Understanding the Role of Stress & Emotions in Weight Loss with Jon Gabriel

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What you’ll learn:

  • How mental & emotional stress affects your weight
  • how fat can act as protection from emotional trauma
  • practical ways to deal with & control stress
  • Moving from negative to positive spiral

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27 comments on “Understanding the Role of Stress & Emotions in Weight Loss
  1. Crystal Stivers says:

    I cannot find where to download an mp3 so I can listen to it away from my computer, I see where I can download pdf of class notes and action steps, but not the audio…

  2. Deborah Hutchings says:

    I’m playing catch up on the classes – is this one availalble for download via MP3 audio???

  3. Neshama says:

    I”m confused as to why some of the classes can be downloaded (as mp3) and some are not…any idea whether all of the classes will be downloadable?

    Thank you!

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Neshama,
      Currently the Core class audios are available for download. We are in the process of trying to make the Expert class audios also available for download – please ‘watch this space’ for confirmation. 🙂
      Kind regards

  4. norman@kaphan.co.uk says:

    What are the Big 3? I dislike green juice so is this essential?

    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Norman,
      You don’t have to have green juice. The Big 3 are a good source of protein, live food (such as salad for example), and healthy fats (Omega 3’s – such as Chia seeds, Flaxseeds). Rather than removing things from your diet and creating a feeling of deprivation Jon recommends just adding these Big 3 to your existing diet.
      Kind regards
      Den – GM Team

  5. Sylvia Galletta says:

    I just listened to this week’s Core Class as I wasn’t available for the live presentation last night. I have used affirmations very sporadically in the past but the impact of imagining 70 TRILLION CELLS repeating . . .
    “I love you”
    “I accept you”
    “I forgive you”
    “I appreciate you”
    was so profound. I think I finally found a way that I can actually begin to receive and feel these words and accept them into my heart. Thank you.

  6. Sharon H says:

    I know I have learned a basic structure, or formula of what to eat. I’ve learned a suggested rhythm of how to eat. I’ve absorbed and am integrating that into a life style.. Now, I address emotional triggers… But, what I can’t seem to hear is how to stop, and I can’t seem to see when serving myself the amount to eat. I eat the correct things… I’m hungry in the morning now yet, I don’t register when I am full. I know over full. I don’t know full without someone dictating portion size or defining how much…. Do you have a suggestion?

    • Denaleigh B says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Emotional triggers and Insulin resistance will be playing a huge part in your body’s current inability to to know when it is full. When your fat triggers are turned off, and you are no longer insulin resistant your body will know and be able to efficiently send the ‘I’m full’ message to your brain. Keep doing all the wonderful things you are doing for yourself, and over time your body will heal itself and start working with you – rather than against you.
      Den – GM Team

  7. Anne Kirkwood says:

    Why do you recommend Almond milk and the like when it’s full of sugar? I’d like to try that as an alternative but am trying to avoid adding extra sugar into my diet!! Thanks!

  8. Brenda Workman says:

    Hi Jon
    My husband passed away 3 months ago.
    My father died a month ago. I cared for both of them.
    I gained 20 lbs on top if the 25 I needed to lose.
    How can I succeed with this program under
    these circumstances?

    • Nadia Harper says:

      I believe you can Brenda. Keep supporting yourself and continuing with the action steps. This program is about helping you to attain a balance and a strength that will help you through what life brings to you.
      You are going through an, understandably, very challenging time right now. Be gentle with yourself. I am sending you Love.

  9. Nadia Harper says:

    Many are asking what the book was that Jon recommended – it is called ‘Non Violent Communication’ by Marshall Rosenberg.

  10. William Fell says:

    Thank goodness you are replaying this. I get 20 mins live, between kids basketball practice and cub scouts.

  11. Lucy Deslandes says:

    A little confused. Both my reminder emails say 9am Brisbane time and then on here 10am and the webinar clock says it starts in just over and hour. I am going to go by the clock. I hope this is correct.

  12. Bee Bee Koh says:

    you mentioned that my neck, shoulder, limbs n muscle tightness is caused by emotional stress. If so, I am not aware of it, do you have any solutions since I can’t take some supplements & get rid of the problem!

    • Nadia Harper says:

      Today’s webinar will address this. Even when not aware of it, stress can manifest as muscle tightness. Visualizations combined with some light exercises is very beneficial.