Eat GM-Friendly On the Go

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to eat Gabriel Method-friendly when you're away from home
  • How to prep supergreen shakes
  • Healthy, anti-inflammatory raw snacks and supplements
  • Best foods to seek out in an airport

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25 comments on “Eat GM-Friendly On the Go
  1. Theresa Martoe says:

    Thank you, the info was for very helpful. Its good to know there are options. I too travel and at the end of the trip it takes me a couple of days to feel normal again.

  2. Tim McMahon says:

    It would be great if we could get an itemized list of these ingredients with brand name, flavor and were it can be purchased.

  3. Diane Sandler says:

    Often you aren't allowed to take fruit, vegetables or nuts on a plane, especially between Canada and the U.S. You can buy them after you have gone through security and/or customs but can't bring them with you. Thoughts??

    • Elisabeth A Davis says:

      Maybe think about carrying portions measured into a baggy of super greens (Green Me Up Jonny) to add to juice or water on the plane? Or flavored protein powders. Not fabulous, but wild keep you till you can get something fresh and better? Do they permit sealed packaged protein bars onboard? I am also looking forward to others ideas.

  4. Marilyn Laite says:

    Wear do you buy the bottles and the snacks. Do they allow you to take all that on a plane? I though you couldn't take food on unless it is bought at the airport?

  5. Monica Maryland says:

    where can I learn more about the crackers without grain???? sounds very interesting....

  6. Anne Hannan says:

    This is great thank you Jon.

  7. Lisa McMullan says:

    Great information. Could you give us some more details about those 'crackers'? Is there a brand name we can find at places like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, etc.? Thank you!

    • Nocuby says:

      Hi, Lisa,
      I've found a few brands that I use, like "Two Moms in the Raw" and "Mary's Gone Crackers!" It is actually not too hard to make your own raw crackers. When I make them, I use the pulp from juicing, and blend it with almond milk and spices and tamari. Then I add a variety of whatever seeds I have on hand (a mixture of soaked sunflower, flax, chia, and cashew works nicely.) Then I put them in my Excalibur dehydrator. They aren't that expensive and I am able to dehydrate a lot of yummies right before a trip! I also like to slice up yellow crooked neck squash and/or zucchini, sprinkle garlic, onion and/or salt, and dehydrate. They make a YUMMY chip!!! Crisp and light! Perfect for dipping! Easy to transport! And you can make a perfect dip by blending soaked nuts with tamari, a few fresh veggies and the spices of your choice. I have fun experimenting!

  8. Nocuby says:

    Yay, Jon!!!! Loved this video! I travel a LOT with my business of presenting workshops. Those who are attending my workshops always want me to go eat with them. Some know I have Celiac's disease, and will make me GF cookies as a gift. Thanks to the visualizations, I accept them gratefully, but don't eat them anymore! Grains make me feel awful. The biggest challenge I have is breaking the HABIT of thinking "I'm out with my friends/students! It's time to celebrate!" And throw all my good habits out the window. I'm also very inclined to want to taste new foods in a foreign country, as long as I'm sure it due sent contain gluten. But these habits and tendencies have gotten me into trouble more times than I can count. So I need to create a visualization that empowers me to make healthy choices when I am in a happy, social, celebratory mood/situation. Thanks, Jon!

  9. Robin Schlinger says:

    Hi Jon, This is great information. I have learned so much from you and your amazing specialists! Why can't you use plastic shaker bottles if they do not have BPA? Thanks.

  10. Elisabeth A Davis says:

    This was very very useful info! Whether you're traveling, or just facing a hectic schedule for a few days, these snacks/meals were a good variety of things that were both nourishing and appealing! Thank you.

  11. Lynne Heald says:

    Thank you. I am just starting to learn and this information is very useful. Especially, I like the thought of using those snacks during my normal work day to replace some of the bad snacks that I have been having.

  12. Humphries Samantha says:

    Hi Jon,
    you mention using super green powder, what sort are you using? I was avoiding these as I assumed if it was powdered that the nutrients were lost. I would be interested to know if you think that poder is something that could be used on a regular basis also,
    thanks for the info!

  13. Cyclist Rachel says:

    Not sure about traveling with hummus here in the USA. I've watched a vegan friend get pulled out by security at the airport for having foods such as yogurt or some left over indian food in their packs, they don't like anything l that is "wet". dry seems to be ok.

    • Denaleigh -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for the feedback - thats a good point.
      The Hummus can be used perhaps just for road travelling.
      Kind regards

  14. Florence says:

    Very useful info. Thank you Jon, you're a Godsend.

  15. wibeamen f says:

    Good info. Thanks.