Antibiotics & Weight Gain

What You’ll Learn:

  • Studies show that antibiotics may affect weight
  • Antibiotics decrease beneficial probiotics from the body
  • Check with your doctor to find alternatives when possible

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30 comments on “Antibiotics and Weight Gain
  1. Deonne McKibbin says:

    I have to take some potent strength antibiotics for 6 weeks and am so anxious how much damage they are going to do. I assume I take the same advise as Annabel and just take them with the normal probiotic then up my probiotics once the antibiotics are finished or should I increase them whilst taking the antibiotics?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Deonne,
      Sorry for the delay in answering this – what did you end up doing?
      Following the same advice given to Annabel would have been perfect.

  2. Annabel Williams says:

    I’m just about to take anti biotics for a urinary tract infection, but now I’m worried that all th good work I’ve done with probiotics and digestive enzymes over the last 9 months will be ruined! Should I take them, and then take 5 probiotics a day?do I keep taking th probiotics whilst still taking anti biotics? Sounds contradictory!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Yes keep taking the probiotics while you are taking the antibiotics and afterwards take about 5 a day for a few months. Sometimes you have to take antibiotics. Not much you can do about it. But over time, the healthier you get the less susceptible you will be to infection.

      • Annabel Williams says:

        Just seen Laree Kline’s reply to this question below, which made me think. About two months ago I started drinking hot water with fresh lemon slices in every morning to help digestion. do you think this could have made my bladder less acidic?
        Surely lemon would make it more acidic? just seems a coincidence! just wondered what you think? would much rather solve this with vit c than antibiotics!

    • Laree Kline says:

      Not saying this works for everyone, but decades ago I had chronic UTI’s and was on a new course of antibiotics every month for a couple years. I even had some painful invasive procedures done to try to figure it all out or help. One day my doc wasn’t in so I saw a P.A. He said my bladder wasn’t acidic enough and that I should dose with vitamin C. He was right and I haven’t had a UTI since. Unfortunately, back in those days not so much was known about the detrimental effects of antibiotics so even though the UTI’s were gone, my health suffered from not having good gut flora until a couple decades ago when I learned about fermented foods and probiotics. I agree, the healthier you get, the less prone you will be. Best wishes to you.

    • Catherine Hand says:

      Higher dose cranberry (capsules, not juice ideally) for urinary infection can sometimes remove infection.

  3. dynamite says:

    Hi Jon,
    Sorry,but how can I continue to listen evening cd,problem,listening doesn’t send me off to sleep on the best of time I sleep for a couple of hours.but if I do not use the cd I sleep a lot better.

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Dynamite,

      If the evening visualisation is interrupting your sleep, the please don’t listen to it. But do listen to a visualisation first thing in the morning if you can.

      The Gabriel Method

  4. Desiree Butzer says:

    Thank you, informative

  5. Jo-Lynne Worley says:

    I was bitten by a brown recluse spider a year ago. The infection penetrated my knee replacement. The apparatus had to be replaced and they want me to stay on antibiotics for the rest of my life. I take probiotics and eat kim chi. I am investigating also using coconut kefir. Any other suggestions?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Jo-Lynne,

      Eat lots of cultured and fermented foods as well. Also, while you certainly have to follow your doctors advice, you might want to get a second opinion and find out if there are any other alternatives.

  6. Sharon H says:

    Hey Jon, One quick question. Been working with the GM concepts about 2 months now. Doing the Detox., and just doing a lot. Steady focus, pretty strong commitment, willing to work on emotion. Starting to address environmental toxins. I enjoy the shift in eating. Understanding really does make it not a diet. Given that, how long can I let the Sleep study slip to the bottom of the list. I do have some resistance to doing it. Although I am not choosing to get weighed. I can tell I’m likely losing. If all this is so, is it okay to hold off?

  7. Roslyn Morrow says:

    FYI I had a UTI and decided to not take antibiotics and tripled my probiotics and the UTI went away.

  8. Roslyn Morrow says:

    Can the meat we eat put antibiotics in our system?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Great question. The answer is that if the antibiotics can survive the processing and cooking of the meat then yes. But it’s highly unlikely. It’s worth looking into though. Certainly if you buy grass fed organic then you won’t have a problem.

  9. Sheila Morrison says:

    I having trying to go dairy free but have been missing my milk (for tea), cheese, yogurt, etc. I have purchased some Lactaid lactose free milk. Can you give me some information on how it digests and tell me if it is okay to include in my daily eating plan.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      The lactose reduced milk can easier to digest. But the issue with dairy is the pasteurisation process can make the milk inflammatory. A little bit of milk in yea is not the end of the world. Cheese and yoghurt are better because they are fermented and so have some friendly bacteria. Best is if you can get raw milk.

  10. Joan Hynes says:

    Just to clarify – I have plenty of excess fat to lose yet: BMI=32.
    Also, I eat protein foods regularly: chicken, seafood, eggs, beans, tofu.

  11. Joan Hynes says:

    Do you recommend 5 capsules of your probiotics a day for most people in general? I’ve been taking one in the morning with food, and I’m nearly out of it now. I’ve also been troubled with constipation in spite of eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables, sauerkraut, omega-3 sources, kefir or yogurt, and almost no wheat. I do use Stevia, some honey, and almost no refined sugar. I’ve lost 30 pounds since mid-January when I listened to your Evening Visualization for the first time, but the loss has slowed down considerably now even though I’m not doing anything different. Exercise is fun now even though bodily pain has not changed much- surprise!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Joan,

      I only recommend taking that many probiotics if you’ve recently had antibiotics. Otherwise 1 a day is great. As far as your continued weight loss progress, please call me on my ask Jon show and let’s talk. I’m so happy you’re doing so well and I’d love to help you reach your goal!

  12. Sharon H says:

    So, what do you do to address past use of antibiotics. This is the first year I am not antsy to get a Z-pack in freezer to ward off bronchitis. Also, I had a knee replacement in 2012 and most dentists want me to be on antibiotic course even to get my teeth cleaned. I did find one that only asked me to take antibiotic the day of tx. For now, is the best course to use probiotics? I know you talk of fermented foods but I have no handle on that, yet.