GM Coach Mentor

Session 2 Lesson Plan

Ultimate Coaching Experience

Before Your Coaching Session

  • Did you read your client's application or review notes from last time?
  • Did you review client's notes from other coaches so you can ask intelligent questions based on their experiences?
  • Are you using a good headset or telephone with a good connection?
  • Are you in a calm, centered place yourself?

Before Your Start, Remember...

  • Ask yourself, "Based on what I know NOW, how can I best serve this client today?"
  • Your job is to help your client have the best experience possible.
  • Forget about your agenda or your goals, focus on the client's needs.
  • Don't try to solve problems, instead try to let the client find their own solutions by asking good questions.
  • Always go back to what you know about this client, their unique situation and challenges (everyone is different).


  • Congratulations on your work and progress with the Ultimate Coaching Experience so far
  • Before we get started, do you have any questions, successes or challenges that you wanted to discuss during this session today?

Quick Check-In

To begin, I'll ask you some simple "check in" questions like we've done in the past. This will help me understand where you're at today.

  • QUESTION #1: On a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best, how are you feeling about your progress (if any) so far?
  • QUESTION #2: On that same 1-10 scale, how "in control" do you feel of your emotions right now? 1 is completely in control and a 10 would be crying, nervous, anxious or any of those strong emotions that sometimes feel like they control us.
  • QUESTION #3: If you can rate your stress for me with 1 being no stress and 5 being totally stressed out. What is your current level of stress?
  • QUESTION #4: How much support do you feel in this journey from your friends and family? 1 is no support, 10 is totally loved and supported.
  • QUESTION #5: This past week, how did you feel about your food choices? Tell me on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being terrible and 10 being perfect.
  • QUESTION #6: How many days this past week were you able to do something physical inside or outside, such as playing in the park, taking a walk, going to the gym or anything like that?
  • QUESTION #7: Ok one last question, how many times within the last week did you do your evening visualization?

use their answers to find further points of discussion

Action Steps Review & Planning

  • Review Action Steps (from last session) - This program is really about action, so let's start by reviewing the action steps you and I discussed...

    pull up notes from last session, review and discuss

  • Rate Specialist Experience - I know you had a session with _________________ [GM Specialist], on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 be amazing, how would you rate your experience with the Gabriel Method Specialists you worked with since we last spoke?
  • Review Action Steps (from Specialists) – Let's take a look at what you're GM Specialist recommended and make sure this is practical and feasible for you...

    use their answers to draw out very specific things

  • Based on this, let's establish some action steps going forward...

Action Steps

  • Based on the session you've had and our conversation today, here are the Action Steps I'd like you to focus on:



  • Do you foresee and challenges or obstacles or does this seem reasonable to you?

Coaching Path Explained

Based on our conversation today and our feedback, I'd like to suggest that in the next sessions, you work with [specialist] before we speak again.

NOTE: if a client has a strong interest/aversion to a specific coach or style, that is not a problem.


GM Fitness Specialists – these are personal trainers who will show you how exercise should be playful, short, intense, and enjoyable. They'll help you design a program to fit your lifestyle and your body.

COACHES: Coach Brian

GM Nutritionists – these are nutritionists who will help you to find foods that will help you lose weight without sacrificing the flavors you love. This is a non-diet "have it all" approach, so you'll learn simple tricks to navigate healthfully through restaurants, grocery stories, and even your own kitchen.

COACHES: Coach Heather, Nadia and Janine

GM Emotional Release – these emotional release specialists work on the cellular level to release past traumatic experiences from your body that might be causing you to gain weight. If you've suffered from past trauma, this is highly effective.

COACHES: Coach Melinda, Jennifer, Paula and Marianne

GM Tapping Experts – tapping is a mind-body practice that is particularly effective for relieving stress and anxiety around past or present experiences. It's simple to learn, and the effects can be felt right away as you tap on specific meridian points with guided language.

COACHES: Coach Desiree & Marjolijn


I'm going to send you an email with your action steps based on our conversation

April will be in touch in the next day or two to setup your next coaching sessions

You can always email me at, I answer all emails on _____________ so if you have questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

Lastly, I'm going to email you a visualization that I'd like you to listen to today, it'll come via email.