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Of all the things I teach with The Gabriel Method, visualization is one of the most powerful. Students who commit to taking just 5-15 minutes daily to listen to their visualization always experience the greatest transformation. I’d really encourage you to take this seriously and add this powerful practice to your life daily.

*IMPORTANT* MEDICAL NOTE: do not listen to these visualization if you are driving, operating machinery, have epilepsy, or have a pacemaker. If you have any doubt, always check with your doctor.

Mental Secrets: A.M. & P.M. Visualization – here you’ll learn morning and evening visualization practices that put you in SMART Mode and promote fat burning all day and all night long.

NOTE: these 2 audio recordings all by themselves have had a profound impact on students all over the world.

Genetically Thin – this never-before released visualization will help you unlock the power of your mind to influence your biology. As they say, “Your biography becomes your biology,” and the good news is you can change your biography very easily—and change your genetic expression.

Stress-Free Living – this new program can be used either before you start your day or just before you go to bed at night. Stress is one of the greatest health threats we face today, and once you learn to effectively channel stress into positive, creative energy, the effects on your weight and life can be magical.

Safe & Strong – our modern world is filled with threatening forces that make us feel unsafe, whether we recognize it consciously or not. Family issues, financial worries, abusive people, and even pollution all contribute to what can turn into a perceived threat that your body might respond to by gaining weight.

This visualization reprograms your thinking so that you can feel safe and strong throughout your day, and even more importantly, as you get thinner and thinner you will feel safer and stronger in your new body as well.

Energy & Blood Sugar – this visualization will help you find sustained energy throughout the day by balancing your blood sugar and cravings. Using this practice in the morning will help you to avoid the spikes and subsequent dips in energy that are so common for most people.

Burn Fat Now – when two people are in the same stressful situation, one person can gain weight while the other loses weight. These different reactions are caused by your body’s interpretation of the situation and its attempt to make you safe. This visualization will help you become someone who translates stress into a “get thin” response instead of a fat storage response.

Living Goddess – this program is designed specifically for women who want to reclaim their feminine radiance and inner beauty.

Abundant Life – as you’ll quickly see, The Gabriel Method goes way beyond weight loss, and this visualization is designed to help you manifest and achieve everything and anything you desire in life by unlocking your inner abundant flow of source energy.

Get Thin or Get Eaten – use this powerful visualization before doing any type of physical exercise to get your body in fat burning mode. Just as your body can be in fat storage mode, your body can also be in fat burning mode when it associates being thin with being safe.

SMART Music (music only) – use this audio track to relax and get into SMART mode. Also great to use as you create your own visualizations for yourself.