Fitness, when done according to the principles of GM Fitness, creates a positive stress. A positive stress is one where the interpretation, and result by the brain is to want the body to be thin.

GM Fitness is not about burning calories, that’s a Work Out. We concentrate on a client using their body in a way which mimics the stress our ancestors were exposed to back when moving fast, being strong and lead to safety. We create a Work In.

Connection to FAT Program

The objective of the FAT Program is to keep the body safe. With toxins being harmful turning on the FAT Program is an effective and appropriate response.

For Client

Just as your body can be tricked into thinking it needs to be fat in order to protect you, it can be just as easily tricked into thinking “I need to be thin”. As far as weight loss is concerned, stress can be a good thing or bad thing, it depends on the way your brain interprets the stress.

There is one stress however where the interpretation can only go one way, that is fitness done the GM way. Fitness done that mimics the stress our ancestors once faced when being able to move fast, be lean and strong was what kept them safe and alive. Fitness done where the only response by the brain is “Get Thin or Get Eaten”.

For Coach

GM Fitness Principles

We created a set of principles which allows flexibility in the application of exercise as a tool for Positive Stress.

  1. It’s Brief – keep the period of maximum effort short. 15 – 60 seconds works. We call this an Effort. Also the number of Efforts need not be many. 1 to a maximum of 8 Efforts would be appropriate.
  2. It’s Intense – to replicate the stress under when being chased, the movement needs to be fast, near or close to maximum effort. Ensure client can do this safely, the level of intensity is appropriate and in accordance with their present level of fitness and experience.
  3. It’s Playful – GM Fitness need not be structured or formal. With an understanding of the principles and applying them within a client’s normal day works well. Eg. playing with kids, pets, shopping, at work, added within existing exercise regime, allows the client to turn on GTGE without contributing to FAT Trigger: Lifestyle Stress through a lack of time.
  4. It’s Bendy – keeping flexible improves quality of movement and life with ageing. In terms of weight loss, a relaxed muscle is stronger, has less chance of injury and therefore less chance of becoming inflamed. Inflammatory hormones are a contributor to turning on the FAT Program.

    Stretching technique with breathing provides an excellent solution for reducing cortisol (stress hormone) and improving the physicality of a client.

  5. There’s Plenty of Rest – the benefits of GM Fitness are realised not only during but after the stress. Ensuring recovery from intense exercise is vital for this benefit. Any exercise, when done excessively, will lead to a chronic stress and turn on the FAT Program. We encourage a full day or more between structured fitness sessions.

Diagnosis of

Application Form

Look for history of excessive exercise with dieting
Look at age to allow for appropriate exercise prescription

Signs and Symptoms

From medical history note hx of chronic fatigue, musculoskeletal injuries

FAT Trigger Quiz

Note Lifestyle Stress, particularly if scarcity of time is present

Questions to ask

What is your relationship with exercise? Do you like it?
What is your history with it?
As a kid, what sports did you like?
Are you training now, how much?
Do you feel energised as a result or more tired?

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

Daily GM Break
AM Visualisation
PM Visualisation

FAT Trigger specific Action Steps

Using the opportunity of a GM Break incorporate movement.
Examples of this would include:
GM Fitness
GM Yoga
GM QiGong

SWAP Morning, Evening Visualization for specific Visualization for Fitness
Get Thin or Get Eaten


  • Encourage client to attend Ask Brian SG, with specific question(s)
  • GM Book chapter 16 ‘The Positive Stresses’
  • GM Work In: you can copy/paste this Work In and share with your client. It has been put together by Coach Brian using the resources in the SG. It includes videos showing the exercise and is meets our GM Fitness Principles.

    Step A: Create an environment where you feel good about exercise. Music, getting outside, being with others can do that

    Step B: Warm Up
    Duration : 5 minutes approx

    – using an aerobic type machine or a walk/jog/dance (any movement will do) that allows your body to begin getting ready for more intense movement.
    You may like to do a visualisation when doing this.

    Step C: Resistance Training

    Watch the videos and choose one to follow.
    Forget about the number of Reps you do and concentrate on doing as many as you can in 60 seconds. We want to use up as much stored sugar as we can.
    After 60 seconds move to the next exercise and repeat process.

    I would like you to do each Circuit 1 or 2 times.

    1. Dumbbells
    2. Bands
    3. No equipment

    You can add some exercises for your abdominals too.

    4. Ab Work

    Step D: Get Thin Get Eaten training
    (High Intensity Interval Training)

    This can be done on a stationary bike/cross-trainer or any other aerobic type machine available. Or you could dance, skip, run, punch, kick, jump, any activity which gets you ‘puffing’ you enjoy.

    We use the Tabata protocol of :
    20 s EFFORT with 10 s REST done 8 times
    The REST can be longer if required, you control it.

    Here’s an example of a At Home GTGE you can do

    Step D: Cool Down

    Choose a few stretches you know and can do well or follow me in this quick video
    (ask your Mentor Coach to access to the Yoga for Weight Loss program too)

  • SG Fitness Videos (Brian)
  • G Fitness Videos (Erin)
  • Yoga for Weight Loss program
  • GM Fitness program
  • QiGong for Weight Loss program

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