Detox November 2016: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Jon and Nadia

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410 comments on “Detox November 2016: Your Questions Answered
  1. Colleen Ford says:

    I am looking on my iphone right now and I just realized that since I got my new iPhone I no longer have the children’s visualization “the white light” by Dr. Patricia. It’s on my old phone which I had to trade and when I got my iPhone. Can you please resend that link to me so I can download it to my new iphone?

  2. Margaret says:

    My tempuature has gone down while on the detox. I’m still using a heating pad to warm up at night.
    How do you add a photo here?

  3. Margaret says:

    My tempuature has gone down while on the detox. I’m still using a heating pad to warm up at night.

  4. JAMES BRADY says:

    Hi, brilliant experience. Has anybody any suggestions for what to eat before and after doing a workout? How long before a workout best to eat ? Thanks for suggestions, Jamed

  5. Gillian Kempner says:

    Can we still get questions answered on here? I have one from 18 Nov below not yet answered which, going forward, I’d love a bit of guidance on!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Gillian, I just wanted to acknowledge that I have read your post below and I’m reaching out to Jon and Nadia for your questions to be answered.

      I will get back to you as soon as I get a response from them.

      – Nadine, GM Team

  6. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi guys, if you are still taking questions, I am looking at lots of things to replace for bread and could you tell me if any of these ingredients will be ok on the method please? Sodium chloride, potrassium chloride, bicarbonate, glucona deta-lactone, resistant corn starch, pea and hemp protein, stevia glycosides? Thank you so much xx

  7. Nadine - GM Team says:

    It is recommend to stop the cleanse after 5 days along with everyone else.

    Coming off of the cleanse properly is the most important part of the cleanse.

    Instead of going longer, put that motivation you feel into preparing nourishing meals to start to form positive eating habits.

    Hope this helps!
    – Nadine, GM Team

  8. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia, I don’t know if you’re still taking questions? I couldn’t load the last webinar for a while for some reason but have now watched it and it was lovely, i cried, not sure why, but it felt good knowing I have done this. I have followed your guidelines for eating after the cleanse and I have had no problems whatsoever. I have tried the chia pudding instead of oatmeal and added some raw cacao powder and a little stevia, hope this is ok? I cant find stevia without Erythritol in it so hope this is ok too? I have mentioned before about not sure I can give up cheese and bread and wondered about using coconut flour? It seems so much better than wheat flour in every way and maybe I could make flat breads etc? I would really love your thoughts on this.

    Again, THANK YOU!!!!!! Sending love and positive vibes xxx

  9. Kirsten says:

    Thank you, so VERY much, Jon and Nadia. Your gentle approach to helping us to ‘chews’ (groan!) healthy food and life rather than dead food has been illuminating. I have had a more difficult time with my gut since introducing solid foods, so I’m taking it easier today and going back to more juicing to ease the transition. I have a question about Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. I’m using Gabriel’s Method Recipe Book for a lot of continued learning, and it mentions these two to add to our juices and smoothies.
    1. What should I look for in a Digestive Enzyme, never having used one before? Are you happy to suggest particular brands? I live in Australia, and often buy through iHerb.
    2. I have been using Inulin for a probiotic. What do you think about it?
    3. I have struggled with constipation for years because of my meds, and this has hit me again with a vengeance (probably because I had no idea how bad it was having just lived with it everyday until the past two weeks!). Apart from eating the Big 3 each day, would you suggest adding Senna Tea to my regime? I have never used that before.

    Thank you for your patience, kindness and wisdom in sharing all these answers with me. Not having done a detox cleanse before, I can’t imagine it would have gone so smoothly and kindly without both of you guiding and supporting me along the way! Thank you!! 🙂

  10. Rebekah Keith says:

    Good morning…..thank you for this incredible experience! I found the Detox to be easy. I have easily breezed through the first two pays after the cleanse but I would like to go back to my regular smoothies and I remember a question about eating too much raw kale, spinach or other cruciferous vegetable like this. Will you please send me reliable information and a site on this as I would like to share it with a friend. Thanks!

  11. says:

    Hi, I am day four of the detox and totally blown away because i don’t feel hungry I feel hollow but my body is satisfied with the nutrients it is getting from the juices, broth, herbal tea and Chia seed shake. I feel wonderful and am identifying some of the things i now can do without struggling. I want to continue detoxing for as long as my body will tolerate it so how many days over five can i go for? I’m feeling confident and cannot wait to start walking for exercise again because my breathing is a little harder and i need to stop often to catch my breath and rest my body. Enjoying my new feeling

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      It is recommended to stop the cleanse after 5 days along with everyone else.

      Coming off of the cleanse properly is the most important part of the cleanse.

      Instead of going longer, put that motivation you feel into preparing nourishing meals to start to form positive eating habits.

      Hope this helps!
      – Nadine, GM Team

  12. Jane Fisher says:


    • Gillian Kempner says:

      Hi Jane, although I’ve been practicing pretty clean eating (89% or thereabouts) for some while now, I too at one point before the detox was worried about “having” to follow “rules” and then slipping into diet mentality and then slipping gradually into rebellious relapse! But this feels very different. The advice consistently and encouragingly throughout has been you can’t go wrong, you do the best you can, in the circumstances you are in. Every meal I have complete freedom of choice, even, and especially now. I’m genuinely free of cravings so I can make rational decisions with full awareness. I’m not thinking at all that I have to give up anything for ever, and as long as I take it day by day with no “never” rules, I can exercise my genuine choices with real freedom. So I’m liberated! Also, I’m in the U.K. too, and i think I s eminently manageable from here despite time zone challenges!!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Jane,

      it is better to add the Big 3 into your existing meals rather than restrict yourself initially, as this will just create
      a ‘diet mentality’. Rather than that, listen to the visualizations regularly, and slowly add more and more positives into your meals and eventually you will crowd out the things that are best to avoid.

      Hope this helps!


      Kelly, GM Team

      • Gillian Kempner says:

        Yes, just want to say that focussing on the Big Three is what has made ALL the difference for me. It’s absolutely true; when you concentrate on these the shift to better choices happens automatically. Magic!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Focus more on adding in great nourishing foods rather than on restriction or deprivation.

      Even if you choose to have wheat on your diet for now make sure that at the same time you add in The Big 3 (protein, live foods and omega 3s).

      Jon usually have his shows 8:00 p.m. (EST) New York, USA but this can change depending on Jon’s availability.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nadine, GM Team

  13. Rusty Fleischer says:

    Jon and Nadia, Thank you so much for these amazing 2 weeks. I started the Jon Gabriel Program a year and a half ago during which time I have released 12 kilogram. I had a great sense of satisfaction during the pre-cleanse week to see how far I have come already as far as eating healthy and this strongly affirmed the path I have chosen. The detox was a wonderful experience and I feel strong and rejuvenated.At the age of 69 it gives me great pleasure to know that there is still so much to learn and to “wake up”. Much love and gratitude to you guys and the whole detox community.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rusty! On behalf of Jon and Nadia, we want to congratulate you for completing the program! It was indeed a pleasure to have you around all throughout the 2-week detox journey and we are delighted to learn that you had an amazing experience. Sending you warm hugs and healing light!- Jenn, GM Team

  14. Gillian Kempner says:

    How quickly will the last event appear online as a video? Just woke up in the UK ready to catch up and can’t access it yet! Will it be available soon? Thanks!

  15. Kyle Dellario says:

    Just now catching up with Day 5 session and have some questions.
    1. What is your definition of “live foods”?
    2. What are the “Big 3” ?
    3. What are good sources of fiber?
    4. What are good sources of Omega-3?

    Thank you!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Great questions, Kyle. Please find the answers below:

      1. “Live Foods” refer to foods that grow from the ground, so this includes fresh fruits and vegetables (like salad greens, sprouts and fermented veggies – not canned or processed).
      2. “The Big 3” relates to: 1) Protein Rich Foods 2) Omega-3 Foods 3) Live Foods
      3. Cauliflower, almonds, broccoli, brussel sprouts, root vegetables and tubers that are organically grown are some great sources of fiber.
      4. Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Echium Oil, Chia Oil, Flax Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic cold-pressed coconut oil and grass-fed butter are good sources of Omega-3 aside from cold water fish and other seafoods.

      Hope this helps!

      Jenn, GM Team

      • Kyle Dellario says:

        Thank you so much for your answers and for the whole program. I learned so much! So pleased I was able to make it through the whole 2 weeks. I followed your guidelines and have had no problems coming off the cleanse. My plans are to continue with a “clean” diet and continue to lose weight. I have a lot of weight to lose but this has been an awesome beginning! Thank you so much!

  16. You are all awesome – congratulations on completing this cleanse! What a truly amazing gift you have all given yourselves.

    A couple links I talked about in today’s call that I wanted to share with you;

    Dry Skin Brushing;

    Chocolate Pudding;

    Love and light to each of you!

    • Karoline says:

      Nadia, I’m Karoline from Philadelphia and I called in on the last night. I did not speak with you and forgot to thank you for all you have done for me in this detox. I am so sorry that I forgot to express that to you on the phone call. I mean it, your participation and expertise during this time was gentle, loving and extremely supportive. My first day was pretty rough and I would have quit it if it weren’t for your support. I thank you, you are great. Keep up the good work and I’ll be spending time on your website! Warmly, Karoline

  17. Rose Dallal says:

    Hi, I’m not on facebook… Where do I find a link to Jon’s video “Living a Detoxification Lifestyle”?
    Where do I find Nadia’s toothpaste recipe with the myrrh and no mint?
    Will we get access to Jon’s bonus video “Juicing and Blending for Life”?
    Thank you very much!

  18. Angela Vogt says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia and GM Team, firstly thanks very much for all your time and wonderful information.

    I have some questions:

    1. there will be times when I will go out to eat at restaurant and eat “bad’ foods. Also I’m away from home for 1 month over January and staying at my mums (who has a terrible diet). I do this every year and try very hard to eat well every meal but it’s not possible to do it all the time. I’m wondering after I’ve eaten bad foods is it sensible to do a one day fast with juice?? will that help when you’ve been clogging up your system over a period of time?

    part 2… how often is that okay so it doesn’t stuff up your system and start toxins accumulating

    2. Are there any healthy versions of pasta apart from spiralled zuchinni and carrot etc that you can buy from the shop

    3. Any advice on cellulite, been losing weight but would love to see some of the cellulite go away

  19. Anjoleena Griffin-Holst says:

    Day 5! I was shocked at how much mucus my body wanted to shed. Crazy runny nose and phlegm for the past 2 days. It really showed me that my body was healing itself. I have done other less healthy detoxes but they never addressed my sugar cravings so I’d be good for a bit then given in to temptation. With this I have felt nourished, saited and energized! I live the idea of ancient body so this is going to be a joy to come off and ease into a new part of my life. Thank you!

  20. Unni says:

    Hi 🙂

    I have a few questions I did not find answers to during the week:

    * Jon mentioned that we should not have too much spinach during the cleanse, why is that?
    * We have the omega drink with protein rich chia seeds – how come they don´t activate the digestive system?
    * What might be the reason for an extremely dry mouth during the cleanse? …been drinking a lot…

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  21. Tibasse says:

    Hi everyone!
    What’s the general consensus about the sprouted grain bread (like Ezekiel 4:9)?
    I switched from cereal and milk to ezekiel bread with nut butter and fresh fruits over the last year and got used to that. Is it something I can keep in the future?

  22. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia, I want firstly to thank you for the amazing information that you are supplying us with, its beyond what I was expecting. I have managed this week with only a horrible morning on day 3 and then today, day 5 ive felt nauseas and have a headache. Im looking forward to coming off the cleanse and eating again. I think I understand what it is you want us to do from tomorrow on but my question is this. Ive just finished Jons book and was hoping to take on board that approach. But the cleanse seems to be that we follow this way of life from now on and Im not sure Im ready for that. I didn’t realise we were meant to give up dairy, wheat etc from now on. Could you advise me please? Secondly, I am tempted to join the method support group, as per recent email, but don’t think i will be able to speak to Jon because of time zones, Im in the UK and at the moment I am catching up with the brilliant webinars the next day as they are on at Midnight here. Also is it just for people who are seriously living the detox lifestyle or for everyone trying to move forward with Jons method? Would you please let me know about your advice for this as well please? Maybe I should move to Australia! Very tempting! Many, many, many thanks. Xx

  23. Gillian Kempner says:

    A few questions now we move forward! I’m keen to make as many sensible changes as I can over coming months, and I’m particularly interested in the gut flora issue. I had to have a course of antibiotics a month ago (first one in about two decades :-() and so I want to really get to grips with pro-biotic foods. I’ve heard that you get more variety of bacteria through a wide range of foods rather than taking a supplement. Is this correct? I will continue with my supplement pro-biotic in any event. Second, i understand good probitoic foods include roots and tubers. How should these be prepared? Lightly steamed or raw? Generally too on veggie prep, what veggies are best steamed rather than eaten raw? Next, regarding detoxing the house, have you any suggestions for natural sprays to deter dogs from carpets and furnishings? And for cleaning carpet stains? And for hair styling? Lastly, I have been taking MSM powder for months and had alleviated joint pain in my fingers. I was a bit disappointed that a couple of joints had flared this morning; would this be because i stopped the MSM for the detox? Will this clean way of eating eventually eliminate inflammation of the jopints anyway, without the MSM?

    Thanks so much to all the team. It’s been an amazing journey. Our entire household is now on board with the idea of this approach to eating, with real enthusiasm from my daughters and husband, and all feeling the benefits greatly. So, so grateful for all the support, help and advice!

  24. Stacey Brooks says:

    Haven’t gotten a chance to listen to last night’s webinar…but just wanted to say that this has been a breeze for me. My husband got onboard and that made a giant difference. I can’t imagine having done this while someone else was cooking here all week. The best thing for me was the Omega drink. Somehow I felt like it felt more like food to eat the chia seeds. It was good to feel the anchor of coming back to the group. Thank you John and Nadia for leading us through this experience with your generosity, knowledge and wisdom!

  25. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are more questions and answers from the Day 4 Detox Your Kitchen Class! Keep asking!


    #Elizabeth : I know this is off topic of detoxing the kitchen, but we started the cleanse 1 day ahead of schedule since we have an out of town wedding to attend this weekend and will be arriving at the resort Friday afternoon. So my question is, can you quickly give some highlights of what to do and what not to do the day after our last cleanse day?
    Answer: This was asked and answered during the webinar.

    #Sue : I never used essential oils. How do I know what ones are good and where would I get them?
    Answer: I use essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. Living Libations in Canada is also a good company.

    #Taralyn : QUESTION: Is there another suggestion for milk besides coconut (allergic to nuts)? Raw Organic Milk perhaps?
    Answer: Raw organic milk from healthy cows or goats can be a good option. You can also make hemp seeds milk.

    #Rebekah : Can you make coconut milk?
    Answer: Yes, I found this link to help you.

    #Sharon H: can you make a seed milk
    Answer: Yes you can. For example to make hemp seed milk, blend one part hemp seeds to 4 parts water and that is it. You can adjust the amount of water you use to make either a thicker or thinner milk. You can make it more fancy by adding a pinch of sea salt, one whole (pitted) date and a pinch of vanilla powder.

    Alexis – GM Team

  26. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Congratulations for reaching this far! It is such an incredible experience to do this all together. Hope you all are feeling great! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session (Cleanse Day 5 – Concluding the Cleanse).


    For those who missed the webinar, you can find the replay here >>>

    #Rose : I’m enjoying the calmness of the cleanse in my body, and the visualizations are so helpful in staying focused! I’m burping a lot today – why is that?
    Answer: There are several causes of burping but it could be something as simple as you unconsciously inhaling air when you are drinking your liquids. Since you are drinking more liquids than usual, that probably the cause.

    #Gretchen : I am on day four and had to break the fast. Woke up, heart was racing, light-headed, felt sick, could not think and just felt awful. What is that about?
    Answer: Sometimes detoxing can happen hard and fast. You listened to what your body needed. Keep listening and take it easy for the rest of the cleanse.

    #Carmen : How does food sensitively play in here? To dairy or eggs?
    Answer: Taking a break from commonly eaten foods which you may have a sensitivity to is a great way to clean them out of your system. When you go back to eating foods and you have either of these, pay attention to how you are feeling. Tired, sluggish, weak, bloating, gas. These are all symptoms that you are indeed sensitive to these foods. Jon in general stays away from dairy anyways as it can be a very inflammatory food.

    #Carmen : Has anyone ever successfully ended it after a cleanse (think Carmen is referring to ending food sensitivities)
    Answer: While you can heal food sensitivities, some people’s bodies don’t process foods the same. If your body doesn’t digest a food properly, it is best to be avoided so that it does not strain your system causing inflammation.

    #Roma : I’ve gained weight… but my joints are less stiff and painful… How often does that happen Jon?
    Answer: The body can act in a variety of ways during a cleanse. It sounds like you are healing at a cellular level which can cause both of these things to happen. Many people gain weight before they lose it because their body is in a new environment and can trigger old patterns. Once it knows that you will continue to nourish it, the body can relax and release the weight.

    #Renee : My body feels like it’s puffy all over – maybe so much water and liquids ?
    Answer: It could be water retention which should pass. Keep an eye on it as the cleanse ends.

    #Julie : Supergreens – I’ve forgotten what Jon said about these (I haven’t added them to my diet yet). Did the product need to be juiced first and then powdered, so it’s more available for our bodies to use? How would that be written in the ingredient list so I know it’s the right one?
    Answer: You are correct. The best way to find out is to call the company and ask about the production process.

    #Tibasse : Since I never liked hot drinks, I don’t drink the morning tea, just water with lemon. So I don’t get the coconut oil that comes with it either. I was wondering if it’s fine that I don’t “eat” or drink any fat at all during the week. It’s end of day 3 and I feel very good.
    Answer: That is totally fine. As long as you are taking your Omega 3 Shake / Chia Drink, you still get your daily dose of healthy fat.

    #Lorrell : By the end of the weekend, can I have homemade goat milk kefir (goat milk pasteurized as it is the only way I can get it, unless I own a portion of a goat)
    Answer: Jon typically stays away from dairy unless it it raw. Gilk milk kefir is better than cow milk kefir though. If you can find coconut kefir, that is preferred.

    #Angela : missed the first 7 mins of this, question about raw veggies… does this mean don’t cook them?
    Answer: Raw veggies are uncooked veggies, you are correct!

    #Cissie : I haven’t seen yogurt mentioned yet. Okay to have a little Greek yogurt first few days? And is coconut yogurt the best even though it doesn’t have a lot of protein
    Answer: Throughout the Pre-Cleanse week we’d like to avoid as much dairy as possible as it causes inflammation and that’s one of the things we’d like to help reduce during this detox. Coconut yogurt is a nice food for before and after the cleanse but not during. I would look for one that has no added sugars.

    #Marisol : Crucifers can be gaseous, would it be recommended to wait until Day 2 or 3 to eat cruciferous veggies?
    Answer: Different people react differently to cruciferous vegetables. If they may you gaseous you can wait a few more days. Make sure to chew thoroughly to help break them down more before they get to your stomach and this should also help.

    #Sharon, Marisol & Gretchen & Deborah : when do we add our vitamins and supplements?
    Answer: You should be okay to start adding your vitamins and supplements on day 2 after the detox to give your digestion a chance to start working again.

    #Sharon : What about farro? (type of grain)
    Answer: Farro contains gluten which Jon recommends trying to stay away from when possible as gluten has been shown to have a myriad of negative effects on the body.

    Alexis – GM Team

  27. Ally says:

    1. I ended detox right now. My first solid meal (after 3 glasses of water) was pre soaked almonds and an apple as breakfast with detox tea. few hours later for lunch I ate one small bowl of cooked cabbage, with a half a bowl of lentil curry and a piece of fermented homemade mango pickle. Instantly my stomach began to hurt. Could jon/nadia/someone from the team explain how I will move past feeling uncomfortable and the stomach ache moving forward?

    2. Can I continue drinking the broth for dinner? or is it not advised to have the broth as it is not digested?

  28. Laura Schoolcraft says:

    What are your thoughts about stevia used to sweeten tea?

  29. Taralyn Henry says:

    The link to the Day 5 Download Audio MP3 is not working.

    • Taralyn Henry says:

      To clarify, you can listen to it (Day 5 Audio MP3), but not Download it. I wish to Download it like the rest.
      The slides, on the other hand, do Download just fine.
      Thank you,

  30. Lindy Arnold says:

    Hello team,
    I am concluding the cleanse today and have tried to downlaod the MP3, so that can listen to it later today. Please can you check the link, it’s not downlaoding.

    Dear Jon and Nadia,
    Regarding the cleanse, it’s been hard to do whilst working, etc. I find myself making mistakes, (my spelling this week has been atrocious 🙂 ). But it’s the first time in my 50+ years that I have stuck to a program so religiously (at no stage have I felt deprived). I think the pre cleanse is a stroke of genius as it helps you get ready for the cleanse, as are the webinars, info and other support material you have developed. My best is the morning and evening visualisation. The community has been a great motivation too. So as I conclude my cleanse today, I would like to say a simple thank you for a life changing experience. Things are different for me now.
    Yours in appreciation.

  31. Kirsten says:

    Hello Jon and Nadia 🙂
    I’m thinking of going to a Naturapath to address several issues (mostly trying to reverse medical problems). I’ve never been to one, so I’m wondering how I find a ‘good’ one? What questions do I need to ask to know whether the Naturapath will be able to help and support the GM journey I’ve started? Or would joining the GM support group be enough?
    Is Gut testing important, e.g Microbiome and Food Intolerances?
    I have a GREAT medical team who support me, but now I need a FANTASTIC whole-food, lifestyle, etc team to support my ongoing journey and wondering how I go about finding that team.
    These two weeks of support with both of you and the GM cleansing community has shown me the importance of having this support in my life!
    Thank you SO very much!
    Have a great day
    Kirsten 🙂

  32. Sue Chandler says:

    Nadia, you talked a lot about essential oils last night and I spent 3 hours after the webinar researching them. I concluded that organic is best, but couldn’t find a supplier I was comfortable with. Where do you get yours, and which ones are the absolutely-must-haves?

  33. says:

    Hi John and Nadia, I started detoxing yesterday and i was very skeptical that i could go without eating solid food for the day but! I think i am enjoying this experience so far I haven’t got extreme hunger pains as i thought i would and, i can be around while others are eating. I am going to give myself new experiences trying some of the basic detox recipes you have given us John and i gotta say the broth is tasty and filling. I am not so afraid now, thank you

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      That’s awesome Yvonne! Congratulations for doing a great job on your journey. Always listen to your body and try out the visualizations that come in with the detox program.

      -Jong- GM Team

  34. Kelly Carter says:

    Looking to start the 10g of omega 3 supplements as John talks about in his book but really bad at swallowing tablets. Am I okay to take omega 3 oil instead? If so the strength states 1600mg per 5ml… am I correct in thinking I will need to take 30ml ? Thanks for any help with this 🙂

  35. Karoline says:

    What was the name of the company Jon mentioned that he liked on yesterday’s webinar, for skin products. Was it Ilia? I’d like to look into that subject.

  36. Ally says:

    1. Do we eat solids at the end of day 5 or start solids on day 6?
    2. The webinar on refined oils was very helpful. Thoughts on sesame oil? Used a lot in asian food.

  37. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    What a fantastic week – lots of great information! Hope you all are feeling great! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session (Cleanse Day 4 – Detox Your Kitchen).


    For those who missed the webinar, you can find the replay here >>>

    #Kyle : So when they say organic it is not necessarily grass-fed?
    Answer: If beef or a dairy product is labeled “grass-fed,” it came from cows exclusively fed grass, hay and forage. No grains were included in the mix on the other hand organic cows are fed organic feed that could include grain.

    #sk : I understand that some oils that are uber healthy at room temp bec caustic when heated beyond their breakpoint. Can you address high heat cooking?
    Answer: Hi SK, there are oils that are not meant to used for cooking. Here are some Gabriel Method Friendly Oils to use:

    Cold Oils:
    Flax (Linseed) oil, Chia seed oil, Walnut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Cooking Oils:
    Ghee, Cold pressed bran oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil

    #sk: Of topic – but perhaps it could be answered on teh FB page: Any recommendation for eye makeup remover that is “edible” grade?
    Answer: You can use coconut oil or sun flower oil to naturally remove make-up. Here’s a blog from Kriss Karr that you might find helpful:

    #Angela : jarred minced garlic and ginger – should we stay away from these?
    Answer: Always check the label, if you see ingredients that are unknown and you wouldn’t
    actually eat then you should generally stay away from it.

    #Margaret: Is there an article on dry brushing What do we use to brush with
    Answer: Check out this blog from Kris Karr:

    Alexis – GM Team

  38. Ally says:

    day 4 webinar is not live yet?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Ally,

      I hope you didn’t miss the live webinar earlier. Sorry for not getting back to you soon. The recordings are normally up within 24-48 hours from the initial telecast. It should be available soon, just hang in there. Thanks!

      Jenn, GM Team

  39. Martina says:

    Hi everybody – what do you say about pumkin seed oil? Is this allowed, is this generally good for the bodey? I like it very much and I took it also in precleansing – not this week because the taste is aweful! – Martina

  40. JAMES BRADY says:

    Going well, the first and only time ever I have actually managed to stick to a plan. Want to know if ok to add a knob of butter( grass fed) to detox tea? Tastes great Thanks for the support and guidance

  41. Kirsten says:

    Well!! I’m just full of questions today! 😉

    Activated Charcoal…… do I want that? and why would I want that?

    Supergreens – I’ve forgotten what Jon said about these (I haven’t added them to my diet yet). Did the product need to be juiced first and then powdered, so it’s more available for our bodies to use? How would that be written in the ingredient list so I know it’s the right one?


  42. Shelley Beller says:

    I am having horrible muscle cramps in my upper body. How do I make them go away?????

    • Kirsten says:

      Hi Shelley 🙂
      Just a suggestion, as I’m not part of the GM Team, but perhaps adding more of the salts to your broths might help. I take magnesium for cramps every day and haven’t stopped that during this cleanse, as I get intense cramps in my legs and restless legs, so didn’t want that to reoccur for any reason.
      Hope you get relief soon!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Shelley, focus on putting some sea salt in water and broths, have more broth, have an epsom salt bath, see if doing some stretching helps, use a topical magnesium spray.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nadine, GM Team

  43. Tibasse says:

    Since I never liked hot drinks, I don’t drink the morning tea, just water with lemon. So I don’t get the coconut oil that comes with it either.
    I was wondering if it’s fine that I don’t “eat” or drink any fat at all during the week. It’s end of day 3 and I feel very good.


    • Kirsten says:

      Further to Tibasse’s question, are we allowed to use grass-fed butter in our broths this week? I just added that as I don’t like the coconut oil in the broth or tea, so trying to think of other ways of having the fat and it was yummy!

    • Gillian Kempner says:

      I don’t like the fat in the tea either, so I just take it neat. Reminds me of the cod liver oil dose we used to take as children! I’ve been using MCT oil and it’s quite pleasant. In the evening, I’ve added grass fed butter to the broth, which is delicious too. Instinct is telling me the fat is important, don’t know why.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tibasse, nothing on this cleanse is mandatory and we encourage you to make it your own. Keep doing the chia drinks and all of the other nourishing liquids. Thanks! -April, GM Team

  44. Kirsten says:

    Hello GM Team 🙂
    Do we have unlimited access to the Yoga, GM Exercises and Tapping Videos AFTER our cleanse finishes?
    with thanks,
    Kirsten 🙂

  45. Veronica Kettleborough says:

    Having issues with smells or pictures of food making me feel hungry last night and tonight. What are others doing to combat this?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Veronica,

      If you feel the need to eat, it is fine, consider eating something from the backup foods list.
      You can’t fail at this program. Do what you need to do. You will still get benefits from eating clean foods.

      Hope this helps.


      Kelly, GM Team

  46. Rose Dallal says:

    I’m enjoying the calmness of the cleanse in my body, and the visualizations are so helpful in staying focused!
    I’m burping a lot today – why is that?

  47. Mel says:

    Can someone please explain how to make sunscreen with Zinc Oxide?

    Also would daily sun exposure be recommended even for someone who has already had a recent bout of Basal Cell Carcinoma?

    Thank you.

  48. Margaret says:

    I have looked on face book and can’t find the recipies. Is there a special way to get to the GM Facebook? Oh man i’m not great at this.

  49. Len says:

    Hi, Jon referenced very briefly a 2-week cleanse he did once. Why would one do this, is it doubly beneficial, and/or if one feels good toward the end of the week is that a good idea?

  50. Stacey Brooks says:

    The funny great thing that has happened for me in doing this cleanse is realizing that I can do this very very comfortably. Which beckons the question, Why do I make wrong choices ever? It is so clear that giving the body what makes sense to it, creates a peace that resides in the body and emanates out to the rest of me. I have been relieved of a negativity that I had been carrying. I feel lighter. I am moving more easily, woke up less stiff than usual. Have needed to do my massage work this week but it hasn’t been problematic. And…the real bonus is all of the time I have now that I am not cooking anything but broth! Time to do battle with the power of temptation, thoughts of deprivation, cravings and sugar highs…and see where it takes me. My head feels so separate from the rest of my body! Enjoy this day! It is a bright crisp autumn day in Woodstock,NY and I believe it is the right time for a nice relaxing walk!

  51. Karoline says:

    I find myself having hiccups yesterday and again today. Right now, I just gobble down tons of water. Anything I should be doing for it?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Sorry for the late response. Try sipping of some warm water with apple cider vinegar, and try not to stress too much about it, they will pass. You can also try the deep breathing exercise that we guided you through in an earlier webinar.

      Hope this helps.

      -Jong- GM Team

  52. Rusty Fleischer says:

    The cleanse has been wonderful and I thank you for the opportunity. The first three days went well with no side affects besides sleeping worse than usual. Today, day 4, I got up feeling very tired, so I rested, and hungry so I made the blended raw soup (yummy). Tomorrow, Thursday, is day 5 for me. Since there is an 8 hour time difference, I do not hear the live broadcast (it’s 2 am) and listen to the recordings when they are posted the following day. That is usually around 10 am. My concern is needing to wait until the replay is posted in order to get instructions as to how to come off the detox.
    People who have asked about what happens after the detox have not in my opinion received an answer (see Debbie below). My sense is that you guys are keeping your cards close to your chest on that untill the end. That being said, it is important to me to know how to handle the “after” when I get up in the morning (usually around 6:30 am) and not have to wait till the replay is posted. I would greatly appreciate support on this. Thank you.

    • R C says:

      Hi Rusty
      I hope you have by now found the ‘Checklist’ that summarises coming off the detox.
      This information has been there from the start. There is a list for each day of the pre-cleanse & the cleanse.
      From your comment I presume that you haven’t found the ‘Checklist’ link (next to the Q & A link) before now.
      IMHO it wouldn’t matter if you just continued the cleanse until you listened to the replay.
      Anyway… follow the instructions on the sheet and the main thing is to chew, chew, chew and stimulate your digestion.
      (even chew your smoothies LOL) Take it slowly and start off with foods with a high water content.
      Good luck… hope it goes well.

  53. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you all are feeling great and excited for the next session! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session (Cleanse Day 3 – Detox Your Home).

    For those who missed the webinar, you can find the replay here >>>


    #Cissie : Unrelated to our topic tonight, I’ve been wondering if tomatoes are good for juicing this week b/c I don’t see or hear any mention of them
    Answer : Tomatoes are fine in your juices. Experiment with different combinations and always have lots of greens.

    #Lauri : I am wondering what the originally-conceived time frame is for coming off the cleanse? Beginning Friday? I just ask because I have a ceremony to sing for Thursday night and wondering about what state I might be in with regards to the schedule of the cleanse. Thanks.
    Answer : Number of days for the actual cleanse is 5 days.

    #Debbie : My husband is doing the detox with me. We started early and now on day 3 he would like to stop. My question is how best to go off the detox?
    Answer : 5 days is a nice amount of time to cleanse and then spend the next days moving forward. Keep in mind that coming off the cleanse properly and going on to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices in between cleanses is a very important part of what we are doing.

    #Francesca : Hi there, i had a meal yesterday, steamed fish and bok choy, have i ruined my detoxification? will my body have the opportunity to shut down digestion? I feel like i ruined this cleanse.
    Answer : You cannot fail at this. Just go from this moment. Take some digestive enzymes. Drink lemon water and then just continue from there. Remember your visualizations before going to bed and waking up in the morning – these can really help you.

    #Margaret : Sounds like white vinegar with salt and baking soda should clean the deep in-ground grease from the BBQ. Would that be right?
    Answer : Yes, vinegar and baking soda mixture can be used to remove grease from BBQ Grill.

    #Kirsten : Just wondering what happens when we reheat in the microwave? why is it discouraged?
    Answer : Heating your food in the microwave can strip away its original nutrients. What may have started as a nutritious plate of food can turn into “dead food” due to the dielectric heating of microwaves.

    Alexis – GM Team

  54. Anjoleena Griffin-Holst says:

    The first two days went better than expected. I’ve done ‘cleanses’ before but always felt cravings and out of balance. With this I’m feeling saited and supported. The biggest difference is the meditations and quieting my mind. It’s nice to work through my addiction to food in a kind and loving way. When those fear voices come up I talk to myself and my body as I would a friend who is struggling. I love and honor the little girl who was treated with hot chocolate and donuts because she was her mother’s co-pilot while escaping an abusive stepfather. I understand that food can’t make me safe or happy, only my thoughts and connecting to the stream of life can fill me up. I learned to fall asleep in the car, now it’s time to release my relying on food to comfort me and just let it be the fuel that ignites this amazing life.

    I wish everyone well on their journey.

    • Karoline says:

      I loved your statement above. I suffered the same thing, but I think my focus is more on lack of abundance (from being with the evil stepfather and also when we ran away). I love your re-focus of food being fuel rather than comfort. It’s a hard change to make. I wish us both luck!

  55. Shannon Hawks says:

    Versatile Biodegradable Washing Liquid – for clothes (Front & Top loading machine suitable), mopping floors & cleaning toilet

    Recipe (makes 10L)

    1/2 cup pure grated soap
    1/2 cup washing soda crystals
    1/2 cup vinegar (I use white)
    1/2 teaspoon Eucalyptus oil
    1/2 teaspoon Lavender oil
    1L tepid water
    5L hot water
    4L cold water


    Into large pot put tepid water & grated soap
    Dissolve over heat
    Once dissolved, GRADUALLY add washing soda
    Stir until dissolved
    Add Vinegar & Oils
    Stir well, remove from heat.
    Transfer soap mix into large bucket (10L)
    Add hot water then cold, stir
    Leave overnight to ‘set’
    Once set, Stir well (I use a stick blender) & bottle.

    Use 2-3 cups per machine load of washing
    or a good splash into the toilet
    or a good splash into a bucket for mopping.

    Happy Cleaning 🙂

  56. Karla Wiedeman says:

    I am very nauseous. I haven’t been able to drink any of the juices or broth today at all. Just the thought of them makes me feel like I’m going to get sick. I’ve been drinking organic decaf peppermint tea and water….that’s it. Is this ok? Any suggestions?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Karla,
      Here are some suggestions that you can try:
      -rest rest REST
      -keep yourself warm
      -keep sipping on water and, if you can handle it, sip on broth, tea, etc.
      -peppermint tea or ginger tea sipped on can help
      -try and still your mind with nice deep breaths, and visualization imagery.
      -remind yourself that this will pass
      -eat something from the backup foods list if you need to

      Hope this helps.
      -Jong- GM Team

  57. From today’s webinar (Detox Your Home):



    On these pages you will see the upgraded version just below the original recipes.

    Have fun browsing around the site for other recipes like make-up, dusting tips, no shampoo, mouthwash, dry skin brushing, oil pulling and so much more

  58. Judith Dionne says:

    There is so much information on the Detox your Home slides, how can we download them or print them?

  59. Kirsten says:

    Hello 🙂
    We use natural cleaners most of the time but we use goat milks soap (liquid and bars) and castile soap for washing our bodies. Is that ok?

  60. Lavinia Sirbescu says:

    Today, under prescription of my doctor, I had to start assuming the tranexamic acid for hypermenohrrea, twice a day. I got a headache a few hours after assuming it.How do you think I can reduce side effects of the drug? I was doing just fine until I have to take it.Thank you for everything , for your wonderful work and excuse my English!

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Lavinia,

      If you just started taking medication and are on this cleanse, we highly recommend you speak to your doctor to see if you should be doing this cleanse while on this medication. Cleansing while on medication can either intensify their effects or dull their effects, both which can be dangerous depending on what the medication is and how your body reacts to it. Make sure you drink plenty of water and speak with your doctor about your side effects.

      Janine GM Team

      • Lavinia Sirbescu says:

        Hi Janice, I met my doctor today and he urged me to start eating. I don t know how to start eating solid food again, which food should I start with? The medication I take lowers my blood pressure and gives me headaches and stomachaches. Meantime I ve started eating some of the backup foods.What else should I do?

  61. Lauri Shainsky says:

    I like the comment that this is as much psychological as it is physiological. and metaphysical for that matter. Food and our relationship with it forms a part of our personalities that is very basic and egoic. When we fast, we have an opportunity to look at these egoic constructs –in my community we call them masks–parts of our persona that cover over our true self. Sh_t arises from perceptions and experiences of feeling deprived. And this is also an opportunity to clear these, to see past the masks to our core (I know, yippee, right?). I realized last night when I was teaching my sound healing course, that veils of persona had dropped away and a new tenderness was revealed. it was really quite sweet and surprising. I have been on several vision quests, where we fast–no food. This detox is sweet because we get to have nourishment. Nadia’s advice to create some quiet sacred time for ourselves is so very beneficial. We are likely to hear new things or notice new things about our strength, your beauty. It is easy to focus on what we can’t or aren’t having. I am so grateful for what I do get to have. and what an interesting time for us in the US who have a wave of emotions coming from our recent election to ride on top of this cleanse. I say, let’s clean ourselves up so our outer world can clean up too. don’t mean to be preachy, but I guess I am alittle fired up. Like Jon said, he wrote his book on a cleanse. I am embracing this time to do similarly…thank you!

    • Janine Oliver says:


      Think globally and act locally! And be the change you want to see in the world! Thanks so much for your participation and insight! You are doing wonderfully!

      Janine GM Team

  62. Karoline says:

    Today has been better than yesterday, not feeling any particular energy, and a tiny bit foggy. I’m just kind of sad that I have no good food to look forward tonight after work and to for several more days yet. Kind of depressing. But I know this is good for me. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Karoline,

      It sounds like you are getting into the emotional part of the detox and how we so easily relate to food as a comfort source. You are doing great! Hang in there!

      -Janine GM Team

  63. Kelly Shamblen says:

    I find when I get a coffee craving, (cause who doesn’t love a Starbucks run??) I go for a product that Kris Carr turned me onto called Teechino. It’s an herbal coffee. No caffeine. Teechino comes in several different flavors. I used that daily last week but haven’t found a need for it this week. You can find it online or at Whole Foods or other specialty grocery stores.

  64. Lauri Shainsky says:

    Hyi Ya’ll loving the simplicity and vision quest-like quality this is bringing to my life. thanks.
    I am wondering what the originally-conceived time frame is for coming off the cleanse? Beginning Friday? I just ask because I have a ceremony to sing for Thursday night and wondering about what state I might be in with regards to the schedule of the cleanse. Thanks.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      That’s wonderful, Lauri! Yes, Friday is the first day after cleanse. Cleanse day 5 live webinar will take place on Thursday @7:00pm EST, while the online Cleanse Wrap Up Party will be a day after. Keep in mind that the schedule is just a suggestion. You can definitely do the program at your own pace. Happy Detoxing!

      Jenn, GM Team

  65. Stacey Brooks says:

    I wanted to offer that I think this detox cleanse is as much for our psychologies as it is for our bodies. I am coming up against thoughts that try to undermine my aim. I am having my small cup of consolation coffee as I write this. I guess I feel that all the dieting and programming from life has succeeded in cutting me off from my animal brain that would make food choices based more on my body’s need,than emotional or social cues. One day of fasting has left me completely not hungry. When I drink anything, it is me telling myself that I need to do this. Shows me how identified I am with tastes, textures and certain foods that I have told myself that I NEED. As they say…This too shall pass. I am confident that this little journey will flip lots of switches inside me and put me into a better relationship with my body. Good Luck today Everyone!

  66. Francesca Pace says:

    I see from comments below that itis recommended to have 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, however the shopping list for week 2 suggested 1L of coconut oil for the whole week, so i am confused as i thought was recommended to have the whole 1L give or take. I have been having alot of coconut oil during the day, maybe 8-10 tablespoons (four in my tea & two spoons from the jar), Am i going to gain weight?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Francesca,

      Don’t worry dear! You won’t gain weight from coconut oil. If your body seems to be ok with that much coconut oil, you are fine. You can back off a bit if you like. There is no failing! Just listen to your body. You are doing great!

      Janine GM Team

      • Francesca Pace says:

        Thanks Janine, are you sure it won’t make gain weight – i feel like i ruined this cleanse and i was hoping to lose a bit of weight this week, but i had a meal yesterday as well (fish and vegetables & a soy coffee) i really stuffed up hey!!

  67. Kelly Shamblen says:

    Going forward, how often would you recommend doing a cleanse (i.e. monthly, semi-annual, annually, etc…)?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kelly. Once a year detox is great, could be twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Hope this helps! – Jenn, GM Team

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Kelly, Once a year is great, could be twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices. – Nadine, GM Team

  68. Ally says:

    ok two serious concerns.

    1) I’m concerned about bowel movements. Being someone who is used to having a very regular and consisted schedule of elimination, I’ve not gone to the bathroom since 36 hours and that is highly concerning. If we are shuttind down digestion, does that mean we are also shuttind down bowel movements? Don’t all these broths and juices need to pass out of our system? I’ve just been peeing non stop, thats all.Sorry if this question is too much information, but this has been troubling me nonstop.
    2) I’m unable to wake up on time. I’m generally up by 8am with an alarm and being a light sleeper the alarm is perfect to get me moving. I woke up at 11am today! Just because when the 8am alarm rang, I got up but instantly felt too lightheaded and weak. Got a headache as well. I understand these are expected symptoms, but what can I do to ensure I’m not doing 11am mornings?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Ally,

      1) Different people react differently but it is not uncommon to stop having bowel movements as you have almost zero fiber and no solids to form a bowel movement. Those who are a getting rid of what they still have inside from before. It doesn’t mean you are constipated as there isn’t food going in to be able to come out.
      2) You may need more rest during this journey so you may wish to try to get off to sleep earlier. If you feel light headed, take it easy and don’t get up too quickly. Gentle stretching in bed to get your blood flowing can help, listening to a morning meditation, and having a plan to get some broth or juice or tea into you to start to gain some energy. Listen to what your body needs most! In today’s busy world we usually never stop, and sometimes a cleanse can help us slow down so that we can repair from the inside out.

      -Janine GM Team

  69. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Great job everyone! Hope you all are feeling great and excited about moving forward! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session (Day 2 Move, Sweat & Breathe).


    #Roma : Does grinding the chia alter the nutritional value at all? I know linseeds should be ground fresh before use
    Answer: No, it doesn’t.

    #Andrea : What about hydro colon therapy?
    Answer: Colonics are not necessary to do during this cleanse but can be a nice addition.

    #Mel : Is it helpful to scrape the tongue during the day as well?
    Answer: Yes, very helpful. I scrape my tongue every morning and often more than once a day when cleansing. Here is some more information;

    #Angela : What are fat-borne toxins?
    Answer: A lot of toxins are stored in our fat cells.

    #Francesca : suffer from hyper pigmentation, do cleanses like this help reverse conditions like that?
    Answer: Hard to say for sure, but cleansing is a great way to give your body a chance to re-balance so many things.

    #Robert : For tomorrow, then: Can you be a little clearer about the level of acceptable exercise? Is there a target heart rate, for instance? (I really don’t want to skip 20-minute exercise that isn’t too taxing to start and end my day.) Also, why is exercise detrimental to the cleanse?

    Answer: Intense exercise is best avoided during week 2. While detoxing you are trying to conserve your energy for the detox process that is happening at a cellular level. Lighter movements and stretching are great but leave cardio exercise until after eating is resumed again (During the pre-cleanse week, cardio is fine).

    #Lucyna : how many tablespoons of coconut oil a day. four with four teas?
    Answer: One or two tablespoons is fine. But listen to your body and if you want another go ahead.

    #Carla : Is there a limit in the amount of coconut oil that we can have?
    Answer: One or two tablespoons is fine. But listen to your body and if you want another go ahead.

    #Taralyn : What’s the recommended time after a cleanse before you do another cleanse?
    Answer: Once a year is great, could be twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

    #Carmen : Should we be tapping those feelings that come up?
    Answer: That is a great idea!

    #Mahtab : Jon and Nadia feel so fatigued and have headache and feel cold and too close to withdraw from this adventure with you. Had some walnuts and Chia smoothie and feel ok a bit. What do you think? Should I continue and if headache and poor concentration persist should I just give up

    Answer: Green juices are very alkaline and very powerful cleansing drinks. When you first start drinking them, it can sometimes make you feel nauseous. If this happens, the best thing to do is to dilute your juice with water and drink it more slowly. You can also focus on more gentle green juices such as more celery and more cucumber.

    It is also advised to do the following:

    -rest rest REST
    -keep yourself warm
    -keep sipping on water and, if you can handle it, sip on broth, tea, etc.
    -peppermint tea or ginger tea sipped on can help
    -try and still your mind with nice deep breaths, and visualization imagery.
    -remind yourself that this will pass
    -eat something from the backup foods list if you need to
    -an enema can help


    Kelly, GM Team

  70. Francesca Pace says:

    I have Coconut butter at home can I have this during the week. Its 100% coconut flesh
    Also, I am drinking a lot of juices and broth and in between usually having the detox tea which I love. I’m not having much water at all, is this an issue. Should I be having less juice and broth and more water?

    I also have SEVA Maple Water the ingredients are 100% pure organic maple sap. Can I substitute this for coconut water this week?


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Francesca,

      If you can, you will want to stick to coconut water during the juice cleanse if possible. The butter will contain fiber activating your digestive system. You can drink extra water if you like, but the juices are hydrating you from the water the fruits and vegetables contain within them. Yes, you may use maple water, diluting it half and half with water as it sounds like it would be sweet.

      Hope this helps!

      Jenn, GM Team

  71. Misty Milner says:

    How long can we stay on this detox? Or, how soon after it is over can I do it again?

    Thank you!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Misty. Once a year is great, could be twice a year but no more often than that. The time between cleanses is a very important time to focus on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices. – Jenn, GM Team

  72. Karoline says:

    I am really struggling today with not eating food, and just drinking nutrients. I don’t know how I’m going to make it to tomorrow, let alone 4 more days. My mind is telling me to eat food, especially since I’m not getting protein which always makes me feel safe and satiated. While I’m not feeling hungry, I am not feeling full either. The detox tea with the coconut oil helps, but does not take the edge off. Maybe it’s psychological, I don’t know. Can anyone help me?

    • Ally says:

      Karoline- I’m in the exact same boat! My mind is just constantly thinking of solid food. Not even junk or processed food, but just solid healthy food

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Karoline,

      If you feel you cannot stick with just liquids, the backup foods will help. The idea is to have only liquids during a cleanse, but at the same time listen to your body and if you need to eat something, we provided you with this list that will be gentle on your system. Don’t worry, you cannot fail at this!

      Jenn, GM Team

    • Lindy Arnold says:

      Hello Karoline, I feel the same way, so last night I made the blended raw soup from the backup foods list. I added some chai and ground flax seed, and some chopped up basil and coriander with a 1/4 avocado. Having something to semi chew really helped and today (my second day) is going so much better. Also the way I look at it… it’s only 5 days. 5 days to really connect with yourself, to think mindfully of nourishing yourself, to get healthier…etc. I’m hoping that it’s a little bit of discomfort BUT a lot of reward.

      In the big scheme of things, it’s not a lot of days to get through.
      Don’t give up just yet.

      Add chai seeds to the detox tea and blend, it gets all creamy and keeps you quite full.
      Have a bubble bath 🙂 and hope you’re still with us tomorrow.

  73. Derek Fryer says:

    Hello, do ginger, turmeric, dandelion root tea count as detox tea? Thanks


  74. Mahtab says:

    Hello Nadia and Jon,
    Hope all is well… you guys are simply wonderful.
    So last night I blew off my pre-cleanse at 8pm for th second time this week. I ate a piece of stake, some mashed potato and and dessert as we went to an event, though my appetite was minimal so couldn’t eat much of it and didn’t finish. Other than that I have always been a clean eater and only thing I cleansed myself from last week was my morning coffee and milk as I love dairy particularly my milk in coffee only in the morning. So I accomplished. .

    Today, my weight was 3 pounds over. From 211 to 215. I need to lose 50 pounds and any shift in weight I naturally freak out. I work out 3 strength training classes weekly and two swimming classes per week normally . I don’t shed a pound. So my mission was to continue on this detox and see if I can reset my body to fat burning. I am 50 years old female.

    Anyhow, today I got my green juice from Wholefoods because I have three kids and two elderly to take care of and don’t have time to juice. My broth and teas are all ready. I can do smoothies in a second.

    Question is :
    Can I simply make green smoothie and not juice? I always add my chia and flax seed and take two containerful with me and it keep me nourished and energy is good on my regular days and repeat maybe 2-3 times weekly and then I have a sensible dinner . With just green juice today, I was exhausted and at times felt have no brain energy and didn’t feel good. Does it have to be juice or can substitute green smoothie and drink the blend ?

    Second question is that in my tea I ended up putting one teaspoon of manuka honey. Am I wrecking the effect of detox or maybe one teaspoonful of manuka honey is not too bad?

    Third question is that if I feel this exhausted , what can I do? I immediately warmed up my veg broth and added a tiny cultured butter and cayenne and sipped and felt better but feel like I want to just sleep and can’t afford it. I am sleepy.

    Fourth question:
    The visualizations always puts me to sleep. Jon’s voice is a lullaby. I can always nap with visualizations. Do you think it is still effective?
    Today I played the blood sugar visualization and just fell sleep.

    Thanks. I am not sure if I can join on line but thought to post. And hopefully when I listen to program you have answered my questions.

    Thanks again and have a lovely week ahead.

  75. Rebekah Keith says:

    Just double checking—it is OK to use the supergreens powder in lieu of the juice? Last week I did my juice the way I’ve always made it with celery, carrots, red bell pepper, parsley and spinach….and, yes, I like this and used to drink 2 cups every morning. I honestly have to chug this basic juice for the Detox to just get it down as fast as possible……shudder. As for the broth, I love it and it will be my go-to liquid. OK with the Detox tea and the omega-3 drink. Thanks!

  76. Kyle Dellario says:

    Is the Omega 3 Shake the same as the chia drink?

  77. Gillian Kempner says:

    We’re only a short time in but I’m interested to note that the detox symptoms of my husband, daughter and me are all different. We all had the same pre-cleanse experience give or take a few bits. I know all the advice we’ve had is that each individual does have a unique experience, so do the varying responses reflect the degrees of toxicity, inflammation etc, we each suffer from? My daughter for example has always been very lactose intolerant, doesn’t have much dairy, but has never eliminated it from her diet. We can’t understand why a day’s fast for religious reasons doesn’t really produce symptoms except headache, whilst this detox has a very “active” effect!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Gillian,

      Thanks for bringing that up. It could be that during a one-day fast, she is only drinking water while during this cleanse she is drinking green juices which actively push toxins out of the body creating more detoxifying symptoms for her. I hope she feels better soon!

      Jenn, GM Team

  78. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Here are more questions and answers from the Day 5 Find Your Detox Rhythm class.
    Keep asking! Lots of great information.


    #Gillian : Can vegetables be used unpeeled for the broth? And can the tatty outside leaves I would normally discard be used? Or the green leaves sometimes attached to e.g. Cauliflower and broccoli? Thanks!
    Answer : The majority of the vitamins and minerals of vegetables actually live in the skin, so unpeeled is great for the broth. The outside leaves or attached leaves are also fine as long as you feel it won’t effect the flavor of the broth.

    #Carmen : Is licorice tea too sweet for the cleanse week?
    Answer :As long as there is no added sweeteners and it is an infusion licorice tea is great.

    #Cheryl : Question on the juices. It seems that the beet juices in the recipes are better this week or after the cleanse week, not during the actual cleanse week due to sugar issues. Is this correct?
    Answer :The beet juices are included for rotating because beets are great at helping cleanse your blood. However you are correct that they contain more natural sugars so should be kept in rotation with the variety of other juice recipes and not overused.

    #Carmen : Aloe vera juice?
    Answer : pure aloe juice (ie no chemicals) is fine. If it produces a strong cleansing effect that is uncomfortable, back off from it.

    Alexis – GM Team

  79. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Good job everyone for another amazing call! Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session.


    Also, in case you missed today’s class you can tune in and catch up here >>

    #Kathleen : I wasn’t going to continue my cleanse due to my borderline low blood sugar but decided to try it one day at a time. I do real well with the broth and omega 3 drinks. The basic juice makes me nauseous. Is it okay to just go with the broth and omega 3 drink?
    Answer: Listen to what your body needs and don’t push yourself too hard. Balancing your blood sugar is important so you do have a blood sugar crash which can be very dangerous. If the juices make you nauseous you don’t need to have them. You can also try different variety of juices to see if there are a few that don’t make you feel nauseous.

    #Ted : How about draining the broth and making one or two more batches with the same veggies.
    Answer: The vegetables will be leeched of the majority of their nutrients and won’t have much flavor or texture to them. You can make dehydrated chips out of them to add fiber, but they mainly serve as additional fiber post broth.

    #Veronica : I’m not a big tea drinker hoping to substitute organic mulling spice bags instead. I put bag in just water instead of apple juice will this be okay for cleanse week? Ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, orange peel and lemon peel all organic.
    Answer: This is great during the cleanse week!

    #Karla : Can you use distilled water to make the detox soup?
    Answer: Yes distilled water to add to your detox soup when making it is fine.

    #Reem : Hi.. I have a question about the backup foods section. Can we have them during the cleansing week?
    Answer: The idea during the cleanse week is to give your digestive system a break by only consuming liquids. However, if you decide you need to break the juice cleanse for any reason, we provided these back up foods which will be more gentle on your system.

    #Roma : where does swimming fit in?
    Answer: We recommend you try to take it easy during the cleanse as you won’t be getting much protein to support strenuous activity. If you feel up to swimming, that is fine. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard.

    #Sk : Is there any value or detriment of adding coconut water to drinks? It tastes so sweet that I assume we should avoid it. sk: @ Nadine – coconut water? Too sweet for cleanse week? I assume we shouldn’t have any…
    Answer: Coconut water is fine during cleanse week, but can be quite sweet so consider diluting half half with regular water. If using from a can, be sure the only ingredient is coconut water.
    #John : I have a business dinner to attend on Tuesday evening take I cannot get out of. I can focus on eating primarily veggies and possibly a piece of fish. Do you recommend I just continue the next day and extend the detox one more day or should I just end the detox at the end of the week?
    Answer: It is entirely up to you whether you wish to extend the detox or stop it. Make your journey your own and see what your body is asking for.

    #Gail : Can we blend the chia drink to change the texture?
    Answer: You definitely can!

    #Francesca : can you have boiled water to drink?
    Answer: Yes but you will want to let it cool down so it is not boiling hot while you drink it.

    #Nancy : Is Green Tea OK?
    Answer: It is best to stick to infusions during the cleanse week.

    #Diane : What about dandelion tea?
    Answer: Dandelion tea is great as long as it is an infusion and doesn’t contain black tea.

    #sk : in terms of coordinating the start of this…are those in the North American time zone starting now at dinner or do you recommend starting in the morning?
    Answer: It is up to you! Most people find it easiest to start off the cleanse week in the morning.

    #Derek : if we are shutting down digestion. does that mean we will be constipated?
    Answer: Everybody’s body will react differently. Most people will continue to have bowel movements as it takes some time for everything to get expelled from the system. However, if you don’t have bowel movements, that is also normal. It doesn’t mean you are constipated as there is nothing in your system that is blocking a bowel movement. It is simply that there is nothing to expel.

    #Mel : any way to make psyllium husk powder more tasty?
    Answer: You can mix it with juice instead of with just water. This usually helps.

    Keep up the great work. Be gentle with your bodies. And keep supporting each other.

    The Gabriel Method

  80. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Jon Nadia, team and fellow detoxes. I need some advice quite quickly and as im in the UK im not sure how long it will be before I get a response!!

    Sadly my juicer has just blown up, on the first juice! Im going to stay positive though! Determined! Ive tried the blender method but I don’t feel confident that im not getting the fibre as well, it tasted grainy.

    Im not sure about rushing out and buying another (expense) so wondered if I could do the whole thing without the juices (despite a fridge full of cucumbers etc!!). I can drink the super greens so would that do along with the teas and broth? I couldn’t get the supergreens with out some sugar in so I have green boost which is barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina, Chlorella spinach and kale. Is that good enough Jon? If not, or if it is much better with the juices, then I will have to get a new juicer.

    Thank you so much xx

  81. Stacey Brooks says:

    Wondering what was said about taking supplements during the fast. Also..medications?
    Good Luck Everyone!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Stacey, it is recommended to stop taking vitamins and supplements during the Detox Week. On the other hand, always check with your doctor before changing your diet, eating, or health program. It is especially important to talk to your doctor before starting a cleanse. Specially when you are on medication. – Nadine, GM Team

  82. Anne-Katrin Spiess says:

    Hi lovely Detox Team,
    What do you think about using and organic store bought vegetarian broth instead of making our own?
    Also, would a bit of stevia be ok to add a bit of sweetness to the juices?

  83. Deb Hayes says:

    When making the detox broth, should the pot be covered or not? I covered mine and the water level doesn’t seem to change, 2 hours in.

  84. Gillian Kempner says:

    Hi, I’m still unable to access the bonus programs… the links take me through to an error 404 page…

  85. Margaret says:

    Is the Tumeric golden milk to heavy for the second week?

  86. Margaret says:

    Is the Tumeric golden milk to heavy for today?

  87. Maria Betts says:

    You may have covered this, but I don’t see it specifically in the recipes, so here’s my question. What’s the recipe for the Omega3 shake? Is that the same as the Chia seed drink? Thanks, Maria

  88. Veronica Kettleborough says:

    I’m not a big tea drinker hoping to substitute organic mulling spice bags instead. I put bag in just water instead of apple juice will this be okay for cleanse week? Ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, orange peel and lemon peel all organic.

  89. Katy Tise says:

    Can we use Nutritional Yeast Seasoning during the cleanse days? I heard something on the live class, but can’t remember if it is allowed during the cleanse phase.

  90. Julie Benbow says:

    I can’t find a recipe for the Omega drink …

  91. Isabel Gaddis says:

    I keep trying to turn off “Notify me when new comments are added,” but it keeps turning back on! SO many emails! I am hoping posting this comment will save the page and turn off the comments, wish me luck….

  92. says:

    Hi, my name is Yvonne I am considering starting my detox Thursday rather than Monday because i am a grandmother and i help care for 3 of my toddler grand children. I don’t think i can devote the time to myself. Is that okay?

    • Denise Luhman says:

      I know everyone keeps saying you can’t mess up this detox, but I have. This is my confession. First of all, I was not clear on the rules of the pre-detox. So I wasn’t doing very well with that. In addition, before I had signed up for the detox, I had ordered some junk food on Amazon. When it arrived, I hid it away in the closet, but unfortunately I forgot to wipe it from my memory. Last night I ate it. I’m sick today.
      Now I realize that we have not just one, but TWO luncheons this week at work. It was bad enough when we were going to have a training session with Chinese food delivery (no problem to pass on) and a cake for our boss’s birthday (harder to pass on), but now I realize we’re going to have the annual Thanksgiving potluck on Friday. Which, for one thing, means I have to cook (not just my usual dish, but someone else’s because he’s out of town). Plus I’m going to miss all the great dishes that everyone always brings – including two that I’m bringing. That is going to SUUUUUCK.
      So now there’s a part of me that wants to wait and start the detox next week. Just listen to all the webcasts this week, make notes, and do the detox by myself next week. I’ve already made 9 quarts of veggie broth, but I could easily freeze those… I had previously asked about starting a day early (because of the way my days off fall) and it was recommended that I wait & start with the group (presumably so I would have the support of the evening webcasts) but I’m wondering if there would be a huge problem with starting later… Thoughts?

  93. Ally says:

    Perhaps a stupid question- but could it be explained further in detail as to why we are shutting down our digestion for next week? As we prepare for it, I’m having trouble understanding the ‘why’ behind this logic.The only explanation I’ve heard in passing on the live webinar is that our digestion shuts down, resulting in us using our fat storage for energy. Isn’t that contradictory to Jon’s book where it says starving ourselves, and by messing with our digestive system makes your body stock up on fat as it goes in panic mode of fat storage ? Perhaps I’m getting things mixed up, a detailed explanation as to why we are shutting down digestion will help me immensely. Thanks in advance!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Ally,

      While your digestion rests (during this cleanse), your intestines are no longer inflamed which allows you to heal leaky gut. The unfriendly bacteria and parasites that live in your intestines, which normally live off of junk food and processed food, starve and die. Then you have the chance to replenish your gut with healthy bacteria.

      You will not be starving yourself as the juices, tea and broth will give your body the nutrition you will need during the cleanse. Every detox can be felt differently each time you do one. The reasons can be varied too. Whatever the reason, it does mean that your body is detoxing. Make sure to not push yourself too hard and always be in communication with yourself about your personal limits. Always listen to your body.

      Also, we have backup foods that you can have if you feel like you’re excessively hungry and need to eat something, that is completely fine.You can find the list through the link below:

      Hope this helps!


      Kelly, The GM Team

  94. Margaret says:

    Checking is palm oil good or not?

  95. Nobuko Nakata says:

    Can I take Glucomannan (Konjac Root) capsules during the cleans to feel satiated?

  96. Suzanne Hinton says:

    I am trying to find the chia seed cracker recipe that Nadia talked about. Where did it get posted?

  97. Anjoleena Griffin-Holst says:

    During the detox juice week can organic, homemade bone broth be used in veggie broth?

  98. Rusty Fleischer says:

    As I go through all of the materials on the website in proparation for starting the detox, more and more questions come up. I am truely greatful for the abundance of knowledge I am gaining.

    Can the blue-green algae be used during the detox? Since I learned about it I have started sprinkling a small amount of it into scrambled eggs. It is really nice and have suggested to my daughter to try it with her kids. The trick is small amounts so that the taste of it won’t overwhelm the rest of the food.

    As far as the detox, is it recommended to use and if yes, what is the best way.

    Thank you.

  99. Karoline says:

    I just want to thank Nadia for the suggestion to add peppermint tea to my green smoothies and eventually to the juices next week. I just love the combination of peppermint, cilantro, ginger, mint and the greens. Not only delicious and light, but a great breath freshener too! I really feel clean drinking that! Thanks so much!

  100. Karoline says:

    I am menopausal and have been taking Complete Balance (morning and evening) supplemented with Black Cohast and Red Cloverleaf. This stops my hot flashes. Should I stop these next week?

  101. Rusty Fleischer says:

    For quite some time now I start my day my day with with 2 glasses of water and fresh lemon juice and I enjoy starting my day like that. Can I continue during the detox?

    Also my “Detox Bonuses” tab under “Resources” won’t open.

    Thank you.

  102. Kirsten says:

    How do you store all these greens in the fridge?
    My husband is also doing the cleanse, so we have TONS of veges in our crisper and I can’t fit in the greens – spinach, kale, celery – in the vegetable crisper and they’re not looking too happy in the fridge in just a container with no lid. I didn’t want to put them in a plastic bag….
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Gillian Kempner says:

      Same problem. Double the amounts… I’m relieved my daughters aren’t clamouring to join in, though they’re looking tempted! It’s feezing cold here at the moment so I’m thinking of leaving the greens in a box in the garage. But if you are southern hemisphere that may not help!

      • Kirsten says:

        Thank you, Gillian and Nadia 🙂
        I live in Australia! It’s not TOO hot in Perth right now, but it’s too hot to leave greens outside. 😉
        The spinach is struggling badly! So I might try the wet towel treatment for them.
        But, I think I also might drag out our esky (cooler) and use that. That’s a great idea!
        Unfortunately, I can’t clean out the fridge, as our two children aren’t doing the cleanse, so we’re accommodating several food ‘styles’ at the moment which equals one very stuffed-full fridge!

    • Hi Kirsten,

      I understand! My fridge is brimming with fresh produce whenever I do a cleanse! Usually I empty out anything from my fridge that I can to make room. You can also use a cooler if you have one. Fit whatever you can into the crisper and leave the hardier greens just in a container in the fridge as you are doing. Juicing uses up lots of greens so space will quickly be found. As Gillian mentions also, if you live in a cold climate you can take advantage of the outside or your garage.

      For some of the greens you can also slightly dampen a dish towel, wrap them around the greens and then put them in the fridge.

  103. Deb Hayes says:

    I think I know the answer to this question, but here goes–should we avoid adding any sweetener to our tea? My vanilla rooibos tea would love to have some liquid vanilla stevia drops added to it! 😉

  104. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Today’s call was amazing! So much great information. Keep asking!


    Also, in case you missed today’s class you can tune in and catch up here >>

    #Rusty : What is the difference between coconut milk and coconut liquid?
    Answer : Coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of a mature coconut while the coconut water is the liquid found in the cavity of a coconut.

    #Kathryn : I started taking super greens in water yesterday. Is once a day enough, or can I take more?
    Answer : Listen to what your body is telling you. If you really like the green drink then enjoy that.

    #Nancy : How about avocado to our juices?
    Answer : (from Nadia) I would hold off on avocado and, if you do eat something, choose a higher water content vegetable/fruit – check the backup foods list for some ideas.

    #Kathleen : How many gallons of water?
    Answer : Take in just as much water as you can handle… don’t force past the point where you feel the urge to expel. As more space is created in your colon you may be able to take in more.

    #Patricia : How about Pilates?
    Answer : Intense exercise is best avoided during week 2. While detoxing you are trying to conserve your energy for the detox process that is happening at a cellular level. Lighter movements and stretching are great but leave cardio exercise until after eating is resumed again (During the pre-cleanse week, cardio is fine).

    #Andrea : What about steaming or sitting in a sauna?
    Answer : Yes saunas can be nice. Be sure to move slowly when getting in and out as you might feel a little dizzy. I would avoid hot tubs if the water is chlorinated

    #Holly : When I have done a cleanse in the past I sometimes feel very weak. Will the frequent drinking take care of that?
    Answer : During a cleanse, your body is working very hard at a cellular level to release toxins and get them out of your body. Keep drinking all the nourishing drinks. The detox tea, broth soup and chia drinks are all nice to give the body more support. If you feel like you need to, you can always eat something from the backup foods list.

    #Holly : What about vitamins/supplements during the detox?
    Answer : It’s ok to take supplements/vitamins during the pre-cleanse – but it would be best not to take them during the detox as the tablets themselves will be taxing on your digestive system. The aim is to give your digestive system a bit of a break.

    #Deb : Hi–I recently had dried blood spot testing done to check my sensitivity to 96 different foods. Since I got the results 10 days ago, I’ve been reducing or eliminating the offenders and I hope to make the detox my break-up with the majority and take a 6-month break from them.

    Unfortunately the test results indicate that I am very sensitive to lemon (!). I’ve been drinking a quart of warm water with the juice of a whole lemon nearly every day for more than 3 years. (Could that be why I’m sensitive?) I stopped that practice immediately last week and now drink my water with a tablespoon of ACV and a squeeze of grapefruit.

    Question: should I use lemon during the detox and cut it off when the detox is over, or should I avoid it during the detox?

    Answer: It’s fine to skip lemon juice. Sip on some (raw organic) apple cider vinegar in water instead.Try more broth and take some probiotics, too.

    Keep up the great work. Be gentle with your bodies. And keep supporting each other.

    The Gabriel Method

  105. Rusty Fleischer says:

    Sorry this is coming in drips and drops.
    What about the use of coconut water as one of the liquids?

  106. Rusty Fleischer says:

    What about using dried spirolina chips once they are soaked in the broth or juice?
    Thank you

  107. Rusty Fleischer says:

    How much physical activity is suggested during the cleanse. I am used to doing on a regular basis.
    Thank you

  108. Chitra Raghavan says:


    As a back-up food, is it alright to have coconut water from larger coconuts (I don’t find young coconuts easily).



  109. Hi Everyone,

    As I mentioned in today’s webinar, here are some ideas for using the pulp leftover from juicing to make crackers;

  110. Gillian Kempner says:

    Can vegetables be used unpeeled for the broth? And can the tatty outside leaves I would normally discard be used? Or the green leaves sometimes attached to e.g. Cauliflower and broccoli? Thanks!

  111. Skye Walker says:

    Hello – I came down with a respiratory infection earlier this week and now require antibiotics. Will taking antibiotics during the first two days of the cleanse be problematic? Would extending or delaying the cleanse be beneficial, or can I just continue on as planned?

  112. Deb Hayes says:

    Hi–I recently had dried blood spot testing done to check my sensitivity to 96 different foods. Since I got the results 10 days ago, I’ve been reducing or eliminating the offenders and I hope to make the detox my break-up with the majority and take a 6-month break from them.

    Unfortunately the test results indicate that I am very sensitive to lemon (!). I’ve been drinking a quart of warm water with the juice of a whole lemon nearly every day for more than 3 years. (Could that be why I’m sensitive?) I stopped that practice immediately last week and now drink my water with a tablespoon of ACV and a squeeze of grapefruit.

    Question: should I use lemon during the detox and cut it off when the detox is over, or should I avoid it during the detox?

    • Denise Luhman says:

      @Deb FWIW I had my food sensitivities done a number of years ago and showed up sensitive to eggs (which were making me nauseous). I’d been eating a lot of eggs. I cut them out for six months and carefully reintroduced them and they no longer give me problems (unless I go overboard).

      • Deb Hayes says:

        That’s good to know, Denise. I’m hoping that is what I’ll be able to do with some of the foods that I love that rated high on the sensitivity scale (lemon, eggs, pineapple, string beans). Unfortunately (or not), I don’t have immediate reactions like nausea but I suspect some of these are causing inflammation that is preventing me from releasing weight. I hope the detox and 6-month elimination will break that logjam!

        Thanks for your input.

    • Hi Deb,

      No need to use lemons if you don’t want to.

  113. Rusty Fleischer says:

    What is the difference between coconut milk and coconut liquid?
    Thank you

  114. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Jon Nadia and team, I have a few more questions please. Im beginning to think that im going to find this hard! Trying to be positive and doing the visualisations, which I love. Should I do the cleanse visualisations now as well, or wait until next week? The tea makes four cups, can I store it and would I need to reheat and blend again, and how often should I use it as its full of fat (good I know)? 2)Is it best to avoid back up foods if possible? 3) Can I use powdered turmeric at all as its hard to get in the UK? 4) Should I use Vit C in the cleanse? 5) Should I follow the schedule and add more drinks to avoid getting hungry, can you have too many? 6) there’s been some talk of using the fibre after the juicing? Should I be eating that? Sorry there’s so many questions, many thanks for listening xx

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Focus on what you are able to do versus what you are unable to do to help take off the stress. You are doing great so far!

      1) You can do the cleanse visualization now or wait, what ever feels best to you. You can drink the tea as much as you like. You can also make some teas without additional fat to have throughout the day as well if you like.
      2) The back up foods are back up for if you feel you cannot stick with just liquids. The idea is to have only liquids, but at the same time listen to your body and if you need to eat something, we provided you with things that will not be as extreme on your system.
      3) Yes, you can use powdered turmeric
      4) You will be getting lots of natural vitamin C during the cleanse. Additional shouldn’t be necessary
      5) You can drink as much as your body is asking for. There is no minimum or maximum. Listen to what your body wants and go from there! We try to provide guidelines but you will have the knowledge of what works best for you
      6) After week 2 you can go back to eating foods with fiber. If you are talking about fiber supplements, start slowly after the cleanse if you feel you need the extra fiber.

      Remember, you cannot fail at this! Focus on listening to the wisdom of your body and you will do great! – April, GM Team

  115. Ally says:

    also thoughts on organic green tea /black tea? Is it ok to have a cup a day? Been having it for years so wondering where Jon/Nadia stand on that. Thanks!

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Ally,

      Green tea/ Black tea has theine/caffeine in it, best to hold off on that until after the cleanse. Try to stick to infusions that do not contain theine/caffeine. Go for the herbal teas that are naturally caffeine free. Teas like peppermint, chamomile or any infusions.

      Hope this helps!
      – Nadine, GM Team

  116. Martina says:

    Hi –
    Precleanse is from monday to sunday (7 days)
    Detox is from monday to friday (5 days) or till saturday (6 days)?

    Sorry for that question, but is essential for my planning, thanks!

  117. Ally says:

    Cucumber in a juice makes me want to gag instantly. Tried the cucumber, celery,ginger lemon juice 5 times since Monday and each time I’ve cringed,gagged and almost thrown up. I know the videos said cucumber has a mild,soothing taste, But for my tastebuds, I’ve hated the smell and taste of cucumber since I was a child. Any suggestions for replacing it in my juice?

  118. Francesca Pace says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia, thanks for the information regarding sugar in juices.
    1. If i using half a small apple per 250mls, is that ok?
    If i do that for three juices per day that’s 1.5 apples, is that too much sugar in one day?
    2. Is boiled water ok?
    3. can we have smoothies with nut milk during the cleanse (home made unsweetened organic nut milk)

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Francesca,

      1) That amount of apple is okay during the day.
      2) Boiled water is also okay
      3) You will want to try to stick to juices and broths during the cleanse week. Smoothies contain fiber that will activate your digestive system as will the nut milk.

      Hope this helps!

      April, GM Team

  119. says:

    Hi, Once your broth is cooked what do you do with the veges, do you separate them and drink only the juice or can you blend them in with your juice?

  120. Jami Kohn says:

    I looked around the previous questions and through the Facebook page, but couldn’t find an answer (not to say it isn’t there, I just couldn’t find it!): why yes to decaf teas but no to decaf coffee? Just wondering…

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      It is advised to avoid green tea / coffee even if they are decaffeinated. Decaf coffee/tea are highly processed and is not good for you during the cleanse and in general. Try to stick to infusions that do not contain theine/caffeine. Go for the herbal teas that are naturally caffeine free. Teas like peppermint, chamomile or any infusions.

      Hope this helps!
      – Nadine

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      During the cleanse and in general coffee and teas with caffeine or tea can greatly affect your nervous system, and raise your cortisol hormone which triggers the body to hold onto weight. Especially when you are eating clean or just juicing in week 2, there is not much to help absorb the impact it will have in your system, which will be even greater. -Jong- GM Team

  121. Deb Hayes says:

    Hi! I’m trying to follow the link for the Detox Grocery Shopping List and am getting “Page not found” / 404 – Fancy meeting you here!”. All the other links work fine. Please help!

    Thanks, Deb

  122. Yuliya says:

    Can I use stainless steel thermoses to carry my veggie broth, juices and teas to work next week?

  123. Yuliya says:

    Can I use hot water for my chia seeds drinks and chia seeds pudding?

  124. Alexis - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you all are

    feeling amazing and excited about moving forward.

    Great job!


    #Aaron : Which fruits are a little better than the others?
    Answer: Berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), cherries, lemons, limes, grapefruit are all great fruits because they have a low Glycemic Index which is ideal for reducing the amount of sugar that enters your bloodstream.

    #Denise : I also see “coconut palm sugar” as an optional add-in for the Chia Drink.
    Can that be right?
    Answer: Just a very small amount can be okay.

    #Kirsten : Can the vinegar from Kombucha be used instead of buying a specific brand? I make my own Kombucha and have many mothers!
    Answer: Kombucha is wonderful to drink. Just be sure that the fermenting process is complete and you will know this because the drink does not have a sweet taste.

    #Elizabeth : for the pre-cleanse, we have been buying olives from the fresh bar at an organic food store and chopping them up and using as a salad dressing. Ilany issues with that?
    Answer: Olives are great!

    #Muireann : meat is ok this week?
    Answer: You may wish to try to avoid red meats, and lean towards more fish and seafood for protein sources when possible.

    #Francesca : Just wondering if boiled water is considered good quality water?
    Answer: Sometimes taste problems can arise after water has been boiled. As a general rule, if your drinking water is satisfactory prior to boiling and you then notice a taste after boiling the cause of the problem is usually the kettle. Boiling water in a saucepan on your hob or stove will help determine if your kettle is the cause of the unusual taste. If you have a new kettle, allow a layer of limescale to build up inside it by boiling and then discarding the water a few times. Only boil the required amount of water each time. Do not re-boil water, rather discard it, rinse the kettle and fill with fresh water. Also try to avoid frequent de-scaling of the kettle.

    #Muireann : what do you do with the veg left over in the broth? eat it as a soup type thing?
    Answer: The vegetables will be leeched of the majority of their nutrients and won’t have much flavor or texture to them. You can make dehydrated chips out of them to add fiber, but they mainly serve as additional fiber post broth.

    #Denise : The recipe for the broth says not to use potatoes, but the ingredients list on that same recipe calls for sweet potatoes…?
    Answer (From Nadia): Actually the skins of the potatoes are nice for the broth (organic). I would suggest avoiding using white potatoes in the broth, I don’t care for sweet potatoes when I make broth but if you want that, they are better than white potatoes.

    #Deborah : what about putting miso in the broth?
    Answer: Miso is a bit demanding on the digestion so for the second week, We suggest holding off from it if possible.

    #Muireann : water, visualisation and natural food…..super….I don’t eat this way normally so don’t know what to eat for the rest of the week….thought there would be more help this week…perhaps I have missed it somewhere
    Answer : No specific meal plan, just lots of real food, including salads, sprouts, organic/grass fed/free range/ wild caught animal protein, nuts, seeds, non-starchy veggies, coconut, fruit and anything that’s not overly processed. If you just imagine that you were living on an island 10,000 years ago, anything that would be there is perfect!

    #Anne- Katrin : Does the cleanse have the ability of improving my cholesterol levels?
    Answer: The main purpose of the Detox is to help you achieve an over-all healthier you, which may improve your cholesterol levels. It is not about getting rid of every last toxin. It is about giving your body a chance to detox as much as it can during this period and then after the cleanse going on to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices between now and the next time you cleanse.

    #Mary : Just a quick question, during precleanse and post cleanse is eating raw fish alright like shashimi or is it toxic? Also what about other toxins like shampoo and soap and deodorant?
    Answer: Raw fish can be extremely healthy, you just want to make sure to get it from a trusted source. Commercial shampoos, soaps & deodorants have a ton of toxins in them. We will discuss this further during the class: Detox your Home.

    #Martina : I was told juices longest 1 day???
    Answer: It should last in the fridge for at least a few days.

  125. Margaret Hampshire says:

    Is the juice as important as the vegetable broth in the detox?

    I add things like, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper, garlic etc into the broth. So apart from the fact that it is boiled and not extracted it is pretty similar………


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Margi! While you technically can just stick to the broth, we highly recommend a combination of the juices and the broth for a few reasons. Variety will help keep you going so that you don’t get sick of the same liquid over and over. Also, this provides a variety of nutrients for your body. Each food contains its own special breakdown of nutrients and so the more variety you have, the more nutrients you’re gaining. You are correct in saying that they are similar besides the cooked versus non-cooked forms.

      -Jenn, GM Team

  126. Hi Everyone,

    Here are some of the recipe/food ideas we talked about in today’s webinar:

    1. Green Smoothies (recipe ideas and video);

    2. Nut based ‘cheese’ sauce;

    3. The ‘cheese’ I mentioned using Irish moss and cashews; I don’t have a recipe page for this one yet or an exact recipe but the basic idea is this – blend rinsed and soaked whole Irish moss in a high powered blender with cashews, a bit of lemon juice, pinch of sea salt and dill (and whatever else sounds good to you depending on what flavour cheese you want). Pour into a bowl or mold and put in the fridge. After a few hours it will firm up and be like a thick cream cheese. If you use more Irish moss it will firm up more and you will be able to slice it. More information on Irish moss and how to prepare it can be found here;

  127. Denise Luhman says:

    Okay, I have a million questions…
    1. My understanding is that sometimes the first one or two days of a detox can be “rough”. My days off from work are Sunday and Monday. Would it be disastrous if I started the detox on Sunday instead of on Monday?
    2. I heard in the session Sunday that we are supposed to avoid beets, apples, carrots… and I also saw this in one of the videos… But some of the recipes call for these items, as does the shopping list. Do we use those recipes or not? The “schedule” links to those specific recipes for that time of day, so I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to use them at that time and avoid them the rest of the day, or if we’re supposed to avoid them altogether and maybe there was a mistake in the list/recipes.
    3. I also see “coconut palm sugar” as an optional add-in for the Chia Drink. Can that be right?
    4. The recipe for the broth says not to use potatoes, but the ingredients list on that same recipe calls for sweet potatoes…?
    5. I saw somewhere (sorry I’ve been reading all this stuff and I’ve lost track of what I saw where) that I should look at getting some superfoods greens (suggestion was Garden of Life). There’s going to be a limit on how much nasty-tasting stuff I can drink, so how do we feel about getting that same brand of “Perfect Food” in a capsule?
    Sorry for all the questions… I did try to do my due diligence before I asked, but I couldn’t find these answers. Thanks!

    • Hi Denise,

      1. Nothing is ‘disastrous’ here – remember that you cannot fail at this. It is really nice though (and important if you are new to this) if you can start together with everyone.
      2. We will talk a lot about this in today’s webinar on juicing. Beets, apples and carrots are only used in very small amounts for taste and even better if you don’t need to use them at all. The recipes we suggest are only suggestions. You can adjust the recipes and we will talk more about how to make nourishing juices for this cleanse during today’s webinar.
      3. Just a very small amount can be okay – like it is suggested in the video
      4. Actually the skins of the potatoes are nice for the broth (organic). I would suggest avoiding using white potatoes in the broth, I don’t care for sweet potatoes when I make broth but if you want that, they are better than white potatoes.
      5. Fresh green juices are best. If you don’t want to have the green powder during the cleanse week, leave it off. Just have fresh green juices. I would suggest not to have it in capsules. There are ways to make the juices taste pretty amazing and we will talk about how to do that today.

  128. Rusty Fleischer says:

    Can herbal tea be part of the 3 liters a day of water?
    Thank you.

  129. Martina says:

    Hi, this night I stood up at least for 6 times to go for toilett. Is this normal. I felt awful in the morning.
    Now I want to make a detoxing soup with chicken – what is with POTATOES in week 1, are they allowed or not because of the Potato starch?
    Thanks for your answer

  130. Carmen Paso says:

    Hello, I’m Carmen and I really feel that this could be my tipping point!

    I’ve listened to the visualizations sporatically for 4+ months now with no changes.

    This seems silly but when I listen to the visualizations I get castraphobic when it talks about a “sea” of light. Any suggestions?

    Do you recommend any wild edibles “weeds” for the juicing?

    I’ve heard it’s good to clear the elimination pathways. Have you heard of coffee enemas helping before a cleanse? It seems I read it’s smart to do so.

    I’m ever so thankful for thus opportunity.

    Bless you

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Carmen,

      Welcome to the Detox! We are happy to have you! It is good to remember that The Gabriel Method helps guide you to heal from the inside out. So while you may not be seeing external changes, your body is undergoing deep internal changes that must happen first for sustainable weight loss. Since this is not a diet there is also no failure. Keep focusing on adding in new habits, foods and healing practices slowly. We want a lifetime change for you, not a quick fix 🙂

      For the visualization, feel free to think of another word that feels better for you to say to your self instead. Something that makes you personally feel relaxed and stable.

      Wild edibles are great!

      Coffee enemas are not needed in addition to this cleanse. If you decide to do one make sure you research exactly how to do it so that it is most effective.

      Wishing you a fantastic cleanse!

      -Janine GM Team

  131. Theresa says:

    Hi, I’m excited to participate in this detox event!
    I have two questions:
    1) I have allergic reactions to fresh carrots, celery, apples and pears, (I know, right?) especially in a concentrated form like in juices. Can you recommend any substitutes?
    2) For the cleanse week, I’m fine with cutting out the daily supplements I take, but what about hormone therapy? I’m currently taking thyroid, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Should I ask my doctor about going off these hormone supplements during that week?

  132. Kareema Mitha says:

    Hi. I click on the banners of bonus programs to access my bonus programs – and I keep coming up with error 404. I can’t access the yoga or GM fitness. Please help

  133. Lorell Maldoon says:

    I was trying to download the visualizations per the instructions “Audio not downloading? Right-click the button then “Save Link As..”” but do not get “Save Link As..” as a possible choice. Can you suggest another way to download the visualization files?

  134. Kerrie Cox says:

    I have just tried to access the shopping list and it comes up with error 404. Is there any other way to access the list?
    thank you.

  135. Francesca Pace says:

    hi there, the link to the shopping list (from the homepage image) is not working. may you please provide the shopping list.
    many thanks!

  136. Francesca Pace says:

    Hi Jon & Nadia, I’m looking forward to the cleanse, and i feel a little doomed, im on a sugar binge right now. I always manage to ‘eat clean’ then binge, every two weeks. I get on the sugar wagon and then I’m obsessed and craving sugar for weeks. Anyway, i want next week to be successful and pleasant, what can you recommend i do now to eliminate sugar today for success next week.
    Thanks, Fran.

  137. sk says:

    (1) I am concerned about having way too high spikes fat soluble vitamins (DEAK) during this program. Is there going to be guidelines about how to balance the nutrition during the cleanse week?

    (2) Should I expect to gain weight the following week (should I lose any during the cleanse) as my body re-adjusts coming off the cleanse?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      You’re not taking any supplements, so the vitamins you are having will be coming from juices/broth and in that form they are beautifully balanced.

      Everyone responds to a cleanse differently but it’s common to lose some weight during a cleanse and gain some of it back in the following days. After that your body will be much more able to let go of weight because there will be much less inflammation and unfriendly bacteria in your system.

      We will talk a lot about the best way to get off the cleanse later next week.

  138. Mel says:

    Could you please recommend a good brand of almond milk to use in the US? Most have ingredients that I don’t understand!

    Thank you.

  139. Nicky Roberts says:

    Hi there!
    I’m very excited about the pre-cleanse/detox. I’m looking for the Omega 3 Shake recipe that I see we are scheduled to have at 3pm? I couldn’t find it with the other recipes.
    Wishing everyone here a very comfortable and beneficial cleanse

  140. Jacque Maben says:

    How often can I drink detox tea this week and next? I made it this morning and love it!

  141. Rusty Fleischer says:

    Hi, I would like to know what activated nuts are.
    Also, can I use a stick blender (the type you puree soup with) instead of a regular blender?

    In the webinar, Jon mentioned a another vegetable broth recipe besides the one already here. Where can we find that.

    Thank you.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Activated nuts are nuts that have been soaked in water for several hours so that the protective layer is broken down and they become more digestible.

      The vege broth recipe is simple: Cut up all you favorite non-starchy veges, such as kale, celery, swiss chard, scallions (onion grass), and any of the other vegetables I mention in the original broth video, add healthy salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Fill the pot with the veggies then fill it with water, bring it to a boil and then simmer for a few hours. Easy as 🙂

  142. Robin Tremper says:

    Hi there – is there a specific meal plan for Week 1?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      No specific meal plan, just lots of real food, including salads, sprouts, organic/grass fed/free range/ wild caught animal protein, nuts, seeds, non-starchy veggies, coconut, fruit and anything that’s not overly processed. If you just imagine that you were living on an island 10,000 years ago, anything that would be there is perfect! 🙂

  143. David Hanson says:

    Will watch replay today but have a question about how I will be able to do the detox while at work? Not next to a juicer?
    I have heard that after juicing the juice starts to oxidize very quickly and is not very good after about 3 or 4 hours, is this correct, how can I take the juices with me? Thanks

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi David,

      You can make all the juices you will need for one whole day all at once, put them in jars and take them with you. You can put your daily amount in the fridge and any extras in the freezer to defrost over night.

      Fresh juices are best, but this is about doing what works for you personally.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nadine, GM Team

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Juices and broths hold up very will in the fridge in glass/mason jars. They can last for 2-3 days this way. So if you have access to a fridge then just bring a day’s worth of juice/ broth with you. Otherwise, bring super greens and chia seeds to mix with water. Bring lots and lots of back up, so you always have something healthy to drink.

  144. LORRAINE NOLAND says:

    Hi I cannot get into the facebook page for detox. I registered under Lorraine Noland but my facebook page is my maided name Lorraine Trethowan.
    I look forward to connecting

  145. Ally says:

    I wish there was more information on the pre-cleanse eating for week 1. I’m a bit lost and the Q&A forum isn’t responsive to Asian timezones as this is my thirst post here in 6 hours. Got a bunch of questions, the most important one being- I have a hormonal condition called PCOS, for which I have been taking metformin 1.5g for the past 10 years. my doctor in general is against any kind of detox or cleanses and I need certain calories in before taking the meds (500 mg split 2/3 times a day) I’m pretty certain this detox will help and want to do it. Will the vegetable broth/green juice suffice as enough calorie intake to take metformin? If not, what is the most calorie dense item I can consume during this detox to have my medicine? Request a response from the team at the earliest. Thanks!

  146. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia and team, I have just listened to the first webinar and found it really informative, thank you. My question is that there is a lot of emphasis on raw foods and activated nuts etc. I am very new to this and feel its a lot to take on. I am reading Jons book and it makes so much sense to me and feel its my way forward. What I want to ask is have I come into the detox too early? Should I have lost some weight with his method first? Im just wondering how not having any restrictions and adding food in as he describes will fit in with the detox? Would really love you advice on this and the way forward for me. Also, can I still have porridge this week? I have made potato and leek cakes to go with smoked salmon and poached eggs. Am I on the right path? Thanks so much x

    • Nadine - GM Team says:

      Hi Jane,

      There is no such thing as to early nor too late for the Detox. The whole purpose of doing this Detox is to clear your body of toxins, which will also speed up your metabolism and enhance your overall health.

      We are still on the pre-cleanse week and it is intended to prepare your body for the second week which is purely a juice cleanse. During the pre-cleanse it is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffeine or any processed foods so that your body can more easily adjust during the second week. Therefore, porridge during pre-cleanse should be fine.

      Hope this helps!

      – Nadine, GM Team

  147. Minnie Puttaya says:

    I have tried to watch the day 1 video,but am not able to access it(I can hear the audio but not the video).I am at work during the live broadcast.
    Thank you

  148. Ally says:

    Are legumes allowed in these 2 weeks? I’m vegan and don’t eat animal protien. Are beans, lentils, chickpeas etc encouraged on the plan?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Ally,

      Thanks for your question! Sorry it’s taken us a few hours to get to you.

      Legumes and other vegetable proteins are definitely encouraged during the pre-cleanse week (this week). If you listen to yesterday’s class replay, skip to 1:00:57 where Jon talks about the different vegan protein options and when to consume them. The goal during week 2 is to completely give your digestion a rest by introducing nourishment via juicing. Post-Cleanse you can ease back on to to these foods.

      Hope this helps!
      The GM Team

  149. Ally says:

    Hey! Where can I access the daily eating schedule? as in what times to eat what during this detox?

  150. Alexis Batausa says:

    Congratulations to everyone for joining the first class! So excited to have you all here!
    Here are some answers from Jon from the questions from today’s show. Enjoy!

    Jacque Asks: Okay to use microwave to reheat detox tea and soup?
    Answer: It’s okay to reheat the broth on the stovetop. Avoid using a microwave.

    Deborah Asks: Hi Jon, I have a blender and a NutriNinja processor that pulverizes the fruit & vege – ie so you get the fibre not just the juice – is this ok for your programme?

    Answer: You can use a blender, Jon have prepared a video regarding using a blender for juicing. Kindly refer to this link:

    Lucie Asks : I don’t have a juicer and don’t think my blender is “strong” enough for the upcoming detox. I don’t want to purchase a juicer because I have limited counter space and want something multi-functional. I’ve heard great things about Vitamix blenders… and would like your opinion about them… and how well they would work with the detox week… and if you would recommend any particular model. Thank you.

    Answer: You can use a blender, Jon have prepared a video regarding using a blender for juicing. Kindly refer to this link:

    Elizabeth Asks: Will a Vitamix do for blending?

    Answer: You can use a blender, Jon have prepared a video regarding using a blender for juicing. Kindly refer to this link:

    Martina Asks :I have a blender and a slow juice – which do you recommend for juices with vegetables and supergreens

    Answer: Jon is using a slow pressing masticating juicer. Kempo Green Power Juicers, Omega Juicers and Huron Juicers are all good brands. Here is a site that compares several different brands that may help you decide what will work for you:
    You can also use a blender, Jon have prepared a video regarding using a blender for juicing. Kindly refer to this link:

    Nobulo Asks :Nobuko Nakata: can I continue to take digestive enzymes and probiotics?

    Answer: Yes, you can take probiotics throughout the cleanse as it helps your good gut bacteria. However, there is no need for digestive enzymes during the cleanse week as you are giving your digestive system a break. Jon likes the Garden of Life brand for his supplements.

    Deborah Asks :Can I still take vitamin pills during the detox

    Answer: You can hold off on the vitamins during the cleanse as you will be getting lots of highly absorbable nutrients through the juices and other liquids.

    Thanks again! See you next time!
    Alexis – GM Team

  151. Angela Vogt says:

    HI I can’t seem to find the recipes for food for week 1. Vegetable broth and meal inspirations?

  152. Chia Seed Crackers – we talked about these in today’s webinar. You can find a recipe on this page;

    Cauliflower Wraps – another great one for this week;

  153. Deborah McILROY says:

    Hi Jon, I have grass fed pure whey protein concentrate. Is this good for week 1 or 2 ? Deb

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Deb. Jon has moved away from whey protein product. But if you choose to have this, it is best to only have it for week 1 and abstain from it during week 2. Hope this helps! – Jenn, GM Team

  154. Isabel Gaddis says:

    Hi — the more we talk about the specifics of the cleanse, the more worried I get about falling into my old “diet mentality” (this food is legal, this food is illegal, that much is good, more than that is bad, and on and on and on). Any advice for not making this into a diet?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Isabel. Don’t worry! You can’t fail at this program because it is not set up with a whole bunch of strict rules. The Gabriel Method Detox is different from the traditional diet/detox programs. This 2-week program will guide you on how to nourish your body and anything that you can adjust to suit you. Every person’s body is different and everything that you will learn from this program are definitely beneficial for you. – Jenn, GM Team

      • Gillian Kempner says:

        I’m a bit concerned too about this aspect. It’s taken me two years to completely shift away from a diet mentality, and though I feel in a great place to start this now (my pre-cleanse week is basically more of the same, which is nice, with a few tweaks on dairy), it’s my head stuff which is bothering me. I know I’ll get the nutrients I need so I’m just trusting in the process and presumably if I lose the desire for stuff, there just won’t be any triggering of old feelings of restriction and deprivation?

        • Jon Gabriel says:

          Hi Gillian,

          Yes the goal is to not trigger feelings of deprivation at all. That’s why we emphasize, having frequent juices/broths/water/tea/chai shakes/super greens etc, to keep you well nourished and not hungry. The visualizations are also tremendously beneficial.

  155. Lorell Maldoon says:

    I know that the pre-cleanse says to avoid milk, but I make my own goat milk kefir. Should I avoid that also on the pre-cleanse?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Lorell,

      While we recommend you try to avoid milk during a cleanse, it is not obligatory to avoid any foods during a cleanse. The best thing to do is listen to what your body is asking of you. Digesting dairy products places a heavy burden on our body’s detoxification system so keep this in consideration but it definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. You’d be pleased to learn that a little almond or coconut milk (in your herbal teas) as alternatives is fine — in case you’ll crave for milk during week 1. Ultimately, see what feels right for you! We are here to support you throughout the journey! – Jenn, GM Team

  156. Lisa Rivard says:

    I have not been added to the Facebook group.
    I am registered under the name Lisa Rivard but my Facebook is under maiden name Lisa Roulo.

    My username is

    Thanks for your help!

  157. Jane McDaniel says:

    Looking forward to the detox. Is there an eating plan for the pre-cleanse week?

  158. Pamela Hoskins says:

    Hi! I’m very excited to get started. I’ve done cleanses before but on my own. So I”m looking forward to the coach/community aspect of the program. I do have a question about having raw food during week 2. In lieu of the veggie broth, can you eat a salad?

    • Janine Oliver says:

      Hi Pamela,

      Great question!! For week 2, you will want to try to stick to liquids only so that you can give your digestive track a nice break. Sometimes people want more variety than just juices which is why the broth is a great addition! A salad won’t be a substitute for the veggie broth, however, if you feel you need to eat solid foods during week 2, a salad is a great back up option.

      Happy Detoxing!

      -Janine GM Team

  159. Mary Isaacs says:

    Are the live events taped if we cannot be on at that time. My work schedule may prohibit some nights and I want to get the most benefit out of the program!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Mary,

      You may do the program at your own pace. If you will not be available for the live sessions, you may still be able to watch replays.

      We will also answer any questions in the Q&A section ongoing for the entire 2 weeks and after.

      Hope this helps!


      Kelly, GM Team

  160. Maria Betts says:

    Hi, I’m excited and anxious about the juice cleanse week. I have always been a very picky eater, especially with textures. I have a strong gag reflex and tend to have difficulty swallowing things with a strange texture or taste. Vegetable juices with no fruit (i.e cold, savory liquids) in them have always been challenging. So, I’m nervous about making this work, but I’m committed to trying because it sounds like a great program for my health. I need to make some changes and believe this cleanse will get me started in the right direction. Looking forward to the first video meeting. Thank you.

  161. Jane Fisher says:

    Hi again everyone, I have had more time to look through all of the programme material and I am amazed at what we have. Thank you so much to Jon and the team x. I am excited about starting and also a bit apprehensive as I start and don’t finish so many things! Diets, self help books, you know. I really want this to work and change my life for the better. I am tired of the same old ways and diets and they so need to go!! I am in the UK so I will be joining you at midnight here! Late! Normally in bed then, but am wanting to join in as much as I can. Anybody else from the UK? Love xx

    • Hi Jane,

      Wonderful to have you with us. Join the live calls or listen to the replays, do the visualizations, join the facebook group, ask questions and read others’ questions … it is helpful to feel part of a group all doing this together. You are giving your body a beautiful gift, one that is natural and innate to the body’s natural functioning.

    • Gillian Kempner says:

      I’m from the UK! I did stay up last night for the live webinar but have now decided my sleep has to be prioritised, so I’ll be picking up the next day first thing. My main concern was being able to ask questions, but since there seems to be ample opportunity for that, I’m relaxed about not participating live!

  162. Nancy Alvarez says:

    Hi! I’m scheduled to donate blood on November 12. Will that be okay or do I need to reschedule?

    • Hi Nancy,

      That is still during the pre-cleanse week. You will be eating an abundance of very nourishing real food during this week. Do whatever you need to do to keep yourself nourished and replenished after donating blood. Dark red cherries are great blood building food, perhaps you could eat some before and after.

  163. David Hanson says:

    Hi there: Dave H. here, looking forward to Mon. C YOU!

  164. Lorie Griffith says:

    I download / printed the schedule and lists; however, the Supplements & Superfoods for Detoxification list will not print, just gives an error message. any suggestions ?

  165. Lorie Griffith says:

    I am excited about this detox so that I can cleanse/detox to start feeling better. I have been feeling down, depressed and sluggish. I am hopeful that this will not only give me a new energy, but also a new outlook on eating healthier so that I will be healthy.

  166. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to say Hi. I am very excited about the cleanse & look forward to getting to know everyone. 🙂

  167. Jami Kohn says:

    Very, very excited for this detox!
    Just wondering how long it takes to get approved/added to the Facebook Group? Not that y’all don’t have a lot to do, I’m sure, but I want to be number 300! 😉

  168. Martina says:

    Sorry – once more: I am a coffee with milk and some sugar junkey – without sugar is ok, also another milk as cow milk, but is some coffee with almond milk or goat milk OK? Shoud this be completely avoid?


    • Iris Starnberger says:

      Hi again,

      As far as I understood, we should avoid caffeine and dairy (= animal milk… not only cows)… so your coffee with milk will have to be substituted… maybe you should try and make the golden milk… I tried it yesterday and it is absolutely lovely. The recipe is in the recipe collection 🙂

      Cheers, Iris

      • Martina says:

        Hi Iris, thank you. I saw the golden milk before … I’m not the best friend with tumeric, but I will try it and tasting with cinemon or something else.

        Greetings, Martina

    • Hi Martina,

      If you are having coffee, be sure it is organic and instead of cows milk, try almond milk or coconut milk or even blending with some grass fed butter and/or coconut oil. You can also try some other hot drinks such as the golden milk that Iris mentioned or the detox tea (both recipes in the recipe link above).

      Please listen to the first webinars as we will address the topic of coffee.

  169. Martina says:

    Hi – I’m very curious for detoxing – I’m rich on allergies and hope that this cleansing will help me too.
    I am from Austria – so I think it won’t be easy to follow the live classes … (late at night). Is there anyone from Europe, too?

    Is in pre cleanse week allowed to eat feta cheese or Mozarella – do I understand right that only milk from cows should be avoid?


    • Iris Starnberger says:

      Hello Martina,
      I’m from Austria too!

      I’ve been thinking about postponing the detoxing for 1 or 2 days… depending how fast the recordings will be made available, but maybe the info we get here is enough and everything will work out anyways. 🙂

      Liebe Grüße,
      Iris (Wien)

      • Martina says:

        Hi Iris!
        As the live webinar ist on 1.00 in the morning I also considerd to start one day later. But when the archived webinar is possible to see in the forenoon maybe I’ll try this.

        Grüße aus dem Waldviertel (NÖ)

    • Hi Martina,

      Do what you can during the pre-cleanse week to eat as much real food as possible and cut down on pasteurized dairy and processed foods as much as you can.

      We will talk a lot about all of this during the first webinar. If you can’t join us live there will be a replay that you will be able to access.

    • Doris Azzan says:

      Hi Martina
      I’m looking forward to this cleansing experience too and as 01:00 in the morning is not the most ideal time for me 😉 – I will watch everything with a little delay. By the way, I’m from Zürich, Switzerland.
      Kind regards,

      • Kelly - GM Team says:

        Hi Doris,

        If you will not be available for the live sessions, you may still be able to watch replay.

        We will also answer any questions in the Q&A section ongoing for the entire 2 weeks and after.

        Hope this helps!


        Kelly, GM Team

      • Martina says:

        Hi Doris – I did it last night! stayed awake and watched/listened the webinar!


  170. Lisa Rivard says:

    Hi All-

    I am really excited to start this! But I see people found tips and info on the pre-cleanse. Where might the info be found?

    Thanks so much!

    In good health…

  171. Jane Fisher says:

    Hello again, I understand in the pre cleanse week, starting Monday, that I cant have dairy. Can I have almond or oat milk? Are oats ok? Is milled linseed ok instead of the flax seeds? Many thanks

  172. Jane Fisher says:

    Hello! Ive just had my first look at things and there’s lots of information to take on board! I cant load the How to videos and juice recipes, which Im going to need a lot I think! Can you help with this? Many thanks. Xx

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jane,

      Welcome aboard! We’re looking forward to next week as well 🙂

      Sorry you’re having trouble loading the videos, I would suggest you try clearing your cookies and cache and then reload the page. If that doesn’t work, try changing your browser to either Chrome or Safari. Either one of those should do the trick 🙂

      If you need further help troubleshooting, please don’t hesitate to email us at


      Happy Detoxing,

      The GM Team

  173. SAUNDRA SYMONS says:

    I have a question about no sugar. Does this include raw honey, or pure maple syrup? Are dates okay as a snack when I
    want something sweet?

  174. Karoline says:

    I am preparing for my Detox in about 4 days. Can I use my NutriBullet 900 for my Detox? I’ve been using it for a few months for the green juices and sometimes gazpacho-like juices, and I like it because the texture is closer to a smoothie. Also, I can take the juice to work, and as I drink it, I can dilute it with filtered water and enjoy it for quite a while. But I am getting the whole fruit or veggie rather than just the juice.

    What do you think?

  175. Chitra Raghavan says:


    I have a some questions on the pre-cleanse week.

    So what I’m getting from the ‘pre-cleanse’ week is to (a) eat normally (concentrating on fruits, veggies etc.); (b) avoid milk, sugar, wheat etc.; (c) add juices and the detox broth to the diet. Am I correct?

    Also, could you let me know whether brown rice and lentils are ok during the pre-cleans phase?

    What about nuts? Can they be consumed?


    • Hi Chitra,

      You got it right. Try to eat as much real food as possible. We will talk much more about this in the first webinar.

      If you are already juicing (green juices), continue with that. If juicing is new to you, you can wait till the second week to start.

      Grains like rice and lentils are best if sprouted first and rice is best if wild.

      Nuts should be raw and activated (ideally organic). Here is some more information about activating nuts;

      • Chitra Raghavan says:

        Thanks Nadia.

        Indian food is usually about boiled rice with a dal – I’m not sure sprouted rice and lentils will work. Will that be an issue ? any alternatives that you could suggest?

        • Janine Oliver says:

          Hi Chitra,

          The alternative would be to sprout the rice and lentils before cooking them. That way you can have the same food, but help reduce the amount of starch they possess.

          Otherwise, you can try to make other foods for the pre-cleanse week.

          Happy cleaning!

          Janine GM Team

  176. Eliane Nakamura says:

    Hi there, I don’t have a slow juicer, but I do have a nutri bullet. Is it ok to make the detox juices in the bullet and then strain them? Thanks in advance!

  177. Iris Starnberger says:


    I just read through the materials (wow, there’s so much information – thank you!!) and came across the tip to avoid milk during the pre-cleanse days.

    I usually start my day with a homemade kefir (fermented milk) muesli with a bit of fruit, sunflower- chia- and flax seeds and some wheatgrass and moringa leaf powder. Is it a good idea to stick to my probiotic muesli during the pre-cleanse days or is it better to eat something that doesn’t contain milk?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Greetings from Austria,