Chronic Dieting is one of the most common Triggers of the Fat Program. Dieting sends only one message to your brain, famine. Diets do not work for weight loss.

Connection to FAT Program

Chronic Dieting, through the restriction of food, poses a risk to the body, starvation. To protect itself, that is keep it safe, the body triggers the FAT Program. When chronic, as for most clients, the process of reversing the effect of long term dieting may take some time. Coach is to focus on adding GM friendly food, whilst addressing the significant influence of dysfunctional belief, mental and emotional stress.

For Client

Your history of dieting may have caused a chronic lack of nutrition at a cellular level in your body. This consistent starvation of what your body truly needs to survive has triggered your FAT Program.

To compound the situation, unsuccessful attempts at losing weight using the flawed method of restrictive dieting sets a belief you can’t lose weight. It is important to recognize it is not your effort or commitment which has resulted in you not achieving the result, it is the approach itself. Diets don’t work.

The key to eliminating Chronic Dieting as a trigger is to focus on adding the Big 3 (Protein, Omega 3, Live Food) not restricting nutrition. This addresses the body’s need for key nutrients for it to thrive.

GM also allows you to challenge and change your belief concerning your ability to lose weight. We achieve this through specific visualisations.

Together with reducing your associated stress, GM creates an environment where weight loss is a natural and prefered response.

For Coach

  1. Nutritional Famine – most clients will have a long history of restrictive dieting. This consistent restriction of nutrition effectively results in long term starvation at a cellular level. To protect, the brain triggers a famine response = FAT Program on.
  2. False Belief – this is a powerful example of a mind/body connection. Clients may be strongly conditioned in belief they can’t lose weight based on their failed previous attempts. This belief is dysfunctional and incorrect. It is not the client’s fault but the approach that is flawed.
  3. Stress – GM for many clients is seen as their last hope in successful weight loss. A long history of unsuccessful attempts heightens a client’s anxiety. This anticipation, degree of desperation and fear of failure, increases mental stress. = FAT Program on


Application Form

1. Note history of previous attempts to diet
2. Note length of time from initial weight gain
3. Note understanding of GM through reading of GM book, belief in approach
4. Note age of client

Direct Signs & Symptoms
1. Note language of client towards previous attempts
2. Note language/understanding of GM approach to weight loss


1. If indicated as a significant Trigger

Questions to ask

How long have you been dieting
Are you following a diet now, or recently
Does your family have a history of obesity
Do understand GM’s approach to weight loss

Coaching Actions

Core Action Steps

  • Add the Big 3
  • Take Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme supplement
  • Drink more water
  • Morning Visualisation
  • Evening Visualisation

Specific Chronic Dieting Action Steps

  • Challenge dysfunctional belief. Connect and emphasize fact method of restrictive dieting is flawed and connection to client’s FAT Program through starvation response.
  • Use Morning and/or Evening Visualization space to SWAP for specific visualization addressing Dysfunctional Belief, Genetically Thin
  • With Chronic Dieting exacerbating Poor Digestion as a FAT Trigger the specific Action Steps for it apply
    • ADD Fermented Foods
    • ADD Sprouts
    • ADD Bone Broth
    • ADD Green Juice and/or Super Greens
    • ADD Chew food well
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