Cleanse Homework Day 3

Move, Sweat & Breathe!


Juices, Drinks & Broth

  • Get spicy with your juices, add chili powder, sea salt, herbs and other spices to zest up your juices
  • Try some cucumber in your water, squeeze in a lemon, or even add some vinegar—stay creative so you don’t get bored
  • Stay warm with non-caffeinated teas throughout the day, drink freely

Breathing & Movement

  • Try to do *some* movement in the morning and in the evening—just today, just to see how it makes you feel
  • Consider yoga, GM Fitness, walking, cycling, swimming, or dancing
  • Practice deep breathing, inhaling to a 6 count, exhaling to a 12 count for 10 rounds

Movement Tips

  • Don’t over think exercise—just do it!
  • Stretch, squat, lift heavy things
  • Act silly, grunt, laugh and be playful
  • If it’s not fun, do something else
  • If you’re too tired, do something more gentle

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16 comments on “Move, Sweat & Breathe!
  1. Jann Gibbs says:

    I am juicing often and taking the broth. My blood sugar has crashed in the last two days which needed something very sweet immediately. I made apple juice mixed with the basic juice an that did not raise my bs enough so I took a little honey and then I over reacted and it went sky high. Should I add carrots to my juice and apples so I do not crash? My bs is usually stable and I drink green smoothies every day.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Jann,
      We suggest you mix 2 big tablespoons of flax with the sweeter juice. The healthy fat will slow the release of the sugars and help to stabilize your blood sugar.
      You are correct to avoid honey. Carrot, apple, etc are better, slower release. The honey would make you feel bad very quickly. Hope that helps! Best, Sherri, GM Team

  2. Joanne Witte says:

    Where do I find the yoga video?

  3. Louis Schneidman says:

    I meant kefir made from milk

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Louis, we advise not including dairy during the cleanse week, as it inflammatory. However coconut kefir would be fine. Hope that helps! Best, Sherri, GM Team

  4. Louis Schneidman says:

    I know we are not doing dairy but how about homemade Kefir since it is fermented?

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Louis, while you’re waiting for a staff response, FYI I asked about dairy before, and Jon said that because dairy can be inflammatory, it is not recommended during the detox cleanse. Even dairy kefir! I know, it was a difficult sacrifice for me too, but I’m keen to see what my body will feel like once all these inflammatory agents are removed….

      Coconut water kefir is, I THINK, ok, but then again I recall that fermented foods as a whole are not recommended during this week.

      That said, it’s helpful to remember that Nadia and Jon keep stressing that we can’t do it wrong! Whatever we choose is perfect — we’re going to benefit however closely we hew to the guidelines.

  5. says:

    You mentioned the questions and answers were or will be posted. How do we find them?

    • Tandy Solomon says:

      Also, just a heads’ up for GM staff: people are asking timely questions under the general FAQ, and I don’t know if staff is seeing them. Someone posted this evening about some health issues that were possibly detox-related but possibly flu, and wanted guidance….

      • gabrielmethod says:

        Hi Tandy, thanks for the heads up. Our team is getting to folks’ questions as fast as we can, and Jon and Nadia are answering lots of questions from these pages live on the webinars. So, keep them coming and join us for the live webinars, or for the replays, to hear more answers! Kind regards, Sherri, GM Team

  6. Kelly Maedo says:

    So I nees to know the best way to break the cleanse early. I havr a medical condition called neurologic migraines that left untreated can cause a stroke. I have had some headaches the past few daysbut not migraines . Today I am having the full aura I get so I will need to brwak it early. I made 2 1/2 days however

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Kelly, well done for getting as far as you have! You can start with our list of Back Up Foods that you’ll see in the top right of the navigation bar on this page. Next, Day 1 of concluding the cleanse would usually be with live foods, such as a nice salad. You can add in fruit as well. On that first day make sure to keep drinking lots of water. You may also want to make a soup- eat things that are easy to digest. On Day 2 after concluding the cleanse you will want to add in protein. Keep portions small and again keep hydrated. We’ll have a full webinar on Concluding the Cleanse which will go into all this in more detail. Let us know if you need more ideas! And again, well done. Best, Sherri, GM Team

  7. Susana Sampaio says:

    Hi everyone! is there a limit to the amount of coconut water we can add to our juices each day?