• Going slow, lots of liquids
  • Incorporating raw, live foods
  • Great meals to conclude the cleanse

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139 comments on “Day 5: Concluding the Cleanse
  1. Sherie Connors says:

    For current caller Susan from Melbourne, she can buy raw cheese at the Vic Market – here’s the link if it helps

  2. Jane says:

    I am so grateful for this wonderful experience, thank you all for your support !

    I’m not ready to complete the detox yet and intend to continue until I feel its time to stop.
    My question is about the chia drinks. Are we meant to drink the water only or the seedsat the bottom of the glass too ?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Jane,
      When you add the chia seeds to your water – let them soak for about 10-15 minutes, the seeds will soak up some liquid and will become gelatinous. You are to drink both the water and the chia seeds.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  3. Susan Livesley says:

    I would like to thank you for this mind changing webinar I am 67 years of age and still learning AMAZING!
    I hope this site is still available after this has finished just for the hints and hopefully I can print out or save helpfu information for future reference.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the great feedback! Glad you enjoyed it so much. All the information is yours to use whenever you need it.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  4. Susanne says:

    How about organic rice milk?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Susanne,
      Rice milk is very starchy and this can cause a insulin spike due to the natural sugars. Unsweetened Almond milk is a better alternative. However whilst great for pre and post cleanse, almond milk is not recommended during the actual cleanse.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  5. Susanne says:

    This has been a wonderful experience, thank you so much!

    I donΒ΄t know if i can stay awake for the webinar, but just want to know if peasprouts also would be fine for breaking the cleanse,adding them with mashed cauliflower or with cucumbersalat.
    Also, i wonder, if goats yougurt is recommendable – not for the next days, but in general.
    And i also want to wish everyone all the best and a good postcleanse. It was great to do this together. Thank you all.

  6. Terry Neri says:

    How often can/should we do this type of cleanse?

  7. Dargenstar says:

    Regarding supplements: if you eat the live food diet, do you no longer need supplements. I take quite a few different supplements, like calcium/magnesium asporotates, coQ10, vitex, lutein, multi, mineral, joint formula, and, well I could go on. Frankly I would LOVE to stop most pills altogether. What do you recommend, also in a transition mode, as I am not totally, utterly GM yet, but getting there, and have been about half way there for many years (like I have eaten salad as my mainstay for 30 years) Thanks so much, and thank you for this cleanse. Megan

    • Nadia says:

      Food based supplements are fine. Try to avoid highly processed or synthetically made supplements. If anything you are taking is doctor recommended, be sure to have a conversation with them before making any changes.

  8. Angela Vogt says:

    Hi I just caught up on the webinar that happened today, I found a huge difference by end of day without watching this in the morning – with school rush and appt’s for work I missed the visualisation. It made a big difference, I found by afternoon I was hungry and I cheated and ate about 8 mouthfulls of the dinner I cooked for the family. I also didn’t drink enough water or juice and no tea or supergreens or broth. It has made me realise how key those two things are in the morning to set up my day. I’m disappointed in myself as I had done so well throughout but am trying to talk my head around this guilt.

    So I have a question about first meal tomorrow. I usually have smoothies which I make with rockmelon, watermelon, pineapple, apple, mixed berries, macca power, chia seeds, hemp powder and slippery elm powder. I love these but given what I have learnt this week about insulin spikes could you suggest what I need to do with this smoothie as I’m guessing I shouldn’t have any more like this if I want to keep my hormones in balance.

    Also lots of talk about almond milk but I haven’t heard anything about rice milk – also guessing that organic rice milk is probably unsuitable.

    Also is organic brown rice suitable after day 3 post cleanse.

    thanks guys – I agree with the other lady I couldn’t ahve done this without this program. It has made the week completely do-able, fascinating, a tremendous learning experience and nurturing too … what a brilliant idea and I am so thankful to your whole team for pulling off such a smooth and wonderful cleanse. Well done!

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Angela,
      Rice milk will raise your insulin levels too much so almond milk is the preferred option. Brown rice is a much better option than white, but it is still a starchy carbohydrate so still is digested very quickly. It will be fine to add to your diet after about day 3.
      Best regards
      Den – GM Team

  9. Susana Sampaio says:

    On Day 5 and feelling great! Actually day 4 was my worst day not because of hunger but felt weaker and needing more rest. My next days are going to be more challenging as I’m travelling to Dublin this afternoon so I’ll have to improvise a bit. I’d lke to thank you once again for All your support which was crucial in helping me accomplish a 5 day cleanse which would be impossible to do by myself (before trying this I coulden’t even finish day 1). thank you so much and All the best to everyone. XXX susy

  10. Miriam Connor says:

    Forgot to say that my tongue feels bizarrely numb and slightly swollen and metallic taste. Presuming detox stuff. If I pinch it I do feel it so presuming that it is all related to detox. Thanks Miriam

  11. Miriam Connor says:

    Hello, Thank you for this. All went smoothly until evening 4 when I needed to drive and ate a pear to be safe. Felt better and topped up with all components, broth, chia, water, tea. Went to bed and still felt hypo so took some salted popcorn as it was to hand. Felt much better. Woke this morning with similar hypo feeling and wondering if this is just what everyone else is calling hunger as to date it has been easy with no symptoms at all. I had an apple this morning and now back to broth. Papaya not available here in North Scotland. Wondering what is the best option if I am craving more than fruit/salad in next two days?
    It would be very helpful to have a facility where answers to questions placed are notified by email as it takes ages to scroll through.
    Also I wish I had known that the option to MP3 was not included as not being able to download has halved my experience. Streaming costs more in broadband rates. Plus with time differences access to pc limits access to course support.
    I loved the way that I felt encouraged to respond to my impulses last night to break the fast. I’m interested to see how today pans out x Thank you for all of your commitment and contributions x All the best to everyone x

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Dear Miriam,
      Thanks for writing. There are plenty of options for concluding the cleanse, check out the class notes (the presentation from this webinar) which offers lots of ideas. The main thing is to have live foods (veggies and fruits), keep portions small, drink a lot of water, and take it slow!

      MP3’s of each webinar are being made available a few hours after each class finishes, on each of the webinar pages. Hope that helps, and congratulations on your detox journey! Best, Sherri GM Team

  12. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    Hi again,
    I am looking for a recipe using chia bran for flatbread or wraps. I have done searches on the internet and have not found anything. Could you suggest a site or maybe you know of a recipe? Can you substitute other flours with chia bran?


  13. Angela Vogt says:

    hi guys, I unfortunately missed today πŸ™ I can’t seem to find the link for the webinar for post listening… where abouts is it located?

    Also I have a question, I’ve been going great on cleanse but yesterday and today – my brain is fogging, having trouble recalling names of some things, not able to stay on task, can’t think straight…

    is this my brain detoxing? anyt ideas of what can lift the fog – more water? thanks

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Angela,

      The replay will be up later, you will see it on this page.

      That brain fog you mention is a common thing that can happen during cleansing. Keep up with the jucies, super greens and teas. Water with a pinch of sea salt is great too.

      Get some rest as well.

      • Angela Vogt says:

        Thank you Nadia – so happy to get a message from you as I had another question I wondered if you wouldn’t mind answering. I’ve asked so many various alternative health professionals with no success. I have receeding gums and I wondered if you had heard of anything that would regrow them. I have already been oil pulling – 1 time a day for 20 mins for a couple of months with no improvement. Would you have any comments or be able to point me in any direction.

        Thank you, I have thoroughly enjoyed this cleanse – the ability to listen to the knowledge that you and Jon have is a real blessing and privelge. It seems you shine an abundance of humble gratitude and kindness and it’s a wonderful presence to have on the cleanse.

        • Nadia says:

          Hi Angela,

          What I do is massage my gums. I use my finger tips and massage the area where the gums meet the teeth (front and back). Massage towards the tip of the teeth. I do this often and find that it really helps when my gums are receding. I will sometimes also use coconut oil when doing this massage.

          Thank you for your kind words. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here with everyone and I am glad you enjoyed the cleanse.

  14. gabrielmethod says:

    For anyone interested in recipes for fermenting products here is the link to Donna Schwenk’s Website:
    Best regards
    Den – The GM Team

  15. gabrielmethod says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Here is Nadia and Jon’s suggested recipe for

    ‘Cauliflower Mash’
    In a Food Processor:
    -One head of Cauliflower chopped
    -Approx 1 tablespoon (you may need to add more if the Cauliflower is large) of either a GM Friendly Oil/ or Almond milk
    -approx 1 tablespoon Sesame Seeds (don’t add this if you are having the Mash as your first post cleanse meal – as the seeds will be too taxing on your digestive system)
    -Seasonings to taste – such as pepper, salt, cayenne (Jon likes to add Tamari to his)
    Process until the mixture has the Mashed Potato texture.

    Den – The GM Team

  16. Ann Curtis says:

    As a follow to my comment below, I feel a bit gassy after the big salad I just had. Is this normal after a cleanse? I think I may have ate it a bit too quickly. Thanks again!

  17. Ann Curtis says:

    I became absolutely ravenous tonight! I think it’s partly because I’ve been very busy the past two days + I did some yoga today too. I wound up having some dehydrated veggie chips (made from our broth) and a garden salad. Feeling a bit discouraged I couldn’t push through, but I think my body really needed it. Should I still go ahead and continue with the cleanse on the final day tomorrow (Friday for me). Thank you! Ann

  18. Marisol Rocha says:

    I know there have been many questions about our access to this program after it is completed and you say that it will be up for us to access whenever we want.

    What about the question/answer streams? Will those stay on for many days as we come back and reference the wealth of knowledge and wonderful quesitons that have been asked? If there is a time limit on the comment section Q&A, please let us know our deadline for copying off some sage words of wisdom – thanks!

  19. TroyLynne Perrault says:

    Please confirm that we are cleansing a total of 5 days. I started Monday. Am I starting the post-cleanse on Saturday morning?

  20. Marisol Rocha says:

    I have noticed that Day 3-5 do not have the Download MP3 button next to Download Class Notes like you had for the first two days, can those be added for us please – thank you!

  21. Aijan Mynbaeva says:

    Sorry if this was addressed already, but are dates and dried apricots, raisins not mentioned because they have too much sugar in them? Is it ok to have them as dessert (after day3 post cleanse)? Is quinoa and amarant good for us? What about buckwheat, millet, oates, brown rice? Thank you!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Aijan,

      Yes dried fruit is very highly concentrated with sugar, so it’s not ideal. But it’s certainly better than processed sweets. Also we look for alternatives as much as possible to grains, including the ones you mentioned. But if you’re eating them, make sure you’re also eating them with lots of salad, veges healthy fats and a good protein source.

  22. Marisol Rocha says:

    What about Day 1 using the vegetables frozen from the Detox Broth – are these still useful or just more for fiber and texture?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Marisol,
      You can use the frozen vegetable pulp left over from the Detox broth, but yes, it has lost most of the nutritional value, so you will need to add some fresh products as well to whatever you make.
      Best Regards
      Den – The GM Team

  23. mothera@gmail.com says:

    Please give us more specific directions to the support group area. I couldn’t find it. Thanks. Mary

    Q: where is the support group?
    A: Hi Lucia, in the member area https://members.thegabrielmethod.com/ Shan-GM Team

  24. Robert Walsh says:

    Where is the Support group you mentioned in previous webinars? Is that a pay area, or do we have access to it? Also, my email suddenly got flooded with notifications every time someone posted–I didn’t realize the “Notify me when new comments are added” box was checked by default. It would be nice if we didn’t have to uncheck the box each time we leave a comment on a new page.
    Not a complaint, just an observation–thank you so much for this program!

  25. mothera@gmail.com says:

    Please give us more specific directions to the support group area. I couldn’t find it. Thanks. Mary

    Q: where is the support group?
    A: Hi Lucia, in the membera area https://members.thegabrielmethod.com/ Shan-GM Team

  26. Leslie Williams says:

    Are all nuts okay and do you need to soak all of them? How long do you need to soak them?

  27. Dargenstar says:

    I saw some almond milk in a health food market today that was labelled ‘pasteurized’, what’s up with that? Thanks. Megan

  28. Daria J Howell says:

    I’m on day 4 of the cleanse and I woke up this morning with significant pain in my hip, such that I was limping. I’ve stuck really close to the plan and don’t typically have pain in this area. I’m also allergic to wheat and I wonder if the wheat (grass and sprout powder) in the Green Me Up Jonny could be triggering this?

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Daria — Sorry to hear you’re in pain!
      Wheat grass is totally gluten-free. I have celiac disease and even a minute amount of wheat or any grain makes me very sick so I’m very focused on what does and does not have gluten in it.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Very sorry to hear about the pain. Wheat sprouts, like wheat grass, is totally gluten free. So it’s not being caused by the Green Me Up Jonny. It might be some joint detoxing going on. But if pain persists, please see your doctor.


      • Daria J Howell says:

        Thanks. I am aware of that piece about gluten. But I had a blood test that revealed I had IgE (I think that’s it!) antibodies to wheat. If it’s not the wheat, could it possibly be I just need more magnesium or electrolytes, or whatever, than I’m getting?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Daria,
      So sorry to hear that!
      Nadia says that pain is often a symptom of detoxing, so perhaps that is the reason. If the pain is unbearable do not hesitate to take pain medication if you need it. A member has suggested taking Arnica orally, and Nadia has recommended being very gentle with yourself, and resting as much as you can. Hope you feel better soon.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  29. Preeti says:

    what does today’s plan look like?

  30. JanH says:

    This is a technical question only – since earlier today all the comments entered into the discussion have been going directly to my email in box – wondering why that has started to happen – it is a lot of emails….

  31. Tessa Du Toit says:

    Hi John,Nadia and Den,
    Thanks for a wonderful program I have found it easy to follow and I am so surprised at how much energy I have. I have a red angry spot on my face not sure if it’s an insect bite or the detox, pretty sure I had mercury in my system from dental work. Just wondering if it’s o.k to drink ionic silver or use it topically on the spot?
    Thanks again sharing your wonderful knowledge.

  32. Jacqueline Bernauer says:

    On the first day after the cleanse, you are suggesting eating raw or sauteed veggies. Where can we get the protein? Would it be okay to have a good quality protein powder?

    This experience has been awesome! Thank you so much.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Glad you are enjoying. Either raw or steamed veges is ok. The key for day one is to make it as easy as possible on your digestion. For the first meal, you probably wont be getting too much protein, but later in the day, you can get protein from nuts and seeds. This is just for day one, of course. You can try your protein powder later in the day, but it will probably up set your stomach slightly, so drink it really slowly and see how it feels.


      • Jacqueline Bernauer says:

        Okay thank you Jon.

        I had asked in a previous message about extending the 5 day cleanse and your advice not to go beyond that on this cleanse is right on as I can tell today that I am ready for some solid food. That being said though, it just amazes me how much juice came out of all those vegetables! πŸ™‚ The juice was so green and delicious, you could just feel the juice nourishing you.

        Thanks again for this program and the support of both you and Nadia.

  33. Madonna Scrase says:

    Hi. I have pretty much been hungry the whole cleanse. The first 3 days were very bad for me – really hungry, headaches, etc. Yesterday and today, still hungry – which doesn’t seem typical of other people’s experiences. I have had heaps of juices, 2-3 chia shakes per day, creamy teas and broths and lots of lemon/salt water. Is this normal?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Madonna,
      Everybody’s reaction to the cleanse can be quite individual, some people have had very little hunger and symptoms and others have had hunger, pain in unexpected places, cramps, headaches and high emotions. Your reaction is normal for you.
      You have done a great job!
      Den -The GM Team

  34. Tandy Solomon says:

    Hi all πŸ™‚
    For other folks who might be looking for a non-toxic alternative to dishwasher detergent (the “green” products still affect chemically sensitive people) here is a good recipe: http://www.ecokaren.com/2012/05/homemade-dishwasher-detergent-without-borax-recipe/


  35. Marisol Rocha says:

    What about beans, how many days shall we wait to re introduce beans to our diet?

    Also, I think I know the answer to this, but are organic, low sodium canned beans okay to use if you are in a hurry or do you suggest to only soak and make your own?

  36. Bronwen says:

    Hi I don’t think I’ve seen this problem asked about yet – I have had a number of nose bleedings on day 4 is this because of lack of calcium? Also I am vegetation and get a lot of protein from dairy (yoghurt and cheese) your thoughts on this? Cheers, Bronwen

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      We’re not huge fans of dairy. I get a lot of calcium from tahini, nori wraps other sea vegetables, green leafy veges and healthy salts.

      Please see your doctor right away about the nose bleed.



  37. Robert Walsh says:

    First of all, I’m so grateful for you, Nadia, Denaleigh, and your incredible staff for leading us through this cleanse. Never would have made it this far without your guidance. This is such a picky question I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but my wife and I drove home after a loooong day of teaching feeling exhausted and hungry even though we’d had a green drink an hour before. We ended up having an 8-ounce glass of coconut water to take the edge off until we had time to juice. Is that something you would recommend or not?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks again πŸ™‚
      If having some coconut water was something that your body needed at the time, that is perfectly okay.
      Best regards
      Den – The GM Team

  38. mothera@gmail.com says:

    Why is wheat bad for us now when for centuries it has been the staff of life? I heard that wheat products made with natural yeast eliminates the gluten and is good for you. Are you familiar with natural yeast and what is does to wheat? Is the issue wheat has been altered and is now a problem? If so, where can one get original wheat?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      In addition to the problems with gluten, wheat also causes and exaggerated insulin response. Insulin is the fat making hormone and having an exaggerated insulin response leads to weight gain and a condition known as insulin resistance.

  39. CATHRYN GIBSON says:

    I just rememered on Wednesday i was feeling like something more so i made a gazpacho in the food processor. Would this be the reason for the small bowel motion?

  40. Sharon H says:

    What an incredible day. I started out with tons of emotions again but the day transitioned. When to Natures Market on the way home from work. I don’t want to be in a house full of toxins and for some odd reason, I was so conditioned to a manner of living and thought, just weeks ago, I didn’t even see toxin. I don’t want Oil of Olay on my skin. It’s frightening. I can’t do it all in a moment but I see another level of purging the house. My neighbor came over and I showed her all my stations in the kitchen. She ran home and got Kambucha she is making for me. I’m calmer (at times) and embracing a life that resonates so easily. I’m remembering me… Nadia, I have already been to your web site and cannot wait to soak in all the information available there. I still am not weighing myself because it is not the focus. Today was like being alive for the first time. I keep saying that when talking with friends about GM. It is like being born fresh over and over again. I have always been a present moment kind of person but I am (my new word of the day) embracing each moment. Detox heaven…. I can’t wait to keep the house detoxing….. It’s such joy… Thank you for the knowledge and the experiential opportunity to expand.

    GM team Rocks…… Sharon

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Sharon,
      It sounds like this cleanse has been so positive for you on so many levels. Congratulations on doing such a great cleanse!
      Thanks for the great feedback πŸ™‚
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team

    • Phyllis Goble says:

      Wow, Sharon, what a great reaction you’re having to this process! Thanks for posting. Keep going with your new life outlook.

  41. CATHRYN GIBSON says:

    Is it normal to have a solid bowel motion on day 5 of the cleanse. I suffer from poor digestion and was advised not to take digestive enzymes during the cleanse as the detox would be sufficient?

  42. Shayndel Kahn says:

    You say to have raw vegetables. What about steamed or sautΓ©ed in ghee or coconut oil with sesame seed salt?
    I will start eating again tomorrow as I started my cleanse on Sunday. In Whole Foods Market and trying to listen to what my body is saying to get for after detox.

  43. DL Gordon says:

    Hi, I’ve had to postpone my cleanse until next week and am pre-cleansing this week. Will the cleanse webinars still be available for me to listen to next week?

  44. Shayndel Kahn says:

    Would seaweed salad be ok for concluding the cleanse?

  45. Ann Curtis says:

    Hello. The first day post cleanse, I am going out to dinner with an old friend. The answer to this is probably an obvious one, but I just wanted to know your thoughts on potentially having a glass of wine with dinner. If you discourage it, I don’t have to, but it would be nice to enjoy if it wouldn’t be detrimental and undo all my hard work! Thank you again!

  46. Jolinda Elmore says:

    Is Truvia an acceptable sweetner?

  47. Helen Bradley says:

    Where do you get green Paypa?

  48. Shayndel Kahn says:

    I am on day 5 of the cleanse and am finding that I don’t really want to drink as much juice. Still drinking tea, water, broth. Just not that hungry. Trusting this is ok, as I believe you addressed it, but just checking. Also will you address protein powders. I love my protein drinks but stopped drinking whey as I felt bloated. Any other suggestions?
    I echo everyone’s gratitude for Jon and Nadia! This has been so easy.

  49. JanH says:

    This is just a technical question – I was wondering if there is a way to download the audio of the classes to a MP3 device – I have a long drive over the holiday and would love to listen to them again Thanks

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi JanH, yes we’ve been uploading MP3’s of the classes to the webinar pages, usually within 24 hours of the class ending, so you can download them. Hope that helps! Best, Sherri, GM Team

  50. Susanne says:

    Is avocado a good replacement for papaya, as i donΒ΄t think, i can get i here…?

  51. Allison Miller says:

    For those of us in the US, when the does the cleanse end? I started Monday morning — does it end Fri evening or Saturday morning? Thank you!

  52. Debbie Robinson says:

    No question. Just want to say thank you for so much information on how to be successful on this cleanse. I have had an emotional release that is worth it all. This cleanse has forced me to look at my cravings and the timing of when they come up. I really am getting in tune to what my body needs nutritionally verses what my body needs emotionally. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  53. Deborah Freisinger says:

    Should we take probiotics after the cleanse? How much?

  54. gabrielmethod says:

    For anyone wanting more detailed recipes and instructions on how to make Nadia’s Natural Cleaning products here are some links:
    HOMEMADE TOOTH SOAP AND OTHER TOOTH CLEANERS –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/homemade-toothpaste.html

    NO SHAMPOO (using Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda for cleaning your hair) –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/no-shampoo.html

    HOMEMADE MAKEUP –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/lip-gloss-recipe.html

    HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/hand-sanitizer-spray.html

    HOMEMADE MOUTHWASH –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/homemade-mouthwash.html

    TONGUE SCRAPING –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/coated-tongue.html
    ALL PURPOSE CLEANER –> http://www.making-healthy-choices.com/homemade-household-cleaners.html

    Hope this helps.
    Den – The GM Team

  55. Margaret says:

    What exactly is raw cheese. Living in France where there are over 365 different types of cheese (camambert, brie, conte, + load of blue cheeses etc. etc.) do you know which of these is raw?

    • Nadia says:

      Hi Margaret,

      It will say that it is made with raw milk.

      • Susan M says:

        Hi Margaret,

        France has a reputation for making raw cheeses. It is possible your packaging may not state it, but laws in Australia and USA often outlaw raw dairy products, so we are more likely to have labelling. Maybe another way is to check that the packet does NOT say “pasteurised” milk in the cheese ingredients, as that is what you want to avoid. You want unpasteurised milk in your cheese.

        Susan (detox participant)

        • Margaret says:

          Hi Susan M, Thanks for the expanded reply which is much clearer to me. I’m trying to Google to find out what Wikipedia has to say about Brie, Camambert etc. But your explanation is clear too. At least now I know what to ask for πŸ™‚ Thank you again

        • Margaret says:

          Hi again Susan M, apparently ALL cheeses in France are raw. How about that. Live and learn. Lucky me πŸ™‚

  56. Marisol Rocha says:

    My day 1 post cleanse is actually “date night” with my husband. So if I follow the “Back up foods” list during the day, might my body be ready for some animal protein in the evening? I was thinking of perhaps doing a lot of greens, veggies and a grilled fish (salmon or talapia?). Or should I really save the animal protein until Day 2?


    Hi, I you mentioned during the cleanse that we would self regulate the amount of Coconut oil needed.

    Going forward after the cleanse.

    My tendency is to use sparingly and I’m wandering if I have actually been starving my body of healthy fats.

    Is there a rough requirement for Coconut Oil or is it the same as during the cleanse. Many thanks. Kay.

    • Marisol Rocha says:

      Great question Kay, I second that! Post cleanse, how much healthy fat is too much fat as we look to want to support our new fat burning metabolism?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      No, there’s no minimum requirement of coconut oil that you “have to have”. You won’t be starving your body, because the fat is not an “essential” fat. You’re body can produce it from other fats you eat. But omega 3’s are different. You do need omega 3s preferably every day. Maybe a few tablespoons of chia seeds, some fish oils, cold water fish, lots of green leafy veges and you’ll be getting the omega 3’s that you need.

      • KAY PATERSON OAKES says:

        Thank you so much for this clarification Jon.
        Also for all the new information I have gleaned from this process. For myself and others I know, who will also benefit.
        The entire programme has been fantastic – delivered with soooo much respect and patience, from all of you on the team, for our questions etc.
        I feel truly blessed to have happened across your website. (Thanks also to David Wolfe who sent me the link)
        I just love the pebble effect. Ha Ha.
        Love and blessings to you all.