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Janine Oliver

Janine’s intelligence, empathy for others and her passion for The Gabriel Method makes her an outstanding resource for success in her role as a GM Coach. Janine’s own story of personal transformation allows her to connect deeply with clients and create their own unique ‘imperfect perfect’ approach to wellness.

Janine is a Mentor Coach and Nutrition Specialist in our Ultimate Coaching Experience, a Mentor Coach in our Total Transformation Coaching Experience, and a monthly contributor to our Support Group with her very popular “Ask Janine” show.

Janine is an expat from the USA and currently calls Barcelona, Spain her home.

Coach Interview

About Janine

I have a great passion for food and helping others to find their own path to holistic health and wellness.

Growing up, I pursued competitive gymnastics and later, belly dancing. It was important for me to push myself physically and to live an active, healthy lifestyle; however, I often experienced feelings of illness and fatigue, and found out in 2012 that I had Stage 3 Kidney Disease. After receiving no further help from medical specialists, I decided to take control of my own holistic well-being by eating fresh, local seasonal produce and by developing my love for cooking.

While I was “doing everything right” I still felt fatigued and had very low energy. Finally in 2017, I was diagnosed with the root problem: Hypothyroidism caused by Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

I currently have NED (No evidence of disease) HORRAY! and this beautiful experience has reminded me of a few important lessons:

  2. Health & Wellness needs to remain my focus to keep myself cancer-free!
  3. Optimism, radical self-care and building a strong support system is key to enjoying life even though the bumps!

I focus on finding the perfect life balance with my clients and taking on an “imperfectly perfect” approach towards discovering their individuality, self-improvement and self-love.

Education and Certifications

  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Classic Code NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
  • New Code NLP Practitioner
  • International NLP Coach (trained by co-founder John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll


I am feeling blessed today to have Janine as my coach for the Total Transformation Coaching Experience. I knew when I scheduled my first appointment and saw that Janine would be my coach that signing up was the right thing to do. Today was my first appointment and I am already encouraged that the help I will receive is the help I need to move forward. It was specific to what I have been asking for-help with what to eat and dealing with the emotional block I have had with eating vegetables. I look forward to what more I can learn and incorporate into daily living. Thank you for providing this opportunity!*

L. Curtis, Florida

Janine is an absolute delight to work with as I go through my weight loss journey. She is compassionate and insightful. During our sessions she creates a very safe space for me to freely share fears, epiphanies and frustrations. During our conversations, I truly feel she hears me and is able to, in the moment, provide me with spot-on guidance. Janine’s beautiful energy and joyful disposition brings a wonderful light to our sessions. She doesn’t shy away from tough and emotionally charged topics I bring up and with encouragement she pushes me to continue my evolution.

L. Asgar, Toronto

Janine is unlike any other nutrition professional I’ve ever worked with. She is, not only kind and completely nonjudgmental, but her strategy is to work with you to find tools that give you power and allow you to grow and learn so that you build a foundation that lasts a lifetime! Janine approaches your journey as just that

J. Lott, Connecticut

Janine truly was FABULOUS!! Such clarity and insightfulness! I’ve been replaying our session in my head frequently throughout the day… Amazingly ‘spot on’ with her understanding but also able to articulate so succinctly and beautifully that I felt completely and utterly ‘heard’. Awesome! Thank you Janine!

J. Jones, UK

You were your authentic self and you taught us that that is what we need to be, we need to work from our inside out, own who we are and it doesn’t matter how old we are, it is never too late. And to accept our bodies and love our bodies and not stress out about it, just let it be and work with it.

M. Reed, New York