Smita Patel

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Smita Patel lives in London, UK and currently works within the fitness industry as a gym instructor and ZUMBA teacher. She is also studying for her Weight Loss & Nutrition Advisor and personal training qualifications.

Smita struggled with weight since her late teens and had never been confident with the way she looked. She grew up lacking confidence and self-esteem, and this contributed to her putting on weight as she looked to find comfort in food. In her early thirties, she put on more weight and ballooned to a size 14, bordering on a 16. This happened twice and she finally had enough.

After trying various diets that didn’t work, someone suggested she read The Gabriel Method. She absolutely LOVED the book because it really did change things for her. Until then, she was completely unaware of the impact a change in mental attitude could have on weight loss. She began doing the meditation every night, and absorbing as much as she could from the book. Just months later – she became a slim size 8 and lost a total of 37lbs and 20.5 inches! She is now slimmer than she was when she was a teenager and feels amazing, all thanks to the Gabriel Method. She’s changed her way of thinking and is now positive and passionate about life with increased self-esteem and confidence.

Reading the book also influenced her career change. Having previously worked as a Marketing Manager for over 10 years, she decided to retrain and follow her passion for the health and fitness industry.

Smita is now a walking advertisement for the Gabriel Method and really enjoys sharing her knowledge in order to help others struggling with weight. With a natural ability to inspire and excite others combined with everything she’s learnt about achieving an ideal body and personal ambitions, Smita is a great asset to our team of Gabriel Method coaches.