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65 comments on “Detox November 2017: Your Questions Answered
  1. A few links that were talked about in the wrap up party today: Cauliflower crackers (pizza crust) – and Preserved Meyer Lemons (that I used in the salad and to make soda –

  2. Deborah Radunz says:

    I live in Australia and it is 0200 hrs here when it is 1100hrs on the Wesr Coast USA. Do I have to join you then as you will be live?

  3. Alex says:

    Don’t have access to facebook – can you share the info of the wrap-up party tomorrow? thank you

  4. Alex says:

    How often do you recommend doing the cleanse? Once a year? twice a year?

  5. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are enjoying the program!

    #Steve Ells: I have no idea how much water I would need to be drinking. Have kidney ache esp. when lying down to sleep. It has taken a lot more water to relieve ache enough to sleep.
    Answer:Your kidneys are working hard during this cleanse. Along with water have the broth, detox tea, green juices and omega shakes. 3+ liters of liquid but more if you need it… if you are feeling fine and require less that is fine too. Ask yourself if there is any way you could have made your pre-cleanse week cleaner. This isn’t always the case but, if so, for next time you can focus on that as sometimes the more we gently detox during the pre-cleanse week, the more comfortable the cleanse week is.
    #Baila Weiss: Had a huge headache for 12 hours and now on day 4 still low grade headache
    Answer: Try putting a pinch of sea salt in your water and/or broth. Ensure that you are drinking enough and also resting enough. Glad to hear the headache is getting less today. Also working on the headache acupressure points can help too. Ask yourself if there is any way you could have made your pre-cleanse week cleaner. This isn’t always the case but, if so, for next time you can focus on that as sometimes the more we gently detox during the pre-cleanse week, the more comfortable the cleanse week is.
    #Nicole Rasic: I’ve been feeling a lot of pain/tension in my shoulders and haven’t been sleeping well, between potty breaks and hunger pangs. What would you suggest to finish the next couple days successfully?
    Answer: We hold a lot of emotions in our shoulders. Try some extra visualizations/meditation .. especially as you are going to sleep. Try adding some more healthy fat in the form of detox tea and omega shakes. A massage and and an epsom salt bath may also be really nice.
    #Baila Weiss: Last class spoke about alternative shampoos etc., please give practical examples of how to store these things to have on hand in the shower etc
    Answer: Take a look at the video on this page where Nadia shows what she does –
    #Clarese Partis: all grains? including grains like quinoa and rice?
    Answer: Yes, all grains can cause problems. Some do well on sprouted quinoa and sprouted wild rice if eaten in smaller amounts.
    #NIcole Rasic: does miso have msg?
    Answer: Read the ingredients to ensure there is no added MSG.
    #Bailey: Does MSM have the same benefit of Sulfur
    Answer: Yes it does. MSM rich foods include onion, garlic and noni.
    #New Yogini: Both Jon and Nadia are talking about Volcanic Salt, but I went to both Whole Foods and New Seasons (another local chain which often has healthy foods) and Fred Meyer (Kroger) and the employees I spoke with had never heard of Volcanic salt! So where can I get volcanic salt?
    Answer: I found it at a our local herb shop. You can also find it online.
    #Baila Weiss:What about Ezekial bread?
    Answer: Ezekiel bread is sprouted grain bread. Grains are much easier on the body once they are sprouted. I do have this from time to time.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Here is the onion bread/onion burger recipe that I mentioned in today’s class as well as the wraps made from cauliflower and the wraps made from coconut meat:

  7. Sadiyya Patel says:

    Hi. Can I add an avocado to my green juice, particularly those with any fruit in them, in order to slow down how fast the sugar enters my bloodstream?

  8. Rachelle Venter says:

    You mention infection of the digestive track, caused by not eating healthy. How would I know if this is happening to me if i don’t show any obvious signs of ill health?

  9. Rachelle Venter says:

    Hi, I would like to know if it would be confusing for my mind and body to use all the visualization soundtracks at the same time and change it every day to the next? Or is it more effective to repeat only one track for a week and then go to the next? What would be a good habit for using the soundtracks?

  10. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are enjoying the program!

    #Marcela Mac Dermott: “Hello! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I´m doing the detox program, but I don´t know if I´m doing it right. In the morning a drink water with lemon and a green juice, then I eat fruit and some nuts. I´m not sure what I can eat for lunch and dinner. (vegetables-meat-eggs) I don´t know if we can eat fish, quinoa, and also, I don´t know what Omega-3 drinks, Detox Tea w/Coconut or MCT Oil are. I feel a little bit lost. Thank you so much!!
    Answer: Marcela, you cannot fail at this, anything you are doing, you will get benefit from. The cleanse week is designed to be having nourishing liquids only, please refer to the schedule we provided for an idea but feel free to play with this schedule and make it your own. Green juices, detox teas, omega 3 drinks, broth soups, water are some of the things we talk about having this week.

    #Suzanne: Feeling a bit concerned about what happens when we start eating carbs or solid food again. What happens in the body that we will avoid a sudden weight gain?
    Answer: We will talk much more in the coming days about the proper way to come off of the cleanse. The goal of this cleanse is not weight loss but rather to set the stage for better health moving forward … so you may lose some weight during this cleanse and you may gain some of that back when you start eating again. Breaking the fast properly and moving forward focusing on the GM principles will help in the long run.

    #Bella: last night was tough – my old cells my old ways came to fight me. I could have eaten a house. I was so positive on the pre-cleanse. I think it’s probably natural, but It’s interesting how it’s all coming up.
    Answer: Much can come up during a cleanse, give yourself as much support as possible. Be sure that you are intaking enough of the nourishing drinks throughout the day.

  11. Dorothy Reilly says:

    I’ve got the runs – any suggestions?

  12. Marcela Mac Dermott says:

    Hello! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I´m doing the detox program, but I don´t know if I´m doing it right. In the morning a drink water with lemon and a green juice, then I eat fruit and some nuts. I´m not sure what I can eat for lunch and dinner. (vegetables-meat-eggs) I don´t know if we can eat fish, quinoa, and also, I don´t know what Omega-3 drinks, Detox Tea w/Coconut or MCT Oil are. I feel a little bit lost. Thank you so much!!

    • Kathy Peterson says:

      Did you get an answer about detox tea, MCT, and omega 3 shake….I need to know this too

    • Marisol Rocha says:

      Hola Marcela!

      There are a few resources in this members area that can answer your questions:
      If you go to the tab above called Your Detox Resources, you will find a drop down menu. Click on How To Videos. There you will see Jon teaching how to make Detox Tea as well as the Omega 3 Drinks.

      Coconut Oil and MCT Oil have medium chain tryglicerides which are very healthy for you and your hormonal balance. Having these oils in your broth (not while cooking but when you serve yourself to eat), teas or juices helps you to feel fuller and experience less hunger in these first days of the cleanse. I use 1tsp of coconut oil or ghee in my teas, and 1tsp of MCT oil in my juices or super green drinks.

      Fruit, nuts, quinoa, fish, etc are all okay during the pre and post cleanse (antes y despues de los 5 dias de detoxificacion). We are now in the Cleanse/Detox 5 day period so just nourishing liquids (and oils) is what you want to focus on having this week. As you stop chewing and eating, you will shut down your digestion and your body will be able to focus on deeper cleaning when not distracted by having to digest foods.

      You can also go back and watch the class “Finding your Detox Rhythm” under the Live Classes tab above as this will give you a roadmap for what a Cleanse Day could look like (an example of the nourishing liquids you can have). This is only an example so from the list of all the water, teas, juices, super green drinks, omega 3 drinks and broth you can have find the combination that feels best for you.

      Remember you cannot fail at this and its okay to make it your own (for example, I do not have lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar as my body does better with low histamine nourishment, so instead I flavor my waters with mint leaves, cucumbers, or cinnamon sticks. I also tend to have more broth than juices as it is cold where I live. Be sure to listen to your body and what it is asking for. Enjoy!

  13. Farideh says:

    Hi, can we have Kombucha or coconut water kefir during detox?

  14. Eleonore Isham says:

    After listening to the replay of this morning’s webinar…
    You talked about not using your muscles too much because muscles need protein. I am a massage therapist and am wondering if I should add more flax/chia drinks to compensate for the additional load on my muscles.

    Also, what do you recommend if one does start to feel dizzy. I don’t want to blow it by going for a Kind Bar if I start feeling light-headed at work.


  15. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are enjoying the program!

    #Naween Mangi:Is there a reason for the cleanse to last six days and not longer than that? Are there benefits or disadvantages to do so?
    Answer: Breaking the fast properly is the most important part of doing it… We will talk much more about how to break the fast properly in upcoming classes. 5 days is a nice period of cleansing followed by a transition back into eating.

    #Brenda Flaherty-Piper:How many ounces should each of our juices be? 16oz, 32oz or ?
    Answer: Don’t force yourself to drink more than your body wants but make sure that you are drinking enough so that you feel nourished and satisfied. The amounts will vary as the week progresses.

    #Chi:can Parkinson’s patients do this detox or shall they just add more green juices and healthy fats
    Answer: Check with your doctor if you need to. I feel all that you will be doing during the cleanse can be great and you can also eat from the backup foods list too and still get great benefits.

    #Shirley Knight: For each bowl of broth eaten is cayenne pepper and salt added?
    Answer: Sure, if you want it.

    #Suzanne Tremolada: what if you juice an avocado for healthy fat?
    Answer: Avocados are great for before and after the cleanse.. Hold off on them during the cleanse week

    #Steve Ells:Hi Jon and Lidia; Should I stop using Flaxseed Oil caps this week? I can get flax seed oil if it’s best
    Answer: I would suggest getting the oil if you can.

    #Bailey:Can we add some high quality protein powder to chia drink or other juices?
    Answer: A good quality green powder is nice, one focused on protein may be better after the cleanse.

    #Chi:do you suggest any body care during this week – tongue scraping/body dry scrubbing / Epsom salts?
    Answer: Yes, all of those are great!

    #Ken Schnell:This is the second time doing this cleanse. Due to an upcoming function on Saturday, I started the cleanse early (today is day 3). Is there somewhere on the website I can go to see what to do after day 5? I can’t remember.
    Answer: Ease into eating very slowly, just a few bites at a time and chew well. Choose very easy to digest foods like papaya, sauerkraut, blueberries. Keep up your water intake.


  16. Lana says:

    Most of the juice recipes provided contain carrots and beets, but the webinar stated to stay away from carrots and beets because of the high sugar content. I wish there would of been a clear directions for the juicing recipes. What are the green juices? Kale, chard? what else? thank you

  17. Suzanne Tremolada says:

    Where do I find the Schedule you are referring too?

  18. Marcelle White says:

    I don’t have a gall bladder, is there anything in this detox I need to avoid?

    I also have a dental appointment later this week, is there anything I need to be aware of in regard to toxins in treatment and anesthesia?

  19. Hi Everyone,

    Here are the cracker recipe ideas we talked about in today’s class (a great way to use up some of that pulp leftover after juicing) –

  20. Alex says:

    Hi is Kombucha ok to drink during week 2 cleanse or is it too sweet?


  21. says:

    what do you feel about taking spirulina tablets instead of drinking the powder/

  22. Kathy Peterson says:

    I CANNOT get any of the videos or any audio to play !!!!! I spent this money to do something I wanted to do to help myself, and all I am getting is frustration!!!!!

  23. Dana Day says:

    I also cannot access the audio or slides from the 3rd webinar. Please make available for review as soon as possible.

  24. Rhonda says:

    Jon mentioned a protein shake from Whole Foods in the last podcast. What was the name? Also, when he says info will be posted, where does he mean? I’m not finding it. Thanks!

  25. Kathy Peterson says:

    I cannot get any of the audio or slides to load…it keeps giving me the message that there is a recurring problem and I get nothing!! HELP please

  26. Karen Weiner says:

    A family emergency has come up requiring travel and I won’t start my cleanse until Thursday (will just stick to the pre-cleanse guidelines), so I will be lagging 4 days behind the group (will complete my cleanse on the 20th). For how long do I have access to the daily webinars and website support?

  27. Rhonda says:

    Can carrots be added to broth or ius that too much sugar. I thought I heard to add a few root veggies.

  28. Rhonda says:

    You have mentioned chia shakes several times. What are these and are they part of the detox week or just predetox?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rhonda, chia shakes/drinks or omega 3 shakes are the same. You can find the recipe on your how to videos and it is good for both pre-cleanse and detox week. – April, GM Team

  29. Rhonda says:

    Hi, I am still trying to join the fb group, and I am getting the message that the page us no longer accepting participants, or something like that. I don’t see a link here either.

  30. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Here are some of the questions and answers from today’s session. Hope you are enjoying the program!

    #Carol: You suggest huge salads. With braces, salads are not possible, as are anything raw crunchy or leafy. Anything to substitute?
    Answer: Stews are nice, with lots of non-starchy veggies

    #Linda: If I can’t prepare my own juice at home and will rely on buying my juices at my local juice bar what options do I have and which fruits or vege should I avoid?
    Answer: Look for juices that do not have fruit, carrot or beets.

    #Avril: Can I do my weight training and HIIT this week on alternate days with Yoga?
    #Veronique: will I still be able to exercise during this detox program, or would you advise against it?
    Answer: Intense exercise is best avoided during week 2. While detoxing you are trying to conserve your energy for the detox process that is happening at a cellular level. Lighter movements and stretching are great but leave cardio exercise until after eating is resumed again (During the pre-cleanse week, cardio is fine). If you go to yoga make sure it focuses on breathe practice and not strenuous movement.

    #Christa McCabe: Is this Detox ok for a 14 year old girl to do?
    Answer: Probably better just to encourage her to have all the juices and broths with you but let her eat a normal/ healthy diet at the same time.

    Thanks! 😉

  31. Roger Duckworth says:

    Hi folks, just looking through the 11 visualisations. I get the evening one. Is there a particular one for the morning and when are the others to be used? Or will all that be revealed later?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Roger,

      Glad you’ve already started visualizing with the evening one, hope it’s helping you get some restful sleep. You can listen to ANY of the visualization on the list at any time of day 🙂 Just make you’re not driving while listening but otherwise you’re all set to go with any that resonate with you more 🙂

  32. Jamila Baqouah says:

    Hi Everyone, getting ready for next week. Nadia, during next week cleanse, can I drink green tea? I don’t know if I would be able to completely stop the coffee if I cannot drink green tea 🙁

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Jamila, green tea has theine/caffeine in it, best to hold off on that until after the cleanse. Try to stick to infusions that do not contain theine/caffeine. – Jenn, GM Team

  33. Simone Cadell says:

    Hi Everyone! Really excited to be on this journey! Me doing something for me for the first time in a long time.

  34. Lorell Maldoon says:

    Is a bone broth good for cleanse week, or just veggie broth?

    I have a craft show the end of next week as I come off the detox. I have a friend helping me and we both need to have food. What do you suggest in the way of food for us as I come off the detox and she hasn’t been on it?

  35. Clarese Partis says:

    Is it just as effective to blend the ingredients in the recipes with a good blender? Or is a juicer preferred?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Clarese, a blender will work however you will have to use cheese cloth and strainer to get the liquid out when making the juice from it as you need to make sure there won’t be any pulp in your juice. – Jenn, GM Team

  36. Avril Quadros says:

    Hi Jon and nadia
    I just want to know if we have to take our supplements when we are on the Detox!

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Avril, yes you can hold off on the vitamins/supplements during the cleanse as you will be getting lots of highly absorbable nutrients through the juices and other liquids.- Kelly, GM Team

  37. Brenda Flaherty-Piper says:

    Hello there, I’m Brenda from Murrieta, CA. I’m really looking forward to discovering a lifestyle approach to living a thin lifestyle. I have 31lbs to reach my ideal healthy goal weight.

  38. Sheila Smith says:

    What we need to do to prepare for the detox?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Sheila, during the pre-cleanse, you will be able to prepare your kitchen with what to stock up on as well as prepare your body for the actual juice detox week. Also, during the pre-cleanse, you will learn how to reduce Caffeine and Sugar. Hope this helps! – Kelly, GM Team

  39. Naween Mangi says:

    Hi Everyone. Wanted to find out whether we would continue taking the digestive enzymes and probiotics during the detox?

    • Kelly - GM Team says:

      Hi Naween, yes, you can take probiotics throughout the cleanse as it helps your good gut bacteria. However, there is no need for digestive enzymes during the cleanse week as you are giving your digestive system a break. Hope this helps! – Kelly, GM Team

  40. Dees says:

    Hi, GM detox , november 2017 team,

    I just signed up for the detox November 2017. i am excited to start it, but have one concern. Can I do this safely, while I am on Blood pressure medication ( Losartan potassium )?. I have read that Losartan interacts with many drugs and some supplements such as milk thistle.
    Thank you for considering my question.

  41. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Detox Program. If you have any questions please feel free to post it here or email us at

    – Nadine,GM Team