Vibrant Living

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The benefits of eating fermented foods, super foods and “good guy” bacteria
  • Basic steps on how you can restore your health, vitality and inner ecology
  • How eating properly and combining certain foods help rebalance your digestive system
  • How to develop strategies to control you urge to snack

Donna Gates

Donna Gates, is a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer who has become well known for helping those who suffer from exhaustion, overweight, digestive problems, viral infections and other immune disorders. She wrote The Body Ecology Diet (BED) after years of doing researching to help find a cure for her own candida—related problems. BED is not merely a diet but more precisely a lifestyle change and has sold over 200,000 copies. Body Ecology and Donna are often mentioned in natural health magazines, radio shows, and health-related books.

Donna’s latest focus is on resolving the crisis of our children’s health, and is committed to preventing and overcoming autism. To learn more about Donna Gates her books, her products, articles and upcoming events please:
Visit Donna Gates’ website


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