Sunlight and Your Health

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is an appropriate amount of sun
  • The role of Vitamin D in your health
  • How a healthy diet can help combat cancer

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29 comments on “Sunlight and Your Health
  1. Lynda Russell says:

    Hi Jon, I agree with everything you say here. My dear father used chemical sunscreens as far back as I remember because he was a redhead and very prone to sunburn and his doctor recommended it. He suffered from every type of skin cancer for the last 40 years of his life including melanoma. He was tough and robust so it took a long time before it finally took his life but the hundreds of surgeries made for a fairly miserable existence. I believe the chemicals in sunscreen are far more dangerous than careful sun exposure.
    My naturopath has also advised me that if you are exposed to more sunshine than recommended you should be sure to keep yourself really well hydrated and that will reduce the risk immeasurably. That sounds logical to me. Also coconut oil has a small amount of spf and will help you tan. Just don’t overdo the exposure and build gradually.

  2. Pixie says:

    This is such an important issue – thanks Jon for the info. I grew up having ‘peeling’ competitions with my brother; who could peel the longest strip of skin off after a day at the beach (because we would both be burnt to a cinder) – and that was with suncream and English sun! So I’ve always been very careful in the sun. However, as I learn more about chemicals and the toxic effect on our bodies, plus having a son with sever eczema, I have had to weigh up the pros & cons. I am a big believer in the healing power of the sun and I know that I must also be respectful of its power. So I cover up after my sunshine fix and avoid mad dogs in the midday sun! Thanks for zinc oxide tip – really useful x

  3. Patricia Ahumada says:

    Dear Jon, I am really excited with all the information you’re giving me; I’am learning so much about how to get health in my body; you know I already had started a diet without dairies, meats and processed and packaged foods, but didn’t know exactly how to feed myself, what foods exactly to eat, didn’t know about the so important fat triggers and everything I am learning from your method, thank you so much I am really so hopeful to really feel I can have better health and a better life; I ve been struggling to get rid of halitosis but I didn’t have the know how of my food plan and of course the visualitation and meditation is also so great, thanks a lot and I am starting right now to prepare a daily menu for this week in order to have the food ready and not get surprised by the anxiety of eating anything I find in the fridge; I am also doing some excercise (I am too old to get on a bike), but can walk fast and then do the stretching you just showed in your video. Hope to be in touch with you and your team and I love how you say good bye , In health, xoxo

  4. Jill Hogan says:

    Thank you Jon, very helpful when living in “sunny South Africa” and thank you for the zinc oxide tip.

    Bless you for your caring

  5. Colleen Handley says:

    Is there such a thing as too much Vitamin D? I take lots….2000IU per day, so if I’m going into the sun as well could I be getting too much? I live in Vancouver Canada and we have hot summers, but the rest of the year is usually rainy or cloudy, which is why I take the supplement year round.
    How much do you recommend I take in my situation?
    Thank you! Love your site!

  6. Michaela Farthing says:

    I wish I would have watched this before we went on holiday!
    We just came back and I’m mad, because loads of our clothes got stained by the sun screen. Even if I bought one from the pharmacy and not from the supermarket. We have to kids (3 and 4 years old) which I creamed up with a high factor for the morning. In the afternoon we put protective clothing on them to swim in the sea. We just didn’t want them to get burned. They still got a very nice skin colour on them now. But next time I will check the zinc oxide option! Thanks for this, I will be more aware about toxins and look in more detail on everything before put on the skin or pot to cook….

  7. Mary Rautio says:

    I signed up and thought I was getting a first chapter of your book, The Gabriel Method, to read, to see if I wanted to go farther. I cannot find that first chapter. I am lost and overwhelmed!

  8. Martha Sandefer says:

    Thanks for bringing this up as something to think about. Sometimes the small amt of sunscreen I have used has completely discolored my clothes – makes me wonder exactly what is going into my bloodstream from my skin….

  9. Esme Boone says:

    Thanks for this, Jon, it is very timely for me as I just came back from the cancer clinic yesterday. I have had a basal cell carcinoma on my nose that has been excised twice and had radiation finally, now after several years, it has come back again, and the doctor wants to cut it out a third time–I hope I have nose tip left after all that, or I’ll look like Keppler with a silver tip!

    As a child growing up in Australia, all that was available at that time were big hats and zinc oxide–we all roamed around with white “beaks” and shoulders. My nose was constantly peeling.

    But just before the cancer started I kept getting recurrent herpetic lesions on it, like a big cold sore–I honestly wonder if there is a viral component to skin cancer–do you know if there have been any studies on this? Interesting when you consider that cervical cancer is often preceded by genital herpes.

    I appreciate the caveat that though we need sun, we need to be out in it only morning and evening for short periods, and stay out of it in the heat of mid-day. Most animals have siestas at that time. I remember going to a zoo and it was about 1:00 pm–I saw very few animals out–they were all in their caves or bushes resting. Maybe we get that after-dinner slump for a reason, and we should listen to our bodies.

    I never correlated nutritious eating and skin cancer but it makes so much sense. Thank you so much for a great subject.

  10. Catherine Newman says:

    There is so much more to this discussion that has not been raised –
    Skin type, family history, geographical area and UV index, sun ‘burn’ vs sun exposure …. and moderation!

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Catherine,

      You are definitely right. Different skin types need different amount of times in the sun to absorb vitamin D. It is good to find the right balance for you.

      Thanks for pointing this out!

      The Gabriel Method Team

  11. Ethel Abrams says:

    I had a cousin who is a dentist .he did his morning run with zinc oxide on his I know why
    Thanks for the info

  12. Janie Gulick says:

    Thanks Jon, I believed for a long time that completely avoiding sun exposure by slathering on the sunscreen was a bad idea. We need some, not advocating baking in the sun like I used to do way back when. Also it’s interesting the correlation you draw between the skin cancer and stress, never even put the two together. STRESS, a major factor in my life, I can control just about everything else, but not the outside stresses. So guess the best I can do right now is get a little sun, eat some good food and try not to get to overwhelmed.

  13. Dixie says:

    I went to a macrobiotic seminar last year and they made similar statements. And like you they were able to back it up with studies. At the seminar they said that wearing light conservative clothing is the best alternative.
    It’s CRAZY that this isn’t more widely known. Our trust in the media can lead to our destruction. Thanks John for helping spread the knowledge and promoting health!!

  14. Bette says:

    Gee, it sounds like fish oil would be a good suntan oil….er, except for the smell, LOL. Thanks for posting this, it’s the most complete and helpful information about Vit. D and sunshine, etc. Excellent. And pardon my weird sense of humor. But once I did try to use cod liver oil as a skin cream. Thought the smell had faded, but people kept asking me if I had been fishing at the lake. Too bad because it worked really good for my dry skin, and many oils don’t.

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Haha Bette, that is hilarious! Experimenting is fantastic! Some fail but to be so bold to try is a wonderful quality!

      The Gabriel Method Team

      • Bette says:

        Janine, I’m glad that you liked my post, it was meant to entertain, but it really is true. I feel better about my unusual ideas after reading your reply. Thanks for boosting my morale! 🙂

  15. Svetlana Krasikova says:

    OMG! I’ve been always, always using sunscreen because I’m very pale. Thank you for this post, Jon. Please let us know what happens next in this area

  16. Jill Hogan says:

    Thank you Jon.

  17. Sharon H says:

    Thanks Jon for keeping current with the research and sharing such valuable information with us… It’s so easy to become complacent and assume the same old information that we have always heard is the truth… You keep us on our toes and thinking.