Broccoli Sprouts & Weight Loss

What You’ll Learn:

  • Jon's new research about DNA and weight
  • All about Sulfurophane and how it reduces inflammation
  • Why broccoli sprouts are a superfood that can help you lose weight

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21 comments on “Broccoli Sprouts & Weight Loss
  1. Sirena Blaesser says:

    Loved hearing this; I used to sprout a lot, even wheat grass. Another great sprout is fenugrek.

  2. Janeice Campbell says:

    This is my first day, and my first video. As it turns out I have sprouted broccoli sprouts by just using a canning jar, a nylon and a rubber band. I just put them near a light (not direct sun) source, and rinsed them clean once per day. However, at the time I hadn't realized their full potential. Thanks so much.

  3. Rachel L. says:

    Just wanted to share how easy it actually is to grow your own. Just ordered a seed sprouter and a bag of organic sprouting seeds off of amazon. Here's the link to show you how:

  4. Rachel L. says:

    Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this, Jon!

  5. Bette says:

    Thanks, Jon, this is cool information! I've been looking for ways to reduce inflammation, and also the part about sulfur's role helping the process by which the body and brain can be more sensitive to leptin is very encouraging. I'm going to sprout some broccoli and other things. The comments by members and the answers by your staff are very helpful also. Thanks to everyone. Bette

  6. Lorraine Reed says:

    Thanks Jon, that sounds great and cant wait to try growing sprouts .

  7. Isabelle Chevalier says:

    Hello ! I new and since there is a lot of information to go through, I was wondering about coffee and alcohol, especially wine.
    Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day ! 🙂

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Isabelle,

      Jon says:

      In The Gabriel Method, there are no "off limits"
      foods, but at the same time, it's important to
      uncover the truth about diet and nutrition where
      there is a lot of confusion.

      With alcohol, there is certainly lots of confusion.
      Can you drink red wine sometimes and stay thin?
      Sure, many people do.

      Will wine or any alcohol help you lose weight or
      benefit your health? Probably not.

      Alcohol has a dramatic effect on your blood sugar
      levels and can disrupt sleep and lead to overeating.
      For some people, it can even turn on your
      FAT Programs.

      But what about resveratrol?

      Resveratrol, a micronutrient found in red wine,
      has gotten a lot of media attention for its potential
      to reverse or prevent heart disease. What many
      people don't realize is that you need to drink about
      1500 bottles of red wine per day to achieve the
      results they've found in laboratory testing.

      What I usually find is that as people learn to lead a
      lower stress life, they just naturally start to drink less.
      Also, listening to the evening visualization CD will teach
      your brain to get into the pleasurable alpha state without
      relying on alcohol. So you may find that the issue just falls
      away on its own, that's always the best scenario."

      The Gabriel Method Team

    • Isabelle Chevalier says:

      Thanks for these precisions 🙂


    I live in Monterrey México, have any idea where can i find The seeds to make my own sprout, we have in supermarkets sprouts but not of brocoli. And I will try to do my best in English

  9. Allyson Powell says:

    Hi Jon,
    I've been sprouting broccoli for the past few months. Love them on my salad everyday. I also grow alfalfa and sunflower sprouts as well as wheat grass. My husband and I became Organic Nutritarian Vegans at the end of 2013. We've both lost around 60 lbs. and our daughter has lost 92 lbs. We are getting healthier everyday and are loving our whole foods approach. I would encourage everyone to start sprouting is so easy!