Detox May 2019: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Jon and Nadia

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11 comments on “Detox May 2019: Your Questions Answered
  1. Toni says:

    I really appreciate having access to old programs on my dashboard. Thank you so much! I hope you and all those at Gabriel Method are doing well during these crazy times.

  2. Dr. White-Henry says:

    To: Gabriel Detox Program – Help!

    Regret that I need to cancel my subscription to the Gabriel DETOX program and request a refund. I find the program, as presented, difficult to use. I am in the US and the dates and times are confusing as well. I do not belong to Facebook or to any social media program,

    Freya White-Henry

    URL: Gabriel Method Detox Members

  3. Rickey says:

    Hi Jon and Nadia – my question is I have quite high blood pressure. Have been on a ketogenic diet for 3 weeks and it is coming down, but still high (was 190/100 and now 160/78, last reading). I am on medication and being followed by a doctor. In your opinions, it is safe for me to do this detox?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Rickey. Thanks for reaching out. It is always safe to follow your Doctor’s recommendation before going into any health and wellness program if you have any medical condition.

      -Jong- GM Team

  4. Tina Christensen says:

    I just tried joining the Facebook group for the cleanse and I get an message saying “this form is no longer accepting submissions.” Is there another way to get into the group?

    • Tina Christensen says:

      Just figured out another way to access the Facebook group, so no worries.

      • Jong - GM Team says:

        Hi Tina,

        Thanks for reaching out. Our apologies for the delayed response and confusion. Great to hear that you were able to join our Detox Facebook page. Hope you enjoy your detox.

        -Jong- GM Team

  5. Here is the recipe for Golden Milk that we mentioned in today’s class. Trying to cut down on coffee? Try Golden Milk –

  6. Devin Kinasz says:

    Do we have to start buying specific food for pre-cleanse week?

    • Jong - GM Team says:

      Hi Devin,

      This will be taken up on today’s Live Event “Prepare For Change”. Jon and Coach Nadia will tackle this under “Prepare your kitchen: what to stock up on”

      Hope this clarifies.

      -Jong- GM Team