Pain Killers and Weight Gain

What You’ll Learn:

  • Taking painkillers can lead to leaky gut syndrome
  • Painkillers cause inflammatory response, leading to causes weight gain
  • How to address root causes of pain

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22 comments on “Pain Killers and Weight Gain
  1. says:

    I found this blog very interesting as well as reading some of the comments written here. I too have fibromyalgia that causes chronic pain and sleeplessness plus constant exhaustion and fatigue. About 6 months ago I developed such severe pain in my hands that at times I have been unable to work, clean my house, open jars or even squeeze out a sponge. I watched jons video 2 weeks ago after coming off sugar 5 days before. I have implemented all the recommended suggestions for my diet but have also continued to have No sugar and No gluten, the pain in my hands is gone and the stiffness i experience daily has reduced by probably at least 50% maybe more. I havent had a pain killer (panadeine forte) in 2 days and I stopped taking lyrica 4 days ago. Im still having some fatigue and some minor pain but I cannot believe how much difference this has made to how i feel daily. It was only 2 weeks ago I was crying and fearing that maybe I had MS or something because of the numbness in my hands and feet but this has all gone. I am convinced that gluten and sugar have played a big role in my chronic pain that I have suffered for years. I do have a question though. A few years ago I discovered that I am allergic to potato, something I really love, after watching this and then reading up on leaky gut, is it possible that if I can heal my leaky gut that I won’t be allergic to potato anymore?

  2. Estelle Abbas says:

    I have chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, arthritis and tendonitis. I also have leaky gut (I was tested with a lactulose breath test). I was on panadeine forte, and voltaren for years, so I could sleep at night and function. I was not happy with taking so many drugs so I decided to come off them. I reduced them and took lots of Chinese herbal pills and acupuncture to ease the pain. I needed heaps, as herbs are not as strong as the painkillers, but slowly the herbs worked. The fluid, inflammation, stiffness in my joints decreased. Now I have the herbal pills just twice a day, and I take a voltarin(aspirin), only if I have hurt myself. Acupuncture needed to be done twice a week in the beginning. Now it is about once a month. I’m grateful that I could get off the drugs. I also take magnesium, omega 3 when I remember. I find I need to be off wheat/gluten totally and sugar really hurts my joints. My fibromyalgia can be triggered by lack of sleep so I have to be careful to rest well. I believe as Jon says, treating the chronic inflammation in the gut and reducing the inflammatory responses, will get rid of the pain, eventually, but in the meantime to get off the tablets, I chose to use the herbs and acupuncture.
    I’m grateful to this program. It is time to handle this pain once and for all.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Estelle,
      Wow – what an amazing change you have made already! Thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted on your ongoing journey.

  3. Pixie says:

    Very interesting. Thank you. I have experienced chronic pain most of my life. I rarely use pain killers. I manage it by moving my body as best I can, meditating daily, acupuncture has helped my energy alot but not my chronic back & joint pain – still too sensitive –
    I also asked an enlightened master about how I could best live my life whilst in pain and she suggested as a starting point to stop referring to it as pain. If you know anything about NLP, you will know the power of language. I now talk about ‘sensations’ in my body rather than pain and I avoid saying things like ‘my back is killing me!’ Yikes!
    My most recent discovery is Earthing -thanks to FMTV and the movie Grounded. I now walk in the park or in my garden barefoot daily (yes even on Christmas day!) although it’s getting tricky when it’s freezing! I have found a noticeable reduction in pain. Worth a go :0) x

  4. Yaffa Ranells says:

    Hi! i am new here. finished your book a week ago and signed up for the online support group today. i live in israel so it is now 2 am and i am waiting up til 5 am to speak to you 🙂 i dont know if i will make it so in the meantime i figured i would post one of my questions here. i saw the video and of course read your book and many other videos. in short i am 29 i have always battled weight my whole life in a small way meaning i never exceded 180 pounds. 3 years ago after a very hard pregnancy i hit 220 and have not been able to loose a pound. tried atkins, south beach , crazy excercising and nothing. i started a week ago to do the visualization at night and have added omega 3 , digestive enzyms, multi vitamin and i am trying to add live food to my diet. my biggest question is that i currently take a lot of medication. i have borderline personality disorder, fibromyalgia, insulin resistence so i take glukofage serequil (anti psychotic) and i take strong pain killers (oxi and percocet) my fibro has gotten so bad that after years of not touching painkillers i gave in just to be half functioning for my daughter. i dont see how i can cut out my medication and yet u just scared the hell out of me with this video. how do i go about your method while taking medication? also it has been a week and i dont see a difference . what else can i do? i know u say not to diet just to add live food ..i am trying. honestly its hard for me i am tired a lot and in pain so i dont o a lot and even cutting up a salad is a lot. (i know i sound pathetic but i did not used to be like this ) any advice? i will hopefully stay up long enough to talk to you later. thank you so much u ahve given me hope that i do not need to be obese forever that i can still live a normal life and its not over.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Yaffa,
      You are an amazing person and you do not sound pathetic at all. It is hard enough being a parent without having to deal with daily pain as well. I hope that you are able to stay up for the call with Jon as I know he will want to ask you further questions. If you can’t make this call, perhaps try for our more Europe friendly Ask Jon which will be at 1pm Israel time on October 23rd.
      In the meantime be kind to yourself. Try to listen to the evening visualisation every day, and also try listening to another visualisation upon rising each morning – Jon always recommends the Living Goddess one for busy mums – here is the link:
      Don’t stop your medication without checking with your doctors and always remember that you can choose your doctor – so if you are not happy with what your current practitioner is recommending you can always look for another’s opinion. Do you know if there are any Doctors who have a more holistic approach in your area? Is there a way you can find out?
      This is not a diet and therefore you will not see drastic changes like you do with the drastic diets that are out there – none of which are sustainable in everyday living. This is more about changing habits for a better and healthier lifestyle (that you can sustain for the rest of your life!) – with one of the benefits being weight loss if that is what you are seeking. Try to see this as a long term thing to making your life better.
      Keep us posted – and hope to ‘see’ you at an Ask Jon.
      Den 🙂

  5. Laura Gonzalez says:

    I do agree. I do not want and I do not take any painkillers. I am worried because my husband is taking lipitor everyday and this must be affecting his body, at least his liver …

  6. Sherry Funk says:

    I don’t know how you would know you have
    Leaky gut. I take an occasional pain killer
    For my feet and knees but mostly tough out the
    Pain – recently though and I’m sure it is from
    Increased excersize I have more joint pain
    In my hips and knees at night. Its one or the
    Other I find – sleep and pain pill or no sleep
    🙁 like last night … I did a fun routine before
    Bed and thought I’d have no pain for some reason
    No problem there’s always tonight. I went to
    A woman for lymphatic drainage massage
    And my inflammation and pain significantly
    Decreased – going back today to see if it helps

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Sherry,
      Let us know how you go. I swear by acupuncture – it seems to work wonders for me.

      • Sherry Funk says:

        Thank you Den – i have wanted to try acupuncture – I have come off sleeping pills and last night no pain pills … My pain was insignificant and although sleep didn’t come till 3 am I know I’m on the right path … The lymphatic massage along with increased activity and persistence through pain seems to be pulling me to the other side … Continuing …

  7. Dargenstar says:

    When I was at the Omega retreat, I gave Jon a couple of brochures for In Light Therapy, a pulsed LED light therapy system, which is FDA approved to reduce pain and increase circulation. It does a lot more than this of course, and there are testimonials on YouTube to this effect. One thing these lights do is to increase the production of Nitric Oxide, touted to be the next miracle cure. Further information can be found on the website, – it is worth a look! Megan

  8. Joy Dixon says:

    I have a real problem with both my clotting factor & platelets and my haematologist tells me not to take Omega 3 fatty acids (fish oil) as would cause more small bleeds into the gut. I worry because I do take 4 – 6 “Panadol Osteo” most days for osteo-arthritis, and generalised pain, associated with my auto immune problems. I don’t know if I have a leaky gut, but I give off an odour which some people find offensive and after 12 years dealing with gastroenterologists, nutritionists, naturopaths and even acupuncture I continue to get worse. Along the way I’ve tried slippery elm and so many other things. I’ve exorcised most added sugars from my diet, avoid lactose except in very small amounts, and try to eat the recommended 5/3 veg/fruit.
    I sure would appreciate it if someone had any new suggestions for me. I am desperate.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Joy,
      Are you able to call Jon during one of his Ask Jon shows? I know that in order to be able to answer you fully he will want to ask you more questions. Our next show is in a couple of weeks.
      Kind regards

    • Donna O says:

      Hi Joy,
      Regarding the ‘offensive’ odor that bothers people, try drinking the Apple Cider Vinegar drink (1-2 tsp per 10oz filtered water or as tolerated) a couple times a day. You will start to enjoy it. I wear two prosthetics and am ‘morbidly obese’ although very active and once often had an offensive odor that disappeared with the daily use of the ACV. Make sure its got the ‘mother’ in it and is organic. It is also very inexpensive and I believe it also helps with leaky gut… but the pros could tell you better 😀

      • Joy Dixon says:

        Many thanks for this reminder Donna. I used to drink ACV in water every day (these day I just use lemon in hot water) but after no results when I finished the bottle I gave up. I’ll go get a big bottle again tomorrow and try it a few times in the day to see if it helps this time.

        I’ve also been trying to do without the Panadol Osteo and even managed an hour gardening today but then after sitting at computer for another hour could barely move so I guess I need it when pain gets bad rather than as preventative.

        Thanks again for this tip. 🙂

        • Joy Dixon says:

          Just watched catch-TV of “Catalyst” here in Australia and they are now touting balsamic vinegar as helping improve asthma amongst other things. So in addition to the Apple Cider Vinegar I’ll increase my use of Balsamic.

  9. wibeamen f says:

    i totally agree, but the ad companies wont like that. (insert smiley face here)