NYNY2018: Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered


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152 comments on “NYNY2018: Your Questions Answered
  1. klustiber@gmail.com says:

    Can you recommend a visualization for dealing with loss and letting go?

  2. Anum Shaikh says:

    Hello, I have been contacting about my 1-on-1 20 minute consultation with Jon but still have not heard back. What should I do? Please let me know. Thank you.

  3. Regina Reznik says:

    Carol and Jon, how much I like to listen to you.
    You are speaking so much humane caring authentic truth.
    You are on the God's mission to help people

  4. Pala Senabulya says:

    Hello. The ongoing healthy habits mention eating a great sugar balancing breakfast, can I assume that all of the recipes in the NYNY breakfast recipes meet this criteria? I wasn't sure, e.g. the mango smoothie, the breakfast balls, the pancakes, and banana muffins? Thank you.

  5. Manuela Kruk says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed listening to Week 5 and hoping to implement more of GM healthy habits and visualisations in days to come. Jon mentioned he makes a green veggie broth; he didn't say whether he blends all the vegetables, eats them or just drinks the veggie water. I am keen to try this out and wondering what he would recommend? Many thanks to Jon, Nadia and all other staff for all the wonderful info - really enjoyed participating and as relieved to know we can access the talks etc in the future.

  6. klustiber@gmail.com says:

    I successfully lost thirty pounds doing your program in the past couple of years. During the last few months I have put ten pounds. Despite the stress of a house renovation being completed, I continue to gain weight.

    I have eliminated most of my sweeteners except for Yacon syrup and stevia in some raw chocolate and almond flour baked goods when I feel the need for a treat. Could the Yacon be a culprit?

    I am really frustrated.

  7. Megan says:

    I was hoping Jon could give a recipe for the green juice we should be having every morning. I’m making my own but feel that I’m probably having too much fresh fruit juice in its composition. I have a masticating juicer and a blender to use. Thanks.

  8. Louise Backx says:

    I have some questions.
    1. Jon mentioned that it is best to do the work out in the morning before you eat anything. Can I drink water with apple cider vinegar before the work-out? And a green juice?
    2. Chocolate seems to be very healthy. On me it has a very profound impact. When I eat raw cacao I really feel it goes to my head. I cannot really describe it. It really wakes me up and loosens me up. I want more of chocolate and feel myself craving unhealthy chocolatbars wih loads of sugar. If I eat a bar of chocolate with more then 70-80% cacao I know I can take only a real little piece if not I cannot sleep at night. My mood changes completely. I cannot say it is only positive. I sometimes make the joke that chocolate is like alcohol for me, I do not get drunk but my mood loosens up and I say things I normally wouldn’t say (wich I cometimes regret afterwards). In the beginning of the year I decided not to eat chocolate anymore, but then I hear it is healthy. Is this a known side-effect of chocolate?
    3. I did a 15 min workout for the first time today. Must say I enjoyed it, and I still feel It. I did drink an smoothy afterwords but I must say I feel a little low in energy and think I will eat some sweet things soon. Is that normal?

    I follow the action steps as much as I can, the one day better then the other. I must say I feel a bit more energetic. But I still crave a lot of sugar and junk food. I’m looking forward to the this week. I know that there are personal things that I have to overcome.

    Greetings, Louise

  9. Kiante Armstrong says:

    Hi just wondering how long we have access to the videos for after the 5 wks?

  10. JAMES BRADY says:

    Hi all,

    I would like to know what you recommend regarding the following;

    What to eat before exercise, how long before exercise should you eat, is this different depending on the exercise- for example is what you eat before a pilates class the same as what you eat before jogging. Also what to do after exercising.

    Finally, are there any examples of recipes/ meal ideas you eat yourself before/ after a workout?

    Thank you for your help, support, guidance it is all great and appreciated, James

  11. Patricia Marchand says:

    Jon has often talked about cellular release, but I can’t find any information about it on the website. Will you please let me know what I should look under? Thanks!

  12. Kiante Armstrong says:

    Hi just wondering after the 5 weeks how long we have access to all the material and videos?

  13. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from this week's sessions. Hope you are feeling amazing!

    #Kb Ludeman: 1. I need a sleep meditation. Do you have one that you can add already? The shower helped to calm the mind but the music and evening visualization afterwards got my energy buzzing again.
    Answer: Try doing some deep breathing (making your exhalation twice as long as your inhalation) and here are some other suggestions from Jon - https://www.thegabrielmethod.com/natural-sleep-remedies/

    2. You mentioned in class 1 about your book not just the recipe one. ALso, one of your intro visualizations mentioned that this goes along with your book. Is that available with this class?
    Answer: I don’t believe Jon’s visualization book is a part of the NYNY program but it is available for purchase. - Coach Nadia

    #Julia Figueroa Vegas: Money makes me anxious. If I want more or it is not enough or what if I stop working....

    Answer: I don’t see a question there. But I would suggest doing the abundance visualization. Visualization will help to feel safe and abundant. Nourishing your body as best you can with hydration and great foods will help your cells to feel abundantly nourished and not lacking. This will reduce cellular stress which can help to reduce the feelings stemming from perceived financial stress. Add in stress-reducing activities whenever you can. Be patient and continue to nourish yourself and receive abundance in other ways. - Coach Nadia


    Kelly, GM Team

  14. Patricia Marchand says:

    Jon spoke about doing the Mindfulness visualization, but I don’t see it under Visualizations or the Group Archive. When he refers to the “Members” area, where exactly is that? I don’t see it anywhere on this website. Thank you!

  15. Colleen Hession says:

    Hello Interested about probotic tooth pause oral health does it help the digestion ,is it the same a organic.whats the difference between the two what is the benefits.Which is the right one?.Also want to understand about drinking water around a meal.there was talk about a half an hour after, and before.My habit is I would drink it through a meal if I was drinking wine and a dinner out entree, main dessert I would drink more so( and in a restaurant may not be filtered

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Colleen,

      There are organic probiotic toothpastes as well so you don't have to choose between just probiotic or just organic.
      Here is a recipe you can make at home: https://draxe.com/homemade-probiotic-toothpaste/
      Or here is an organic option to purchase: https://elaaskincare.com/organic-skincare-for-men/double-mint-probiotic-toothpaste

      There are some conflicting information about when to drink water but if you are eating fast and gulping liquid to get food down the problem can result in burping, an uncomfortable buildup of air in your digestive tract or even choking. If you drink with your meal, it's always best to do it slowly and chew thoroughly and try not to drink too much. The wine will be worse for you than the unfiltered water since it is inflammatory.


      Janine, GM Team

  16. Linda says:

    HI I haven't seen the answer for my question about salt. I crave salt with lunch or mid afternoon (chips) What am I missing?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Linda,

      If you are craving salt it could mean several things:

      1) Dehydration
      2) Electrolyte imbalance
      3) Stress
      4) PMS
      5) Missing minerals
      6) Sign of low-functioning adrenal glands
      7) Emotional compontent

      If you address all of these things and the cravings continue check with your doctor to rule out other issues.


      -Janine, GM Team

  17. Louise Backx says:

    Hi, Are there any recordings of the QandA sessions? Because of my time zone I can’t attend them. If Yes, where can I find them?
    greetings Louise

  18. Colleen Hession says:

    Hello it goes back a while but it did happen, I did meet him ,Maybe it was the only workshop in New-Zealand signed my book .demonstrated juices recipes,Thats probably I did not take the course because it was advertised ,Because Jon is real!! down to earth and walks the talk.He is living proof.....

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Louise,

      You will find all of the recordings for each class on the homepage here:

      If you click on that link, you can access all of the replays for Week 1 and Week 2. And as we move along into Week 3, 4 and 5 each class will be archived on the exact event page where it was aired. We normally have the replays available within 24 hours after it first went live, so you can always catch up 🙂

      Hope this helps!

      - The GM Team 🙂

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Colleen,

      That might have been back in 2013. Jon has had retreats in Kiama, Freemantle and Brisbane and his annual ones are now hosted in
      upstate New York (USA). We are so happy to hear you have been able to attend one of his previous seminars and found the information he share so valuable. Keep up the great work Colleen! - The GM Team 🙂

  19. Fiona Bunce says:

    I brew my own kombucha and kefir. Do I still need to take a probiotic?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Fiona,

      When it comes to friendly bacteria, more is better. You want as many varied sources as possible. Hope this helps! Thanks - The GM Team

  20. Colleen Hession says:

    hello Jon just wanting to know when you last did a workshop/seminar in(Te-Aro) Wellington New-Zealand

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Colleen,

      I could be mistaken but I don't believe Jon has done a workshop/seminar there. Currently, Jon's workshops are annually at the Omega Center in New York. Here is info about his upcoming retreat: https://www.thegabrielmethod.com/omega-retreat/

      I hope this helps!

      -Janine, GM Team

    • Colleen Hession says:

      Hello it goes back a while but it did happen, I did meet him ,Maybe it was the only workshop in New-Zealand signed my book .demonstrated juices recipes,Thats probably I did not take the course because it was advertised ,Because Jon is real!! down to earth and walks the talk.He is living proof.....

  21. Patricia Marchand says:

    Jon has mentioned several times about soaking nuts and seeds. Does that include raw almonds, pecans, cashews etc? If so, do we soak them overnigjt? Thanks!

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Soaking includes raw almonds, pecans, cashews etc. As a general rule with nuts: the harder the nut, the longer you need to soak. Long soak nuts such as almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts are best soaked for about 12 hours. Common medium soak nuts are walnuts, brazil nuts and pecans. They require less soaking time as they swell more quickly as they are oilier.


      -Janine, GM Team

  22. Patricia Marchand says:

    Hi, I am wondering how you feel about Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Original Organic Sprouted Bread (or the flax version)?

    Also, what is the difference between lignan flax oil and regular flax oil?

    Thank you!!

  23. Colleen Hession says:

    hello Jon just wondering what do you think of soy milk and cheese ,not that I eat or drink this often,I am experimenting with different foods that your said,Found talking probotics and digestive enzymes ( for the first time never heard of them before)curve my hunger and sugar craving has stopped,.That urinary urgency is not a problem,as you come home as soon as you turn the lock you do not get to the bathroom quick enough,How does sugar play a part in all of this ,not a diabetic,( my diet before was lots of sugar foods and less green salads etc, no balance).Sweet things make me feel good ,energy booster,need for sleep, motivator to work, reward for doing something ,stress release they are all of my triggers or the buttons that push me,I have to be on a gluten free diet ,Fall off the bandwagon ,so not all gluten free are healthy because of high salt,sugar to add flavour,

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Colleen,

      Jon does not recommend soy milk and recommends another nut milk alternative: coconut, almond or cashew nut milk.
      Cheese can cause inflammation so Jon tries to avoid it when possible. Raw cheese can be healthier but must be purchased from a reputable source and you should investigate the pros and cons and make a personal decision on this item.
      Sugar and grains (including gluten free) convert to sugar really quickly in your body and feed bad gut bacteria which can cause candida, inflammation & weight gain and should be swapped for more nourishing options like coconut palm sugar or maple syrup.
      To avoid breads and grains without restricting them, focus on adding in recipes that don't include them to start with. There are SO many delicious and nourishing foods and recipes out there that don't need to include grains.

      I hope this helps!

      -Janine, GM Team

  24. Kiante Armstrong says:

    Hi, I wanted to get some help with self sabotage. So I start eating and don’t stop I almost blank out if that makes sense like an animal feeding frenzy. Up until recently I never felt full. I’m now just starting to feel full but I still keep eating. I also realised if I weigh myself and see that I have lost weight I will eat more that day.

    So now the feeling of full is kicking in but I’m still doing the above. What can I do?


    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kiante,

      Great question! This can be a multi-faceted issue so will take some working out to find the root cause. Here are a couple of possibilities and more than likely it is a combination of causes.

      1) If you almost blank out it means that your body is taking over and demanding something. Your hands don't have eyes so they may be grasping at whatever food you have in front of yourself hoping that it contains some vitamin or nutrient that your body is deficient in. If you are not consuming what it needs, the hands may continue to reach out hoping the next handful contains what your body is asking for.
      2) Check in with hydration. Have you had enough to drink? Mindless eating or hunger signals can sometimes actually be your body asking for water
      3) Emotional component. If something inside of you is fearful of losing weight, you will do everything in your power to "stay safe" because you don't feel safe thinner. You must work on getting to the root cause. This isn't self sabotage as much as it is you wanting and needing to feel safe so it is actually you trying to protect you! Work on feeling safer at any size and then this block may be released.
      4) Check in with your body and create a dialogue and ask questions. What is your body truly asking for? Energy, rest, nutrition, supplements, love? Become curious versus judge your actions so that you can shift them versus flood your mind with negative thoughts.
      5) Chuck the scale! Scales do not tell the story of you shifting your body on a cellular level as well as all of the mental and emotional healing that is taking place. Numbers do not tell your story!

      Great job about finding your "full feeling"! That is a great step!


      -Janine, GM Team

  25. K Mirabelli says:

    I was all logged on yesterday to the live Q & A and life encroached. I did have a question about urinary tract health, that I wonder if anyone else asked--In addition to things like cranberry, are there particular foods/liquids we can or should eat/drink to promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the urinary tract as well? Are there particular probiotics that are helpful? If the question was answered yesterday, please let me know, and I'll listen for it. If not, thank you, in advance, for answering!

    • Tracy Kuznia says:

      K Mirabelli,
      1. D-mannose: I can get UTI very easily. I haven't taken antibiotics for my UTI for over 10 years now. In addition to cranberry I use the supplement D-Mannose. It is a type of sugar (but it not the type of sugar that effects blood sugar levels). So it is safe for diabetics. It works against the E. coli bacteria in your bladder.

      2. Sugar - I avoid all sugar and junk food. If I notice I have a UTI and it is getting better, and if I eat sugary junk foods I notice that my UTI regains strength.

      3. Coffee and caffeine - I avoid these for the same reason as #2.. it seems to make the UTI must worst.

      4. Drink the greens powder (with spriulina) with filtered water all day long.

      5. washing after eliminations. Not using just paper toilet paper that doesn't really get you clean.

      6. Peeing after intercourse.

      Here is an article: https://www.stoputiforever.com/prevention/d-mannose/

  26. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from yesterday’s session. Hope you are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward!


    #Farah: Hi can this Fiber be a substitute for Probiotics? (Brand Fiberwise: http://www.melaleuca.com/ProductStore/Product?sku=8589)

    Answer: Hi Farah, I try to avoid products that contain things like soy, fructose, natural flavours and natural colours. -Coach Nadia

    #Amy: Last week Jon mentioned not including fruit in a smoothie. Was that for a particular smoothie/reason ... or is the recommendation never to include fruit. If so, why?

    Answer: Hi Amy, fruit is fine when doing it in a green smoothie (which is a blended drink). Avoid putting fruit in your green juices. - Coach Nadia

    #Rebekah: As Jon says, after eating a huge salad, you don't get that uncomfortable "ugh, I'm full" or sleepiness...but I've been absolutely in awe lately of just HOW big a salad I can eat and not feel "stuffed"...is it because many of the veggies are mostly water, or why can I eat a volume six or 8 times the size of my fist/stomach without feeling overfull? (considering all the fiber contained, too)

    Answer: Hi Rebekah, so great! Sounds like your body is so happy with the salad you are having. These foods are very easy to digest and break down so they are not taxing your digestive system or causing any digestive distress. Wonderful! - Coach Nadia

    #resamoore: Are there any "green smoothie" Mixes that you can substitute for a big salad?

    Answer: Hi Resamoore, yes there is. Something like a big handful of greens, some berries, tablespoon of chia seeds, half an avocado blended with some water would be nice. Feel free to add in any other nourishing ingredients you feel drawn to, maybe some other raw nuts or seeds, celery, cucumber, bell peppers, etc. - Coach Nadia

    #Maria O’ Sullivan: Hi Nadia & Jon, I have reverse osmosis for 10 years & just changed it for hydrogen water, now I have two taps 1. R.O. for cooking /washing veg 2.hydrogen water for drinking. What do ye think of hydrogen water please? Thanks for the show it's great information

    Answer: Hi Maria, I am not familiar with hydrogen water. At quick glance it seems interesting. - Coach Nadia


    Kelly, GM Team

  27. Shandi Lenaburg says:

    The class audio for week one let you download it instead of watching the youtube video. Is this going to be an option for this weeks class?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Shandi,

      Yes, all of the classes will be recorded and available to listen to or download for when you have time to absorb the material.


      Janine, GM Team

      • Shandi Lenaburg says:

        Thanks Janine. Just to clarify week 2 is available to listen too, but it does not have the download audio option. Do you know if that will be added?

  28. Francesca Christensen says:

    Will we be ble to download the class notes etc...for week 2 in time please?

  29. Patricia Marchand says:

    How do you feel about macadamia nuts? Everyone always mentions almonds, pecans & cashews for good health but I love macadamia nuts and I never hear them mentioned.

    Also, do we have to have lemon or apple cider vinegar with every glass of water or is 1 or 2 glasses with it in the morning enough?

    Thank you!

  30. K Mirabelli says:

    Am I missing somewhere that says how we are recommended to consume the nori sheets listed on the shopping list for week 1?

  31. Debbie Penovich says:

    Why is it so hard to navigate your website. I am having a rediculous time finding the visualizations. Just when I was think I can find them, the next time , like today I cannot. Help please. I've been ill this week so I'm behind.

  32. Megan says:

    Is there a particular green juice recipe that Jon would recommend? I didn't see one in the recipe book but I was having a hard time navigating through it on my phone.

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Megan,

      A good base for a green juice is:
      1 lemon
      1 inch of ginger
      4 large celery stalks
      1-2 Handfuls of Spinach

      And then you can add different things in for variety: ginger, turmeric, coconut water, carrots, beetroot, mint, parsley, cilantro, etc

  33. Kiante Armstrong says:

    Hi Jon/team,

    When you say you stop wanting to eat and to follow that feeling, will that then decrease your matabolism and/or cause rebound weight?

    Also during this process when you say you don’t want to eat are you functioning with high energy or is it more a feeling of shutting down?


    Kiante Armstrong

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kiante,

      If you are not hungry and have high energy that is what we are looking for! If you are tired during the day but not hungry it may mean that you are not well connected to your hunger signals or that your body is asking you to rest or refuel with real food. Hunger is not always a stomach growling, other signals include cravings for non nourishing foods, wanting caffeine, or to take a nap, or feeling like your mood is low or you are more on edge.

      Listen to what your body is really asking for. Intuitive intermittent fasting is when you are fueled up even without food and your body is not signaling you to eat in any form but you are functioning well.


      Janine, GM Team

  34. Shandi Lenaburg says:

    Can I have some recommendations for probiotics and digestive enzymes. Thank you

  35. Elizabeth says:


    I am wondering if your program is appropriate for someone who is pregnant. I want to minimize weight gain during my pregnancy, but am not sure if this is too powerful for certain stages of pregnancy.


    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Elizabeth, in general we don’t recommend for people to embark on weight loss programs while pregnant. While it is important to eat nourishing foods during pregnancy, it’s the body’s natural tendency to gain the weight the body needs for the baby. We recommend you speak with your physician before changing your habits during your pregnancy. Thanks!

  36. Linda Shepard says:

    is the class starting soon???

  37. Kalyani Soni says:

    Hiya, I am a new mom of a 10 month old baby and I'm breastfeeding. Hope it's okay for me to be a part of this program?

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Kalyani,

      Please check with your doctor or pediatrician to see if it is ok that you are in this program while breastfeeding. Normally it shouldn't cause too many problems if you are focusing on adding in. However, when your body is eliminating toxins through weight loss, those toxins can be passed through the breast milk. We recommend you do some research and see the best course for you to take during this time.


      Janine, GM Team

  38. Miri Spira says:

    Hi. Jon mentioned that the green drinks shudnt have fruits. Am wondering if the green juice I enjoy is ok or I shid eliminate the apple - romaine, baby spinach/baby kale, parsley, lemon, ginger, cucumber, gala apple, water chia seeds flax seeds and some wheat germ. Any modifications?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Miri, Jon does not recommend having fruits in your green juice as this may sweetened it. However, if the fruit makes it more tasty for you to drink, you can keep it as it is.

  39. Michael Charest says:

    PHENOMENAL! I really appreciate you guys!

    Question: I am really good about eating salads daily from my supermarket salad bar...Leafy greens(Not iceburg), sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cauliflower, spinach, broccoli)...LOVE IT ALL.

    But it's not organic.

    There is no way I am going to cut up all these veggies and prepare all these salads on my own. (At least not now! 🙂

    Am I ok or is it really bad that the veggies are not organic? (I am also now adding chia seeds since class #1)

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Michael,

      Glad to have you with us! You are doing great!! Sometimes when you are out and on the go perfection is not possible. Focus on what you CAN do versus what you can't do. Salads that aren't organic are still going to be so much better for you than overly processed foods that your body doesn't recognize. Sometimes we have an "all or nothing" mentality and what you are doing is perfect! The best that you can possibly do! You can still see the benefits from live foods. If you can suss out any other organic options along the way to add in that is fantastic as well but you are right on track!


      Janine, GM Team

  40. Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from yesterday’s session. You are all doing great so far!


    QUESTIONS FROM Live Q & A Week 1

    #Mary Sadowski: Hi Jon, it seems no matter what i eat, right after I have such a strong craving for something sweet. Any suggestions?

    Answer: Check in with your hydration levels as sugar cravings can crop up from dehydration. Check in with probiotics as it can be bad gut bacteria causing the craving. And then check in emotionally as to what dessert may mean to you. Also sour foods (fermented foods) can usually eliminate sweet cravings so this would be great to experiment with. Lastly, you can have sweets and Jon has them as well but he makes his own healthy versions so that they are supporting his health. There are chocolate recipes for you in the Resources area to check out.

    #Jacqueline Berk: How am I able to visualize the white ball of light better. I am having difficulty doing it. I have a tremendous amount of weight to lose and I have struggled with so many plans.

    Answer: Some people are more kinesthetic versus visual so you may try to feel the white ball of light. Maybe the light is warm and glowing or cool. Check in with all of your senses to see if you can start to sense the white ball of light more. Part of it is practice, however some people are not as visual and that is ok as well. It is not any one piece that will make or great this journey for you. It is about finding what works for you and what doesn’t and making this journey your own.

    #Barbara Modenesi Rumennik: It is okay to struggle with the visualization? I know we have just started, but I feel I am not there yet. Also, it is okay to eat "unhealthy" foods once in a while if you are craving? (i.e chocolates) - On a regular diet, if I have chocolate, I fell quilt, and I know it is worse....

    Answer: It is okay to struggle with every part of this journey as it is all about learning and staying curious and practicing new habits until they become second nature. You will go further and faster than you think by just being open to keep trying and keep learning. While we don’t believe in restriction, we ask that before you dig into your craving to dig into yourself and check in with yourself first and be curious. Have you had enough water today? Have you had enough probiotics/fermented foods today? Have you had enough real food today (fresh fruits/veggies, protein, omega 3s)? Is there an emotional need that you need to fulfill (a hug, a loving conversation?). Go through this checklist and then after all of this and you still have the craving, you probably won’t eat as much because your body and mind have been nourished. And then when you do have it, you won’t be overrun with guilt. Guilt is shutting down the process of being able to change while curiosity is opening up the process to transform.

    #Pat Duran: I haven't heard Jo mention olive oil. What does he think of olive oil?

    Answer: Cold pressed organic olive oil is great over salads and used cold. Jon prefers to use coconut oil or ghee when cooking as they have higher smoke points.

    #K Mirabelli: I have 4 questions:
    1. In hindsight, were there particular action steps that proved to be “tipping points” or catalysts for “revving” or “charging” weight loss/ body changes? I imagine tipping points will have been different for different phases of your weight loss path, so can you identify catalysts for different phases?
    Answer: Visualizations is one of the key ones because it helps change the chemistry of your brain to work with your body instead of against it. However, after working with so many people, each person has their own breakthrough and tipping points that came about through their own self-discovery and working through their triggers. Working through your personal triggers will be key to find your tipping points.

    2. After an intense ecoli infection a few years ago, my stomach is hyper sensitive to raw greens and doesn’t always tolerate them well. I tend to opt for juices in order to get nutrients. Can you recommend cooked vegetables that have comparable amounts of nutrients?
    Answer: The great thing about veggies is that for some when you steam them, it makes certain nutrients more bioavailable! So if your stomach is not tolerating raw, not to worry! Keep up with the green juices and steaming green veggies like kale and broccoli allow for lots of nutrient absorption!

    3. You mentioned something on Monday about your O2 levels being abysmal when you had sleep apnea. Is it the lack of oxygen that stresses the body and triggers high level of cortisol? Could asthma cause similar stress levels from O2 depletion? If so, any suggestions for asthmatics?
    Answer: Asthma can cause stress levels on the body as your body is fighting to survive and breath. There has been success for many people with a breathing technique called Buteyko. Here is some more information on it: http://www.mydr.com.au/asthma/buteyko-breathing-for-asthma
    This is a complementary treatment and should not be used in lieu of doctor’s recommendations.

    4. Has the 12 minute interval approach to exercising been tested for optimum aerobic performance in addition to being tested for optimum weight loss? And has anyone identified a point when percentage of body fat make this approach most effective vs other, more sustained aerobic exercise? (Bottom line is that I don’t want to sacrifice heart health or efficacy for weight loss)
    Answer: Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are great for you! We recommend both to maintain a healthy heart and a healthy body. The reason why we encourage HIIT exercises is because most people spend so much time on machines for weight loss and it has been found not to work as much as HIIT. However once your body is ready for and wants more aerobic exercises it is great for heart health! A great way to combine is to go for a walk or jog and then sprint at the end to incorporate both.

    #Pat Duran: Can the seeds be ground in advance or should we grind them right before eating?

    Answer: seeds can be ground in advance, but make sure to store them in the fridge or freezer as grinding them makes them go off more quickly which is why it is ideal to grind them right before when possible.

    #Margaret Taylor: After listening to Jon for a few days now and having read about him before. I have realised I'm overweight due to large amounts of trauma. Will I do well to have some counselling to sort through it all? I have come to terms with most of it though.

    Answer: Counselling is definitely one great way to help you overcome past traumas and highly recommended. There are also alternative healing techniques as well that are worth exploring. Through The Gabriel Method we offer Cellular Release sessions which was designed to help clear past traumas. You can find out more here: https://www.thegabrielmethod.com/emotional-release-therapy-2/

    #Bernadett Soos-Petek: I have a question about high uric acid levels: is there a way to lower uric acid levels through diet, without medication? What should one pay attention to?

    Answer: There are lots of natural ways to lower uric acid levels through diet. Here is an article that gets more specific for you: https://www.livestrong.com/article/207342-high-uric-acid-foods-list/
    However, we always recommend you speak with your doctor to make a plan on what is best for your particular situation.

    #Francesca Christensen: Can a past trauma (or some other hidden trigger) prevent fat loss even if you’re doing all the other things?

    Answer: Unfortunately yes if the past trauma or trigger has not been healed yet. It can take time to find hidden triggers or heal past traumas but what is lying on the other side of it is a life of emotional freedom and incredible transformation both emotionally and physically.

    #Susan Wilt: Is is it ok to eat organic Greek yogurt with organic honey and grain free ( paleo) granola?
    Answer: If you can find coconut yogurt or goat yogurt it will be less inflammatory than cow’s yogurt.

    #Gary Hubbard: Ask Jon if they had fermented grapes on that island ten thousand years ago?

    Answer: Haha, good question! I’m assuming you are talking about wine 😉

    Here is an answer from an email Jon wrote about wine: In The Gabriel Method, there are no "off limits" foods, but at the same time, it's important to uncover the truth about diet and nutrition where there' a lot of confusion.
    With alcohol, there is certainly lots of confusion. Can you drink red wine sometimes and stay thin? Sure, many people do. Will wine or any alcohol help you lose weight or benefit your health? Probably not.
    Alcohol has a dramatic effect on your blood sugar levels and can disrupt sleep and lead to overeating. For some people, it can even turn on your FAT Programs.
    But what about resveratrol?
    Resveratrol, a micronutrient found in red wine, has gotten a lot of media attention for its potential to reverse or prevent heart disease. What many people don't realize is that you need to drink about 1500 bottles of red wine per day to achieve the results they've found in laboratory testing.
    What I usually find is that as people learn to lead a lower stress life, they just naturally start to drink less. Also, listening to the visualizations will teach your brain to get into the pleasurable alpha state without relying on alcohol. So you may find that the issue just falls away on its own, that's always the best scenario.
    Continue to practice The Gabriel Method steps of visualization dealing with emotional issues and nourishing your body. Keep the focus on adding positive habits and watch as the less positive ones leave on their own.

    Thanks Everyone!

    -Janine, GM Team

  41. K Mirabelli says:

    I realize you might get to this later, but I don't want to forget to ask: I have questions regarding what constitutes a "healthy" level of stress, in terms of physical activity and exercise. At what point does a body release cortisol in response to the stress it feels from physical strain? And for someone who likes to run longer distances, is there a way to gauge, during exercise, if a body is perceiving the exertion as a physical stressor prompting a fear of famine response?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi K, exercising 3-4 days a week is healthy however exercising 6-7 days a week will cause over training and elevated cortisol. The body needs rest days to recuperate. Hope this helps! - April, GM Team

  42. Rachele Lamm says:

    Hi, I was wondering wether you can help me figure out why I’m always very bloated, especially after dinner I look like a pregnant woman.
    This is happening while I eat very healthy and even after I started to include enzyme with my meals and probiotic.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rachele, sounds like there is something definitely going on with your digestion that is causing this amount of bloating. If you have the ability to see a gastroenterologist that is great or a naturalpathic doctor may also help guide you. Sometimes it may take more than one visit to get to the bottom of the issue but it will be well worth it! It could be something as simple as a food allergy or it may be something else that is causing this and we highly recommend you see a doctor about it. Hope this helps! - Jenn, GM Team

  43. Miri Spira says:

    Hi! I’m shopping for the supplements and am curious if there are any specific brands I should look out for. Also, what are digestive enzymes?

  44. Landi Wates says:

    I recently watched the Melbourne seminar in which Jon suggests krill oil as the best omega 3 source and also recommends xylitol as a sweetener. Neither of those have been suggested in the action steps. Please advise. Many thanks.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Landi, krill oil has been found to be more potent than regular fish oil as well so it is a great source for Omega 3s. Nowadays, Jon uses stevia as a sweetener. Thanks! - Jenn, GM Team

  45. Colleen Hession says:

    Hello trying to find the GM store website cost of probitics , digestive tablets and spirnilua(spelling may not be correct) greens seem them in the reciepes section

  46. Khaled Saud says:

    Hi, I am unable to download the visualization tracks , also I cannot find the evening visualization
    Please advice

  47. Khaled Saud says:

    Hi, I am unable to download the visualization tracks ,
    Please advice

  48. Lolita x Echavarria says:

    Hi, where do I find and how can I download the morning and evening visualizations?

  49. Faranak Firozan says:

    I keep seeing Kelly and Admin people posting this link https://members.thegabrielmethod.com/category/visualization-nyny2018/ for 40 visualizations. However, I can only see 2 visualizations here. Were anyone able to see the 40+ visualization here? What is the correct link?

  50. Susan Wilt says:

    Are cage free eggs the same as free range eggs? If not, are they considered ok to eat?

  51. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Here are some of the questions and answers from yesterday’s session. Hope you are feeling amazing and excited about moving forward!


    #Guest473: I don't feel safe with someone other than my partner. I will keep eating to ease myself during outstationed /outside / when I'm alone

    Answer: Make use of the ‘Safe, Strong and Protected’ visualization. Consider calling and talking to Jon during the next show.

    #Jacqueline Berk: Hi how do you stop the triggers from happening. How can I speed up the process to no longer let my emotions overcome my food choices
    How Long does it take to do persistent visualizations to no longer need to use food as a vice

    Answer: All of the action steps we suggest will help to turn off the FAT triggers. We will go into more detail in upcoming classes. As you nourish and triggers get turned off you will find emotional eating may lessen. Be gentle and loving with yourself, this is a journey. Some notice changes fairly quickly with the visualizations. Consider calling in and speaking directly with Jon on the next show if you would like.


    Kelly, GM Team

  52. Livy Ng says:

    May I ask how to download the visualisations in iPhone? Because the network is not good here...it keep playing and pause which interrupt my visualisation process

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Livy, due to system limitations for all Apple products, you'll need to download the visualizations to a computer and transfer them to your iPhone via iTunes. Hope this helps! - April, GM Team

  53. Regina Reznik says:

    are we we having a class now with Jons voice? How to log in?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Regina, please know that classes are on Mondays, while Q & A's are on Wednesdays both starting at 7 PM EST. You can join the classes by clicking on the "Access Now" button, it will direct you the page with instructions on how to call in. I hope this helps! - April, GM Team

  54. Francesca Christensen says:

    Hi there, thank you for the links to the evening visualisation they have worked for me. Unfortunately still only the 2 visualisations able to be accessed.

    Has anyone else had success accessing the rest?

    Thank you

  55. Margaret MacDonald says:

    I’m 71 years old. Do you have any particular suggestions for people of my age?

  56. Jeannette Cassar says:

    For anyone looking for the evening visualization...try this link. It worked for me.

  57. Jeannette Cassar says:

    With all the links provided, there are still only 2 visualizations...Living in abundance and Burn Fat Now. Can someone please look into this for us? Thanks

  58. Susan Mate says:

    I am also only able to open these 2 visualisations and was not able to find the evening visualisation.

  59. Patricia Marchand says:

    Have any of you been able to open the extra visualizations? They said to try a different browser. I've tried explorer, mozilla firefox and safari and they only open the two visualizations - abundance and fat burning.

    If anyone has a link that works to the extra visualizations, please let me know.


  60. Cheryl Kindree-Shira says:

    Where is the evening visualization practice?

  61. Here is the link the the chia crackers that Jon mentioned in class today (also some chia seed pudding ideas here too) - https://www.making-healthy-choices.com/chia-seed.html

  62. Theresa Martoe says:

    Is monk fruit as a sweetener ok

  63. Tracey Iki says:

    Do we need to add probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement over next few wks?

  64. Patricia Marchand says:

    I am only to access two of the vizualizations as well - I clicked on the link you posted for the participant below, as well as the visualizations tab, but both took me to the two vizualizations only. Thank you

  65. Faranak Firozan says:

    This link only has 2 virtualization:


    What is the link to the 40+ virtualization to download?


  66. Faranak Firozan says:

    I signed up for support group. How can I have access to that? Is it a Facebook group?

  67. Megan says:

    Is there a probiotic and digestive enzyme supplement that is recommended or, at least, what to look for when purchasing them...thanks


    Hello everybody! I also cannot find the evening vizualisation. In the vizualisation library I only find two viszualisations and the link you offered in Jeanettes reply does not work too. Thanks for your help

    Best Brigitte

  69. Dr Lisa Jacobson says:

    I also have commitments that are unavoidable during some of the sessions. I haven't seen where this issue is addressed so those of us in that situation dont miss out.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Dr. Lisa, don't worry if you will miss a session as these classes are recorded and will be uploaded on the membership site for you to revisit during your free time. Hope this helps! - Jenn, GM Team

  70. Marilyn Granieri says:

    Hello,I'm sure its listed somewhere but I didn't see what time of day the 5 week course begins on the 22nd. I live in the USA in New York state. Thank You.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Marilyn, classes for today will be at 7 PM EST. You can check the rest of the schedule under the "Live Events" tab. Hope this helps! - April, GM Team

  71. Tracey Iki says:

    I just looked over the live times I'm working. I'm in Australia. I think its a bit unfair all live chats are 10am in morning, it doesn't suit people that work.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tracey, sorry about that. Please know that a reply of the classes will be made available for all the members within 24 - 48 hours for everyone to refer. You can check them on the membership page. Thanks! - April, GM Team

  72. Elizabeth says:


    The times of the courses are not great for me. WIll the courses and sessions be recorded? If so, How can I access them?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Elizabeth, sorry to hear that. You'd be please to know that all classes are recorded and it'll be upload on the site within 24-48 hours from broadcast. You can revisit it anytime from your membership page. Hope this helps! - Jenn, GM Team

  73. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hi all! Welcome to the 2018 New You in the New Year! Week 1 will officially start on Monday January 22nd, so stay tuned and keep an eye in your inbox and in this channel for event updates and info. Feel free to post any questions, concerns or feedback right here and we’ll be happy to assist you! _ Kelly GM Team

  74. Nadine - GM Team says:

    Welcome to the 2018 New You in the New Year! We wanted to wish all of you a warm welcome and let you know that we are looking forward in supporting you throughout this 5-Week coaching program. Week 1 will officially kick-off on Monday January 22nd, so stay tuned and keep an eye in your inbox and in this channel for event updates and info. In the meantime, please feel free to post any questions, concerns or feedback right here and we’ll make sure to get back to you! - GM Team

  75. Jeannette Cassar says:

    Hello, Jon mentions an evening visualization to start listening to before the program starts. Where can I find this? Thanks -Jeannette

  76. Michelle Towell says:

    They are working today. Thanks!!!

  77. Kelly - GM Team says:

    Hi all! Welcome to the New You in the New Year 2018! Hope you enjoy the next few weeks with us! 🙂 - Kelly, GM Team

  78. Michelle Towell says:

    I am having the same issue.

  79. Brenda Mintie says:

    I'm having trouble with some of the programs for NYNY, either I can't access the help for download (get a 404) or some resources won't open (again, 404).