What Clients Receive (emails)

CS Clients Day 1 – Email 1
Dear “Contact Name”

On behalf of all the entire Gabriel Method team, I’d like
to warmly welcome you to our Case Study program!

How does it work? It’s easy… just login here:
Your login: ~Contact.Email~
Your password: ~Contact._GMPassword~

After you login, you’ll land on the home page where you’ll
see a welcome video from me explaining how to access
the first Action Steps Video and Checklist.

Watching this video and downloading the Action Steps
is the first step in our Case Study program.

I look forward to helping you make a complete transformation
in your health and life…
In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. The Case Study program is filled with information and
resources so don’t get overwhelmed! I’ll send you a quick
email like this every day or so (for about a week) to give
you a virtual “tour” inside.

NOTE: You’ll always see [CS] in the subject line for emails
pertaining to Case Study, so you’ll know to open those
emails right away.

CS Clients Day 3 – Email 2
Dear ~Contact Name ~,

After you watch the first Action Steps Video,
the next step is to schedule your monthly 1-on-1
Coaching Call with your GM coach.

You’ll be assigned a personal coach as soon as you fill out this short form:

About Your Coaching Calls:
*Calls are 45 minutes in length
*Make sure you watch this month’s Action Steps Video
before you speak with your coach that month
*Write down any questions you have before your scheduled
call so you can get help with whatever you need

My team is standing by waiting to hear from you. We’ll
speak to you soon…

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. If you haven’t yet, please visit our “Coach Profiles” page
where you can see photos and learn more about the team:

——————LOGIN INFO——————
your login: ~Contact.Email~
your pass: ~Contact._GMPassword~

CS Clients Day 6 – Email 3
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Case Study Group Meetings occur bi-monthly, and you
can join in by calling in or listening live on our website.

This is a great opportunity to connect with me and the
GM coaching team, as well as with our occasional special
guest lecturers.

It’s also a great way to hear from other Case Study

The collective energy of this meeting will motivate
and support you on your journey; and of course, each
Group Meeting culminates with a group visualization
which is extremely powerful.

You can see upcoming group meetings and access archives
of past meetings (starting next month) here:


Looking forward to meeting with you!

In health,

Gabriel Method

——————LOGIN INFO——————
your login: ~Contact.Email~
your password: ~Contact._GMPassword~

CS Clients Day 10 – Email 4
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Did you know about the Private Call-In Days I have
each month?

These are designed to give you direct access to me
personally. If you have a specific question that you need to
ask privately or an issue that you think I would be best-suited
to help you with privately, this is the time to ask.

SAVE THE DATE for the upcoming call-in days here:

*NOTE: due to time restraints, please prepare just 1-3
questions for each call so we can get the most out of our
our time together. I’m always happy to send advice and
recommendations via email too if we don’t get through
all of your questions when we speak in person.

Talk to you soon…

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. For your private calls, you’ll find USA and Australian
dial-in numbers, or alternatively, you can call in via Skype
(for free) as well.

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your login: ~Contact.Email~
your password:~Contact._GMPassword~

CS Clients Day 15 – Email 5
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

As you know, the Case Study is the most intensive
Gabriel Method program I’ve offered to date…

and I want to share as many resources with you
as possible in order to help you transform your body
and life.

In the Bonus Section of the Case Study, I give
you exclusive access to:

*(VIDEO) Intuition for Weight Loss Seminar
*(AUDIO) Guided Meditation for Weight Loss
*(VIDEO) Private Focus Group in Bali, Indonesia

These materials are brand new and were created
specifically for our Case Study members.

I know you’ll find them extremely helpful.

You can find them all here:


In health,

Gabriel Method

——————LOGIN INFO——————
your login: ~Contact.Email~
your password: ~Contact._GMPassword~

CS Clients Day 30 – Email 6
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Congratulations on completing month 1 of the Case Study!

Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

I have some good news, and a personal challenge for you.
The good news is that you’ve now begun to address the
real causes of your weight gain, and the impact that can
have on your life is truly unlimited.

Now for the challenge…

We tend to be results oriented; and after your first month,
some part of us expects all the weight to just be gone already
(even though we know that’s not possible).

It’s natural to look for huge changes, fast, but what we’re
actually aiming for is a total transformation – forever.

So please remember, The Gabriel Method is not a “lose 10 lbs
in 10 days” approach (those never work). It’s about solving the
problem and being done with it.

In many cases, Gabriel Method students start losing weight
slowly at first, and then they accelerate as time goes on.
This pattern is just the opposite of a diet and sets the stage
for long-term success.

Here’s a great story…

I have a reader who lost over 100 lbs after 11 months
using The Gabriel Method, but for the first 4 months, he
didn’t lose any weight at all. You can imagine most people
would have given up.

But he did his daily visualizations and focused on adding what
his body needed. He stopped restricting himself and feeling

And you know what happened?

Month 5, the weight started to drop off naturally, and his
weight loss transformation went so quickly after that, that
just 6 short months later, he had a completely new body.

This was my story too.

I started off so slow, and then by the time I’d lost 150 lbs,
the weight just started flying off me. My body “wanted” to
be thin, and the momentum I’d created was unstoppable.

I’m writing you this longer message today because
it’s early in the process, and I know you’re committed
to this but naturally feeling a little apprehensive.

The best advice I can give you is to trust the process,
stay connect with me, with your coach, and to the group.
This is just the beginning, and I’m excited and honored to
work with you. Let’s talk soon…

In health,

Gabriel Method
p.s. Be sure to check the dates for the next Group Meeting:

p.s.s. Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

CS Clients Day 60 – Email 7
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,
Congratulations on completing month 2 of the Case Study!

Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

Here are some things to keep in mind this month…
Remember your water. I know it’s so simple, but to this day,
it’s one of the most beneficial things I do to stay thin and
healthy. Drink filtered water all the time.

Accept where you are. I remember the turning point for me
was the day I pulled off the freeway and admitted to myself
exactly where I was at with my health and my life. From that
moment forward, I stopped focusing on the fantasy and started
focusing on making today the best, most-healthy day possible.

Your mind is your most powerful tool. I can’t tell you how
many students I work with who for no reason at all stop doing
their evening visualizations, and suddenly go back to old habits.
Your mind-body connection is crucial here. Keep it up.

Speak to you soon…

In health,
Gabriel Method

p.s. Here’s that short video I made for you:

CS Clients Day 90 – Email 8
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Congratulations on completing month 3 of the Case Study!

Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

The Gabriel Method has taught me that there is no one path
to transformation. For some of my students, it happens simply
from visualization.

For others, they correct a chronic sleep problem, and slowly,
the weight comes off. For many students, like me, they need to
address a number of issues in their life that are contributing to
their weight gain, and then… poof! Things start to click.

I’m telling you this because one of the worst things you can do is
compare yourself to others and find differences.

Instead, focus on you and your unique body and your unique life.
Compare you to you, and every day, you can create little positive
spirals that will eventually grow into a rushing river of inner strength.

Speak to you soon…

In health,
Gabriel Method

p.s. Here’s that short video I made for you:

CS Clients Day 120 – Email 9
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~

Congratulations on completing month 4 of the Case Study!

Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

I was speaking with our coaching team last week, and one
of the coaches said something very interesting I wanted
to share with you. She said:

“I find that my most successful clients already know what
they’re struggling with, but they’ve never had the space or

the permission to address the issue before… and now
they are.”

Can you relate? I tortured myself for years thinking that if
I could just get the carb-to-protein ratio right or if I could
just exercise for 45 minutes a day, everything would be
sorted. But the real issue was much less about food and
exercise and much more about my life and lifestyle.

Your story is not the same as mine, of course, but I hope
this program is helping you have the space and permission
to address the challenges in your life as well.

Speak to you soon…

In health,


Gabriel Method

p.s. Here’s that short video I made for you:

CS Clients Day 150 – Email 10
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Congratulations on completing month 5 of the Case Study!

Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:

My question for you today is…
Have you truly enjoyed a high-vitality, healthy meal recently? I mean you really enjoyed it?

When I was overweight, eating was like an emotional bomb with explosions at every bite. You love food, you hate food, you want it, but you feel guilty. That constant inner turmoil ensured that I rarely fully enjoyed a meal.

Today, I love food more than ever. I love shopping and cooking and eating most of all. I crave and prepare great foods, and I love to share them with others. No guilt, no calorie counting, no problems.

If you haven’t done that recently (or ever), do it this month. Prepare a really amazing meal, sit down with someone you care about, and really enjoy it.

Speak to you soon…

In health,


Gabriel Method

p.s. Here’s that short video I made for you:

CS Clients Day 180 – Email 11
Dear ~Contact.FirstName~,

Congratulations on completing The Case Study!
Please watch this short video I’ve prepared for you:
(coming shortly)

You are among the rare few, perhaps less than 1% of all those struggling with their weight who are willing to commit 6 full months to changing your life.

I applaud you, and I’m honored and so proud to have you in our community. My biggest hope is that this is the beginning, not the end of your new life, and also the beginning, not the end of our work together.
Speak to you soon…

In health,


Gabriel Method