yet?

      Start with the relaxations and the Evening Practice and I can’t wait to hear how you get on…

      Love Katrina xo

  58. Sylvia Smith says:

    I am not wanting to set myself up for failure, with any limiting beliefs, but I am extremely disappointed.

    I joined expecting to see other people with excess weight, going through modified yoga postures that addressed their current health issues. I just tried the Morning video, and it is tiny women doing the same postures that I have been unable to perform (and ridiculed for) in live classes. At 300 pounds, placing all of my weight on one foot is painful. I happen to be able to touch the floor, but after just seconds of being upside-down, I begin to pass out. Once I try bending my knees, they immediately hit the extra fat in my stomach and breastsβ€”I can no longer touch the floor, around their girth, and the sun salutation sequence then seems useless.

    I have committed myself to a daily practice, to see what I CAN do at my current weight, and where I can make improvements, but I feel entirely mislead that this program is set up in any way for those with size-based limitations.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      Katrina here. Firstly, I’d just like to reach out and say thanks so much for connecting on the forum. It’s really nice to ‘meet’ you.

      And, I’m totally thrilled that you have committed yourself to a regular yoga practice. The really great thing with a home yoga practice is that you have the opportunity to take your practice at your own pace, and do the things that you can do comfortably…

      The key is to listen to your body and start from wherever you are at… Just focus on the poses that you are comfortable doing.

      Keep taking baby steps and you will soon see improvements in how you feel (even after years of practice, there are still yoga poses that I can’t do!)

      If you are finding the Morning Practice a little too strong, do give the the Evening Practice a try, as this is more floor based, with lots of gentle, stretching movements.

      Also another thing I’d recommend is that you spend the first month of your yoga practice focused on doing the yoga visualisations and relaxation meditations.

      Just remember that you are on a journey…

      Stay gentle and kind with yourself and celebrate every little improvement!

      Love Katrina xo

  59. Christine Mealor says:

    I’ve been working out how I can incorporate these routines into my life. With the limited free time that I have I will only be able to do the I hour Flow routine 2 or 3 times a week. I will be able to do the relax one most evenings. The morning one, I know I won’t be able to get up any earlier to do this, I have to be realistic. I could do it some days when toddler is at playgroup. Now I have my plan in place I am committing myself to the program for the next 8 weeks. After that it is school holidays so I don’t know how I will manage it apart from doing alternate routines in the evening. I’m so looking forward to doing this over the next weeks and getting in touch with my body. I’ve been living as though I haven’t got one, just ignoring it. I really like the audios and visualisation, they are really going to help.

    • Pam Hopkins says:

      Hi Christine,

      I only manage to go to yoga at the gym two or three times per week and I wouldn’t give this up for anything now. I am trying to add these yoga sessions into my hectic schedule.

      I am a solo mum and have given very little time to myself over the last 12 years, so I know how busy it can be with little ones. My girls have been telling me that I am calmer and more relaxed now I go to yoga.

      I can’t tell you much about yoga, but I can tell you to be kind to yourself and somehow (not sure how) find some time for yourself. Yoga has turned out to be my thing for relaxing, it may be yours too.

      Being a mum is the greatest thing in the world, but don’t lose yourself in it.

      Best wishes,

  60. Pam Hopkins says:

    Hi Katrina,

    I am just starting on my journey of weight loss and finding myself with Jon and yourself. I have been overweight (huge to tell the truth) and blaming myself for being lazy, etc all the usual things most of my life. I am turning 48 this week and I am going to be the best I can by 50. I have decided!

    I have recently started Yin Yoga at my local gym and enjoy the classes very much. It is good to have that time for me amongst the chaos of dealing with my family, my job with a recent promotion and study ( a degree in psychology). However, I was wondering if it ok to mix your yoga with the Yin Yoga?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best wishes Pam

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Pam,

      Yes, that is a great mix!

      What a great goal to set yourself – I look forward to hearing more about your journey…

      Love Katrina xo

  61. Katrina Love Senn says:

    Hi Christine, So wonderful to meet you here on the GM membership yoga site… It’s a real honor to be a part of your healing journey towards having more energy and feeling strong and healthy… With your yoga practice, I recommend you to start gently and slowly by beginning to connect to your breath; taking nice long, slow deep breaths all the way into your belly… As you slow your breathing down, the calmer you will feel… And, the calmer you feel within, the easier it is for your body to activate its’ own natural self-healing abilities… I really hope you enjoy this yoga program that Jon and I have put together for you… Sending blessings and Love, Katrina xo <3

    • Christine Mealor says:

      Thank you Katrina, it’s so nice to get a personal response from you. What you say is very important to me because I know that I do feel quite frazzled a lot of the time. Today I just watched the morning yoga and my immediate thought was I don’t know how I’m going to slow down that much! Now I’m saying maybe that’s the most important thing for me to do. I just printed off the recipes, they look wonderful.
      I’ve been wondering if it would be possible to create a private facebook page for those of us doing this so we can really support and encourage each other and talk about our experiences. What do you think? Christine

  62. Christine Mealor says:

    Hi, I just celebrated my 67th birthday. I’m about 40-50lbs overweight, I’m not sure what my weight should be I’ve been overweight for so long. Of course I keep trying to change that but I can never stick to anything. I have fulltime care of my 2 grandchildren ages 2 and 9 so I really need to have more energy and to be strong and more flexible. I’m glad to be sharing this yoga and health program with others here, I hope we can support each other.

  63. SHERYL MAIN says:

    Hi Katrina, I’m so excited to get started on these yoga sessions! I had quite a serious stroke 13 years ago & have regained alot of movement luckily so I think yoga would be perfect for me. If I can’t get the positions perfect does it matter? Do you think yoga will help me to regain more movement along with losing weight? And finally, is there any way I would be able to get dvd’s sent to me of the yoga sessions as I only have limited internet connection & streaming uses a lot of data. If so I would be very grateful! πŸ™‚ Fellow Kiwi – Sheryl NZ

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Sheryl, So lovely to hear from another fellow Kiwi! If you can’t get your yoga positions perfect (which is what you may find, especially when you first start out), it really doesn’t matter…. The important thing is to listen to your body and stay with what feels comfortable… The positions will become easier and more accessible with practice and repetition- practice doing the yoga postures at home and also, visualise yourself doing the yoga postures in your mind… Yoga is great, as it encourages your body and mind to communicate together, which is especially important after a stroke…. And yes, yoga has been proven to help people to regain flexibility & movement…Just start by taking it slowly and gently. And as I always say, keep listening to your body (only go as far as feels comfortable) and use deep belly breathing, all the way into your belly, with gentle movements. When you experience any tenderness and tightness, just relax and breathe into it… Let your breath do the work and create new spaces in your body… I’m so glad you are here and I am really excited for you on your yoga healing journey – Please do stay in touch and let me know how you enjoy the Yoga for Weight Loss program! Love Katrina xo Ps – I’m not sure about the DVD but as soon as I know, I’ll get back to you… <3

  64. CJ Thomas says:

    Good Evening Katrina. I’m very excited to start this program. I’ve been doing the same yoga routine for years and by myself. Now that I’ve started losing weight with Jon I’m ready to move forward. i liked what you said about (How yoga made you feel even if you couldn’t do all the poses) I was always worried about not doing them right. Thank you
    PS. I’m 65 and feeling healthier everyday.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi CJ, Thank you so much for connecting with me here on the GM membership site… It’s so great to hear that you are working with Jon and learning about losing weight naturally – Congratulations! You are a real inspiration and I really hope to meet you one day soon… Love Katrina xo

  65. Jerie Meeks says:

    What is next? I’m in my early 70’s with RA and bad knees
    100 lbs overweight.

    • Katrina Love Senn says:

      Hi Jerie, Thanks so much for your message and connecting with me… Having been on my own healing journey, I know that there is tremendous power within your body to lose weight naturally once you start to go on your own healing journey… Now it’s time to roll out your yoga mat and enjoy some nice, slow and gentle yoga… πŸ™‚ When you are on the yoga mat, please keep listening to your body and breathing! I hope you enjoy using all the healing tools that Jon and I have put together for you in the Yoga for Weight Loss Home Study Program – Along with the yoga, there is a great selection of healing audio relaxations, visualisations, recipes and gentle yoga sequences to get you started. I really hope you enjoy the program and I look forward to hearing your healing story and hopefully meeting you one day soon…. Love Katrina xo

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