Can Fat Be Healthy?

What You’ll Learn:

  • How we can get healthy fats
  • Why healthy fats are important
  • All about Omega-3´s

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61 comments on “Can Fat Be Healthy?
  1. Yusuf Joseph says:


    I get my Omega 3's from tablet supplements. What is a good amount of Omega 3 to have per day? Does it matter what type of Omega 3 as I see it is broken down into EPA, DHA, etc. Also is it better to get it from seeds or or is a tablet supplement ok?

  2. Iris Zion says:

    Dear Cathrine/Jon
    Thank you for your kind reply, looking forward to the 10th of the month to start with salmon and maybe free range organic eggs. What is your opinion about goat yogurt?
    3 months ago I was consuming too much dairy products so I fully understand it contributed to my inflammations so decided to stay away from it but I do really miss my yogurt.
    Can that be ok for me?

    • Catherine Bell says:

      Hi Iris,
      From my experience only, for my body, I ocassionally use coconut yogurt when I can find it because I have not taken the time to make it myself. Fermented or any amimal milk products do not process through my digestion cleanly.

      When I was macrobiotic, I loved miso, and still find that to be my favorite fermented product and so easy to use on a variety of veggies for both easy digestion and added spice for taste buds.

      Nice to chat.

      In spirit and health,
      Catherine in Seattle

  3. Iris Zion says:

    Dear Jon,
    3 months ago following a week at a detox raw food place in phuket I decided to re-set my body and stay vegan for 3 months. I stayed raw for couple of months and then added some cooked veggies to my diet. Since then I watched hungry for change few times and got into juicing and super foods... I feel great but the weight is going down so slow. The 3 months coming up in few days and I was thinking to add fish into my diet but truthfully I'm scared letting go of the restriction of being vegan.
    I'm also afraid I will not loose weight since I like nuts so much. I can even say I have an addiction to almonds. I suffer from inflammations all throuout my body but lately I can run and do all sorts of physical activities which I was not able to do before. I'm guessing its the omega 3 load. My questions are: how much nuts can I have? What else should I add to my diet once I finish 3 months? Also I started visualization few days ago and it helps me sleep great so I will definitely continue. Thank you for all the valuable information I am learning through your videos

    • Catherine Bell says:

      Hi Iris,
      I was pure raw vegan before starting GM and had same concerns that you have regarding adding animal products, but have noticed a reduction or rather less cravings during the day with adding more ground chia seeds and flax seeds, while also adding small amounts of wild Alaskan Salmon and occasional expensive eggs from pasture raised, and free range hens. After hiding my scales and consistently using more and more variety of the visualizations, my body is beginning to feel like it did a decade ago when I was at my target weight. As for juicing, I live for my green juice and notice the difference if I go more than a day or two without green juice. You are not alone.

  4. Jon Gabriel says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    Cold pressed olive oil is great. But it's high in omega 6 and I recommend having more omega 3's. So trying mixing a blend of half Flax or chia oil with olive oil. If that works for you, then go with that.

  5. Kathryn Koller says:

    Hi Jon,
    Can you comment on the benefits of olive oil on salads if there is one, please?
    Thank you,

  6. Jon Gabriel says:

    Hi Jil,

    thanks for your kind words. Please remember to practice visualization every morning and evening if possible for now and add healthier GM foods when possible. Call in and speak with me on my next ask Jon call in day if you can.



  7. Jil Chipman says:

    i let go of the log shortly after i wrote the above note to you. i felt immediately relieved and yet i still don't feel like i know what i'm doing. i will simply continue on the path, stay in touch with your instructions and yes, like you said, let my body do the accounting. thanks again for your personal response, and on a larger note, for following what you knew was right, and then having so many people benefit from your hard work and bravery.

  8. Jil Chipman says:

    i note in one of your videos that you made available to members recently that you feel that food logging is not a good idea. i have used an on line program to log food for weight loss. so i am trying to do both things, i.e., use your food suggestions and log what i eat to try to keep my carb - protein - fat - sugar balance, and to count calories. i've lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks, but i feel this approach may be keeping me in some sort of famine mode. i don't feel the free "melting away" that you describe, and yet i feel concerned about letting go of the food log. this is my diet mentality, isn't it? i want off this treadmill... losing, gaining, losing, gaining... i'm doing morning and evening visualizations and feel it's helping... i have about 10 more pounds i'd like to lose. 10 pounds doesnt seem like much, but it haunts me. what are your suggestions? i feel like it will be crystal clear to you, and that i have my head in a fog.

  9. Julia says:

    Hi Jon

    I think I've got the Omega 3 issue down pretty well. I sometimes take fish oil capsules but mostly I get it from foods like flax, chia, avocado, nuts, seeds etc. I also make my own nut/seed mix with natural flaked almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, chia and dried organic fruit like goji berries or cranberries to give it a little sweetness. I have to say it's one of my favourite snacks. Weirdly enough, I actually get cravings for it. I reckon that's a good thing... a VERY good thing.

    But I have a question re probiotics. I'm low income and can't really afford a probiotic supplement. But I have one of those Easiyo makers that allows me to make my own yoghurt at home (a lot cheaper than shop bought too). I usually make the Greek yoghurt and put some a little stevia in it with some Coles canned blueberries... weirdly enough the Coles brand of canned blueberries have NO additives, the ingredient list says simply 'Blueberries'.

    My question is, would this yoghurt be better for me than the shop bought ones. I know it has the live cultures and it hasn't been pasteurised like many branded yoghurts so there are MORE live cultures available. I have considered buying organic cultures and making them in the unit using organic milk which of course would probably be even healthier.

  10. Jon Gabriel says:

    Hi Nicole,

    That's great news! That's the start, your body realizes it's not in a famine anymore. It's only a matter of time now before it feels safe to let go of the weight. Very exciting!

  11. Nicole Lafontaine says:

    Hello Jon,

    I am so excited I feel like sharing a great news. I have begun your program with The mind body weight loss summit. I have emotional issues to deal with, I am building courage to do so, but I am not quite there yet.

    So I haven't lost a pound, but I nourrish myself better now and usually have great energy. I love your recipes and enjoy chia seeds as much as I used to like chocolate, which is quite a lot ...

    The good news is that I am starting to eat at a very different pace now. I used to eat very fast as if someone would take my plate away before I finish, like there was a big emergency, only focussed on the food.
    Even when I was using all my will power to slow down my eating speed, it was hard and frustrating.

    I have noticed since a couple meals that now I take a few bites, do other things, like participate in the conversation at the table, 😉 and I can let my food on the table for a while before I empty my plate.
    I swear this is effortless. It just happens.

    This is surprisingly fun and new for me. It is like my body is starting to realise it won't die of hunger. It's great ! I feel so secure !
    What a change !

    Thank you so much !


  12. Gail Mieling says:

    I'm six weeks on the program, with my main focus still on detox after chemotherapy. Last week, I had a spike in blood pressure to 168/90 average for the week. I've tried breathing, visualizations, exercise and rest...and I do have a doctor's appointment for this coming thursday. But previously, doctors want to put me on Statin drugs. I do take an Ace inhibitor, but have refused statins because the side effects include symptoms I already have, like muscle cramps. I know you are not a doctor, but have you ever heard of this before?


  13. Terry Coffey says:

    God bless you Jon!

    I've been incorporating juicing into my diet and have seen wonderful results. Using recipes from the Hungry for Change website, I add a plant based protein powder (pea protein isolate, artichoke protein, sprouted amaranth & quinoa) and a tablespoon of ground flax seed. The name of the protein powder is "Plant Fusion" and I get it at my local health food store.

    I found the conversation between yourself and Nicole enlightening. There's one person I have to interact with at work on a regular basis that is extremely rude and demeaning. He seems to gain satisfaction from undermining the self confidence of others to elevate himself. I would imagine this comes as a result of a lifetime of insecurities. I realized one day, that until he desires positive outcomes based on mutual respect and consideration, he will not likely change how he interacts with people. And the situation being what it is, it became easier for me to not stress about it by equating his behavior to a skunk stinking. I wouldn't expect anything less of a skunk and it's not really the skunk's fault. I forgive him daily for his attempts to negatively influence or effect my well being, but at the same time, I don't expect him to change his stripes or his odor. This way I don't set my self up to be blind sided. I have no idea the life experiences this man has suffered to make him believe that how he interacts currently is his best option. This also makes it easier for me to forgive him.


  14. Jon Gabriel says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Very valid points you raise. I usually try to keep the forgiveness as impersonal as possible, not even involving the other person at all. Simply imagining every cell of your body saying the words "I forgive", you can reap the healht benefits, without having to worry about whether the other person is ready or not. As in the case of being abused again, clearly there are boundary issues that need to be addressed. This may even include getting the law involved. But this has nothing to do with forgiveness. You can forgive someone and still call the cops on them.

  15. Nicole Lafontaine says:

    Jon, I am just listenning to last night ask Jon video Blog and I have a comment on forgiveness.

    It is sometimes very difficult for people who have been very hurt to forgive, and usually I propose to them to go half way.
    By half way, I mean to offer forgiveness to a person under 4 conditions:
    1- When they ask for forgiveness.
    2- When they recognise they did wrong, and the damage they caused.
    3- When they are ready to take all the means possible never to do the same thing again with anyone.
    4- When they are ready to make amend in any way that suits the victim.
    For example in paying for therapy or in accepting not to try to get in touch or in accepting to let the victim go to family reunion instead of them, if the sight of the abuser troubles the victim.

    If a person is ready to forgive under these conditions but the abuser (of whatever sort) is not ready to respect the conditions then the person to whom the wrong was done can still fell peace because she does half of the way and stays open to forgive, but at the same time she do not caution the behaviors that hurt her.
    It is also easier to stay in peace with the abuser by loving them but not accepting their hurtful behaviors. When the abuser are parents, for example, the victim can still love their parents, if they fell like it, without needeing to approve of their wrongdoings: i.e. Love the parent, but not it's abuse.

    I have seen case when forgiveness offered too soon caused the perpetrator to abuse again (since he could be forgiven later) and that caused the first victim to feel very guilty she forgave too soon. She then felt resposible for the second abuse.
    So that makes me very cautious about insisting on forgiveness.

    I just needed to share this with you.

    Nicole Lafontaine

  16. Mark Claessens says:

    witch products have a lot of omega 3 in it? (I know about the seeds) but like avocado or salmon... Is there a list of omega 3 rich foods?

    • Brian says:

      Hi Mark, Brian here a Coach at GM. Omega 3 is found in high quantities in cold water fish (salmon, tuna), flaxseeds and the oil of, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans - crushed up on a salad is nice) and of course raw fish oil either in liquid or capsule.
      Hope that helps you. Brian

  17. Jon Gabriel says:

    Hi Sue,

    They both work differently. Tapping with help you resolve specific emotional issues that may be causing you to lose weight. Qi Gong will help you reduce stress and increase your energy and vitality, also helping you to lose weight. I do recommend them both very highly.

  18. Sue Johns says:

    Hi Jon
    I was at the first Kiama retreat and while I got a lot of inspiration there, once home, the old habits kicked in. I need to attend to my comfort eating first ('eating' my fears and 'taking in' others' problems) and was wondering if either Tapping or Qigong would be most beneficial, or both..? many thanks and keep up the good work..!

  19. Maria Elinda Rau says:

    I have diabetes and hypothyroidism. I will start the program today. Are there any restrictions with this program for people like me?

  20. Mary says:

    I am juicing, mainly vegetables. I know you should drink the juice straight away, but I would like to know the rate of deterioration if it is stored in the refrigerator. The process makes such a mess it is tempting to make enough for the day in one go!

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      The biggest loss of the live component happens in the first 5 minutes, so make sure you get at least a glass strait away. After that, putting it in the frig for the day is fine. I do that all the time.

      • Catherine Bell says:

        I juice like crazy every Saturday or Sunday and freeze my juice in 16 ounce miron glass bottle containers, which pretty much loads my freezer. I juice enough greens and veggies to easily take 32 ounces to work with me each day, allowing partial defrosting and then I have green pure slush and very little or no demineralization. My method reduces stress of trying to juice every day and leaves more time for visualizations.
        My question is am I losing too much nutrient value in freezing my juice? Of course, I drink a ton of the green juice straight away while I am batch processing on the weekend.

  21. Megan says:

    I recently went to purchase flax seed oil and I knew that I should look for the cold pressed option there where also choices within those varieties. There was one with the highest lignan content and I was unfamiliar with that compound or its benefits, if any. The ratio of Omega 3 to omega 6 was about 5 to 1. Is there an optimal ratio? Lastly, do flax seeds have to be ground in order to get the nutritional benefit? Thanks for your help.

  22. Glenys Hobern says:

    Can you have too much Omega 3 fat? How would you know?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Glenys,

      Not really, because there is such an imbalance in our modern day diet. We are supposed to have a ratio of 1:1 omega 3 to omega 6 but we actually get about 50 times more omega 6, so enjoy your omega 3' s!

  23. Julie Robison says:

    Hi Jon, could you please explain the differences and the relationships between Omega 3,6 and 9?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Julie,

      Big question, beyond the scope of this comment box, but suffice it to say, you want MORE omega 3's. Try to get them in every meal if possible. Omega 6's can cause inflammation, which leads to weight gain. If your body wants/needs more omega6 or 9, it can make it from omega 3's. So omega 3's are the go.

  24. Barbara Tyler says:

    Brian, I think you intended to reply to Barbara Dahlke. She is the Barbara who has been on the program for 3 weeks.

    However, much appreciation for reminding us that visualization is our most important tool for bringing about our weight loss .

  25. Jil Chipman says:

    also barbara, he mentioned the high estrogen levels in soy as being counter-productive to losing fat. ... does jon or anyone on staff ever answer these questions? (i'm new.) so i see interesting questions posted, but no answers. ?

  26. Barbara Tyler says:

    I think I can answer the tofu part of the question. Soybeans that are used are often genetically modified and have goitresens, not sure of spelling of that word, but foods with these can slow down the thyroid, especially if consumed in large quantities over time. There are a number of other foods also in this category like broccoli, cauliflower and peanuts. If you eat a lot of these in combination with each other, you could slow down your thyroid and therefore also your metabolism. Use these things moderately because the cruciferous vegies also contain strong benefits i.e. cancer inhibition so not good idea to eliminate completely all foods with known goitresens.

  27. Kelsteral says:

    During the Q&A session Jon & James Colquhoun did with Hungry for Change, I believe Jon mentioned that Tofu was not good to use when trying to loose weight -- why is that?

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Tofu elevates your estrogen levels, which can cause insulin resistance and blocks your body's ability to digest and assimilate nutrients. Tempeh, which is fermente soy, doesn't have these same problems.

  28. Barbara Dahlke says:

    Thank you for all these little pieces of info. I get so confused I try to do everything you suggest,but I don't see or feel any different. I have even been doing the visualization for three weeks. I believe in everything you say and teach. I want this so desperately I will do whatever it takes. But there is so much to know and learn about. If you could give me just a little help or suggestions I would be so grateful

    • Brian says:

      Hey Barbara, I'm Brian a GM Coach. Take a deep breathe Barbara, you're on the right track so relax and enjoy the journey. From my experience you'll get better and better at the food bit however the real change comes in the visualisations. 3 weeks isn't long, so enjoy them, take your time and don't put a time limit on yourself. Hope that helps you Barbara. All the best, Brian

  29. Jil Chipman says:

    does taking probiotics and digestive enzymes create a situation where one's body doesn't produce these things because it is getting them externally? ... i hate taking pills, even vitamins... is it possible that i don't need these? i have no indication that my digestion is compromised.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Our bodies don't really produce friendly bacteria, although the appendix is a breeding groud for them. But for the most part, we need to get the friendly bacteria from fermented foods and probiotics. I recommend taking probiotics for life. But your body does produce digestive enzymes however most of us need a little help, producing enough of them. I recommend taking digestive enzymes for 6 months or so, until our digestion is stronger.

  30. Nicole Lafontaine says:

    Thank you for reminding us to be patient. The changes in the cells will occur over a period of 6 months, I love chia seeds and flax seeds, use them everywhere, at every meal, but I am not sure how to measure the difference it makes.
    It doesn't show on the scale yet ...

    Jon, I love your videos blogs and I'd like to share that I also watch from your windows, the sun, the green leaves and the wind in the trees. It's all full of positive energy.

    Thank you.

  31. Cynthia Hensley says:

    Thanks Jon for all that you share. What about extra virgin olive oil? I also wondered about peanut oil. That can fry things at a higher temperature even though you tend to like raw foods. I am from the southern part of United States. Home of Kentucky Fried Chicken. We fry a lot of things here. I use a Wok and love tempura. I am taking Krill oil 500 mgs a day along with nuts and ground flax seeds. Hoping this will work for me desperately. Thanks again.

    • Jon Gabriel says:

      Hi Cynthia, for frying you want oils that are resistant to heat. The best ones are ghee (clearified butter) cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed rice bran oil and cold pressed grape seed oil.

      • Cynthia Hensley says:

        Thanks Jon. My sister bought me some cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil but it says only use at medium temperatures. I have had extra virgin grape seed oil. I really didn't look to see if it was cold pressed. I am not so sure about the coconut oil that I have is cold pressed. I know it was extremely expensive. What makes oils resistant to heat? I thought if they did not burn at high temperatures like peanut oil, then they weren't corrupted. I started adding olive oil to butter so that butter would withstand higher heats but still retained the flavor of butter. It also seemed like a better for you idea than just butter. I come from a long line of great cooks and considered myself a gourmet cook to some degree. People love my cooking. I know that it is not healthy cooking though. I can no longer stand and cook because of my excruciating back pain though. My legs and knees are starting to give out on me. When I fall, I can't get up on my own now. I can't sit in a chair for very long. I am rather bed bound now. I don't want to die. I am afraid that that is trying to be my lot in life but I don't feel that way deep inside me. I'm sorry to keep posting such long messages on your forums and anywhere there is a space to write. I applied to your ultimate coaching program without the knowledge of the costs. I was accepted and so elated but when part two of the application process happened, I had to write to make sure a mistake hadn't been made and sure enough I was a no go. If the government would have paid for me to have a bariactricsurgery (which I am not a candidate for because of all the rerouting of bile ducts etc... From my Whipple Surgery), I can't understand how they could not help pay for this healthy method and obvious solution to America's horrible obesity problems. Maybe that could change somehow in the near future. My medications alone are costing around $2,000 a month that they pay for. I remember when during the election, President Obama was saying something about not paying for obesity. Fat, lazy, weakminded, overindulgent, worthless people. That is the mentality. I am so grateful to you and all the other new thinkers for giving me and all the other obese people some semblance of dignity back. Even if it isn't yet mainstream thinking, it let me feel hope again for the first time in a long time. My family has a "I know how to fix you (me) mentality with if only you would this or that. I'm almost 60 years old. Do people truly believe that I haven't tried everything? Absolutely!!! God bless you Jon et al.

        • Terry Coffey says:

          I'll be praying for you Cynthia! ((((((HUGS)))))) Hang in there and don't quit. I'm certain I'm not the only person rooting for you.

          God bless you,


          • Cynthia Hensley says:

            Thanks Terry! Bless you too. I hope that you are able to get what you need from this program too. It makes sense.
            I have high hopes.


        • Jon Gabriel says:

          Hi Cynthia,

          I'm quite sure you have tired everything. I totally understand your situation. Lets work together over the next few months and see how we go.