Overcoming Resistance To Health

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why there's an initial resistance in your body to healthy habits
  • How to get your body to rebel against junk food and crave healthy foods
  • The importance of healthy bacteria and how it affects your body

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43 comments on “Overcoming Resistance To Health
  1. Natalie King says:

    This makes so much sense. I was on the positive side with friendly bacteria, probiotics etc and then last week school hols family staying drank more alcohol than I would normally and had the odd treat and find this week my body is craving sweet things and I dont really have a sweet tooth. Now realise its the bad bacteria getting to work So I've just got to override it and keep on with what I was doing again - fab thank you just what I needed to hear !!!

  2. Natalie King says:

    This makes so much sense. I was on the positive side with friendly bacteria, probiotics etc and then last week school hols family staying drank more alcohol than I would normally and had the odd treat and find this week my body is craving sweet things and I dont really have a sweet tooth. Now realise its the bad bacteria getting to work So I've just got to override it and keep on with what I was doing again - fab thank you just what I needed to hear !!!

  3. Shelly Shuey says:

    In the beginning once I started green juice, I was sooo lethargic. Give it time, now I look forward to mine asap in the mornings.

  4. Graziela Cuoco says:

    Fantastic!!!! Thanks heaps

  5. Marcia Ganeles-Kislik says:

    OMG, this is brilliant!

  6. Rhonda Morris says:

    I was glad to hear this! After beginning with the green juices, my kidneys were rebelling and I was thinking it may be a problem with what I was drinking. This clears that up.

    I do have a question about fruit in the drinks. I actually like the green drinks and typically use celery, kale and/or spinach and/or arugula with chia seeds, powdered Acai, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, sometimes aloe juice, carrots (which I'll stop now), and unsweetened almond milk. I'm wondering if it is okay to use berries (small amount) or if they, too, send sugar too quickly into the bloodstream.

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      Small amount of berries will do well with your juice.

      Other alternatives to sweeten your drink will be stevia or coconut palm sugar.


      Jenn, GM Team

  7. Rebekah Sanchez says:

    What about emotional resistance, like increased depression? Has anyone experienced that?

  8. Tracy Andrews says:

    This made so much sense to me. I will persevere and continue to combat the unhealthy energy inside me. In goes the good out goes the bad! I have been so resistant and I didn't realize it. It has nothing to do with willpower it is bacterial! Aha!

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Tracy, I am glad you liked the message Jon wants to share with us. Having our body have more of the good bacteria, all the good things follow. Keep up the good work, we believe in you! -The GM Team

  9. Amy-Jo Salter says:

    What an eye opener!
    I love my greens and healthy foods but have trouble with getting to a certain point (usually having lost 10 pounds)and then suddenly just craving sweets , alcohol, breads( anything yeasty.) I always put it down to emotional resistance, which , while partly true , was not the whole story. Now I understand that when I next hit that point my body will be close to the tipping point where , if I persevere, I will have a healthy bacterial balance that will prohibit cravings.
    Is that a reasonable interpretation of what you are talking about here, Jon?

    • Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Amy, yes this exactly what Jon wants to share, we should be able to have more healthy bacteria within our body so that would be a great start. Also, sugar cravings sometimes are an expression that your body needs more protein. Try to have some protein instead of sugar. Nutbutters mixed with nuts, seeds, and cacao powder usually can help manage both the craving and the need for protein.

      Hope this helps! -The GM Team

  10. Heungsook says:

    Thank you Jon, I cooked pizzar without wheet, its really good. I like your cooking ways.

  11. Monica Maryland says:

    Hi Marilyn. I'm new also and I would say start with the am and pm mediations or whatever meditations resonate within yourself.

    I would then start adding more live food into your diet such as veggies/salads.

    I truly hope this helps you get your feet "wet" so to speak....


  12. Marilyn Laite says:

    I am struggling with all this information and would like to know where to start. What is the 1st step of this program?

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      The first step is indeed the visualisations (excuse the spelling - I am Australian and just can't bring myself to use the 'z' 😉 ). Start listening to the evening visualisation every night and going through the Visualisation tab at the top of this page and finding a visualisation you like / or need to listen to first thing in the morning.
      The next step is to listen to a couple of the archived Ask Jon shows under the Ask Jon tab. Listening to some of our other member's questions and Jon's answers may help to answer some of your own.
      Also join the private Facebook forum - if you haven't already - you can join that by clicking on the forum button at the top and selecting Facebook forum. This is a private group and you can read other member's comments, questions and Jon's replies there too. You can also ask questions yourself.
      The next thing would be to add the following to your daily meals - live food (salads, fruits), Omega 3's (ground or soaked chia seeds or chia seed oil for example) and healthy sources of protein. Also if you can start having probiotics every day.
      As you start to read and listen to all of the material it will all start to come together. Don't worry - you do not have to do everything at once - its about gradual changes and mostly its just about information - you take on board what you need and can accommodate.
      I hope this helps

      • Marilyn Laite says:

        Thank you very much for the information. I will take you advise and move forward as I feel ready. I have listened to the morning visualization and quite enjoyed it. I like to have a plan of action and you have just given me one.
        With gratitude

  13. Monica Maryland says:

    Has anyone heard of Abraham or Ester Hicks? They say the exact same thing, that our body seeks alignment so when we put drugs, artificial colors, sweetners, toxins, etc. repeatedly our body's in their intelligence adapt.

    Ever see a baby drink a Coke for the first time? Not pretty and not funny. I think John is absolutely right on.....

  14. Monique Vette Scurr says:

    oh wow- that makes so much sense to me know. I recently had a miscarriage and the biggest thing I got from it, was to really turn my health around. Been doing The Gabriel Method for over 7 months now and no change in my body, event though I was exercising. Now I get it. All due to my resistant to eating healthy. Took an emotional thing to get me to change. So now I'm not craving junk like I used to. All I want to do is eat lots of veggies and do green juices. I made one the other day with carrot and apple in it, and I've been struggling to drink it. Now I know why, thanks for sharing. This is what i've been wanting to know, as so many juices out there have apple or carrots in them.

  15. Mereylnn Bates says:

    I love watching you Jon, the water in your background is so soothing and makes me want to watch more. I agree it takes time to make the switch. With the visualization meditations, it seems to go smoother. Also I vote no on your facial hair

  16. Tracy Andrews says:

    Thanks Jon,
    This was a great talk. I haven't been on the website in a little while and I have missed it. I haven't thought about being resistant to health before. But I guess I am as much as anyone else. I have been trying to change my eating habits for a couple of years with slow weight loss. I joined the Gabriel Method in January and really got excited about all this new information. I think I overloaded myself on good information. I have been like a sponge. I have been looking up every doctor mentioned and reading or listening every day. I am not losing weight fast but I am still losing maybe a pound a week. One of my big hurdles is dealing with pain. I am tapping and meditating. I also am having the metal in my mouth removed. I had a metal post put in my jaw 33 years ago without my knowledge. I didn't find out about it until years later but I couldn't find a doctor who would remove it. I finally have and he will remove the rest of my metal fillings too. I am finally out of pain in my mouth. It is amazing! But I think my immune system is reacting because I have been sick. Then I went to my daughter's in Montana for Easter and didn't always have healthy choices for food. I am sooo sick! I love my daughter but I am so glad to be home in California where I can get gluten free choices!
    Have you heard about how to detox after having dental metals removed?
    I am not giving up this journey! I may be doing it alone but I am going to keep trying!

  17. Katherine Potter says:

    Regarding the video - all I can say is PHEW - I thought it was just me!! I've been adding adding adding for over a year and I still have sugar/carb cravings in the evenings. I started juicing in the morning and make enough for an afternoon to stave off the blood sugar issues at about 3 pm. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I've been through alot of stress this past year - fear of layoffs. They did cut me to 32 hours in late January, but now I am feeling like I can keep that schedule indefinitely and not worry about being laid off for awhile, or until there is more work that will get me backup to 40 hours. I really, really LIKE the 4 day schedule and finances are holding steady if obviously leaner. I was terribly sick in January with a flu/cold, and barely came out of that in February before another bout rampaged through our office again and I was even sicker and had to go on antibiotics for the first time in many years. I gained another 5-7 lbs like I do every winter over the past 5 years (never losing it) with all this illness and a very cold winter to boot. I am committed to being generous with myself and allowing these rough patches to exist. That is life and I am perfect and healthy just as I am. It's not easy to let it go, but this video helped once again to get me through it. Thanks Jon and everyone who posts on FB and SG. It really, really, really helps to get me refocused and re-inspired to keep on keeping on. I am confident there is no other road to travel and loving myself each moment is key to remaining on track. Don't take myself too seriously.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Katherine,
      Firstly - thanks for sharing that link below.
      And secondly this is so lovely to hear! The most important thing that I read in your message is that although it has been a rough couple of months so far, you are in control and continuing to take care of yourself. The fact that you have decided that you have 'got this' no matter what happens is so powerful. You are so right - loving yourself is key to staying on track. Please keep us posted!
      Den 🙂

    • Patricia Barber says:

      Katherine, thank you so much. Am shopping and gathering ingredients to start trying different recipes. New beginnings and getting healthy. All the best.

  18. Patricia Barber says:

    Thanks, Philip. The chia bran is not available online at this time. I will try your recommendation.

  19. Patricia Barber says:

    Thanks Jon. Recently I started getting stomach upset from MCT oil or probiotics. Trying to narrow it down your resistance video made sense.
    Doing a detox with Dr. Sara Gottfried and also cutting out sugar with Dr. Mark Hyman for 10 days. Balanced hormones would be a blessing. Good timing with Holy week approaching.
    Haven't been able to find chia bran in LA.

  20. Christine Paterson says:

    I have big time resistance. I have no issue with the green juice, lemon water, healthy salads, etc. My big problem is alcohol. I do an afternoon visualization, visualizing how much I prefer the taste of water, and visualize the taste of wine being like vinegar. Right after I finish (like clockwork, around 4 pm when I want to relax, out comes the bottle of wine. Good intentions are just thrown out the window. I really don't understand this since all the rest of the day I have no issue with healthy living.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Christine,
      This is a very interesting topic you have raised - and I'm sure there are a lot of other members out there nodding their heads in agreement.
      That wine at the end of the day is more about the process - it is your way of saying to yourself at the end of each day - "ahh, now I can relax" and that is obviously a huge part of your way of letting go of the day's stress and allowing yourself some 'me' time. And this isn't something you should give up - its one of your pleasurable parts of the day. The suggestion then is to perhaps keep the process, but change what you have. You could try a Soda Water with a squeeze of lime or lemon, or if you like the taste, a glass of Kombucha (this has a nice fizzy mouth feel). You might find that you still get the same pleasure as you are still treating yourself to a special drink and time out at the end of the day. Let me know how you go?
      If this just isn't going to work for you, then by all means continue to have the wine. Try to make it an organic wine without added preservatives instead.
      I hope this helps.

      • Christine Paterson says:

        If it were only one glass I would not worry. It is the amount that concerns me. It is like I am sabotaging any weight loss. I spend at least 2 hours per day doing a combination of visualizations, meditation and EFT, along with making healthy meals. Everything I have heard and read says don't deprive yourself. Just add in the good things. Well that is what I am doing but the bad things (the wine, and then then unhealthy snack that I eat after) is not being crowded out. I will say yesterday I was better (drank a green juice at this vulnerable time of day, and did a meditation), but I still had some.

        • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

          Hi Christine,
          If you had a green juice and did a meditation - then I say things are definitely beginning to change. You still had some wine, but you also nourished your body (both physically and emotionally) at this vulnerable time. This is wonderful! Just keep doing this, and when your body is ready you will be able to stop having so much wine (if any at all) because you simply won't enjoy it. In the meantime, be kind to yourself, and just keep adding the positives in.
          Den 🙂

  21. Annabel Williams says:

    I so agree with this, I am totally on the other side now loving healthy food etc. If only I could make this work for exercise! I just have zero desire to do any. I do lots of gentle yoga, but no cardio at all. I can't even be bothered to do any of Brian's 4 minute tabata, which I used to love a year ago. I just don't know why my body doesn't want me to exercise. Any ideas gratefully received!

    • Belinda Russell says:

      Hi Annabel,

      I can totally relate to what your saying as I go through resistance to exercise too. The weird thing is I really love it when I do it so what's the problem. I go through phases where I can feel my body or mind just not wanting to move then other times it seems to love moving.

      All I think I can do is just keep trying to do a little bit like walk the dogs which I've started doing again daily. I can feel a change but it's not huge. I'm going to ride my new bicycle on the weekend and hope this grabs me.

      I learnt that if exercise isn't fun I'm not going to stick at it. I'm not into regimented sorts of exercise like gyms so I just don't do that. For me I like exercise that is in nature or that is musical. So I do the bike and swim or walk at beach or bush and go out dancing to live music. I grew up in ballet so when they say 10 push-ups or whatever it triggers off being abused by cruel ballet teachers.

      I'm looking forward to see what Jon says about the exercise resistance and what you can do about it. If I lived near you I'd invite you on a doggie walk near the beach.

      Good luck

      • Annabel Williams says:

        Thanks Belinda! Yes I agree it has to be enjoyable exercise, and I do like riding my bike around as transport, but it's very flat in key west and doesn't really count as exercise in the sense I am meaning, I feel I need to be burning off some fat, and ought to be doing tabata and cardio, but my body is definitely resisting it. For some reason I dont even want to watch Brian's hang outs! It's like my body is putting blockers up in case I start exercising! Which is mad becasue my fat programmes have been off for 18 months! Very frustrating but waiting to see what Brian suggests! 🙂

  22. Belinda Russell says:

    Thanks Jon
    That was a very helpful movie. This resistance to health is what bothers me the most about myself and often I beat myself up about and then just go back in to unhealthy eating.
    This information is going to really help me when I get that. When I am stressed I often notice a big resistance to taking vitamins etc and doing exercise. I just need to remember what you have said here and push through with healthy actions.
    My trouble has been staying healthy consistently so that's my current goal. To not run away when I get difficult patches.
    Thanks Jon your such a support. X

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Belinda,
      It helps to know that you are not alone in your feelings and that it actually is quite normal. Now that you recognise the resistance for what it is you will be better equipped to work through it.
      Glad you enjoyed the class.
      Den - GM Team

  23. Philip says:

    A few days ago, I got some roast potatoes for free.
    And then I thought: "Since they're basically 'just' starch and glucose, the worst that can happen is they convert into energy. Furthermore, some consider them 'safe starch.'"

    And after a few bites I realised that they were pretty much tasting like "roast" paper mache with salt on top, if that makes any sense.

    Thanks to the video, I bought Sun Warrior's Ormus Super Green today.
    And immediately put 1 teaspoon in a mango, spinach smoothie. It tasted terrible in the beginning, but it started to taste better after a while.
    I'll use 1/2 teaspoon in my banana, berry smoothie tomorrow morning :).