Creative Raw Food

What You’ll Learn:

  • Benefits of eating uncooked meals
  • Ingredients for zucchini fettuccini alfredo
  • How to get creative with raw food
  • Raw alternative to plastic straws (really cool!)

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19 comments on “Creative Raw Food
  1. Danielle Kwiatkowski says:

    I'm soaking in all of the information like a sponge with these blogs. They are awesome. Love your daughters enthusiasm. I understand the excitement you feel when eating raw nourishing food

    If your ever in Byron Bay NSW you must visit the conscious cafe. They're straws are make from a biodegradable potato



  2. Sandra Neill says:

    It was great to see your daughter join in and get excited about raw food and natural straws! If you ever do a kids program she could do her own blog.

  3. Stephanie Musikanth says:

    Wow wish we were that progressive here in the middle east

  4. says:

    The Clear cafe in Ubud Bali. I had that zucchini pasta, it's amazing! The drinks there are to die for. Non alcoholic, often made with cashew or almond "mylk" cooled to the point where ice crystals are forming. Superb!

  5. says:

    providing details with video would be nice. It's actually irritating that it's not.

  6. Jane Barry says:

    Ubud is a village in Bali - a beautiful spot....

  7. says:

    I'm so confused. I just joined but how do I know what to eat? I don't see any guidance on how to "give your body the nutrition it's starving for"... what?

    • gabrielmethod says:

      Hi Sue,
      I hope that you have been able to find the information you were seeking. The information can be a bit overwhelming at first.
      Best regards
      Den - GM Team

  8. Iris Ztarr says:

    I think it was Ubud but not sure where that is but looks and sounds delicious! I love the bamboo straw addition too!

  9. McC says:

    How abut some recipes. I am a dairy, wheat and sugar free zone and make nice salads and could do with some more ideas.

  10. Marie Bates says:

    What was the name of the place that Jon was at? uboot valley is what it sounded like?

  11. Lilybels says:

    That sounds delicious!