Balance Blood Sugar

This visualization will help you find sustained energy throughout the day by balancing your blood sugar and cravings. Using this practice in the morning will help you to avoid the spikes and subsequent dips in energy that are so common for most people.

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5 comments on “Balance Blood Sugar
  1. Bette says:

    Thank you for this one, it feels great. As the light was moving around in this visualization, I included my whole endocrine system being filled with it. These visualizations are so easy and work so well. I’m lucky to be able to listen to them and my goal is to make it a habit to pull in this white light energy continually. Also I’m wondering how having more sensitized insulin receptors effects someone with hypoglycemia (like me).

    • Janine -Gabriel Method Team says:

      Hi Bette,

      In the case of hypoglycemia, you want to make sure that your insulin receptors are not over-sensitized. The goal is to find the balance and not to go into hypo or hyper-glycemia.

      The Gabriel Method Team

  2. Dora Hernandez says:

    Can you give us the one about healing diabetes also? Thank you.

  3. Dora Hernandez says:

    Thank you!!!!