Easy, Healthy Home Cooking

Part 1: Breakfast & Lunch

Enjoy these 6 delicious meals, all yummy recipes for Breakfast and Lunch. Chef Diana uses everyday ingredients that won’t break the bank, and won’t take too long to make (great for busy people!).

Breakfast: Bird Nests

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Breakfast: Egg Muffins

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Breakfast: Easy Pancakes

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Lunch: Chicken Nuggets

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Lunch: Fun Nori Wraps

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Lunch: Carrot French Fries

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Diana Keuilian (www.RealHealthyRecipes.com)


Food, to me, is so much more than just fuel. Food is pleasure, food is fun, food is creativity and making nutritious, delicious food for friends and family is an expression of love.

Both of my parents make delicious food, and instilled in me a passion for cooking and baking early on. It wasn’t until 2008, as the mother of a baby and a toddler, that I discovered my passion for nutrition. The responsibility of deciding what to feed my kids propelled me to read dozens of books on nutrition and diet. I believe that cooking and eating healthy is easy and delicious. I share my passion on my blog packed with free healthy recipes.

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9 comments on “Easy, Healthy Home Cooking
  1. Cristina Frioni says:

    Thanks for these recipes … how hot should the oven be for the carrots?

  2. Ina Guran says:

    I want to try everything….I need to catch up on my readings but why almond butter? Is peanut butter a big no no?

  3. Margaret Gambardella says:

    Can you show some vegan recipes? A couple of the above are fine but lots of the recipes are dependent on animal products.

  4. Su says:

    Hi, really loved the recipes! They were ery easy and simple and made my mouth water! Just wondering if baked carrot fries are better for you than yam fries, or are they just different?

  5. Jyoti Sukhadia says:

    We are vegetarians. Can you suggest some vegetarian recipes

  6. Marlo says:

    wow these are really well done. great production quality. would love more vegan and vegetarian options!