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  • 11 November 7:00 p.m. EST (NYC, USA)
  • 12 November 10:00 a.m. AEST (Brisbane, AU)
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During Class Time, Listen Here:

ABOUT LIVE VISUALIZATIONS – To bring Support Group Members together, Jon hosts monthly, live visualization practices around a specific theme. If you can listen in during the live event, that’s great; if not, that’s perfectly fine too. After leading group visualizations now to thousands of people, Jon has seen intentions magnify with numbers, so all of us listening to this practice together makes it all the more impactful Archives of all sessions will always be available to you, usually within a day or two of the live event. Check the top right of the member’s site for upcoming classes and events.

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7 comments on “Live Visualization 25
  1. Denaleigh B says:

    Hi Everyone,

    There appears to have been a technical glitch with Visualisation Number 25. So sorry about that! We will be posting the archive of the Live Visualization # 25 shortly.

    The archives go here:

    Kind regards
    Denaleigh (Den)
    The GM Team

  2. Catherine Passever says:

    I could not hear anything either.

  3. The box briefly shows -1 day -1 hour – 21 minutes. Does that mean it is tomorrow or yesterday? I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

  4. Terry Neri says:

    I am not hearing anything although my volume is up, the event is “in progress” and the “wheel is turning.

  5. Did I miss it? I don’t hear anything even though it says the event is in progress?

  6. Susan M says:

    There’s some kind of mix up with the times. Above, if the countdown is correct, the visualisation is at 10am AEST 12th Nov, if it is 7pm EST 11th Nov.

    Similar errors are on the detox page, could they get fixed pease, it is confusing and people will miss out on the live events.


  7. Dipika Kapadia says:

    Hello, I missed the Ask Jon call today due to a mix up in timings. The call ended up happening an hour before the time it was advertised.

    I want to be able to call into the Live Visualization and wanted to check if the time mentioned here has been adjusted for US daylight savings time. Cheers!