How to Use Dropbox

DROPBOX is a free software program that makes filesharing extremely simple and safe. Using dropbox, you can share files with The Gabriel Method office, and you can also send public links to your clients with the archives of their coaching calls.

Here’s How We Use Dropbox:

  • Client’s Initial Survey – this will go directly into your dropbox folder so you know the basic info and contact info for your clients
  • Client Follow-Up Emails & Private Coach Notes – Copies of follow-up emails and private coach notes are automatically sent to the Session Coordinator, who uploads them into each client’s dropbox folder, so you’ll be able to track your client’s progress from their Specialist sessions
  • Any other relevant documentation will also be included in the clients’ dropbox folders
One comment on “How to Use Dropbox
  1. TRACY Whitton says:

    I have set drop box up. Can someone please set me up with the resources.