Cleanse Homework Day 5

Concluding the Cleanse


  • Listen to the Finishing the Cleanse visualization in the morning
  • Listen to the evening visualization before bed
  • Throughout the day, visualize your changed and changing body, from the inside out, high in vitality and life force energy

Juices, Drinks & Broth

  • Keep juicing, keep drinking
  • Consider more veggie broth during the last day
  • Don’t be afraid to eat some raw veggies if you need it

Breathing & Movement

  • Try something you haven’t yet tried this week: yoga, GM Fitness, playful fitness outdoors, or a simple walk
  • Set aside 5 minutes for deep breathing, inhale to a 6 count, exhale to a 12 count for at least 10 rounds

Planning & Prepping

  • Set an intention for your days after the cleanse
  • What new habits would you like to hold onto?
  • Is there a healthy restaurant you’re excited to try?
  • Are there any new recipes you’d like to experiment with?
  • Take a moment to think about how you can celebrate your finishing the cleanse in a fun and healthy way