Preparing for a Session

Taking the time to prepare for your session will positively influence the quality and effectiveness of your coaching.
The below protocol allows consistency in our delivery and provides a high quality coaching experience for the client.

Prepare your space

  • Check your internet connection to make sure it is stable (not running any big downloads, videos, etc)
  • Check microphone and audio levels
  • Check web cam and your position on it
  • Ensure your room is quiet, well lit and free of distractions (turn off your phone)

Prepare yourself

  • Ensure your personal presentation (clothes, hair, grooming,etc) is appropriate and displays a high level of professionalism.
  • Coaching is challenging, emotionally, mentally and physically. Take time before each session to create an environment where you feel at your best.
  • Use this Coaching Credo to set healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Have a light meal (if needed) and ensure you have water for during your session
  • Before each session take time to calm yourself, slow down and be in your best place mentally to coach.

Client preparation

  • 1 day prior: send Skype contact request to client to allow Skype connect. If not accepted by client, send an email notifying a contact request has been sent requiring their action. If still no reply, contact them via phone numbers provided to alert them to accept your request.
  • 15 minutes before session:
    1. open client’s file in Asana and review their case. Look to clients application, details of previous session(s), notes added by Mentor and Specialists, to create a profile of the client.
    2. if a Mentor session, determine which number you will be presenting.
    3. open UCE program and other GM programs you wish to use as a resource when coaching
    4. open Session Structure page to provide correct format of session
    5. open file document to take notes provided by client during session (as a courtesy, advise the client you will be taking notes during the session).